BTFTLIAW – Chapter 942


Chapter 942 – Zhao Hai’s Guess

Zhao Hai looked at the undead and smiled, “Is Excellency the Underworld’s Skeleton King?” The Skeleton King curiously looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Who are you? Where is this place? Why do you know my status? Are you the one that opened that spatial rift?” Zhao Hai looked at the Skeleton King and smiled faintly, “I don’t have that great of an ability. I might be able to open spatial rifts, but I can’t open rifts as large as the one you went through. And to be honest, no plane would want to open a spatial rift to the Underworld.” The Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai and gently tilted his head. It was obvious that he was quite curious about Zhao Hai, then he said, “You are a man who is well-informed. You know that I’m the Skeleton King and that we’re from the Underworld, yet you don’t seem to be afraid. Are you strong?”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled as he said, “I have some confidence in my strength. Also, before you appeared here, I have already moved everyone, my family, my friends, as well as those who have a relationship with me. So even if you overturn the heavens here, it would still not affect me. However, I will take your subordinates away, I’m quite curious about them. I want to study them well.”

The flame in the Skeleton King’s eyes suddenly increased in intensity, he looked angry. The Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai and spoke in a calm manner, “You want to turn us into your slaves?” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You can’t say that, but it’s about the same. I have an ability to turn all the undead I caught into my own servants.”

The flame in the Skeleton King’s eyes blazed even greater. He look straight at Zhao Hai and said, “Human, I know that you are strong, but you must die!” After speaking this, the Skeleton King reached back to his cape. When his hands came out again, two golden axes could be seen, huge golden broad axes.

The edges on these axes were like two huge semicircles with a diameter of about a meter. Engraved on the back of each blade was a skull pattern. The axe’s handle seem to be made of sections of vertebrae.

Zhao Hai looked at the Skeleton King’s appearance and couldn’t help but smile. He shook his magic staff, turning it into a sword. The appearance of this sword was just like a tang blade.

The Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai’s sword with curiosity. However, he didn’t say anything as his figure moved and, just like a tornado, swung himself towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Skeleton King’s movements were very unusual. His whole person was continuously brandishing the two axes as he revolved. With the rotation as well as the weight of the axes, the force exerted by each axe was evidently astonishing.

However, at Zhao Hai’s level, this kind of attack wasn’t a threat. The weight of the weapon itself was useless against Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his sword in order to block the axes.

Bang! A huge force rang through the tang blade. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t expect the strength of the Skeleton King to be this strong. Even with his strength, he could still feel the impact of the attack. If it was any other God-rank expert, then they surely wouldn’t be able to receive it.

But what made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that the Skeleton King was evidently a very strong God-rank expert. He might have even reached the upper ranks of God-rank. However, the Skeleton King didn’t use a Domain, which puzzled Zhao Hai.

Still, the other party wasn’t useless even without using a Domain. After blocking the enemy’s attack, Zhao Hai’s body moved and went on to retreat.

However, the Skeleton King kept attacking Zhao Hai. This was where Zhao Hai discovered that the Skeleton King’s revolving attacks weren’t only used to amplify his attacks, but it also allowed him to attack repeatedly. Each attack was linked, tightly connected that even if the enemy steps back they would still be met with an attack. Zhao Hai was in this situation. The Skeleton King looked like a tornado spinning towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai saw this situation and knew that he couldn’t drag this on. He transformed his tang blade into a huge shield as he placed it in front of him to block.

The Skeleton King didn’t expect Zhao Hai to use this move, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s weapon could become this big. But the Skeleton King didn’t stop, he continued to revolve towards Zhao Hai, seeking a flaw in his defense.

Zhao Hai held his huge shield on one hand, and suddenly a red blade appeared on the other. The blade had a thick back, making it quite heavy. Naturally, this blade was made from the blood ghost staff. As Zhao Hai grasped his shield, he brandished his blade to attack the Skeleton King.

Finally, the Skeleton King’s rhythm was disrupted. At this time, Zhao Hai used his shield to smash towards the Skeleton King. Unable to bear the impact, the Skeleton King drew back several steps. Zhao Hai used this opportunity to jump out of the Skeleton King’s range. The shield and blade vanished as they returned to being the blood ghost staff.

Zhao Hai looked at the Skeleton King and smiled, “Your Excellency, I still have some matters to attend to, so I couldn’t fight with you for a long time. When I have time later on, I will certainly ask your Excellency for advice.” After saying this, his body immediately vanished.

Although they had only fought for a short time, Zhao Hai actually felt that the Skeleton King was very formidable. If he wanted to deal with the Skeleton King, then he would have to exert some effort. Because of this, he chose to retreat.

Since the clash was very short, Lewis and the others were unable to notice anything as they fought with the undead.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai vanish, the Skeleton King’s eyes couldn’t help but blaze up more vigorously. It can be said that the Skeleton King was truly angered by Zhao Hai. Then he turned to look at Theo’s group who were still fighting with the golden undead. The axes disappeared from his hand before he waved to his subordinates. Then a small number of crystal undead flew out and directly  threw themselves towards Lewis and the others.

At this point, Lewis and the others could neither run nor fight. Since this was the case, then they could only drag on. They knew that their base wasn’t far away. They were hoping that someone would be able to see their situation and send some support. Otherwise, they would surely be in extreme danger.

