BTFTLIAW – Chapter 945


Chapter 945 – Selfishness That Leads to Insanity

Patriarch Yifei looked at Jinsong and said, “Brother Jinsong, what are you saying? Are you looking down on my Winged Pegasus Clan?”

Jinsong shook his head and said, “I’m not. The Winged Pegasus and the Barbarians have been allies for a long time, so I’m very clear about the strength of the Winged Pegasus. However, there’s something that Brother Yifei doesn’t know. Mister Zhao Hai has already eliminated the Central Divines, Cancer Divines, Capricorn Divines, Sagittarius Divines, and the Taurus Divines. He is now planning to deal with the other continents. At the same time, the foreign races are also planning to deal with the Leo Divines. If the Supreme Elders come to know about this, they will certainly go all out in dealing with the Winged Pegasus. Brother Yifei, are you really confident in dealing with the Supreme Elders?”

When he heard Jinsong, Yifei’s expression couldn’t help but change. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai would have the strength to deal with several continents.

Patriarch Yifei was clear about how the Divines would seek revenge upon this grievance. If they knew about this matter, they would definitely go mad. When the time comes, can the Winged Pegasus really block their attack? Yifei wasn’t too confident about this, after all the strength of the Supreme Elders were well known.

Patriarch Jinsong looked at Yifei and said, “Brother Yifei, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t able to come here earlier because I was busy moving my people to Mister Zhao Hai’s Space. We’ve just finished moving recently. The environment inside the Space is very good. We won’t need to worry about fighting, we won’t worry about eating and drinking as well. And if we want something, we can earn it with our own hands…..”

“Shut up!”

Jinsong didn’t even finish talking as he was interrupted by Yifei. He looked at Jinsong and said, “The decisions of the Barbarian Clan is the Barbarian Clan’s matter. The Winged Pegasus will never enter Mister Zhao Hai’s Space and become slaves. How strong could the Divines be? Up until now, they had yet to deal with us.”

Initially, Yifei was expressionless as he listened to Jinsong’s words. But suddenly a thought passed through his mind, “If we enter Zhao Hai’s Space now, then wouldn’t he look like a joke to Shan?” It was because of this that he decided to interrupt Jinsong.

Even after hearing Yifei, Jinsong didn’t give up, he sighed and said, “Brother Yifei, let me tell you, in the past, Mister Zhao Hai asked us to help him deal with the O’Neal family. Now, the O’Neal family has entered the Taurus Continent. It’s possible that they would discover our three planes soon. Brother Yifei, do you really want to plunge the Winged Pegasus War into endless fighting?”

When he heard Jinsong, Yifei’s expression turned angrier. He looked at Jinsong and said, “Is Brother Jinsong serious? Didn’t Mister Zhao Hai say that he will block the O’Neal family by entering the spatial rift?”

Upon hearing Yifei, Shan’s expression changed. Yifei already didn’t give Zhao Hai any face and doubted everything. But now, he decided to trust Zhao Hai about this matter, how thick can one’s face be?

Jinsong also despised Yifei, but he didn’t show it. He only replied, “Mister wanted to compel the Supreme Elders to return, so he had to withdraw majority of his troops away from the spatial rift. Moreover, there are a lot more O’Neal family troops this time. They were able to easily rush through the defense.”

Yifei looked at Jinsong and asked, “Brother Jinsong, this information, where did you get it from?”

Jinsong replied, “It’s from Mister Zhao Hai. What’s wrong?”

Yifei laughed and said, “Of course there’s something wrong. That’s a serious problem. Why would I believe the words that Mister Zhao Hai spoke? He just said this to deceive us into moving towards his Space.”

Jinsong stared, he never expected Yifei to say such words. At this point, why would Zhao Hai deceive them? What kind of person would actually think like this.

Jinsong quickly replied, “Brother Yifei, I’m afraid Mister Zhao Hai would not use this to deceive us. If the O’Neal family really arrives, then what would you do?”

Yifei waved his hand and said, “So what if the O’Neal family arrives? I don’t believe that they are stronger than the nine Supreme Elders. We managed to block the Supreme Elders, so why do we need to fear the O’Neal family? Brother Jinsong, when did your Barbarian Clan turned into cowards? You actually got scared by just a few words. You became slaves for another and you still wanted to persuade me.”

When Jinsong heard this, his expression couldn’t help but change. This wasn’t only an insult to him, it was also an insult to the entire Barbarian Clan. How could Jinsong just bear with it?

Barbarian Jinsong’s brows knitted as he stood up and looked at Yifei, “Winged Pegasus Yifei, since we’re disregarding face, do you really think that your Winged Pegasus Clan could contend with the various groups of the Divine Race? Mister Zhao Hai has already cleaned many Divine Race Continents. For him to deal with you would be very easy. Why would he even try to deceive you? You shouldn’t look too highly of yourself.”

When he heard Jinsong, Yifei couldn’t help but sneer, “What? You want to scare me? If Mister Zhao Hai really wanted to destroy the Winged Pegasus Clan, then let him come.”

Jinsong looked at the rotten Yifei. After a while, he calmed down and said, “I don’t think Mister Zhao Hai has time to waste on you. Just wait until the O’Neal family and the Underworld deals with you. We’re leaving.” Then he turned around and proceeded to leave.

At this time, Yifei suddenly opened his mouth, “Coward Jinsong, do you really think you can just leave like that?”

Jinsong turned back with a fierce look on his face. A killing aura began to well up from his body as he looked at Yifei and said, “What? Yifei, you also want to capture me today?”

Yifei looked at Jinsong and sneered, “I won’t be stopping you from leaving, but Shan couldn’t go with you. He is a Winged Pegasus. Moreover, I’ve issued an arrest for him. He cannot leave.”

