BTFTLIAW – Chapter 956


Chapter 956 – If You Believe In Me, Then You Will Have Eternal Life!

While Solomon and the others were looking at the Hell King’s ship, the ship had already departed. And when they headed back out into the deck, they were already close to reaching the Aries Continent.

When Solomon and the others saw this, they couldn’t help but look at each other. It seems like they had to re-evaluate Zhao Hai’s strength.

They knew that Zhao Hai was strong, but they weren’t able to see it firsthand. Zhao Hai being able to rush towards the Aries Continent in such a short time was a testament to his own strength.

Zhao Hai stopped right outside the Aries Continent, he didn’t enter but instead looked at Solomon’s group and said, “Patriarchs, where are we heading?”

Solomon looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s turn and head to the Libra Continent.” After that, Zhao Hai turned the ship towards the Libra Continent and then went straight towards it.

The speed of the Hell King’s ship had now reached its limit. However, the ship was still very calm, as though it was stationary and only had a few light breezes. This made Solomon and the others more and more impressed.

As the ship was traveling, Zhao Hai turned his head to the three Patriarchs and said, “Patriarchs, I’m not too familiar with the foreign races, can you help me understand?”

The three Patriarchs looked at each other. And then, Solomon and Yerd took a step back, leaving Leir in front. It was clear that they wanted Leir to do the explaining.

After Leir saw this situation, he couldn’t help but smile awkwardly and said, “It looks like I will be the one explaining to Mister.” Solomon nodded before he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, we want to rest first. Leir should be able to accommodate you. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded before he turned to Bingya and said, “Bingya, I’ll have to ask you to lead Patriarch Solomon and Queen Yerd to their rooms so that they can take a rest.”

Bingya’s group nodded before proceeding to lead Solomon and Yerd to their rooms. Yerd managed to notice that their rooms were one of the better rooms inside the ship. However, there seems to be more of these types of rooms present.

After waiting for Solomon and the others to head down the ship, Zhao Hai clapped his hands. Laura and the others immediately offered Zhao Hai some wine. This time, the wine was one of the better wines in Zhao Hai’s hands. Zhao Hai offered Leir a glass before he held his own and said, “Patriarch Leir, among your group who sought me, only you saw me in a positive light. Let this Zhao Hai offer you a glass.”

As soon as Leir heard Zhao Hai, his face couldn’t help but show his embarrassment. He also thought that Solomon was quite excessive this time. However, he still held his glass up and replied, “Actually, Solomon and Yerd doesn’t have any bad intentions. They’re just used to acting like this because of their position. I hope that Mister won’t be offended.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be angry as he said, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to deal with the nine Supreme Elders, then I wouldn’t have stomached such attitude. Alright, there’s no need to talk about this. With Patriarch Leir’s temperament, I’m certain that we would have a good future together.”

Leir smiled and replied, “Mister is really lifting me up. It’s my pleasure to be Mister’s friend. If you need the help of the Dwarven race in the future, then please don’t hesitate to tell us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “To be honest, I feel quite strange. Back in the Ark Continent, my relationship with the three races is quite good. Whether it be the Dwarves, Beastman, or Elves, all of them are my friends. However, it seems like the Beastmen and the Elves of the Divine Realm aren’t looking at me favorably.”

Leir couldn’t help but bitterly smile. He was very clear about why Solomon didn’t like Zhao Hai. In Solomon’s eyes, Zhao Hai was a destroyer of the established order. He managed to throw off the balance of the Divine Realm, this caused Solomon to be afraid of him.

Zhao Hai was just too strong. With his own strength, he managed to almost destroy the entire Divine Race. The Divines were much stronger than the foreign races. And if Zhao Hai decides to turn on the foreign races, then the foreign races would have a hard time stopping him. It was also for this reason that Elf Yerd was reluctant to get in contact with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Leir’s expression and smiled, “Actually, I couldn’t stay in the Divine Realm for a long time. I don’t belong to this place and I have more matters to attend to. The reason I dealt with the Divines was because I wanted the Ark Continent to have vengeance. To be honest, my enmity towards the Divines have gone too thin. If I wasn’t worried about the nine Supreme Elders eliminating the foreign races, then I might have left the Divine Realm a long time ago.”

