BTFTLIAW – Chapter 946


Chapter 946 – I Will Play With You Next Time

When Shan heard Zhao Hai, his expression couldn’t help but turn grey in defeat. After some time, he suddenly clenched his teeth. His eyes turned fierce as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I ask you to remove Winged Pegasus Yifei. This way, nobody would stop the clan from entering the Space.”

Zhao Hai and everyone inside the Hall stared. Nobody thought that Shan would actually request such a thing from Zhao Hai. This was equal to publicly declaring his rebellion.

Everyone inside the hall stared at Shan, especially the members of the Winged Pegasus Clan. These people were high-level members of the clan, and it can be said that they observed Shan grow up. They completely understood what kind of person Shan was, but they didn’t expect Shan to actually say those words.

In an instant, all sorts of gazes turned towards Shan’s figure. Shan remained unmoving as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I’m not trying to rebel. But Mister, think about it, if Mister doesn’t kill those who oppose the clan entering the Space, then the Winged Pegasus could only wait to be annihilated. In comparison, killing a few people could be considered nothing. I ask Mister to please accept my request.”

Zhao Hai gawked, to be honest, he really didn’t think much about it. To be honest, it was very easy to deal with Yifei. However, if he killed Yifei here, Jinsong and Fei’er might develop worries. This would be disadvantageous to Zhao Hai.

Most importantly, if this matter gets passed on and the vassal races and foreign races, Zhao Hai would have problems later on.

Actually, Zhao Hai had met a lot of vassal races during the times when he was dealing with the Divines. The vassal races had been lukewarm to Zhao Hai. The foreign races also had their own thoughts regarding Zhao Hai.

If his meddling in the Pegasus Clan’s matter was known by the vassal races, then these vassal races might cause troubles for Zhao Hai later. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t want to see.

But now that it was Shan who asked him, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately decline. With Shan’s request, everything had changed.

If Shan didn’t ask Zhao Hai and just interfered with the Winged Pegasus Clan, then this would be akin to him wanting to usurp the Winged Pegasus Clan. Shan’s request transformed the situation into Zhao Hai being asked for help. This narrative was completely different.

Naturally, as for how other people saw it, Zhao Hai really didn’t care. Maybe in the eyes of the others, Zhao Hai and Shan were doing a two-man play.

Zhao Hai paused before turning his head to look at Jinsong. Although Jinsong was a straightforward Barbarian, he was clear about what Zhao Hai thought about at this time.

Jinsong said with a serious tone, “Mister, if you deal with Yifei, you will save a lot of people. This Jinsong requests Mister to do it.”

When Yifei saw this situation, he panicked as he screamed loudly, “Zhao Hai, if you dare make a move on me, the Winged Pegasus Clan will not let you go.”

Zhao Hai looked at Yifei as though he was looking at a clown. Then he coldly said, “The Winged Pegasus Clan wouldn’t let me off? Hahaha, do you think that I’m afraid of the Winged Pegasus Clan? If it wasn’t for Shan, I wouldn’t have considered your Winged Pegasus Clan. Haven’t you heard of how many people I killed in the Divine Race territory?”

When Zhao Hai said this, Yifei couldn’t help but be stunned. He knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t lying. The moment Zhao Hai stepped into the Divine Realm, he had already started killing. The number of Zhao Hai’s kills was much more than the entirety of the Winged Pegasus Clan.

It was at this moment that Yifei discovered that the things he has been clinging on were worthless  In the face of absolute strength, status and authority were mere sandcastles, once a wave comes they will quickly collapse.

After thinking about this, Winged Pegasus Yifei suddenly knelt to Zhao Hai and said, “I ask Mister to spare my life. I agree to move my clan to the Space.” For Yifei, this wasn’t shameful. In order to survive, he didn’t hesitate to do it.

Zhao Hai looked at Yifei and said, “If you think you can still save yourself, you’re too late. To be honest, I’m tired of talking to you. You threaten me, and you think you can still go away? Stop dreaming.” After that, Zhao Hai waved his hand. In the next moment, he was already holding Yifei’s head. Nobody even saw him move.

Then Zhao Hai turned his head to the other Winged Pegasus Members and said, “Is there anybody else who wants to object?”

The Winged Pegasus clan members looked at the bloody head in Zhao Hai’s hand. Nobody dared to speak. After seeing the head, nobody wanted to object.

Zhao Hai looked at those present and said, “Since everyone agrees, then everything else is easier to do. Go and prepare, I will go and see the nine Supreme Elders.”

