BTFTLIAW – Chapter 953


Chapter 953 – Not Planning To Go Back

The Beastman Patriarch stared for a moment before holding his messenger fish. The messenger fish was connected to Bingya, the Beastman Patriarch quickly said, “Bingya, what happened?”

When Bingya heard the Patriarch’s voice, his anger couldn’t help but flare up again. However, he still replied, “Patriarch, why did you treat Mister Zhao Hai like that? He is very angry.”

Upon hearing Bingya’s inquiry, The Patriarch calmly replied, “Bingya, you should know your identity. You are a Beastman. You should consider our race first, not outsiders.”

It was at this point that Bingya angrily replied, “Is the Patriarch being responsible for our clan? Mister Zhao Hai said that the reason the nine Supreme Elders attacked us is because we dispatched troops to the Leo Continent. They attacked us because they want us to retrieve our troops. If our army doesn’t turn back to help us, then the Supreme Elders would return to the Leo Continent in order to eliminate the army. Wouldn’t that cause huge losses to the clan? Has the Patriarch thought about this?” Along the last lines of his statement, Bingya was almost roaring. Normally, he wouldn’t have the guts to do so. Beastmen were stern people. Daring to talk to the Patriarch like this was a deadly sin. However, since Bingya was quite angry, he couldn’t help but berate the Patriarch.

The Beastman Patriarch and the other two Patriarch couldn’t help but stare when Bingya roared. Then their expression changed. They knew that if what Bingya said was true, then their army in the Leo Continent would suffer under the Supreme Elders.

But the Beastman Patriarch recovered as he immediately replied, “Bingya, don’t say useless things. How is Zhao Hai now? He really doesn’t want to help us?”

When he heard the Patriarch, Bingya replied, “He shouldn’t for a while. But as long as the Patriarch asks Mister, he should go back. However, the Patriarch needs to be fast. Otherwise, if Mister Zhao Hai is gone, then our loss would be great.”

When the Patriarch heard this, he said, “Wait a moment.” Then he turned to the two patriarchs and said, “What do you two think about this?”

The Dwarf Patriarch said, “What else can we do, we need to ask him back. Pleasing someone as strong as Zhao Hai isn’t a disgrace. If Zhao Hai doesn’t care about our situation, then the one suffering losses would be us. Moreover, the nine Supreme Elders have no means to deal with him. Do you think that the foreign races could fight like Zhao Hai? If we push him away, then we would only harm ourselves with no benefits.”

Although the Elven Patriarch was arrogant, she wasn’t a fool, so she nodded and said, “We were indeed excessive this time. We need to ask Zhao Hai to come back. Nothing is more important than the lives of our clansmen. And with Zhao Hai’s help, our troops would be able to deal with the Leo Continent, providing us with a new good territory. Meanwhile, the vassal races would seep into their own continents. In the end, we would not have any problems keeping our continent.”

The Beastman Patriarch nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll go ask him. In any case, the one who will benefit the most would be us.” The Dwarf Patriarch didn’t reply. Although we wasn’t happy about this, he also knew that it was good for their people. He wouldn’t deny anything that could benefit his race.

After seeing that nobody wanted to add anything, the Beastman Patriarch nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go and prepare. We’ll ask Bingya where they currently are and then we’ll go see them.”

The Dwarf Patriarch and the Elf Patriarch nodded before leaving the Beastman Patriarch’s room. After returning to their respective rooms, they immediately took their messenger fish out to ask whether the situation was indeed as Bingya said.

However, they didn’t think that Bingya and the others were now acting as one. While Bingya was talking to the Beastman Patriarch, Ryder and Yehta were also with him. Because of this, they heard everything that Bingya said to the Beastman Patriarch. So they didn’t say anything wrong when asked.

When the two put their messenger fishes down, they looked at each other and sighed. Bingya looked at the two and said, “I’m actually surprised. I thought our three races were very close. I didn’t expect the alliance to waver over a small thing.” Ryder sighed, then he turned to the two and said, “To tell you the truth, after this even, I’m won’t be heading back to the clan. I’m prepared to follow mister along with my family. I feel like following Mister would make my family more comfortable. At least Mister doesn’t use condescending tones when speaking to us. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be eager in manipulating people for benefit.”

