BTFTLIAW – Chapter 957


Chapter 957 – Violent Debate

When Leir heard this, he couldn’t help but feel regretful. He also knew that things like these weren’t something that he could decide alone.

At this time, five people came out. Solomon had a smile on his face as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, let this Solomon congratulate you. I didn’t think that Mister would want to ascend, I’m really envious.”

As soon as Leir heard Solomon, he couldn’t help but get startled. Then he turned to look at Zhao Hai. He thought that Zhao Hai’s ascension was only something that the two of them knew. Now it seems like this wasn’t the case.

Zhao Hai gave Leir a smile, making the latter relax. Then Zhao Hai turned his head to Solomon and said, “The Patriarch’s congratulations are a bit early. I’m not even sure if I can ascend.”

Solomon smiled and said, “Not early, not early. The Divine Realm cannot hold someone like Mister for too long. Mister should inform us when you ascend, we need to attend the ceremony. If this Solomon can see someone ascend, then I wouldn’t have lived this life in vain.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course. If I am about to ascend, then I will inform the Patriarch. Rest assured.”

When Leir heard the conversation between Zhao Hai and Solomon, he couldn’t help but think. Then he turned to look at Bingya who stood behind Solomon and Yerd. He now understood that Solomon had called Bingya over to his room and asked about Zhao Hai’s situation. It should have been Bingya who told Solomon about Zhao Hai’s ascension. Because of this, Solomon’s attitude towards Zhao Hai had changed.

However, by listening to Solomon’s words, it seems like Bingya didn’t tell him that Zhao Hai can take people along with him when he ascends. This might be because Bingya and the others were unaware of this fact.

If Bingya didn’t know, then there was nothing strange about the current situation. But if they knew but didn’t say it, then that could only mean one thing, they had already become Zhao Hai’s people.

At the thought of this, Leir couldn’t help but take another sip of his wine. After placing his wine glass down, he felt shock. He understood that Bingya’s group had already sided with Zhao Hai.

When Leir placed his glass down, he understood the truth. Zhao Hai only gave him a glass to drink, yet Leir already felt close to him. He even felt dissatisfied towards Solomon and Yerd. Bingya and the others had been with Zhao Hai for so long, so how could they not be swayed by Zhao Hai’s influence? Additionally, with the bait of being taken along when Zhao Hai ascends, it was natural for Bingya and the others to submit to Zhao Hai.

After figuring this out, Leir couldn’t help but take another glance at Zhao Hai; who was currently talking with Solomon. Leir suddenly found Zhao Hai to be terrifying. He seemed to have calculated every step of the way. And even if one knew his purpose, there was still no way to stop him. Zhao Hai would use a person’s interest in order to pull them into his circle. As long as he wants something, then he would make sure that everyone would have a share. In this case, even if one knew his plans, they would still find themselves helping him.

Was he an ally, or an enemy? What was he? As he thought about the state of the nine Supreme Elders, Leir couldn’t help but shudder. As the Dwarf Patriarch, he had a certain understanding about the Supreme Elders. Upon seeing the appearance of the nine Supreme Elders, Leir was shocked. If Elder Star and the others didn’t use their ultimate weapons, then Leir wouldn’t have believed that they were the Divine Race’s Supreme Elders. And to think that this suffering was caused by Zhao Hai alone.

When he thought about this, Leir quickly decided to not be Zhao Hai’s enemy. Leir couldn’t help but look at Solomon’s relaxed expression as he chatted with Zhao Hai. Leir sighed in his heart, he knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t befriend Solomon and Yerd. At the same time, Zhao Hai was also giving Leir a test. If Leir could keep Zhao Hai’s secret, then Zhao Hai might treat him as a friend. If Leir couldn’t, then he won’t be getting on Zhao Hai’s good side.

Leir let out a long breath. He held his wine glass towards Zhao Hai and laughed, “Mister, you’re liquor is really great. I don’t know if MIster would agree to giving me some. If I cannot drink this liquor later on, then I’m afraid I would have trouble sleeping.”

Although this seems to be a simple request for liquor and nothing else, there was a hint of friendliness in those words. If he didn’t regard Zhao Hai as a friend, then how could he ask for Zhao Hai’s wine? Who would want to drink a stranger’s liquor?

Leir talked to Zhao Hai in this manner because he believed that Zhao Hai could understand. Zhao Hai was a smart man.

And just as Leir thought, Zhao Hai’s smile became wider. He turned to Leir and laughed, “If the Patriarch likes my wine, then I will definitely give you some. This is not a big deal.”

Solomon and Yerd didn’t suspect anything. They were aware that Dwarves were famed for their love of liquor. Additionally, Leir had always been acting positively towards Zhao Hai, so asking for liquor was not strange.

At this time, a continent appeared on the horizon. The Continent gave one a heavy earthly feeling.

Leir stood up and pointed to the Continent and then said, “Mister, that is the Libra Continent where the Dwarves live. It is the place with the richest deposit of minerals in the Divine Realm. The reason why the nine Supreme Elders attacked us was because almost all of the weapons used by the Beastmen and the Elves were made by us. As long as they deal with us, then they would find it easier to deal with the other two races.”

Solomon and Yerd didn’t find fault in Leir’s words. This was because Leir was right. The three foreign races were interdependent on each other. The Elves mainly supplied food, the Dwarves supply the weapons, and the Beastmen provide mounts and armor. This way, the three races were closely related.

However, the Dwarves were a bit more important. This was because both the Dwarves and the Beastmen were already mostly self sufficient on food. As for armors, God-rank experts rarely find any uses for them. On the other hand, weapons were indispensible for any expert. Good weapons would allow someone to fight stronger enemies.

