BTFTLIAW – Chapter 950


Chapter 950 – Two Matters, One Problem

When they heard Zhao Hai, Lizzy and the others stared. Then they quickly understood what Zhao Hai meant. The Foreign Race were really quite sly this time, they actually wanted to use Zhao Hai as free labor. However, Zhao Hai plans to use this opportunity to have the foreign races owe him a favor. Otherwise, the foreign races wouldn’t comply if he ever wanted to borrow their combat suits one day.

If it was someone else, then even if they managed to borrow the combat suits, they still wouldn’t be able to gain something from it. However, Zhao Hai was different since he has the Space. As long as he managed to borrow the combat suits and sends them to the Space, he could immediately produce seeds. When those seeds are made, he can then return the combat suits to the foreign races. In this case, the foreign races could only benefit from the situation.

After thinking about this, Lizzy and the others smiled. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do we head to the Foreign Race Territory now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, we will head to the Foreign Race Territory. You go and rest. I’ll be heading out, Bingya and the others should still be outside their rooms.”

After he said this, Zhao Hai walked out of his room. Indeed, Bingya and the others were outside and had yet to return to their room.

At this time, Bingya and the others were extremely worried. They didn’t expect the nine Supreme Elders to attack the Foreign Race territory. For them, this was terrible news.

Bingya and the others had experienced the strength of the nine Supreme Elders. Even Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare to meet them head on, not to say about other people.

Although the Foreign Races also had three Supreme Elders, and their ultimate weapons were the same as the Divine Race, they were still at a numerical disadvantage.

Moreover, Bingya and the others knew that overwhelming the nine Supreme Elders with numbers was impossible. Only people with the same calibre could match them.

Therefore, they were anxious. One shouldn’t underestimate the nine Supreme Elders. Their collective strength was enough to make the Foreign Races shudder.

After looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Why don’t you enter your rooms and rest? Rest assured, I will provide help. Since I haven’t been to the Foreign Race Territory, I can’t use my space transmission. We can only head there slowly using the ship.”

Although Zhao Hai mentioned that they were going slowly, their actual speed was actually very fast. After being upgraded by the Seven Star Heaven Lock disks, the ship’s speed was greatly improved.

However, Bingya and the others weren’t able to truly notice this point. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the three quickly turned their heads. They immediately gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “Mister.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled and said, “It’ll be fine, don’t worry about it too much. The troops sent by your clans to attack the Leo Continent haven’t retreated. It seems like the nine Supreme Elders aren’t going all out. So there’s no need for you to be anxious about it.”

When Bingya heard this, his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of shock. He didn’t know if Zhao Hai’s words were intentional or not.

In fact, Bingya and the others already knew about their clan’s plan, they weren’t excluded from knowing the facts. Although they thought that using Zhao Hai wasn’t good, they continued to keep quiet for the benefit of their clan. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this frank about the topic.

Bingya looked at Zhao Hai with some anxiety. Zhao Hai’s smile was the same as before, Bingya didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but he felt that Zhao Hai’s eyes seem to flash for a bit.

Bingya could feel a cold sweat coming out, but he still bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Yes. Mister should also know that using ordinary troops against the Supreme Elders would be useless. There’s no point in them heading back.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly at Bingya and said, “Really? I haven’t thought about this point. Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. According to our present speed, how long do we need to travel in order to reach the Foreign Race territory?”

Bingya thought for a moment and answered, “By our current speed, we should arrive at the Foreign Race territory in three days.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Go and send word to your clans, tell them to drag the nine Supreme Elders as long as possible. The sudden attack of the Supreme Elders is certainly because of the attack made by the foreign races. They want you to retreat so they went to the Foreign Race territory, If they see that your army didn’t retreat, then they might go to the Leo Continent. Or else they risk being exterminated.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Bingya immediately knew that Zhao Hai was aware of their plan. He even guessed the plan of the nine Supreme Elders. Bingya couldn’t help but be ashamed as he answered, “Yes Mister, I will send word immediately.”

