BTFTLIAW – Chapter 949


Chapter 949 – Letting Me Do Free Work?

Axe quietly sat on top of the war tank as he stared at the vast expanse of land outside their base. He could see that the land was very fertile and its air was much better compared to the Ark Continent. But aside of being happy, Axe was also annoyed.

They didn’t encounter any attacks in the defensive line, but when they sent their scouts for reconnaissance, they began to be assaulted, and all of the enemies were undead.

However, the situation made Axe more annoyed than worried. There weren’t a lot of undead, but they were very fast. Their coordination was very good as well. One would be easily entangled once one fought them. Although they weren’t a threat to Axe, they made it very difficult for the scouts to do their job.

After failing several times, Axe lost his patience. He dropped the scouting plan and instead focused on the base’s construction.

It’s also strange that while they were building their base, the undead didn’t come to attack them. This caused Axe to be confused. He already told his father about this matter.

Axe was also informed by his father about the appearance of strong undead in the Ark Continent’s Dark Mist. Because of this, the family has decided to shift their center of development. Moreover, in the near future, his father would bring important people of the family to this place.

After hearing about this, Axe became both worried and happy. He was worried about the dark mist but happy because the family has decided to shift their attention to this place. This was equal to Axe having set up a great contribution. This was something good for him.

While Axe was thinking about these matters, someone suddenly arrived. Axe turned his head and saw that it was George. After accepting the other party’s salute, Axe looked at George and said, “George, why did you come?” Axe’s war tank was now stopped right outside the base. He came out in order to relax. Because of this, he was surprised to see George appearing here. He already told his people to leave him be unless an important matter had come.

George bowed to Axe and said, “Young Lord, the Clan’s Elders have arrived. This time, they presented the Patriarch’s mark to inspect. After their inspection, it’s possible that the Patriarch would come here.”

Upon hearing this, Axe gave a nod and said, “Alright, let’s go back.” Then he proceeded to command the war tank and returned to the base.

Actually, this investigation was just a casual stroll in the surroundings. The O’Neal family’s elders were already clear about their current state. The north wasn’t getting any quieter and the family had no way to deal with it. Because of this, it was inevitable for the family to move southward.

Additionally, the environment here was really good. Although there had been some traces of war here, it had already happened months ago. With time being the only factor left, the grass grew back, causing the natural appearance of the place to be appealing.

The elders didn’t dally for too long, they immediately wanted to tell the Patriarch about the situation. After they left, Axe quickly ordered for the expansion of the base.

Just as Axe was busily expanding the base, the Underworld was also beginning to make their move. The expansion of the Dark Mist went faster and more undead began to venture out at night. The scope of their operations were also becoming bigger and bigger.

In the face of this, the O’Neal family could only draw back. Their relocation was already imminent. The O’Neal Patriarch immediately issued the order to move.

It’s fortunate that the Ark Continent wasn’t their land. Because of this, they managed to pack up their things quickly. However, the relay stations were kept in place. The O’Neal family’s Patriarch still wanted to use them to monitor the Dark Mist’s situation.

While the O’Neal family was preparing to move, Zhao Hai’s battle against the Gemini and Aquarius Divines was nearing its end. In fact, the Aquarius Continent was already done. The potions of the Aquarius Divines were indeed very good, but they had little to no use against the undead. Because of this, their defeat came faster. The only remaining target right now were the Gemini Divines.

On the other hand, the Leo Divines and the foreign races were still fighting. The tenacity of the foreign races was quite strong, but the Leo Divines were able to block their attack, dragging the foreign races into a long-term battle.

The foreign races wanted to take advantage of the situation while Zhao Hai was attacking the Divine Race. They dispatched their troops in order to gain profits. However, they didn’t think that they would be met with the Leo Divines. Halting their advance through the Divine Race territory.

With the Leo Divines blocking their attack, the foreign races weren’t having an easy time. The Foreign race territories weren’t close to the Leo Continent. Because of this, their supplies only depended on their rear ships. With this, their supply line would inevitably suffer some issues. As time passes, the price that they would pay could only rise.