Because of this, the Divines always attacked the Dwarves first. But since the other two races were quite close, they were able to support the Dwarves. This allowed the Dwarves to stay safe for a long time.

Zhao Hai nodded, “Dwarven weapons are indeed very good. Back in the Ark Continent, I had a lot of interactions with the Dwarves. At that time, the three foreign races were being ostracized by the Radiant Church. There basically isn’t any easy way to come in contact with them. In the end, I was able to make good business. I would trade for the Beastman Race’s milk wine with Dwarven Weapons. I also use Elven artware to trade for goods with the Humans. Then I use what I earn to buy living commodities for the Beastmen and the Dwarves. Hehe.”

Upon hearing this, Leir and the other gawked. They didn’t have much information about Zhao Hai’s life back in the Ark Continent. Now that Zhao Hai revealed his experiences, they couldn’t help but feel that Zhao Hai was a merchant.

The trio looked at Zhao Hai with confused expressions. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The Patriarchs aren’t thinking incorrectly, I am indeed a Human Merchant, a very good one. Not only did I do business with the Humans, I also traded with the Beastmen, the Dwarves, the Elves, the Fishmen, basically almost everyone in the Ark Continent. Of course there are exceptions, I didn’t trade with the Radiant Church. Since I am a Dark Mage, they would burn immediately want to burn me on sight. I also didn’t trade with the Dragons since they are the dogs of the Divine Race. And finally, I didn’t trade with the magic beasts, they really didn’t have anything that I want.”

Leir and the others just smiled, they were now more curious about Zhao Hai’s life back in the Ark Continent. How could a Merchant have such a status? How did he manage to acquire his current strength?

As they were thinking, the ship had entered the Libra Continent. Zhao Hai calmly looked around the place. However, it seems like there were no fighting going on. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but turn to Leir and asked, “Where are the nine Supreme Elders? Aren’t they here?”

Leir smiled bitterly and answered, “They’re here. But us Dwarves live just like our people back in the Ark Continent, in caves. After the nine Supreme Elders came here, they already destroyed several of our settlements. Because they were caves, we couldn’t see any signs here in the surface.”

After that, Solomon interjected, “They never did this before. The Divine Supreme Elders are very arrogant. In the past, they greatly disdained going underground. However, they broke the norm this time. They engaged in guerilla warfare with us inside the caves. Because of this, most of the fights happen underground.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “They have no other way. This time, they only came with nine People. They don’t want to waste too much energy, so the best way they can go forward is to just kill people.”

The group nodded. The means of combat used by the nine Supreme Elders had greatly changed. It seems like they really suffered a huge loss under Zhao Hai.

At this time, a mountain in the distance suddenly exploded. Then several humanoid forms came out.

Zhao Hai saw this and immediately said, “It’s the Supreme Elders. Patriarchs, I will have to evict you from the ship. I won’t have time to take care of you when the fight starts.”

After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Solomon’s group immediately got ejected from the ship, as did Bingya’s group and the thirty thousand guards. Nobody knew how they managed to get out of the ship.

While they were dumbfounded, Zhao Hai already threw himself towards the battlefield.

Naturally, the two sides who were fighting had noticed Zhao Hai. When they saw Zhao Hai, the three foreign race Supreme Elders couldn’t help but smile. They were being besieged by Elder Star and the others. Now that Zhao Hai was here, he might be able to save them.

At the same time, when Elder Star and the others saw Zhao Hai, their expressions also turned happy.Then their faces turned serious before reforming in preparation for fighting Zhao Hai.

However, the three foreign race Supreme Elders actually separated from the fight. They turned away from Elder Star and the others but they didn’t go near Zhao Hai.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but criticize them. The three Supreme Elders were too stupid. In face of an enemy, they actually acted like this. Were they making it clear that they weren’t in the same side as him? This point could be used against them.

And just as Zhao Hai thought, when Elder Star saw the reaction of the foreign Supreme Elders, his eyes flashed. Then he turned calm but he had a hint of joy in his expression.

Zhao Hai slowed his ship down as he stopped about a hundred meters away from Elder Star’s group. Meanwhile, the three Supreme Elders placed themselves on the left side of the Divines. This caused the parties to form a triangle.

Elder Star looked at Zhao Hai with eyes full of hatred as he said, “Zhao Hai, I didn’t think that you would actually appear here. For a black-hearted person like you, you actually came to help the foreign races. I couldn’t help but be surprised. You just watched as the entire Thunder Clan got exterminated. So why did you come here to help the foreign races?”

Elder Star’s words were nothing less than poisonous. This was simply telling the foreign races that Zhao Hai was a cruel person. He just stayed still as the Thunder Clan was exterminated by Elder Star’s group, he didn’t offer any help. Now that Zhao Hai came here to assist, he surely has some sinister plot going on.

Zhao Hai looked at Elder Star and smiled, “You know that I can’t beat you, so why would I run into your trap back then? Do you think I’m stupid? But now, the situation is different. Along with the three Foreign Supreme Elders, I have confidence in keeping you here. In a few days, you would be the remaining Divines in the Divine Realm. After that, the Divine Realm would belong to the foreign races.”

A sharp tongue, this was a true sharp tongue. Elder Star used words in order to put a wedge on Zhao Hai’s relationship with the foreign races. At the same time, Zhao Hai also used words in order to convince the foreign races to deal with Elder Star’s group. Only then could the foreign races gain complete freedom in the Divine Realm.

Elder Star’s mouth turned into a sneer as he said, “Is it? If you deal with us, then wouldn’t the Divine Realm belong to you!?”

Elder Star wasn’t easy to deal with. He launched another verbal blow.


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