BTFTLIAW – Chapter 941


Chapter 941 – Skeleton King!

Lewis looked at the Dark Mist. He was the northern army’s first squad commander. Because of this, he remained behind. Moreover, he was continuously entrusted with heavy responsibilities.

Lewis was clearly aware about how much importance the clan attached to the northern defensive line. Moreover, he also understood the present situation. The methods the Clan prepared to deal with the Dark Mist were simply useless. The Dark Mist was still expanding. For the family, this was a great trial. If they don’t do well, then the family would suffer a loss.

But there was no other method for Lewis. The innate Yin domain appearing here was strange in itself. The fact that it was also expanding made it even more mystical.

Lewis was constantly worried. However, today, he was feeling extra worried, and he didn’t know why. He seemed to have an apprehensive feeling.

Lewis was very convinced of this feeling. This ability wasn’t born with him, but instead he acquired it after suffering a serious injury. This intuition was very strange, but it was real. And this feeling has helped Lewis several times. After he became a war tank driver, he managed to avoid several dangers by relying on his intuition.

And now, the danger he felt was unprecedented. This caused Lewis to feel fear and apprehension. The people who were with Lewis couldn’t help but feel strange, this was because Lewis looked very anxious this particular day.

Lewis couldn’t explain his feeling to them. Even if he did, the others wouldn’t necessarily believe in him. Because of this, Lewis can only prepare to deal with the emergency the moment it happened.

Although the sun was hanging high up in the sky, making it the hottest time of the day, Lewis still felt a wave of chills. He would have a cold sweat from time to time.

Suddenly, the Dark Mist in front of them tumbled. Lewis became even more anxious. But the strange thing was his heart beginning to calm down. He knew that his intuition was acting up again, something was about to happen.

Lewis didn’t think too much, he didn’t want to wait until something happened. He immediately turned his war tank around and began to run away as fast as possible.

Lewis’ action made the people around him feel strange. The person who opened his mouth to talk to Lewis was Theo. Theo looked at Lewis strangely and asked, “Big Brother Lewis, what’s wrong? Why are we retreating? Shouldn’t we stay to observe the Dark Mist?”

Lewis shook his head and said, “It’s not good, the place has become dangerous.”

Just as Lewis said that, a magic armor pilot suddenly called out in alarm. Lewis and Theo quickly looked at the war tank’s rear view mirror. What they saw made them turn blank.

Flying out from the dark mist was a group of people. Or it could be said to be a group of undead. Most of these undead were golden yellow, they looked like they were cast from gold.

The golden yellow skeletons were riding similarly golden yellow magic beasts. In their hands were golden yellow weapons that seemed to have extraordinary might.

In the middle of these undead was another group of crystal skeletons. The appearance of these skeletons was just like the golden yellow undead but they looked much more advanced.

And in the very middle of these crystal undead was a carriage. It was a very unusual carriage as it was made out of bones. Pieces of crystal bones made up the pieces of the carriage, and it was pulled by four crystal undead magic beasts.

Inside this carriage was an undead. However, this undead was different from the others. This undead was wearing full body armor!

Correct, it was a full body armor. It was a radiant, golden armor. It seemed to be made out of gold but if you look closely it was made the same way as the carriage. The armor was made out of small pieces of bone, all connected to form this golden crystal bone body armor.

At the same time, the helmet, shoulder, elbow, and knee armors were all made out of golden skulls. Not only did it look defensive, it looked terrifying as well.

The helmet itself looked very special. It was made with a golden ox-head. Its horns pointed to the skies, looking extremely domineering.

On the back of the undead was a cape. However, the cape didn’t look very neat, it looked like it was worn for a very long time. But although it was ripped and fragmented, the cape didn’t make the undead look inferior. Conversely, the cape increased morbid feeling one would feel upon gazing at the undead.

There was a visor on the helmet, but at this time, it was opened. As the undead sat there, its two golden eyes were burning, giving people a huge sense of pressure.

The undead just sat quietly inside his bone carriage. His body was motionless but his aura announces a presence of a king. The king of all skeletons.

When Lewis saw these undead, he couldn’t help but violently shake. His expression changed for the worse as he sped up even more towards the southern part of the Aksu Empire.

It didn’t take too long before the undead discovered them. A squad of golden skeletons immediately charged. Lewis opened the war tank’s doors as Theo and other people entered their magic armors and shot towards the sky.

Lewis paid extreme attention to the current matter. He told Theo and the others to not stray away from the war tank. The nearer they were to the war tank, the easier would it be for the war tank to provide support. If they were far, then they risk getting into a dangerous situation.

Theo and the others have experienced actual comboat, so they were quite aware of what to do during battles. They didn’t fight the undead head on. Instead, they used their magic armors to fire energy beams towards the enemy.

But much to the surprise of Theo’s group, the undead were very agile. They were able to dodge the energy beams as they continued to rush towards the magic armors.

Theo and the others stared before they became shocked. They didn’t think that the undead would be this agile. Moreover, they were quite fast. The magic armors that they were proud of actually couldn’t escape the undead’s pursuit.

Theo and the others immediately launched bombs. After a loud explosion, the undead came out. They were basically uninjured, causing Theo to be startled once more.

At this moment, several energy beams hit the undead. The golden undead shook fiercely before the fell.

Theo and the others stared before they looked at the direction where the energy beams came from. The group couldn’t help but turn red as they immediately began to lure the undead around.

But at the same time, the undead also noted the war tank on the ground. Ten undead immediately rushed towards the war tank. Lewis wildly drove the war tank around to get away from the undead while also firing energy beams.

However, not everyone manage to notice that the undead who fell to the ground didn’t actually die. Instead, the fires in their eyes just became faint. But when they fell to the ground, spatial rifts suddenly opened, taking them all in. Once the undead entered the spatial rift, the rift would also disappear.

Although not everyone manage to notice this, the Skeleton King did. Upon seeing his golden skeletons vanish, he seemed to stare. Then he stood up and slowly went towards the carriage door. A crystal undead quickly opened the door for him.

The Skeleton King stepped out of his carriage and descended as though he was walking down a staircase. Every undead stopped in place, aside from those who were fighting Theo’s group.

Before long the Skeleton King reached the ground. He arrived at a place where a golden skeleton vanished. He carefully examined the ground, only to find nothing special there. Even a hint of energy was absent from the area.

At this time, a spatial rift suddenly opened while a person walked out of it. The Skeleton just looked at the person that appeared before him. He didn’t make a move.

This person was wearing a black magic robe. In his hand was a blood red crystal skeleton staff. He had a smiling expression on his face. There was no need to say about he man’s status, he was a Dark Mage.

This person was Zhao Hai. When the skeletons went out of the Dark Mist, Cai’er immediately informed him. Because of this, Zhao Hai paid attention to the scene. After seeing the golden skeletons falling to the ground, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but absorb them into the Space. Although the Space issued some prompts, it was actually very short. It just identified them as robots and improved the defensive abilities of the Space’s undead.

But when he saw the Skeleton King’s movements, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get curious. Because of this, he decided to personally meet the Skeleton King.

While the Skeleton King was sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was also observing the Skeleton King. To be honest, this was the first time that Zhao Hai had seen an undead as eye-catching as this one. At this moment, the Skeleton King sent a spiritual wave towards Zhao Hai. This wasn’t an attack, but instead a means to communicate.

Zhao Hai had also experienced a similar situation before, so he wasn’t startled as he sent a similar spiritual wave to meet the other party. Upon contact, Zhao Hai suddenly felt an ancient but domineering voice inside his mind, “Who are you? Are you the one who took my subordinates?”


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