BTFTLIAW – Chapter 935


Chapter 935 – Fight for People We Can Fight For

Zhao Hai was aware of the matters of the three clans. Giving Fei’er the command tokens wasn’t for nothing. Moreover, Cai’er can take over control over the Space to help Fei’er and the others. And she was also better at spying at the three clans.

To be honest, upon seeing how the Winged Pegasus Patriarch was adamant on not entering the Space, Zhao Hai solidified his intention of not helping them. The Winged Pegasus Clan needs to strive for survival.

On the other hand, the response of the Barbarian Patriarch came unexpected. Zhao Hai didn’t think that the Patriarch would arrive at his decision this quickly. This truly shocked Zhao Hai.

If the Supreme Elders suddenly changes their target to the Barbarians, then Zhao Hai would not mind helping them. After all, with such an honest race, Zhao Hai couldn’t just be unfair to them.

However, since the nine Supreme Elders went to attack the Winged Pegasus Clan, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t come and help. At this time he was currently dealing with the Sagittarius Clan.

But at this moment, Cai’er came to Zhao Hai with new information. The O’Neal Family’s Army just arrived outside the Spatial Rift to the Divine Realm. They were now prepared to launch a large attack on the spatial rift’s defensive line.

After hearing this, Zhao Hai gawked. At this point, time was very important for Zhao Hai. He was still doing battle in the Divine Race territory. The Divines were too populous. If he wanted to deal with them all, then he would need quite some time. In this case, he wouldn’t be able to muster up some strength to deal with the O’Neal family.

Zhao Hai made some calculations. He had already destroyed the Taurus, Central, Scorpio, and Cancer Continents. And in the meantime, he was battling the Sagittarius Divines. As long as he managed to deal with the Sagittarius Divines, then he might free up some military strength. However, this military strength wouldn’t be able to cope with the O’Neal family’s army.

All this time, the O’Neal Family had amassed more than twenty thousand magic armors. This number shouldn’t be underestimated. It would take Zhao Hai about 2 million undead in order to block them.

Besides the magic armors, the O’Neal family also has about 5000 War Tanks accompanying the army. At the same time, energy cannons were also brought over.

The strength of these energy cannons surpasses those on the War Tanks. From Zhao Hai’s estimate, he would need about ten million undead to block the O’Neal Family’s army. Moreover, he would also need to use the defensive line effectively in order to succeed.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai didn’t have confidence in his own Undead. In fact, his undead has been increasing every since he began attacking the Divines. Moreover, the overall quality of the undead have also been improving. At this point, all of the undead that Zhao Hai used in his battles were God-rank. And the number of undead had reached an astonishing four hundred million.

However, Zhao Hai still wouldn’t dare to underestimate the O’Neal Family. The route of civilization that the O’Neal Family took was different. The O’Neal family took the technological path while Zhao Hai and the others took the path to unlocking the human potential.

One couldn’t precisely say which of the two paths was better. But in terms of manpower, the O’neal family was in the lead. They had hot weapons. And with the addition of magic formations, their weapons were much better compared to the magic cannons that Zhao Hai uses. In this case, Zhao Hai would have his undead fight the opposite party using their own bodies. This was akin to a fight between someone wielding a knife and someone who had a gatling gun.

Because of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown upon hearing Cai’er’s report. Although he had several hundred million troops, majority of them were used to deal with the Sagittarius Divines. The Sagittarius Divines were very hard to deal with. Their archers were very strong so Zhao Hai was unable to end the fight in a short time. In this case, Zhao Hai simply didn’t have the time to face the O’Neal family.

Laura and the others were beside Zhao Hai. They were also aware of Zhao Hai’s worries. The group frowned before Laura spoke after some time, “Brother Hai, should we take some troops in order to deal with the O’Neal family?”

Without even waiting for Zhao Hai to speak, Lizzy shook her head and said, “If we do that, then we would be stuck in the Sagittarius Continent for even longer. When the Supreme Elders are done with the Winged Pegasus, they will immediately know about the disappearance of the Barbarians. Then they will certainly return here to look for us. When the time comes, we would have lost the best opportunity to deal with the Divine Race. Our losses would be too great.”

Laura nodded, she was aware of this result. But aside from what she suggested, what other methods could they use? Laura couldn’t help but turn her head to Zhao Hai.

