BTFTLIAW – Chapter 938


Chapter 938 – I’ll Certainly Find You!

Axe looked at the spatial rift. He didn’t know what the battle would be like, but one thing was for sure. The battlefield was an ever changing entity, nobody would know what would happen next. George’s plan might be very well made, but sometimes the unexpected would happen.

Axe didn’t participate in the battle. Although he had participated in battles during his explorations, he was still inexperienced when it came to large fights. Also, he didn’t join because he knew how anything can happen in the battlefield.

George was as nervous as Axe. If the attack didn’t go well, Axe wouldn’t be affected too much, he could just launch a second attack. However, for George, it would be a disaster, he would lose the trust that Axe had given him. For George who had no background, he might not even be able to keep his position of Captain.

Under the two’s gaze, the magic armors and war tanks rushed towards the spatial rift. Axe and George held their breath at the same time. It was only after some time did the two recover, but they still kept their eyes on the spatial rift.

One minute passed by and there weren’t any sounds of fighting from the spatial rift. Five minutes went by, there was still nothing. Ten minutes, half an hour, no sound could be heard.

Axe couldn’t help but turn to George and said, “George, go send someone to take a look. See what’s happening on the other side. Why aren’t there any noise? Are we carrying a silent attack?”

George nodded. But just as he was about to prepare, a black spot suddenly emerged from the spatial rift. It was a magic armor, George stopped and immediately went to protect Axe.

Axe looked at George’s action and nodded. However, his attention was still concentrated on the magic armor. He really wanted to know what happened to the spatial rift, why there was no sound.

Before long, the magic armor flew until it was 500 meters away from axe before it was stopped. Then the magic armor descended to the ground as its pilot went out. After confirming the pilot’s identity, the man was taken to see Axe.

Axe looked at the man, naturally he didn’t know him. The messenger arrived in front of Axe and then gave him a salute, “Reporting to the Junior Patriarch. Lion combat unit’s second squad messenger Bill is here on the Captain’s orders. I’m ordered to report the situation to the Junior Patriarch.”

Axe nodded, “Tell me what’s going on. Why can’t I hear any fighting?”

Bill immediately replied, “Reporting to the Junior Patriarch. There simply isn’t any fighting on the other side. We didn’t discover any enemies. We rushed through the fog and were surprised by what happened. The Captain is asking the Junior Patriarch to take a look and see the situation.”

Axe stared, then he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll take a look.”

George quickly replied, “Young Lord, please allow me to ask a few questions.”

Axe turned his head to George and smiled, “George, what do you want to ask? Go on.”

After George expressed his gratitude, he turned to Bill and said, “Bill, are there really no enemies, or have they been destroyed by us? Also, since you’re asking the Young Lord to head inside, is the situation absolutely safe?”

Bill immediately replied, “We were unable to defeat the enemy, there simply aren’t any. The terrain inside has been completely destroyed by the energy cannons, so we cannot take a look. But rest assured, the situation has been under complete control, it’s very safe.”

George nodded, then he turned to Axe and said, “Young Lord, I’ll arrange a modified Tiger War Tank to go with you.”

Axe gave a nod, “Alright, go prepare. Right, let’s go in together. I want to see what happened on the other side.”

George complied and immediately turned around and left. Before long, a modified Tiger war tank stopped beside Axe. George opened the door of the war tank and welcomed Axe in. After Axe and George was inside, the war tank immediately entered the spatial rift.

It didn’t take a long time before the war tank emerged from the other side of the spatial rift. Upon exiting, George couldn’t help but frown, then he whispered to Axe, “Young Lord, the fog is much lighter compared to before. Last time, we only have three meters of visibility, but this time it seems to be ten meters.”

Axe stared, then he turned to George and said, “Are you sure?”

George nodded, “I am absolutely sure, Young Lord. I entered this place several times. I have a good understanding of the situation here.”

Axe gently knit his brows and said, “Since the fog is disappearing, does it mean that the enemy has retreated? Did they discover our army so they decided to pull back?”

George gave a heavy nod and said, “Perhaps that is the case. I’ve been unfair to the Young Lord. My battle plan has wasted a lot of the O’Neal family’s shells.”

Axe smiled and said, “That doesn’t matter. We still managed to seize the area have we not? This cannot blamed on you. Your battle plan is perfect.”

George nodded. After a while, the war tank went through the mist. Axe and George stared as the scene appeared before them. It was a great plain, they could also see a mountain in the distance. There were trees here and there, the environment was very good.

In this plain were the magic cannons and war tanks. Naturally, these were the ones who were sent to attack. Axe calmed down after a while and looked at the plain with a smile on his face. His smile became wider and wider before it evolved into laughter.

George recovered the moment he heard Axe laugh. He also looked at the giant plain and understood why Axe laughed. Such a big land would naturally have a lot of resources, minerals, and population. If they manage to conquer this land, then the O’Neal family would become the Atlanta Plane’s top clan.

George quickly said, “Young Lord, congratulations. Compared to the Ark Cnotinent, this place seemed to be much bigger. The Young Lord has greatly contributed to the O’Neal family. Young Lord, you should tell the Patriarch about this as soon as possible.”

George opened the door as Axe jumped out of the war tank. At this time, they were approached by squad leaders as well as war tank commanders. They reported the situation to Axe. They haven’t run into any enemies, there was nothing noteworthy to report.

Axe looked at the surrounding place and nodded, “Inform the reserve troops and have them deliver the supplies immediately. Build a base here as soon as possible. And have scout troops look into the surrounding area.”

The captains immediately prepared everything. Axe excitedly looked at the land. He suddenly thought that his decision to enter the Ark Continent’s spatial rift was the most correct decision he had made in his entire life. His discovery of the Ark Continent was certainly due to his luck.

Although there was a dangerous region in the Ark Continent, the continent was abundant in resources. Discovering this new plane was a very good thing for the O’Neal family.

Before long, the follow-up team from the Ark Continent arrived and began to build a base. The scouts had also been sent out. Axe had also sent people to send word back to his father about the current situation.

After having arranged these things, Axe sat inside the war tank and looked at the busy people. He couldn’t help but feel uplifted. George was also standing right by Axe’s side. His heart was similarly moved. He knew what the discovery of this place meant for Axe. This meant that his status in the O’Neal family had become more stable. When the water rises, the boats rise as well. After thinking about this, George couldn’t help but feel excited.

After some time, Axe said, “George, you said that you met enemies here. Why didn’t they resist our entry this time?”

George, who was still daydreaming, woke up upon hearing the question. He frowned for a moment before he turned to Axe and said, “Young Lord, I think they must have noticed our reinforcements. They thought they couldn’t resist so they gave up on this place. They should be ready to deal with us on this continent. I think we need to be careful.”

Axe nodded, “That’s possible. Moreover, I suspect that this matter has something to do with that Zhao Hai I met before. Remind everyone to stay on guard. The enemy might not give us an opportunity to relax.” George nodded before he turned around and left.

Axe turned his head towards the Taurus Continent and said, “Zhao Hai, I know you’re in here. Wait for me, I will certainly find you. You’ll pay for deceiving me.”

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and smiled faintly, “Interesting. This fellow actually wanted to take revenge. Unfortunately, I cannot spare any time right now. I really wanted to play along.”

Laura smiled and said, “You don’t have to go there yourself. The undead are enough to deal with them. Right, Brother Hai, now that we have dealt with the Sagittarius Continent, where do we go next?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ll go to the Pisces Continent.”


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