After Zhao Hai went out, Fei’er and the others also left while Shan stayed. Now that the Patriarch is dead, the person with the highest influence was Speaker Fang. But since Speaker Fang and Shan were in the same faction, everyone was looking at Shan.

With Speaker Fang and Shan, and the fact that the Zhao Hai was still in the Winged Pegasus’ Plane, nobody dared to stop them. This allowed the migration to smoothly begin.

At this time, Zhao Hai was already inside the Hell King’s ship along with Fei’er, Ding, and Jinsong. They also found two Winged Pegasus members to guide them towards the Supreme Elders.

It was still daytime, the time where the Supreme Elders would make their move. At this point, the Winged Pegasus had been very slippery. They didn’t fight the Supreme Elders but they swarmed them like flies. This caused the Supreme Elders to feel terrible.

Gold Ben and the others were exploding with rage in these past few days. They knew that the more time they spent here the more losses the Divine Race would have. However, they couldn’t retreat now. If they retreat, then they would sooner or later be dealt with by the Demon Zhao Hai. Because of this, even if they feared that the Divines were already extinguished, they still need to persist.

Without the means to cure the hatred in their heart, Gold Ben and the others vented on the Winged Pegasus. This caused their attacks to be more fierce. However, with the arrangement of the Winged Pegasus Clan, their attacks were loud thunders but with small rain.[1]

On this day, Gold Ben and three others were fighting with the Winged Pegasus while Elder Star and the others were resting. Suddenly, Elder Star saw a small golden dot on the horizon. The dot got bigger and bigger until it became Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship.

Upon seeing the enemy, one couldn’t help but feel hatred. Elder Star’s eyes were red after seeing Zhao Hai. However, he didn’t immediately attack. He just looked at the ship with his red eyes as it approached. He looked like an injured beast waiting to take revenge.

After staring at Zhao Hai for some time, Elder Star said, “Everyone, Zhao Hai has finally appeared, get ready.”

Upon hearing this, Gold Ben and the three others stopped, they immediately noticed Zhao Hai’s ship. This caused them to be happy before they moved and went into their positions with the Seven Star Heaven Lock disks in their hands. Elder Star didn’t participate in this formation as he held his Star Disk, preparing to attack Zhao Hai.

Before long, Zhao Hai appeared in front of Elder Star and the others. Zhao Hai decreased the ship’s altitude as he looked at Elder Star and said, “Elder Star, we meet again. I didn’t expect that you would use this method. It’s not easy to compel me to show up. However, you really are heartless. You chose to sacrifice your people just to deal with me.”

Elder Star icily looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, you finally appeared. We didn’t think that you would have such a ruthless heart. You actually allowed the Thunder Clan to be extinguished.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder Star, do you seriously think that you’ve eliminated the Thunder Clan? I’m only here today to tell you that of the ten Divine Continents, only the Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius Continents are left. The Gemini and Aquarius Continents are currently being attacked by me while the Leo Continent is assaulted by the foreign races. I came here to give you the last chance to save your Divine Race. Let me tell you, even if you eliminate the Winged Pegasus Clan today, I still wouldn’t stop. Do you really believe that the Winged Pegasus are important to me?”

Elder Star looked at Zhao Hai and smiled coldly, “Zhao Hai, do you think that you can escape today? Arrange the formation!” Just as Elder Star’s voice fell, Gold Ben and the others immediately moved and started the Seven Star Heaven Lock formation.

As the Seven Star Heaven Lock formation was being established, Elder Star also used his Star Disk. Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but faintly smile. He didn’t move and just allowed Elder Star and the others to finish their action.

Before long, Gold Ben and the others launched their disks before returning to Elder Star’s side. The Seven Star Heaven Lock formation suspended in the air as it sent seven-colored lights from time to time.

When they arrived by Elder Star’s side, Gold Ben and the others immediately equipped their combat suits as they prepared to combat Zhao Hai using Elder Star’s ultimate weapon.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation before he suddenly laughed. Then he maneuvered the Hell King’s ship towards the Seven Star Heaven Lock before he waved his hand and taking the disks. After the disks were taken to the Space, Zhao Hai turned to Elder Star’s group and said, “Everyone, I’ll be taking the Seven Star Heaven Lock today. I will play with you next time. Hahahaha. Everyone, farewell!” After that, the Hell King’s ship vanished from sight.

  1. Strong but with little effect


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