BTFTLIAW – Chapter 939


Chapter 939 – Laying it Out

Just as Zhao Hai prepared to attack the Pisces Continent, Fei’er and the others were also busy with something. They were sitting inside the Space with a small table in front of them. On the table were some cups as well as several side dishes.

Ding drank some liquor. He took a whiff of the cup and said, “Mister’s liquor is really tasty. Our Barbarian liquor isn’t as strong as this one.”

Fei’er also took a sip of the liquor as he smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know why, but I feel that it’s quite bitter.”

Upon hearing Fei’er, Shan also smiled bitterly. He drank some liquor in order to forget the pain. Every Barbarian would be transported to the Space soon, they didn’t suffer any loss. On the other hand, the Winged Pegasus Clan were still yet to agree on something.

In the past few days, it can be said that Shan was the most busy. He helped the Barbarians move while at the same time returning to his room every night to wait for Speaker Fang.

However, the clan’s current situation wasn’t doing good. Nobody knows why, but the nine Supreme Elders weren’t attacking strongly. This gave hope to the clan. Some people who decided to enter the Space changed their mind after hearing about this.

At this time, there were less than 100 thousand Winged Pegasus households inside the Space. This was what Shan was most worried about. He didn’t believe that the Supreme Elders would let them off easily. The reasons why the Supreme Elders slowed their attack might be because, first, they wanted to exert pressure on Zhao Hai so that he would return. And second, they wanted to keep the Winged Pegasus’ hope, so that they would be able to eliminate them all when the time comes.

However, Shan was currently a criminal in the Winged Pegasus Clan. He simply didn’t dare to appear in public. But at the same time, Speaker Fang’s authority had been limited. Although he was a Council Speaker, his actual rallying strength wasn’t good.

Because of these reasons, most of the Winged Pegasus members weren’t willing to enter the Space. This was something Shan didn’t want to see the most. At this rate, then there would be more Thunder Clan members in the Space compared to the Winged Pegasus.

Ding looked at the two and sighed, “Brothers, we can only do what we can do right now, and leave everything else to fate. How about this, Shan, how about we talk to mister about this. It might be possible for Mister to come and help you. No matter what, we can’t have the Winged Pegasus be eliminated by the nine Supreme Elders.

Shan smiled bitterly and said, “I want to contact Mister, but I think he is also having a hard time. Moreover, with the performance of my clan, will Mister still help us?”

Just as Shan said that, Zhao Hai’s voice suddenly came, “How will you know if you don’t try?”

The three stared before they turned to see Zhao Hai. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Fei’er immediately said, “Mister, you’re back? How come you’re here?”

Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “I’ve heard of your current situation so I came back. I’m still preparing to deal with the Pisces Continent. But do you really need me here?”

Shan quickly knelt down and said, “Mister, I ask you to please rescue my people. Although they have wronged you, I still ask Mister to help them.” Then he proceeded to kowtow to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, making Shan get up, then he said, “I’m aware of what’s happening to your clan. However, even if I go and help, it’s not necessary that they would accept it. Moreover, I’ll tell you that I already have plans to deal with the Pisces Continent. At the same time, the foreign races have sent their troops to the Leo Continent. When they arrive at the Leo Continent and occupy it, then the Supreme Elders might retreat.”

Fei’er and the others looked puzzled at Zhao Hai. Why would the Supreme Elders retreat? They already reached this point, so why would they give it up?”

After seeing the expression on their faces, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If I deal with the Divines, then the Divines would want to deal with me. But if the foreign races are added to the equation, then things would become different. When the foreign races come, then the Supreme Elders might change their target and deal with the foreign races instead.”

Fei’er and the others nodded. However, they also knew that this was just a possibility, this wasn’t for certain. Although the hatred between the Divines and the Foreign Races was quite large, the hatred between Zhao Hai and the Divines weren’t small as well. It was still not certain that the Supreme Elders would shift their targets to the foreign races.

Also, the current Winged Pegasus Clan had some hatred for Zhao Hai. Even if Zhao Hai wanted to help the Winged Pegasus, it might be possible that the Winged Pegasus would not let him.

Shan didn’t know what to do in this situation. He was clear that the outcome wouldn’t be good, but he had no way of persuading the Patriarch. This caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable. At this point, he was really hoping that the Supreme Elders would change their target, just like Zhao Hai said.

Zhao Hai sat in front of the small table and took his own cup out before pouring himself some liquor. Then he looked at the three people and said, “Sit down. Let me tell you something.”

The three began to sit down and looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at the three and began talking, “Presently, the defensive line in the Taurus Continent has fallen to the enemy. The O’Neal family’s magic armors have arrived. I’m organizing some undead to drag them down. Therefore, Ding, you need to transfer all of your people to the Space soon.”

Ding nodded. He had seen the attacking power of the O’Neal family’s magic armor. To be honest, he didn’t have the confidence to block them.

Then Zhao Hai said, “Also, there’s something else. I’m close to ascending.”

As soon as the three heard Zhao Hai say this, their expression immediately changed. No matter which race, all of them had legends about ascension. The Divines especially had plenty of ascension stories. Because of this, when the three heard Zhao Hai state that he was close to ascending, they couldn’t help but get startled. However, their thoughts quickly changed. If there was someone in the Divine Realm who had the qualification to ascend, then that would be Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “The Divines have a Deity. He’s a person from the Cultivation Realm and is the one in charge of our planes. He uses the Divines in order to collect something called Faith Power. Although I don’t know what this Faith Power is, but it seems to be very important to them, they really wanted it. But this Deity has been defeated by me twice. And with how I am currently dealing with the Divines, it can be said that I have some enmity with this Deity.”

