BTFTLIAW – Chapter 954


Chapter 954 – Heart’s Demon Oath

Naturally, this oath wasn’t invincible. The most important condition for this oath was that the person who made this oath should have a lower cultivation compared to the one who issued for it.

Once the pledger becomes more powerful, then they can break this pledge at any time. Because of this, the oath wasn’t perfect.

However, this pledge was extremely useful for Zhao Hai. He has the Space, and as long as Bingya and the others enter for some time, then they wouldn’t betray him. Because of this guarantee, Zhao Hai dared to issue them this pledge.

This Heart’s Demon Pledge wasn’t from the Divine Realm. Instead, it was a Cultivation Realm’s method acquired from Lu Wei. This pledge would be used by both the pledger and the person who accepts the pledge. Otherwise, there would be no results. This was also the method used by Lu Wei to control the Divines. Other than calling Lu Wei the Deity, no other matters about him should spread.

Lu Wei used this method on the Divines due to the existence of the plane’s laws. This made it impossible for the Divines to be stronger than Lu Wei as long as they were in the Divine Realm. This enabled the Divines to keep Lu Wei’s secrets, including the method of collecting Faith Power. Among the Divines, there were only a few people who knew about Lu Wei’s method to collect Faith Power.

But although most of the Divines didn’t know what Lu Wei was doing in the Divine Realm, the method of Heart’s Demon Oath was passed down. Because of this, a lot of people in the Divine Realm were aware of it.

Naturally, Bingya and the others were also aware of this. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to make them undergo this vow. The oath was useful for people with lower cultivation, but it couldn’t control a person’s loyalty. As long as you do what you vowed to do, then everything else you do was irrelevant.

For example, if one makes an oath to keep a secret, then as long as you keep that secret, you can do whatever you want. You can kill the one you made an oath to and it wouldn’t break the oath. This was also a way to cancel the oath. It can be said that this was the Oath’s largest flaw.

Bingya’s group didn’t think that Zhao Hai would restrain them using this oath. To be honest, this pledge was just too loose.

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya’s group and smiled, “What’s wrong? Are you unwilling?” Bingya quickly shook his head and said, “No, I willing. Mister can rest assured.”

Ryder and Yehta also agreed.

After the three agreed, they immediately began to murmur a spell. Zhao Hai also began to recite alongside them. The voices of the four people seem to meld together. Before long, the oath made by Bingya’s group began to form tangible words as it floated on top of their heads. On the other side, three little devils flew out of Zhao Hai’s body. These three devils were covered with green flames as they went to the words and ate them. After that, the devils merged with Bingya, Ryder, and Yehta’s bodies. That action concluded the oath-taking ceremony.

When Laura and the others saw this ceremony, they couldn’t help but sink into a daze. But after the Oath was cast, they immediately recovered.

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya’s group and said, “It’s done. You’re now part of my Buda Clan. Starting today, just call me Young Master. Laura, take them to see the Space. Don’t hide anything from them.”

Laura nodded before she turned to the trio and said, “Come with me.” The trio nodded. Zhao Hai waved his hand to open a spatial rift. Then the group entered.

After the group had gone, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. To be honest, he didn’t expect Bingya and the others to reach a decision at this time. However, this was a good thing. Zhao Hai had already seen their abilities. Even if he hadn’t seen everything they can offer, that doesn’t matter. As long as they become his people, then everything was fine.

Zhao Hai turned around and then entered his room. He believed that the Beastmen would come looking for him. Although the Beastman handled the matter strangely, they wouldn’t be able to hold off against the nine Supreme Elders for long. They weren’t fools, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, they should be looking for him for help.

At this time, Laura brought Bingya and the others to enter the Space. Naturally, the first place they went to was the Ark Space.

And just like Zhao Hai said, Bingya and the others were shown the entirety of the Space. They were also shown the state of the three races, showing them their current living condition.

Bingya’s group looked at the Space with stunned faces. They didn’t think that there would be such a mysterious place. This was simply a perfect place.

Zhao Hai calmly sat inside his room as he observed the state of the O’Neal family. From time to time, he would switch the display to show the Leo Continent. He believed that the foreign race army should have been made aware of their current state. Zhao Hai could see the foreign races’ decision by looking at their movement.

The foreign race army in the Leo Continent didn’t move. They didn’t attack nor retreat. Instead, they guarded the cities that they had captured and just stayed there.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that the foreign races would come and see him. If the foreign races didn’t plan to see him, then the army should have retreated. Otherwise, once the nine Supreme Elders returned, the army would be over. Now that the army didn’t move, this was to say that the foreign races had decided to deal with the nine Supreme Elders. With the current strength of the foreign races, there was only one way they could do this and it was to ask Zhao Hai for help.

For people in Zhao Hai’ level, fighting against them was no longer a matter of quantity. Even if they were besieged by millions and millions of people, they would still be able to kill all of the enemies. However, one shouldn’t forget that the foreign races also had three Supreme Elders. If they wanted to constrain the Supreme Elders, then as long as they don’t care about casualties, then they should be able to do it.

