BTFTLIAW – Chapter 944


Chapter 944 – The Proud Winged Pegasus Patriarch

Actually, the various Divines in each Continent had their own characteristics. Although they were collectively called the Divine Race, each group actually had various qualities. The Gemini Divines had a lot of twins, the Aquarius Divines use potions, the Central Divines were the most arrogant, the Leo Divines were the most domineering, and etc. Some of these characteristics can be seen immediately while some were seen later on.

In the past, Zhao Hai wasn’t very familiar with these. But after dealing with the other Divines, he learned that each Divine group were terrifying in their own way.

The people in the Central Continent might look elegant in the surface, but they were also very arrogant. They wouldn’t get offended over ordinary things, after all, they were Central Divines. With their identity, it would be too below them to be offended by the smallest of things.

After Zhao Hai destroyed the Connecting Heaven Palace, the Central Divines turned insane, this was because of their arrogance. They couldn’t bear such a blow. They were like Princes being held down by a mere beggar. They couldn’t stomach such an insult.

After seeing the foreign races clash with the Leo Divines, Zhao Hai did intend to intervene. He wanted the foreign races to meddle in order to distract the nine Supreme Elders. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai would be dealing with the Gemini and Aquarius Continent.

Although it was said that the Gemini and Aquarius Continent were very hard to deal with, they weren’t that formidable for Zhao Hai. The Gemini Divines might pose a challenge, but the Aquarius Divines were nothing to Zhao Hai.

The Aquarius Divines use potions, but Zhao Hai’s subordinates were undead. The undead creatures were mostly immune to the potions of the Aquarius Divines. Because of this, the Aquarius Divines weren’t in Zhao Hai’s view. The more difficult ones were the Gemini Divines.

Twin Gemini Divines had great understanding of each other, which made them difficult to deal with. The power of twin Geminis outweigh the power of three people. Because of this, most of Zhao Hai’s attention was focused on the Gemini Continent.

Although the Gemini Divines were a bit difficult to deal with, Zhao Hai still wasn’t worried. After all, he had the superiority in numbers.

At this time, the Barbarians had completely moved to the Space. Meanwhile, the Winged Pegasus were still fighting against the Supreme Elders.

Along this span of time, the disadvantage of the Supreme Elders’ ultimate armors were beginning to show. Unlike Zhao Hai’s undead who could attack day and night, the Supreme Elders needed to stop once in a while. Therefore, their assault on the Winged Pegasus Clan wasn’t going very smoothly.

The nine Supreme Elders had truly overestimated themselves. In their opinion, Zhao Hai alone wouldn’t be able to completely deal with the Divine Race territory.

However, they’ve forgotten about one point. Zhao Hai had more than 1 billion undead in his hands. On the other hand, they were only nine people. With this disparity, it would be hard for them to keep up.

This didn’t mean that the Winged Pegasus were their match. But the Winged Pegasus were able to entangle them, even if the Supreme Elders weren’t paying any hard sacrifices.

In the first few battles against the Supreme Elders, the Winged Pegasus suffered heavy casualties since they didn’t understand the Supreme Elders. However, even if this was the case, this wouldn’t remain forever. The Winged Pegasus weren’t stupid. After a few more battles, they were able to find means to deal with the Supreme Elders.

After a while, the Winged Pegasus found ways to entangle the Supreme Elders. They would approach the Supreme Elders in a loose formation so that the Supreme Elders would have to fight for a longer time. Because of this, when the Supreme Elders retreated, the Winged Pegasus didn’t suffer very large losses. This also made the Winged Pegasus Patriarch more and more confident.

At this time, the Barbarian Patriarch appeared in the Winged Pegasus Plane along with Shan and the others. The Barbarian Patriarch didn’t regret moving to the Space. The environment inside was much better compared to their previous place. This made the Barbarians very happy. After settling for a bit, he immediately went with Shan to the Winged Pegasus Plane.

Shan was anxious since he knew that they didn’t have much time. The O’Neal family had entered the Divine Plance, but Zhao Hai was still dealing with the Divines. Even if the Winged Pegasus were able to block the nine Supreme Elders, they could still be attacked by the O’Neal family. Shan didn’t have confidence in the Winged Pegasus when it came to defending against the O’Neal family.

Upon knowing these facts, Shan badly wanted his people to enter the Space as soon as possible. Shan also knew why Zhao Hai didn’t offer any more help, and he couldn’t blame Zhao Hai for it.