The three listened carefully to Zhao Hai’s words. This was the first time that they’ve heard of this, and they were very surprised. Zhao Hai looked at them and continued, “The reason why I made the three clans enter the Space was because I want to take you with me when I ascend. This way, you won’t be under the control of the Deity any longer. Your relationship with me, being my ally, it’s the same as offending that Deity. In that case, will he let you off when I’m gone? When the time comes, your clans could only be exterminated.”

The bodies of Fei’er and the others shook. Their expressions greatly changed. Naturally, they thought of the horror of the situation. Zhao Hai then went on to say, “I know that you’ve already discovered by this time that I’ve been using the Supreme Elders in order to force the three clans into the Space. But I had no choice. If I told you this before, then you wouldn’t have believed if. And even if you did, your people won’t.”

The three smiled bitterly. They had thought about this point before. Ever since they had entered the Space, they came to understand that if Zhao Hai wanted to help them deal with the Supreme Elders, then he certainly had the ability to do so. However, Zhao Hai actually didn’t do it. It seems like Zhao Hai was using the Supreme Elders to compel the three clans to move to the Space.

But even if they had thought about this, they still trusted Zhao Hai and didn’t say anything. In their opinion, Zhao Hai’s Space had better conditions compared to their own planes. Entering the Space wouldn’t be bad for their clan. They just didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have an extraordinary reason.

Zhao Hai looked at the three people and smiled bitterly, “I do indeed have the ability to deal with the nine Supreme Elders. However, I won’t dare to make a move. I discovered that the plane has started to repel me. If I fight with my full strength, then I would be thrown out even if I managed to defeat the Supreme Elders. I would then be leaving the three clans behind.”

After speaking up to here, Zhao Hai sighed and said, “If you stay in this place, then your three clans can only wait to be destroyed. You’ve seen how strong my Hell King’s ship is. The Divine Race’s Deity has a lot of those weapons. As long as the Divines get their hands on a weapon like the Hell King’s ship, then dealing with you would be very easy. Because of this, I didn’t dare to make a move. I can only avoid the nine Supreme Elders. I can’t risk ascending and leaving you here.”

Fei’er and the others looked at one another. They believed Zhao Hai’s words. When they first met Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai didn’t have the Hell King’s ship. If Zhao Hai had the Hell King’s ship, then he wouldn’t have needed to fear the Divines and the Demons. The Hell King’s ship was simply an item that goes against the heavens’ will.

Ding stood up and bowed, “This Ding pledges to Mister. Starting today, the Barbarians will treat mister as a deity. This Ding is ashamed for doubting mister.”

Fei’er and Shan did the same. The two stood up and gave Zhao Hai a bow, feeling shame. They suspected Zhao Hai before, but now that Zhao Hai laid everything into the table, they couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ve made mistakes as well. If I haven’t dealt with the Divine Race’s Deity then this wouldn’t have happened. Also, you’re free to do whatever you want. Worship me as a deity or not, I don’t really care. You can believe in whoever and whatever you want, I won’t stop you.”

Fei’er and the others sat back down before Zhao Hai continued, “The Taurus Divines have used a formation in order to change the laws of the Ark Continent. This caused the barrier of the Ark Continent to collapse. The O’Neal family is from the Atlanta Plane. Originally, there was one continent in the Atlanta Place. But later on, because of a massive war, the continent was divided into three. The three continents are different from one another. One continent practices martial arts, this continent is known as the Warrior Continent. Another continent specializes in magic, it’s called the Mage Continent. And the last continent uses things like magic armors, it’s called the Magic Armor Continent. The O’neal family is just a big family in this continent. And I suspect that the Atlanta Plane isn’t managed by the Divine Race’s Deity.”

The three looked puzzled at Zhao Hai as Fei’er said, “Why does mister think so?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I think there’s a reason for this. You must have heard about the Goblin Race. They were destroyed by the Divines and turned into slaves. They were living in peace along with the Divines, but why were they suddenly destroyed?”

The three looked at each other, they haven’t thought about it before. They just thought that it was due to the ambition of the Divines. But now that Zhao Hai said something, it seems like there were some underlying facts.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “The Divine Race’s destruction of Goblin Race was due to the command of their Deity. It was because the Goblins have developed magic armors.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Fei’er stared. He had seen one of these Goblin constructs before. These Goblin magic armors couldn’t even be compared to the strong ones used by the O’Neal family. So why would the Divines choose to destroy the Goblins?

Zhao Hai turned to Fei’er and said, “The problem lies here. This is where my suspicion comes from. The Goblins had just started researching magic formations and magic armors, yet they were already decimated by the Divine Race’s Deity. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Plane’s magic armors have reached an extremely high level, but the Deity just let them off. Isn’t this strange? Because of this, I suspect that the Atlanta Plane isn’t in control of the Deity. It was only because of the Ark Continent that the two planes became connected. If this was the case, then does the Atlanta Plane have another Deity managing it? If there was, then what would happen if he discovers the Ark Continent. If both sides get into conflict, then what consequences would there be?”

With Zhao Hai laying out the facts, the expression on Fei’er and the others’ faces continually changed.


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