BTFTLIAW – Chapter 951


Chapter 951 – Demonstration of Authority

Normally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t eavesdrop on Bingya’s group. But at this time, he actually did.

After seeing the three being silent, Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Laura, how do you see this?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s a good thing. We can see that they are more inclined towards Brother Hai. However, they still can’t let go of their clans. It seems like they couldn’t bear the attitude of their Patriarch.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I really didn’t expect that those people from the Foreign Races would actually have a plot for me. Interesting.”

Lizzy was somewhat indignant as she said, “Big Brother Hai, so what do we do now? We shouldn’t help these kinds of people.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “In any case, we know about their plan. And now that they’re aware that we know, they would have no way to change it. From what I can see, there’s no need to stop their plan. We can also make use of them and have them help us deal with the nine Supreme Elders. Our ultimate goal are the combat suits. We need to send them to the Space no matter what. And at the very least, they have some sort of relationship to us. The three races of the Ark Continent have them as ancestors.”

Lizzy nodded, “Big Brother Hai, you truly have a tender heart. We don’t need to think about these people at all. Just go and take control of them. Look at the Winged Pegasus, everytime I see them, I couldn’t help but get pissed off.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything. He knew that Lizzy was right, he really was tender-hearted. However, this property of his was relative.

Laura smiled and said, “Alright Lizzy, stop complaining. If Brother Hai isn’t this soft hearted, then he wouldn’t be Zhao Hai. Brother Hai, now that the O’Neal family has started to relocate towards the Taurus Continent, should we make a move?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, let’s have them settle down first. In any case, we made Axe aware that the enemy is in the Taurus Continent. And that’s enough for now.”

Laura nodded, “Then we’ll let them prepare for a while. From what I can see, the Winged Pegasus will take a very long time before they move, a few months at least. We have enough time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and bit, he didn’t say anything. He knew that Laura was also feeling angry inside. The Winged Pegasus clan were still disobeying. A turtle would be quicker compared to their current pace.

Over the next days, nothing significant happened. The armies of the foreign races and the Leo divines were still fighting in the Leo Continent. Both sides had no way to gain the upper hand. Zhao Hai also used these days to travel.

The Hell King’s ship was fast. Compared to Bingya’s expectation, the arrived in the Foreign Race Territory a day earlier. They encountered the Aries Continent First, the continent of the Beastmen, Bingya’s home.

Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s ship as he looked at the vast continent in the distance. He couldn’t help but smile, he wanted to know how the Beastmen would treat him.

Bingya’s group as well as Laura and the others were standing beside Zhao Hai. Laura and the others were curious about the continent while Bingya and the others were anxious.

They had been away for almost a year. All this time, they were with Zhao Hai and haven’t returned. They were unaware of the state of their clans.

However, upon thinking about his Patriarch’s attitude, Bingya couldn’t help but feel cold. They were getting closer and closer to the continent. Upon reaching a certain distance, the sentries of the continent would surely see them. However, there seem to be nobody here, not a single guard nor civilian.

Bingya’s face turned ugly as he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “We’ve been unfair to Mister. Maybe the guards have been eliminated when the Supreme Elders came. That’s why they failed to see us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. He already knew that the Beastmen had noticed them. However, they didn’t come because they wanted to demonstrate their authority.

Sure enough, when Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s ship entered the Aries Continent, a large group of people suddenly flew up from the ground. Then they formed a circular formation and surrounded the ship.

After looking at this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t go forward and instead just stopped the ship. He wanted to see how the Beastmen play this scene out.

These Beastmen weren’t very different compared to the Ark Continent’s Beastmen, but they were indeed visibly stronger.

Bingya and the others weren’t fools, so when they saw this situation, they immediately understood what the clan wanted to do. The three’s expression changed. They didn’t think that the clan would do such a thing, they were playing with Zhao Hai’s face.

After thinking about this, Bingya couldn’t help but turn to look at Zhao Hai. He saw a teasing expression in Zhao Hai’s eyes. After noticing this, Bingya’s heart sank. He had seen this expression whenever Zhao Hai saw an enemy opposing him. After seeing this look, the enemy wouldn’t have a great time.

At the thought of this, Bingya immediately turned to the Beastmen and said, “Everyone, are you here to greet Mister Zhao Hai? This lowly one is the Wolf tribe’s Bingya.”

Bingya did this in order to provide his people with stairs to step down. This would also give Zhao Hai face while preserving the clan’s reputation.

Bingya thought that his plan was good. But unfortunately, he didn’t have a large prestige in the clan. For him to provide Zhao Hai face in behalf of the clan was simply not possible. Because of this, the people still didn’t react after hearing him. Instead, they stepped closer to the Hell King’s ship.

Then one Lion Beastman stepped forward. This man wore leather armor and had a huge sword in his hand. There was an uncommon might in the Lion Beastman’s eyes as he looked at Bingya and the others with disdain. Then when he looked at Zhao Hai, he seem to have a smirking gaze.

The Lion beastman stood there and looked at Zhao Hai before saying, “We were ordered by the Patriarchs to look for suspicious people. Anyone who wants to enter the Beastman Continent needs to be examined.” Naturally, the Lion meant the Aries Continent. Only after the Beastmen occupied this place was it called Beastman Continent.

