BTFTLIAW – Chapter 937


Chapter 937 – Superior and Subordinate

Zhao Hai was aware of the happenings in the O’Neal Family. But even if they had plans against him, he still didn’t care. After all, he was ready to deal with them. At this time, he was busy with the Sagittarius Continent. The battle was still going on, he didn’t have time to waste on anything else.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recognize how hard it was to deal with the Sagittarius Divines. Their main characteristic was their speed, they were very good at hit-and-run. They were doing guerilla warfare against Zhao Hai. This made it harder for Zhao Hai to deal with them.

At this time, Gold Ben and the others had entered the plane that belonged to the Winged Pegasus clan. Naturally, the Winged Pegasus were resisting hard. However, their strength simply couldn’t compare to Gold Ben and the other Supreme Elders.

The Winged Pegasus had prepared themselves, unlike the Thunder Clan who had been decimated by the Supreme Elders. However, they still weren’t able to pose a threat to Gold Ben and the others.

The resistance of the Winged Pegasus was much better compared to the Thunder Clan. It would be impossible for Gold Ben and the others to deal with the Winged Pegasus like the way they did with the Thunder Clan. Although the Supreme Elders were very strong inside their combat suits, they still couldn’t wear them for too long. Because of this, after attacking the Winged Pegasus for a while, they would immediately retreat. They would find a place to rest before attacking once more. In any case, with their extremely small number, they would be able to evade the eyes of the Winged Pegasus.

But one shouldn’t underestimate the method used by the Supreme Elders. They were very lethal. Even if the Winged Pegasus dispatched ten million people, the Supreme Elders could kill seven million of them before retreating.

It can be said that the situation of the nine Supreme Elders in the Winged Pegasus Clan was the same as Zhao Hai in the Sagittarius Continent. Both of them were being tied down.

One must know that the Winged Pegasus were very quick. Among the three clans, they had the most mobile troops. Because of this speed, as well as the blood lightning javelins that Zhao Hai gave them before, the Winged Pegasus were able to cause some problems to the Supreme Elders.

However, Zhao Hai finally had a method to deal with the Sagittarius Divines. The main reason why he wasn’t able to clean the Sagittarius Divines up was because he had yet to map the entire Sagittarius Continent. Because of this, Zhao Hai had a hard time finding the positions of the Sagittarius Divines.

But after several days, Zhao Hai finally mapped the entire continent. Because of this, he was now able to see where the Divines were hiding. Upon seeing the enemy, Zhao Hai would immediately release his undead to engage them in close combat.

One must know that although the Sagittarius were formidable in ranged combat, their close combat capabilities were inferior compared to most Divines. With this disadvantage, the undead were able to easily kill them off.

After Zhao Hai completely dealt with the Sagittarius Divines, Axe and the others had also finished resting and were now ready to attack the spatial rift. Axe decided to use George’s battle plan. However, it was a pity that the battle plan would have to be wasted. This was because Zhao Hai already withdrew all of his troops guarding the defensive line.

Axe stood in a place not far from the spatial rift. He looked calm but deep inside he was actually excited, and a faint trace of killing aura was starting to come out.

Right, killing aura. Axe’s heart was feeling more and more agitated. He felt that Zhao Hai was just behind the spatial rift. Therefore, this attack was like a head-on collision with Zhao Hai.

George was standing by Axe’s side. This was Axe’s request. Axe needed to tell everyone that George was his trusted aide, which made George very excited.

However, George still looked worriedly at the spatial rift. Although he was very confident in his battle plan, George still felt unease. After all, this was an opportunity for him to prove himself. If his battle plan went smoothly, then he would gain a stable footing inside Axe’s heart. But if it fails, then it was likely that Axe would give up on him. Without anyone backing him up, he wouldn’t be able to make something of himself.

Axe looked at the time. After seeing that it was appropriate, he looked at George and said, “George, pass the order to attack.”

George nodded. He took a deep breath before turning his head and loudly said, “Pass the Young Lord’s order, begin the attack!”

Axe looked satisfied at George. He rated George’s battle plan as very good, but Axe also knew that he was just a rookie commander. Therefore, he had the battle plan sent to the generals that came with him. He didn’t have the confidence to see if it was really good or not.

Very good, after looking at the plan, the Captains thought that it was perfect. This caused Axe to feel relieved. He had also paid more attention to George.

What made Axe feel more satisfied was George’s performance. George’s actions were quite good and well-measured. George could just say, “Pass the order, begin the attack!” Everyone would still be aware that it was Axe’s command. However, “Pass the Young Lord’s order, begin the attack!” sounded much better to Axe’s ears.

Axe was just a rookie commander, he still needed to increase his prestige. In fact, Axe had little to no help regarding the attack on the spatial rift. The battle plan was made by George while the operation was left to the captains. It can be said that the thing Axe did was just to issue the order to attack.

Axe hoped to increase his prestige using this attack. Because of this, he wished for people to know that he was the one in command.

After gaining experience, Axe knew that he wasn’t an average youth. Doing laborious tasks was not something he ought to do. He was a superior, and superiors wouldn’t be able to worry too much as long as his people were doing well. The battle plan was made by George, but George was found by him. This was already enough. With this action, he was already able to gain merit as a superior.

This was also something that his father had taught him. Before a superior gains influence, they would need to increase their prestige. Once your influence was unshakable, only then would you be able to relax.

At this point, Axe still needed to increase his influence. Because of this, Axe wouldn’t have liked it if George just said, “Pass the order, begin the attack!”. This would lessen Axe’s merit.

But since George said the right thing, pointing out that Axe was the commander. The subordinates would place Axe’s name in their minds. As long as the fight was won, Axe would gain a certain status inside the hearts of these subordinates. This was gaining prestige.

Because of this point, Axe was very satisfied with George. George was a thoughtful person, that’s why he decided to word his command properly.

George was an intelligent man. He was clear about Axe’s status in the O’Neal family. This young man, who used to be unpopular because of his risk-taking attitude, didn’t have a good reputation in the family. Fortunately, since he was the Patriarch’s first wife’s son, and had never wronged the family, his position as the Junior Patriarch was still quite solid.

However, the Junior Patriarch’s involvement with the Ark Continent made everyone startled. Although this was due to Axe’s risk-taking attitude, entering an unknown plane was still regarded as a courageous move by the family. Because of this, the members of the family began to see the Junior Patriarch in a new light. Moreover, the patriarch had started to make his move and train the Junior Patriarch and enhance Axe’s influence. So after thinking about it, George decided to word the order that way.

After the order was passed on, George turned to look at Axe. Axe had a faint smile on his face, he looked very satisfied. George couldn’t help but become happy, he knew that he did the right decision in addressing the Young Lord with the command.

With Axe’s order being passed on, the O’Neal family’s attack finally began. The first to move were the energy cannons. The energy cannons of the O’neal family were much bigger than the ones used by Zhao Hai. Naturally, these energy cannons had some differences. The energy cannons don’t fire beams, instead, they fire shells.

Naturally, with shells being the ammunition, the energy cannons were used differently compared to Zhao Hai’s magic cannons. The O’neal family’s cannons looked just like the ones on Earth. A lot of magic formations were inscribed on the shells. And instead of gunpowder, a magical powder was used. This magical powder had the same explosive property as gunpowder, however its might was much stronger, making them more lethal.

There were 1000 energy cannons in total. After Axe’s order, the magic cannons immediately made waves of attacks. Flames emitted from the cannons as it fired towards the spatial rift. After five rounds of firing, the cannons stopped. After that, the war tanks and magic armors, looking like ants and mosquitoes, threw themselves into the spatial rift.


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