The foreign races didn’t have any good means to solve this situation. If they don’t succeed in this war, then they would have wasted their earlier investments. Giving up at this point would cause them huge losses, but if they continue, they still wouldn’t be able to take the Leo Continent in a short time.

Actually, from the very beginning of the battle, the foreign races felt that something was wrong. The Leo Divines seem to be prepared for war. This caused the Foreign races to suffer a huge loss, they were placed in a disadvantageous position.

Zhao Hai was paying attention to this matter. He was also aware that the Supreme Elders were heading towards the Foreign Race territories. He wanted to see the reaction of the foreign races when they hear this news.

Just as Zhao Hai was being busy with these things, the O’Neal family officially began their relocation. The entire O’Neal family took their troops and began to gather in the Taurus Continent.

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew about this. However, he didn’t make a move. He was just waiting for them to finish making their base. When that time comes, they definitely won’t just stay still. Once they begin to expand outward, he would lead them to the Winged Pegasus Clan.

The Winged Pegasus Clan’s migration wasn’t going very smoothly. The Winged Pegasus were angry at Zhao Hai because of what happened. Although they agreed to move under his threat, the speed of relocation was going at a snail’s pace.

Shan was aware of this development, but he didn’t want to trouble Zhao Hai. He already asked Zhao Hai for help once. If he couldn’t manage things this time, then he really wouldn’t have any face left to meet Zhao Hai.

Even if Zhao Hai knew about the situation of the Winged Pegasus Clan, he still didn’t go and deal with them. He knew that the more he interfered, the more the Winged Pegasus would resent him. And Zhao Hai didn’t want this to happen.

After three days, the Gemini Divines were finally dealt with, making Zhao Hai feel at ease. He was now waiting for the news regarding the nine Supreme Elders beginning their attack on the foreign races.

Zhao Hai believed that when the nine Supreme Elders attacked, the foreign races would surely inform Bingya and the others. At that time, he would know.

The nine Supreme Elders didn’t let Zhao Hai wait for long. Two days after Zhao Hai had dealt with the Gemini Continent, Bingya suddenly went to see Zhao Hai. After allowing Bingya into his room, Bingya immediately said, “Mister, please help the Foreign Races!”

When he saw Bingya’s appearance, Zhao Hai knew what Bingya was going to say. He smiled faintly and said, “Bingya, what’s wrong? Say it slowly, there’s no need to be anxious.”

Bingya stabilized his mood before he said, “Mister, we don’t know why, but the Divine Supreme Elders suddenly attacked the Foreign Race territory. Our three Supreme Elders are currently resisting them. I ask Mister to help us out.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, I will depart immediately.” Bingya happily nodded before he turned around and left.

After Bingya left, Lizzy immediately opened the monitor to show the situation with the Leo Continent. They wanted to see the response of the foreign race army.

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and said, “Did the foreign race army not receive any news? Why aren’t they preparing to head back to help?”

Lizzy shook her head and said, “They should have. A messenger fish is certainly present in the army, they can’t just keep their soldiers in the dark. I think they had already received the news but they don’t plan to retreat. And this time, Bingya asked us for help. I reckon they plan to have us cooperate with the three Foreign Race Supreme Elders in order to constrain the nine Supreme Elders. Meanwhile, they will use this opportunity to sweep the Leo Continent.”

Zhao Hai thought about it for a moment before he laughed and said, “So the Foreign Races wanted me to do free labor. Hahaha. Interesting. I figured they’d do that.”

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Big Brother Hai, what do you plan to do now? Should we help them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ll help, why wouldn’t we? Not only would we help, we’ll see it to the very end. Since they wanted use to cooperate with the Foreign Supreme Elders, then we’ll cooperate in order to deal with the nine Supreme Elders. However, don’t forget that our goal are the combat suits. Other matters aren’t important.”

Lizzy nodded and said, “Alright, I understand. But Big Brother Hai, do we just let the foreign races gain such a huge benefit?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We do not have something we need in the Leo Continent. If they want it then we’ll just hand it over. This would also have them owe us a favor. In this case, if we were to borrow their ultimate weapons, they surely would have a hard time rejecting.”


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