BTFTLIAW – Chapter 943


Chapter 943 – The Hard to Deal With Gemini and Aquarius Continents

Laura didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have such thoughts. She looked puzzled as Zhao Hai as she asked, “Brother Hai, how did you come up with such ideas?’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Just after fighting the Skeleton King. The Skeleton King reminded me that the Underworld and the Atlanta Plane weren’t managed by Lu Wei. After we ascend, we might not be far from Lu Wei, but we might end up in his enemy. If Lu Wei wanted to deal with us, it won’t be very easy.”

Laura nodded and said, “That would be the case if that is true. It’s worth trying. But Brother Hai, isn’t the energy inside your body increasing? With so many things left unsolved, what will happen if you suddenly ascend?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then I could only count on a reserve plan. I think the Atlanta Plane would be good. Since I had this idea, we might as well pick this direction and go. What we have to do right now is to settle things we needed to settle before we go.”

Laura nodded before she turned her head. She looked at Lizzy and Megan’s progress in commanding the undead to deal with the Pisces Divines.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about Lizzy and Megan. Without their Supreme Elder to help, the Pisces Divines could only fall to the undead.

Sure enough, just like what Zhao Hai thought, Lizzy and Megan were able to deal with the Pisces Divines with little effort. At this time, Zhao Hai was carrying a few undead in order to deal with another continent.

Upon seeing that there were no issues in the Pisces Continent, Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Since there are no problems in the Pisces Continent, should we go on to the next step?” Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What does Brother Hai plan to do?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Aren’t the foreign races sending their army? Since we’re doing well, we should prepare to support them. With the help of the foreign races, we would be able to deal with the Supreme Elders. As long as we dealt with the Supreme Elders, we can then start making a move on the O’Neal family. Now that the Underworld has began to make moves, we need to settle our plans a little bit faster.”

Laura nodded then said, “Brother Hai, how about this. Since we have enough numbers in our hands, it would be better for us to attack two Continents at once. This way, we would be able to deal with the Divines as soon as possible. The Leo Continent is currently being left to the foreign races. As long as the Supreme Elders know that the Divines have been extinguished and that the Leo Continent was being conquered by the foreign races, then they will certainly settle accounts with the foreign races. At that time, we can clean them up and take their combat suits.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Then we’ll deal with two Continents at once. Right, we need to study the Continent we’ll attack next.”

As Zhao Hai was researching his next target, the O’Neal family began to worry about one matter.

In the past, they only needed to think about the dark mist’s expansion. But now it was different, the undead has started to venture out. Moreover, their fighting strength was very formidable. And this was only a small group! If more of these undead come out, how would the O’Neal family deal with it?

It was because of this that the people in the Aksu Empire’s defensive line immediately sent a letter to the family. And while waiting for the family’s reply, the defensive line became even more careful. The patrols sent at night had increased a lot.

They were clear that the undead would have reduced strength during the day. But in night, they would be strengthened. The undead that came out this time went out during the day, and the O’Neal family already had difficult time dealing with them. If they came out during the night, how powerful would they be?

The O’Neal family’s northern defensive line became more vigilant than before. They didn’t want to fall under the undead’s blade.

Sending reports back to the O’Neal family was now faster than before. This was due to the Patriarch’s arrangements. Between the northern defensive line and the Divine Realm’s spatial rift were a lot supply stations. They could now send magic armors to send their letters since they could just resupply at these supply stations.

The reason why the Patriarch did this was because they need to make the communication more convenient. The Patriarch knew too well how important communication was when it came to the family’s operations.

When the letter reached his table, the Patriarch couldn’t help but get stunned. He never thought that an accident would happen in the northern defensive line this soon. This caused the final hesitation on his heart to disappear.

When he received Axe’s report, the Patriarch still had some reservations. Must they really risk moving their operation to the plane that Axe discovered? In any case, they already found their enemy in that plane. If they left the Ark Continent now, wouldn’t it be a waste? But this letter finally made the Patriarch determined to shift the family’s focus to the south.

The reason why the O’Neal Patriarch thought about this was because their headquarters was already much closer to the south. Therefore, it would be fine to shift the family’s focus there. Additionally, the Dark Mist had become much more dangerous. The Patriarch also knew that there seem to be no immediate danger in the plane that Axe discovered. Moreover, that plane was much bigger than the Ark Continent, which was important for the O’Neal family.

Therefore, upon receiving the news from the north, the Patriarch immediately sent a family elder in order to observe the plan that Axe discovered.

The Patriarch was still quite worried about Axe. After all, Axe wasn’t very successful in the beginning. He just listened to Zhao Hai’s words and returned home prematurely. He didn’t take the time and see the Ark Continent for himself. If he made the effort to scout the Ark Continent beforehand, the O’neal family would not have been in an embarrassing situation in the beginning.

Although he had decided to develop the south, the O’Neal family didn’t relax their surveillance over the northern part of the continent. The undead were too strong, the O’Neal family needed to be careful.

Just as the O’Neal family was preparing to move to the Divine Realm, the foreign races arrived at the Leo Continent. Recently, the atmosphere of the Leo Continent was becoming more and more tense. Ever since Zhao Hai’s attack, the Leo Divines have always waited for him to come back. Once he did, they would surely teach him a lesson.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t go to the Leo Continent, instead he destroyed the other continents one by one. This caused the Leo Divines to feel even more terrified. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this strong.

But the Leo Continent didn’t forget that they were members of the Divine Race. This caused the fire inside them to blaze more and more. As they were preparing to go all out against Zhao Hai, the foreign races’ attack came.

The Divines and the foreign races had a grudge, but just as the Leo Divines weren’t having a good time, the foreign races came to attack. This made the Leo Divines even more angry. A great battle between the foreign races and the Leo Divines quickly ensued.

The foreign race army was a coalition between three continents. They numbered more than 50 million in total. And since the Leo Divines had the territorial advantage, they already had an army prepared. Additionally, compared to the the foreign races, the Leo Divines had the help of the Fishman race. Because of this, both sides were at fairly equal states.

Naturally, Zhao Hai was aware of this situation. At this point, besides the Leo Continent, only the Gemini Continent and the Aquarius Continent was left, the other Continents were destroyed by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was now preparing to deal with the two remaining continents.

After carefully researching the Gemini and Aquarius Continents, Zhao Hai discovered that they were the most difficult continents to deal with.

It wasn’t strange for Zhao Hai to just know about this at this time. He didn’t know much about the Divine Realm. He was unaware about the various groups in the Divine Realm and what they were good at. It was only after he met these people did he know their abilities.

The Gemini and Aquarius Continents were difficult to deal with because they had their own unique abilities. The Gemini Divines were really worthy of their name. The number of twins in the Gemini Continent was much higher compared to the other continents. In ten households, five of them would have twins as their offsprings. It was a quite surprising statistic.

Because these twins grew together and trained together, they were able to have a tacit understanding about each others’ abilities. This boosted their strengths compared to any other paired groups. Because of this, the Gemini Divines were very well known to be very hard to fight against.

On the other hand, the Aquarius Divines were also quite formidable. They don’t have a lot of twins, but what made the Aquarius Divines very hard to deal with were their extreme talent for potions. They had potions that were very strange and unusual, with endless functions and uses. They could poison a person, or heal them, they could enhance one’s cultivation or just cure common illnesses. Because of their potions, the Aquarius Divines were known to be people one wouldn’t want to provoke. They had a similar status as the Dark Mages back in the Ark Continent.


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