After that, Bingya and the others returned to their room. Zhao Hai looked at the three and faintly smiled. He said so much because he wanted to send a strike at Bingya. At the same time, he wanted to borrow Bingya’s mouth to tell the foreign races that he was aware of their plan.

Zhao Hai wasn’t the type to grab merit, but there were some times where it was necessary. If he didn’t let the other side know that he was aware of the tricks they were pulling, then they would only treat him as a fool. But if you make them aware that you knew about their plan, then they would need to feel grateful to you. This was Zhao Hai’s intent.

When Bingya returned to his room, he immediately took his messenger fish out and said, “Patriarch, Patriarch, are you there?”

A low and deep voice was heard, “Bingya, how was it? Did Zhao Hai agree?”

Bingya’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. There were no means of respect from the Patriarch’s words. This caused Bingya to feel uncomfortable.

However, Bingya still replied, “Patriarch, Mister Zhao Hai seems to be aware of our plan. He just told me that our troops in the Leo Continent aren’t planning to withdraw, I think he’s implying something. However, he still decided to help us and is currently rushing towards the territory. He told me that the nine Supreme Elders were attacking us because they want our army to withdraw. And if we don’t retreat, they would head back or else risk losing everything.”

However, Bingya didn’t expect the Patriarch to just snort and said, “I don’t need you to teach me how this works. Tell Mister Zhao Hai to rest assured. We will hold the Supreme Elders here.”

Bingya’s expression sank, however he still nodded and said, “Yes, Patriarch. I will relay your words.” After that, Bingya placed his messenger fish down.

Bingya’s conversation with the Patriarch was also heard by Ryder and Yehta. Their expressions weren’t attractive. The Patriarch was very impolite. This impoliteness made them feel disgraced.

The three were with Zhao Hai for a long time but they also gave huge contributions to their clans. The three always thought that they were regarded as great characters. But now, it seems like they were treated as nothing.

This made the three feel indignant. Zhao Hai was very strong, but even he was very polite to them, he was very kind. Zhao Hai never treated them as though they were his subordinates. Zhao Hai even treasured his undead.

Compared to Zhao Hai, their Patriarch’s response was truly poor. After some time, Bingya turned to Ryder and Yehta, he sighed and then said, “The Patriarch is really too tall to see the picture. He really thinks that he can plot against Mister. From what I can see, Mister already knew about their plan.”

Ryder forced a smile and said, “If Mister isn’t someone who can do those calculations casually, then he wouldn’t have lived up to this day. I just hope that the clan wouldn’t do anything excessive. Otherwise, the foreign races might follow the steps of the Divine Race.”

Bingya sighed and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this. In any case, Mister already knows what we are doing. And we don’t have a control of the direction we’re heading at.”

Ryder forced a smile and said, “We want to take control, but unfortunately we can’t. Forget it, we’ll just let it be.”

After not saying anything for a while, Yehta suddenly said, “If Mister becomes hostile against the Foreign Races one day, which side will the both of you help?”

If Yehta brought this issue up earlier, then Bingya and Ryder might immediately say that they’ll help the clan. But now, Bingya and Ryder were unsure.

To be honest, their hearts were leaning towards their clansmen. However, the way their Patriarchs handled things left the three of them disappointed. On the other hand, the three had seen how Zhao Hai handles things in the past few days. Although the relationship between Zhao Hai and the foreign races was just superficial, Zhao Hai still greatly helped the foreign races. In this case, instead of being grateful to Zhao Hai, the clan actually plotted against him. They were acting like fools, something that Bingya and the others couldn’t accept.

After the two didn’t say anything, Yehta couldn’t help but bitterly smile. To be honest, she also didn’t have an answer. It was because of this that she decided to ask Ryder and Bingya, she didn’t expect the two of them to be indecisive as well.

As the three became silent, their mood became complex. They just hope that Zhao Hai wouldn’t become their enemy one day.


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