Leir looked puzzled at Zhao Hai, “Why would Mister say that? The Divines have been greatly damaged. Even if the nine Supreme Elders retreats, they shouldn’t be able to deal with us right?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “No, it’s the opposite. If the Supreme Elders manages to retreat, then your days would be bad.”

Leir was still puzzled, but before he manages to ask, Zhao Hai continued, “The reason why you can block the Divines was because the Divine Race aren’t a united group. Instead, they divided themselves into ten different groups, each had their own Elders and plans for going forward. Because of this, they didn’t do their best during their attacks towards the foreign races. And when a group of them attack you, their Supreme Elders were less than what you have. But this time, the nine Supreme Elders are concentrated in the Leo Continent. This means that a single Divine Race group now has more Supreme Elders than you. As the war progresses, the foreign races would slowly be defeated.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Leir couldn’t help but stare blankly. He wiped a cold sweat, they haven’t thought about this point. After being reminded by Zhao Hai, Leir felt that things are far from being great as they imagined.

Zhao Hai looked at Leir and continued, “To be honest, dealing with the nine Supreme Elders wouldn’t provide any benefits for me. Back in the Taurus Continent, the Supreme Elders wanted to threaten me using the Thunder Clan and the others. And at that time, they realized that if they return to the Leo Continent, then they would have a chance to save the Divine Race. Because of this, they went to attack you so that you would make your troops retreat. In this case, I am not in the equation anymore. They don’t care about me. I don’t have to deal with them and I can just leave. But do you know why I didn’t leave? No matter what, your races provided me with help in dealing with the Divine Race. You also sent Divine Artifacts to your people back in the Ark Continent, providing them with great kindness. My relationship with the three races in the Ark Continent is very good. I’m a Crown Prince of the Beastman, and a Foreign Elder to the Elves and the Dwarves. Because of this, I decided to help you one time in dealing with the Divine Race.”

Leir listened quietly to Zhao Hai’s words and found out that Zhao Hai wasn’t wrong. From looking at Zhao Hai’s appearance, he seems to be a kind of person who didn’t want to rule the Divine Realm. Otherwise, he wouldn’t destroy the Divine Race. Zhao Hai could just leave, he didn’t need to care about the muddied waters of the Divine Realm anymore.

Zhao Hai looked at Leir and smiled, “Patriarch Leir, you’re a Patriarch, so you should be familiar with this word.”

Leir became confused at Zhao Hai’s query. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Leir tilted his head and asked, “What word?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and answered, “Ascension!”

As soon as Leir heard this, he couldn’t help but gawk. Then he said, “Ascension? Does Mister want to ascend?” As a Patriarch, he wasn’t a stranger to ascension. However, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have thoughts about it.

Zhao Hai looked at Leir and said, “Do you think the Divine Realm can hold me?”

Leir stared, then he smiled bitterly and said, “Right, even the nine Supreme Elders couldn’t stop you. With your current strength, there’s no way for the Divine Realm to accommodate you. The next step for you would be to ascend.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Right, I will ascend after taking care of things in the Divine Realm. Because of this, I won’t be here in the future. Later on, the foreign races wouldn’t have anything to do with me.”

Leir smiled bitterly, he felt unworthy because of Solomon. Solomon was worried that Zhao Hai would replace the position that the Divine Race held. It seems like Zhao Hai wants to ascend, he simply didn’t have anything left to do in the Divine Realm.

Upon thinking up to here, Leir couldn’t help but sigh. Then he drank from his wine glass before looking at Zhao Hai and asking, “Mister, did you subdue the Demon Race?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Correct. The Demons, the people in the Ark Continent, as well as the Goblins have now become my people. They’re currently in a very safe place. Maybe I could even take them with me when I ascend.” When Leir heard this, he stared for a moment before he said, “Bring them when you ascend? How is that possible?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “What if I had better things like the Hell King’s ship?” Leir’s eyes lit up, then he said, “Is Mister telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “If you believe my words, then it’s true. If you don’t then it’s false. And if you believe in me, then you will have eternal life! Hahahaha.” After that, Zhao Hai drank his wine before turning to look at the distant horizon.

Leir stood up, his eyes seem to be filled with passion as he said, “Mister, can you take us along?”

Zhao Hai chuckled a bit before answering, “This isn’t something that you can decide in a short time. In your case, ruminate on this idea for some time. However, I hope you don’t tell Patriarch Solomon and Queen Yerd about this.”


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