Seeing that everybody was looking at him, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Why would we block them? Just let them come. The Barbarians are already moving to the Space. Since the Winged Pegasus doesn’t want to enter, then there’s no need to waste time on them. What we do next is to fight for what we can fight for.”

When Laura and the others heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but gawk. Laura looked puzzled at Zhao Hai and asked, “Fight for what we can fight for? What does Brother Hai mean?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The Foreign Races!”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others immediately understood what he meant. At this time, the three foreign races were stable. It can be said that there’s no need for them to worry. What Zhao Hai and the others needed to do right now was to finish off the Divine Race and then proceed to the next step. This was to have the foreign races enter the Space.

However, how could they make the foreign races enter the Space? This was a major problem. At this time, the foreign races were having the best moment of their lives. Zhao Hai was dealing with the Divines. The foreign races had already sent troops to battle. It can be said that with Zhao Hai’s existence, the foreign races had gained an upper hand against the Divine Race. Under such circumstances, why would the foreign races enter the Space?

So the only way for it to be possible was to introduce an even more powerful enemy!

Obviously, it can be seen that the O’Neal Family was extremely strong. The Divine Realm was much bigger compared to the Ark Continent, and was even bigger than the Demon Realm. If the O’Neal family discovers the Divine Realm, would they be willing to let go of it? The answer was no. They will never give it up. In this case, they will surely explore the Divine Realm. When they confront the foreign races, then the foreign races would surely suffer a loss. When that time comes, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to enter Zhao Hai’s Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to let the O’Neal family into the Divine Realm before, this was because the O’Neal family would be appearing in the Taurus Continent. When the time comes, the one who would face them first wouldn’t be the foreign races nor the Divines, it would be the Thunder Clan, Winged Pegasus, and the Barbarians.

But now, the situation was different. The Barbarians were migrating to the Space. Since they had made ample preparations, the move went smoothly. In a few days, their move would be complete.

As for Gold Ben and the others, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them. They would enter the Winged Pegasus’ plane any time soon. Therefore, when the O’Neal family arrives in the Divine Realm, the Barbarians should have finished moving while the Winged Pegasus were entangled with the nine Supreme Elders. At that time, the Winged Pegasus should be on the cusp of extinction. In this case, the first ones to meet the O’Neal family would be the nine Supreme Elders.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to allow the O’neal family to enter the Divine Realm. The existence of the O’Neal family would make the Divine Realm’s situation even muddier. When the time comes, Zhao Hai would be able to catch fish in muddled waters.

Upon exposing his plan to Laura and the others, Zhao Hai quickly got their approval. They also thought that it was time for the O’Neal family to stir things up.

At this time, the O’Neal family had divided their troops into three. One against the Underworld, one to the Demon Realm, and the last one was to attack the defensive line. The latter being the one with the most manpower used so far.

If the O’Neal family discovers the large plane behind the spatial rift, would they still be interested with the Ark Continent? The Demon Realm? It’s highly probable that they would slowly shift their whole attention towards the Divine Realm. This wouldn’t only turn the Divine Realm’s waters muddier, this would also allow Zhao Hai to acquire more magic armors.

It was because of all these reasons that Laura and the others fully supported Zhao Hai’s plan. In their view, there wouldn’t be any harm done to Zhao Hai if the O’Neal family arrived in the Divine Realm.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and smiled, “The O’Neal family is about to attack. We’ll call the undead creatures back for now. However, we can’t just make them have a good time. We’ll proceed to harass them constantly.”

When Laura heard this, she couldn’t help bit smile and said, “Good, we should harass them. This will inform them that the Ark Continent’s people aren’t useless. This would attract their attention even more.”

Lizzy nodded, “Moreover, we can buy more time. We can even use our ambushes to lure the O’Neal family over to the Supreme Elders. This way, we wouldn’t worry about them not meeting.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then it’s settled. I want to see how the O’Neal family deals with our harassment. Although their magic armors are fast, they still fall short compared to the Space. I’ll make the O’Neal family taste how terrifying our ambushes are.”

Megan smiled, “I also want to see how the nine Supreme Elders would react upon seeing the O’Neal family’s magic armors. In the past, when they discovered  the Goblins making magic armors, they immediately exterminated them. Compared to the Goblins, the O’Neal family’s magic armors are more advanced. The reaction of the Supreme Elders would certainly be worth watching.”


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