Fortunately, Lewis’ hopes came true. From their base’s direction, a thousand magic armors suddenly began to head out.

But at this time, the crystal skeletons were already near and had initiated their attack. This began an exchange that made Theo and the others feel chills. They didn’t expect the undead to be this violent, the magic armors were completely unable to block.

In a short time, four magic armors were destroyed by the crystal undead. They fell down to the ground, their pilots certainly dead.

After seeing this situation, Theo immediately made everyone throw every bomb they had. They need to resist these skeletons long enough for their reinforcements to arrive.

In the war tank, Lewis also had a similar type of bomb. He kept launching them to the point of covering the heavens and the earth. These bombs managed to keep the undead off, but they did little to no damage. However, the reinforcements had already arrived, both sides quickly began to fight each other.

With such a large movement, it was impossible for the other O’Neal family members to not notice it. Before long, more and more magic armors and war tanks began to head towards the ensuing battle.

Upon seeing the situation, the Skeleton King returned to his carriage. He knew that continuing wouldn’t be good, so he waved his hand causing the undead to retreat. Then they slowly went back to the Dark Mist. Although the O’Neal family wanted to pursue, they didn’t do it in the end.

The Skeleton King didn’t go too far from the Dark Mist. Before long, his entourage was surrounded by the underworld’s fog. There were still some magic armors who decided to head into the dark mist. But since the dark mist amplified the strength of the undead, they could only be destroyed.

The O’Neal family’s general saw this situation and immediately ordered a retreat. After returning to their base, he quickly wrote a letter and had it sent to the Patriarch at the quickest speed.

After Zhao Hai returned to the Hell King’s ship, Laura immediately went to welcome him. Then she asked, “Brother Hai, how was it? Is that really the Skeleton King? Was he strong?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “He’s indeed the Skeleton King, and he’s very strong. Even if the Supreme Elders use their ultimate weapons, they might not necessarily be his match. Moreover, I suspect he is just like the O’Neal family. They weren’t governed by Lu Wei.”

Zhao Hai said this as he entered the room. Lizzy and Megan were currently directing the undead to deal with the Pisces Divines. They were now having a much easier time since they now have a lot more ranged undead. All of these new additions came from the Sagittarius Continent. Now, they were all Zhao Hai’s people. The Space also increased their strength. So it was no wonder that the Pisces Divines simply couldn’t block their assault.

This was exactly where Zhao Hai’s abilities shone when fighting against people. His subordinates would only increase while the enemies number less and less. In this case, he naturally had the upper hand.

Seeing that Lizzy and Megan where wholly absorbed in their task, Zhao Hai decided to not disturb them. He looked for a place to sit down inside the room, then Meg offered him tea to drink. After that Laura said, “Brother Hai, how are you sure that they weren’t managed by Lu Wei?”

Zhao Hai replied, “This is just a feeling. It’s quite obvious that Lu Wei has handed this plane over to the Divines. Then he used the Divines to conquer other planes. However, the strength of the Underworld is obviously stronger than the Divines. If the Underworld was also under Lu Wei’s control, then why would he need to support the Divine Race? A territory only needs one King. If the Underworld was controlled by Lu Wei, and he still supported the Divines, then doesn’t it seem wrong? Moreover, have you noticed? The Divines as well as its contemporaries used Domains in order to fight. At the same time, even other races would used Domains during battles. I suspect that this is a feature of the planes being managed by Lu Wei. When I fought against the Skeleton King, he didn’t use his Domain.” Laura nodded, then she said, “So you mean that since the Divines changed the laws of the Ark Continent, they managed to connect two other planes that weren’t under Lu Wei’s control?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That is the most likely case. If that is so, then the Cultivation World might be more complex than we thought. Think about it, Lu Wei forbade anyone from studying magic armors. Magic armors belong to type of technological civilization. From this point, we can roughly infer that Lu Wei had some relationship with people using magic armors, or he might have a hatred against technological civilizations. The case of the Underworld is much more complicated. Almost all energy in the Underworld is dark and toxic. I can remember that there are demonic influences in the Cultivation Realm. And since Lu Wei is from an orthodox sect, he would have a grudge against them. Now that these three planes were connected together, I’m afraid things wouldn’t turn out well.”

Laura knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, you mean this thing might cause some chaos in the Cultivation Realm?” Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “As for its effect, I don’t know. But from what I can see, since the planes are divided, those who ascend would have a mark of the planes where they came from. And since we have a grudge against Lu Wei, we would be marked by Lu Wei’s group when we ascend. I’m afraid that we would be chased down when that time comes.”

Laura’s expression couldn’t help but change upon hearing Zhao Hai. With an anxious voice she said, “Brother Hai, so what do we do? Can we do anything? Will our situation be even more difficult after we ascend?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid it can only be like this. But I still want to see what happens if we ascend in either the Atlanta Plane or the Underworld. Will we still be marked by Lu Wei? As long as we can temporarily avoid Lu Wei’s detection, then with the Space’s abilities, we would be able to have a stable foothold in the Cultivation Realm. When the time comes, it would be impossible for Lu Wei to deal with us.”


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