However, the elite troops of the foreign races were now attacking the Leo Continent. Entangling the Supreme Elders using an ordinary army wouldn’t be a good idea. Not to say about their strength being insufficient, their willpower was also weak. Their training wouldn’t be up to par to the point of affecting the entire outcome of any battle.

Zhao Hai also believed that even if the three Patriarchs had small brains, they still wouldn’t use this method. They would certainly cooperate with him. This was because using human wave tactics would just cause huge casualties without even a certainty that they would be able to block the nine Supreme Elders. Also, once the nine Supreme Elders plans to retaliate in full force, the foreign races would surely be living in a nightmare.

On the other hand, if they invite Zhao Hai, then with Zhao Hai’s strength, they would surely be able to hold the nine Supreme Elders back with little to no casualty. Only fools wouldn’t know which option to choose.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but rub his blood ghost staff. Presently, the staff only had the Scorpio symbol. He was hoping to see 12 symbols in the future.

Several hours passed and Laura returned with Bingya’s group. After seeing the Space, Bingya and the others have become more respectful towards Zhao Hai. They had seen the Ark Space, the Demon Space, the Fishman Space, the Goblin Space, as well as the Divine Space.

At the same time, Laura also told them the reason why Zhao Hai couldn’t accompany them. It was because if Zhao Hai stays too long inside the Space, then he would risk ascending once he goes out.

Upon hearing this, Bingya and the others couldn’t help but be surprised. Although the Divines had been spreading rumors about ascension, they haven’t seen anyone ascend before. But now, they heard Zhao Hai’s possible ascension.

Originally, Zhao Hai planned for Bingya and the others to stay in the Space for some time. However, Bingya had to come out this time because he had something to tell Zhao Hai. The Beastman Patriarch just called and asked about their current location. It seems like the Patriarch was preparing to meet Zhao Hai himself.

Because of this, Bingya didn’t have a choice but to come out of the Space. After hearing Bingya, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Did you tell them where they can meet us?”

Bingya nodded and said, “I did, but I didn’t tell them our current location. I told the Patriarch that the Young Master is heading towards the Taurus Continent. I believe that they will go there in order to find us.”

Zhao Hai nodded with satisfaction and said, “Alright. How was your visit to the Space? When your family comes, I will arrange a good place for them.” Bingya smiled and said, “Young Master, I’d like us to settle in Wild Dragon Island so that we can offer some help. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, then I’ll prepare a place for you there. However, although Wild Dragon Island seems relaxed, we don’t want to accommodate idlers. You need to find things that you can contribute towards.”

Bingya nodded and said, “Mister can rest assured. Our families aren’t senior officials or nobles. They couldn’t sit well if they do nothing.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “In fact, you should have already seen that the jobs in the Space are just a means to spend time. Even if people didn’t go to work, they could still eat and be warm. But if you think about it, working will give people a purpose. Otherwise, they would be no different than a pig.”

Bingya and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai asked, “Do you really want to move your family to the Space? If so, I can give you three command tokens. After you meet your family, you can use these tokens to open a spatial rift to the Space. What do you think?”

Bingya was stunned for a moment, then he said to Zhao Hai, “Young Master, we have one request.” Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, tell me.” Zhao Hai had a faint guess about their request. After Bingya and the others saw the situation inside the Space, they should have the inkling to have more people move in. After all, the situation inside the Space was very good.

And just as Zhao Hai thought, Bingya said, “Young Master, we want our clansmen to enter the Space.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t oppose to having more people move to the Space. However, this will offend your Patriarchs. Under the current circumstances, I don’t want to have a conflict with them. At the very least, I don’t want any troubles before dealing with the nine Supreme Elders.”

The expression of the trio brightened up as they nodded. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Go and take a rest. You’ll have to stay on the ship in the next few days.” The three nodded before heading back to their rooms.

After waiting for the three to leave, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Congratulations Brother Hai. The three of them are quite strong. They also some ability to lead. They’re quite talented so they should be good after some training.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I really don’t care about using them. In fact, there are a lot of talented people like them inside the Space. I just want them to help me move the foreign races to the Space.”

Laura nodded. There were now a lot of races inside Zhao Hai’s Space. There are the people from the Ark Continent, the Fishmen, and the Demons. Almost all of these people were now Zhao Hai’s followers. They would agree to Zhao Hai’s requests, so there weren’t that much need for talented leaders. However, when it came to moving the foreign races to the Space, only Bingya and the others had the ability to do so. Zhao Hai could also use the undead to snatch people, just like what Zhao Hai did with the Divines. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use that method unless otherwise needed.

And just as Bingya said, the foreign races began to travel towards the Taurus Continent. The Hell King’s ship had also changed its route and headed there to wait for the Patriarchs.

It was good that the Taurus Continent wasn’t far. And with the Hell King’s ship’s speed, Zhao Hai arrived at the route to the Taurus Continent before long. Then he stopped in place as he waited.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried much about waiting for the nine Supreme Elders. After all, the route from the Leo Continent and the foreign race territories was already mapped by him. If the Supreme Elders decided to run, Zhao Hai could quickly catch up.


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