Jinsong looked at Yifei and sneered, “Yifei, the reason for your order of arrest, you know what it is better than anyone. You also issued an arrest for Fei’er and Ding, so you also want them to stay? Yifei, it’s not that this Jinsong is looking down on you, but if Shan and the others really did want to kill you, do you really think that you would still be alive today? As a fellow Patriarch, I will take them with me and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Yifei looked at Jinsong and said, “Don’t forget whose territory you’re in. You actually dare to talk to me like this in my Winged Pegasus Clan? Do you really intend to leave?”

Jinsong laughed and said, “We Barbarians don’t fear death. Dying in battle would be an honor to us. You want to use death to threaten me? You’re dreaming.”

The guards were already putting on a show. Jinsong’s guards wanted to open a way to outside, but the Winged Pegasus guards wouldn’t allow them. It didn’t take long before a conflict occurred.

When the Winged Pegasus members in the Great Hall saw this situation, they couldn’t help but stare. Their expressions were very complicated. If Jinsong suffers an accident here, then the Barbarians surely wouldn’t take it lightly. The Winged Pegasus couldn’t risk having another enemy at this time.

Also, at this time, the Winged Pegasus members in the hall discovered that Patriarch Yifei had turned mad. His arrogance has been turned to insanity.

At this moment, a person suddenly appeared inside the hall. This person wore a black mage’s robe. As soon as he appeared, the place immediately turned quiet, all eyes were concentrated on him. This person was Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai appeared inside the hall, he looked at Patriarch Yifei as well as the Winged Pegasus members and said, “I didn’t think that even after being careful, people would still doubt this Zhao Hai. Hahaha. I want you to be my slaves? In my hands are a billion undead, why would I want to enslave you? You Winged Pegasus really think highly upon yourselves. Good, since you don’t want to enter my Space, then I won’t persuade you any longer. If you don’t enter, then you won’t enter. I won’t lose anything in any case.”

Yifei couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. He had met Zhao Hai one time before, this was when they were going to deal with the Taurus Divines. At that time, the three Patriarchs visited Zhao Hai. To be honest, his impression of Zhao Hai at that time wasn’t so good. This was because Zhao Hai looked too ordinary, he had no traces of extraordinary features. This was where he started to look down on Zhao Hai.

However, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly appear inside the Hall. After he stared for a moment, Yifei’s eyes shone, it was as if he had something on Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai and shouted, “Zhou Hai, are you really incapable of helping us? Or are you just looking at the sidelines? Tell me the truth.”

Zhao Hai looked at Yifei and smiled, “Patriarch Yifei, you are truly smart. But unfortunately, you used your intelligence in the wrong place. Correct, from the very beginning, I was capable of helping your clan. But I chose to stay and observe in the side.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai say this, the mouths of Winged Pegasus members couldn’t help but drop. The Winged Pegasus always thought that Zhao Hai had no time to save them. Now that Zhao Hai said this, it was equal to telling them that he was using the Supreme Elders to force them to enter his Space. This caused the current atmosphere to change.

Yifei proudly looked at Jinsong and the others, then he sneered, “Good, so you finally admit that you are only using the Supreme Elders to compel us to your Space, right?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Correct. I intend to use the Divine Race in order compel you to the Space.”

Yifei laughed loudly and said, “Jinsong, Fei’er, Shan, can you see this? This came from Zhao Hai’s mouth, the one you’re trying to help. Hahahaha. This is too funny.”

Jinsong looked at Yifei and sneered, “Funny? We already knew about this matter. Mister already has a lot to think about. Besides the Supreme Elders and the O’Neal family, there’s also the Underworld in the Ark Continent. The underworld’s undead aren’t any weaker compared to the Divine Race. With all of those enemies, do you really think that you can block them by yourself?”

After speaking up to here, Jinsong turned to look at the other Winged Pegasus inside the Hall and said, “In the past, when the dealt with the Taurus Divines together with mister, we didn’t even need to dispatch troops. We only did so since we don’t want to one-sidedly accept mister’s kindness. We sent troops in order to gain an equal position as Mister. At that time, Mister didn’t say anything about it since he respected our decision. This caused our clans to suffer a huge loss. At that time, we blamed mister. We thought that Mister asked us for troops so that we would suffer losses. Tell me, did we really trust mister? What about later on, when we heard that the Divines are going to attack us. Mister sent troops in order to act alongside us against the Taurus Divines. Mister had always been helping us unconditionally. I just want to ask you, why was that?”

After speaking up to here, Jinsong looked at them and said, “Why would Mister save us now? We didn’t trust Mister. In the face of such an ally, would you come and save them?”

The Winged Pegasus listened to Jinsong’s words. They had to recognize Jinsong’s words. They didn’t trust Zhao Hai, so why would Zhao Hai save them?

Jinsong looked at the crowd and continued, “Mister has been silently helping us all this time. Because of the war against the Taurus Divines, we suffered huge damages to our strengths. Therefore, we were forced to return to our planes in order to recover. If not for Mister, we wouldn’t have been able to recover for a long time. The Divine Race’s army should’ve already attacked us. And now, we still suspect him, now that is funny.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he turned to Jinsong and said, “Patriarch Jinsong, there’s no need to waste words. We’re already aware that Patriarch Yifei isn’t willing to move to the Space. I just didn’t expect the other Winged Pegasus members to be the same as him. They clearly knew what was going on, but they still don’t know what to do. This Zhao Hai doesn’t want to bother saving such a race. Let’s just leave them on their own.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Shan immediately knelt down and said, “Mister, I ask you to please save my Winged Pegasus Clan. Otherwise, we will surely perish.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “In this case, what could I do? I’ll be unfair to you, but there’s nothing that I can do.”


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