Ryder’s words made Bingya and Yehta stunned. The three of them had some prestige in their clans and they were quite famous. They were even called geniuses by some people. However, they were clear that there were more geniuses like them in the clan. The only reason these geniuses weren’t famous was because they haven’t had any merits to their name yet. This wasn’t because they were lazy, nor was it because they couldn’t take hardships. In the battle against the Divine Race, these geniuses died because of the decisions made by their own side.

In the beginning, Ryder didn’t think that the world would be this dark. However, the deeper he understood the matters of the world, the more he was made aware of the truth. Because of this, he was cautious whenever he handled affairs. He didn’t dare to be arrogant nor bear a deep grudge. Otherwise, a day would come when he would suffer the consequences of his decisions.

To be honest, to those who were ambitious, they would just treat this danger as a game. If they win, then they would be rewarded. But if they lose, then they would die.

However, Ryder wasn’t this kind of person. He belonged to the kind of people who want their family to grow and develop. Because of this, he was very uncomfortable when it came to plots. He already had too much of it in his life.

But he couldn’t fully divorce themselves from this life since he already entered the circle. Only dead people can get away from this. Even if you held great power, as long a you enter this circle, you still couldn’t guarantee that you can retire from it.

Now, Ryder finally found an opportunity for him to remove himself from such a life, and that was with Zhao Hai. With Zhao Hai’s strength, he wouldn’t be afraid of retaliation from the foreign races. Moreover, they had followed Zhao Hai for some time, so Ryder beleived that Zhao Hai already understood them. Because of this, he opened this matter up with Bingya and Yehta.

Bingya looked at Ryder and said, “Have you really thought this through? If you did, then let’s not think about whether your family agrees or not, instead, think about the other Dwarves. You will be offending them.”

Ryder nodded, “I have thought about it. I will ask Mister tomorrow and see if he will agree. If he does, then I will find a way to move my family.”  Bingya looked at Ryder and said, “Alright, I’ll ask Mister as well. Yehta, you’re with us right?”

Yehta looked at the two and smiled, “Of course, you can count me in. Why would I want to be left behind? Let’s not wait until tomorrow, let’s go now.”

Just as her voice fell, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Hahaha. There’s no need to look for me. I’ve waited for this day for a long time.”

The three stared, then they saw Zhao Hai walked into their room. The three stared for a moment before they quickly got up and bowed. Then Bingya asked, “Mister, why did you come here?” Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “I heard your words. What’s wrong? Surprised? Don’t forget, your inside my Hell King’s ship. Nothing can evade my sight inside the ship.”

As soon as the three heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but gawk. Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “I don’t listen to your conversations all the time. But today is an exception. I know that you would talk to your Patriarchs. I just want to know the reactions of your clans. To be honest, their conduct disappointed me. However, you three made me glad.”

Bingya couldn’t help but get embarrassed, then he asked, “So Mister agrees with our request?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Agree, of course I agree. After the fight, you can go and take your families to the ship. I will arrange a good place for them, you can rest assured.”

Bingya looked at Zhao Hai, but he was still uncertain so he asked, “MIster, if I may ask, did you send the Demons and the Divines to that place? From what I can assume, you didn’t arrange them at the same place as the Ark Continent. So where did they go?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is my biggest secret. Since you asked, I can only tell you that it is an absolutely safe place. If you want to go, then I can take you over there to have a look. However, you need to pledge to your heart’s demon that without my permission you cannot tell anyone about this matter.”

Zhao Hai knew that for Bingya and the others, the binding force of a Blood Oath would be too weak. Fortunately, he was made aware of the Heart’s Demon Oath. The restraint of this oath is very strong. As long as one cultivates and pledges to a Heart’s Demon Oath, then once they violate their oath, they will be possessed by a Devil and die.


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