Besides Shan’s group, the Barbarian Patriarch only brought 20 Barbarian guards along. However, when they came out of the room, they immediately attracted the attention of the Winged Pegasus members. Before long, they were encircled.

Shan was fearless as he looked at these people and said, “Let us pass, the Barbarian Patriarch is here for a visit.”

Upon hearing this, the Winged Pegasus couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. They didn’t expect Shan to be calm in this situation. And since the Barbarians were too imposing, the crowd immediately opened a path for them to go through.

The other Winged Pegasus looked at Shan with complication gazes. Shan’s reputation in the clan was very high in the past. A lot of people were optimistic about him. But now, he was seen as a criminal. And through the continuous propaganda by the Patriarch, Shan had become someone who wanted to sell their entire clan into slavery.

Shan didn’t care about the looks his clansmen were giving him. After talking with Zhao Hai, his mind has been opened up. Just like Zhao Hai said, there’s no need to worry about how they saw him, as long as he was doing the right thing. All Shan had to do was do what he thought was correct.

Shan and the others didn’t stop and walked towards the Pegasus Clan’s Grand Hall. Upon arriving, they saw the Winged Pegasus Patriarch in the entrance preparing to meet the Barbarian Patriarch. No matter what, the Barbarians were their close allies, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch had to give face.

Upon seeing the Barbarian Patriarch, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch immediately gave his greeting, “Brother Jinsong, you actually have time to visit us? Please, come inside.” The Winged Pegasus Patriarch didn’t even spare Shan a glance, he just treated him as though he didn’t exist. This attitude showed the Winged Pegasus Patriarch’s current thought.

Jinson looked at the Winged Pegasus Patriarch and laughed, “Brother Yifei is too polite. There’s no need for you to meet us outside.”

Before long, the group arrived inside the Assembly Hall. Inside the hall were Winged Pegasus members who held certain status. They were already inside waiting to welcome Patriarch Jinsong. The banquet has been set up, Patriarch Yifei even went on and personally served Jinsong.

After the dishes had been set up, Winged Pegasus Yifei took up his wine glass and said, “Brother Jinsong, your visit to the Winged Pegasus Clan truly made me happy. Unfortunately, since we are currently busy, you caught us unprepared. Please forgive me.”

Jinsong smiled faintly as he also held his wine glass up and said, “I’m aware that the Winged Pegasus are in a special situation. Brother Yifei’s preparation actually exceeded my expectations. Brother Yifei doesn’t need to be polite.”

Patriarch Yifei laughed and said, “Brother Jinsong’s words truly make me glad. In any case, the Divine Supreme Elders look very mediocre. They wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to the Winged Pegasus Clan. There’s no need for Brother Jinsong to worry.”

Jinson smiled faintly, he stayed silent and only raised his glass before downing it together with Yifei. Shan held a calm expression as well. He knew that Yifei’s words were directed at him, but he didn’t care. Instead, he felt pity for Yifei. He didn’t know anything yet he was acting as though he had everything in control.

Yifei gave Shan an emotionless gaze. He knew that he couldn’t do anything to Shan at this time. However, he thought that Shan was here because he asked Jinsong a favor in order to let him back into the Winged Pegasus Clan. The Winged Pegasus Patriarch plans to accept in order to show his magnanimity.

After drinking his wine, Yifei went straight to the point as he turned to Jinsong and said, “Brother Jinsong, are you here just to share a drink with me? If Brother Jinsong needs anything, then please don’t hold back.”

Barbarian Jinsong looked at Patriarch Yifei and said, “Brother might not believe me, but I really did want to visit the Winged Pegasus a long time ago. But since there were a lot of recent matters I need to take care of, I only had the chance today. However, there is indeed one thing I came here for. Brother Yifei, I hope that you can agree to move the Winged Pegasus to mister Zhao Hai’s Space.”

Upon hearing Jinsong say this, Yifei couldn’t help but get shocked. He didn’t expect Jinsong to persuade them about this matter. This was completely in the opposite direction of what he thought. After he gawked for a moment, Yifei’s expression changed, “Brother Jinsong, are you cracking a joke? Why would I enter Mister Zhao Hai’s Space? The divine Supreme Elders have no means to deal with us right now. Why would I subject myself to being a slave?!”

Jinsong looked at Yifei and said, “Brother Yifei, can you really completely defend against the Supreme Elders? The Supreme Elders have yet to go all out. Once they do so, things won’t be this easy anymore.”


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