Zhao Hai looked at the Lion and couldn’t help but smile. Then he said, “So the Beastman Continent has this rule. I apologize for offending you with my ignorance. Since this is the case, then I will take my leave.” After he said that, the Beastmen suddenly discovered that the ship had already disappeared from their encirclement. When the Hell King’s ship reappeared, it was already outside the continent.

When the Lion saw Zhao Hai’s move, he couldn’t help but get stunned, then he panicked. They thought that Zhao Hai would have reactions to this, such as anger or reluctance. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to just turn and leave. He even managed to escape their encirclement. Because of this, the script that they made had become useless.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai was here to help them against their enemies. However, the three Patriarch wanted to occupy a higher position when cooperating with Zhao Hai, so they needed to take him down a notch. However, who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai would just turn around and leave? He ended up not caring about their affair, leaving the foreign races to deal with the nine Supreme Elders all by themselves. To be honest, the three foreign races aren’t capable of stopping the Supreme Elders.

When Zhao Hai came out of the encirclement, he turned and then flew back. The ship’s speed wasn’t very fast. When Laura and the others saw that Zhao Hai went out of the encirclement, they immediately laughed. Zhao Hai could just choose to not play along, and the Beastmen had never thought of it.

Bingya was looking awkwardly at Laura and the others. He didn’t know what to say while his anger started to well up.

It was the Patriarch who told him to ask Zhao Hai for help. And now that Zhao Hai was here, they instead forced him to leave. This basically threw Bingya’s face into the water. If not for the hair on Bingya’s face, Zhao Hai would have seen Bingya becoming as red as a tomato.

Ryder and Yehta were also feeling very awkward. They knew that this matter wasn’t only decided by the Beastman Patriarch, the three Patriarchs should have reached an agreement to demonstrate their authority. Because of this, Ryder and Yehta felt very bad.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “It’s fine, you three doesn’t have to wear that expression. I know that this matter is out of your control. There’s no need to be embarrassed. Now I want to see what kind of characters your Patriarchs are, to be able to think genius ideas as this. Hahaha.”

Although Zhao Hai was ridiculing their Patriarch, Bingya and the others weren’t offended. They were currently feeling incensed towards their clan, especially towards their Patriarchs.

Laura and the others stopped laughing, then Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, do you think the three Patriarchs would come and invite us back?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I cannot say for certain. It depends on the nine Supreme Elders. If they’re formidable and couldn’t be blocked, then they would ask us back. But if the nine Supreme Elders aren’t pushing hard, then they might not.”

Laura replied, “How could the nine Supreme Elders not push hard? They’re currently holding a lot of hatred in their stomachs. And they want to make the foreign race army retreat from the Leo Continent. In this case, they surely wouldn’t hold back.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I think so too. In fact, the nine Supreme Elders are making the right move. If they attack the foreign races, then the three Supreme Elders surely wouldn’t be able to stop them. In the end, they could only order their army to retreat, freeing the Leo Continent from crisis. And if the foreign races doesn’t call their troops back, then they would return to the Leo Continent and deal with the invading army. This would also free the Leo Continent from its predicament. More importantly, they would be able to cause heavy damages to the foreign races along the way. However, they seemed to exclude me from their calculations, which makes me a bit confused.”

Laura replied, “Perhaps they believed that you are still entangled by the other Divines. Since you don’t have time, they decided to go with their plan.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That is possible. Alright, in any case this is a good opportunity for us to deal with the Supreme Elders. If we miss this, then it might be difficult to do so in the future.”

Laura agreed, “Right, the Supreme Elders are also starting to become smart. They knew that  we couldn’t deal with all of them at once, so they decided to stay together. It wouldn’t be easy for us to deal with them this way.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I think the Supreme Elders are now trying to preserve their blood.”

While Zhao Hai and the others were talking, Bingya’s group were looking anxiously at the Aries Continent. They were waiting for people from their family to come and invite Zhao Hai back.

However, they could only be disappointed. Their people didn’t come out. It seems like Zhao Hai had nothing to do with them anymore when he left.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as he waved his hand and had the ship descend. After falling to the sea’s surface, it stayed there and floated, just like any other ship.

Then Zhao Hai turned to Laura and the others and said, “We haven’t had the time to relax. Since we have a few days to spare then we might as well. What do you think?”

Laura smiled, ”Good. We haven’t relaxed for a long time. Younger Sister Meg, please make us a couple of dishes. We’ll be drinking a few cups with Brother Hai.” Meg nodded before she turned around and went to prepare.

After seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Bingya and the others didn’t know whether they should be relieved or be worried. They should be relieved since Zhao Hai didn’t go away despite leaving the Aries Continent. He’s close to the Aries Continent so he would be able to quickly offer help. Bingya understood that this was an opportunity provided by Zhao Hai. As for what the foreign races plans to do, he wouldn’t care.

However, Bingya and the others were also worried because of the people in their clan. It has been quite some time before Zhao Hai left the Aries Continent. However, up until this time, nobody went to look for them. This doesn’t make any sense. Bingya was afraid of Zhao Hai being offended, causing the foreign races to suffer a loss.


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