BTFTLIAW – Chapter 934


Chapter 934 – Attitude Decides Destiny

The Barbarian Patriarch looked at Ding, Shan, and Fei’er. He could clearly see the wary expression on their eyes. A good indication for this was the fact that Fei’er and Shan hadn’t opened their mouths after appearing in this room.

The Patriarch couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He was clearly aware why these three would have such an expression. Both the Thunder Clan and Winged Pegasus Patriarchs had treated them wrongly. It would be strange if they weren’t careful this time.

The Barbarian Patriarch gently shook his head and then forced a smile. He said, “Ding, I admit that I was wrong before. I shouldn’t have been selfish and disagreed to moving towards Mister Zhao Hai’s Space. But after knowing about what happened to the Thunder Clan, I decided to agree to the Barbarian Clan’s migration. That’s the reason why I’m here.”

Upon hearing the Patriarch, Ding couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect the Patriarch to say those words. In the past, the Patriarch strongly disagreed to enter the Space. Who would’ve thought that the Barbarian Patriarch would be different compared to the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. Instead of strengthening his resolve to disagree, he actually decided to change his mind.

Similar event, but the Barbarian Patriarch and the Winged Pegasus Patriarch reached a different conclusion. Perhaps this had something to do with their character.

The Winged Pegasus were quite intelligent people. One could see this from their method of governance. Both the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians had set up an Elder’s Assembly. This congregation was headed by the Great Elder. The status of the Great Elder was quite high. Even if he had no elders supporting him, the Great Elder could still hinder the actions of the Patriarch

On the other hand, the Winged Pegasus had their council headed by the Council Speaker. Although the Speaker had the authority to limit the Patriarch, he still needed the support of the council members. When talking about distribution of authority, the Winged Pegasus had it thinner compared to the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan.

However, the more intelligent one was, the more power one would desire. Because of this, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch has been blinded by his ambition. He would do his best just to cling on to his power and influence.

Meanwhile, the Barbarian Patriarch was different. He wasn’t as smart as the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. It can be said that the Barbarian Patriarch’s character was blunt and honest. Because of this, he was quickly awakened from the illusion of power and prestige. What precisely woke him up were the curses of the Thunder Clan Patriarch towards Zhao Hai.

What Fei’er’s group didn’t know was the fact that the Thunder Clan Patriarch completely believed that he had all the cards in his hands. And when the nine Supreme Elders began to attack his city, the Thunder Clan Patriarch still wasn’t ashamed of what he’d done. Instead, he thought that their current suffering was entirely Zhao Hai’s fault!

The Thunder Clan Patriarch believed that the Thunder Clan was essential during Zhao Hai’s battle against the Taurus Divines. He thought that Zhao Hai owed them a lot because of the losses that the Thunder Clan had suffered. He was truly convinced, up until the end, that Zhao Hai had been unfair to the Thunder Clan.

The Patriarch thought that it was Zhao Hai’s unforgiving character that pushed the Supreme Elders to show no mercy to the Thunder Clan.

When the nine Supreme Elders attacked the Thunder Clan, Zhao Hai should’ve been there to provide help. But since Zhao Hai was absent, the Thunder Clan Patriarch was compelled to fight. He didn’t regret or even think about his decisions prior to the event. He fully believed that he didn’t do anything wrong; everything was Zhao Hai’s fault. Because of this, the Thunder Patriarch maniacally cursed Zhao Hai in the messenger fish. He kept sending messages to the Winged Pegasus and the Barbarians about this sentiment.

It must be said that the ravings of the Thunder Clan Patriarch had bore some fruits. At the very least, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch was affected. The Winged Pegasus Patriarch hadn’t thought about this before. He thought that they had cooperated with Zhao Hai in order to gain benefits in dealing with the Divines. Moreover, Zhao Hai went to attack the Divine territories in order to block the revenge of the Divines, allowing the three clans to live in peace.

But now, Zhao Hai’s action actually caused the three clans to be in mortal peril. In the minds of the Thunder Clan Patriarch and the Winged Pegasus Patriarch, Zhao Hai owed them while they don’t owe anything to Zhao Hai.

Because of this thought, both the Winged Pegasus and the Thunder Clan Patriarchs would resort to drastic measures just to not enter Zhao Hai’s Space. In their opinion, it was Zhao Hai’s duty to come back and help them. If Zhao Hai didn’t come, then he was ungrateful. At this point, entering the Space and being under Zhao Hai’s umbrella was something they couldn’t accept.

In this case, the Thunder Clan and the Winged Pegasus Patriarch chose to not enter the Space. This idea went to the point of obsession. And because of this obsession, they had turned deaf and blind to the approaching disaster.

On the other hand, the Barbarian Patriarch was different. The Barbarians are simple and honest people. They knew how to repay gratitude as well as avenge enmity. Their distinction between right and wrong was very clear. Moreover, their opinions couldn’t be influenced by anyone.

The curses of the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch was also heard by the Barbarian Patriarch. However, the only thing he heard was the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch not having proper conscience. In the very beginning, even if they wanted to deal with the Taurus Divines, they still didn’t have the opportunity to do so, they were still unprepared.

When Zhao Hai from the Ark Continent came in, he made the Divines suffer hard. Because of this opportunity, the three clans should be thankful to him.

And during the fight against the Taurus Divines, it was the three clans who willingly sent troops over, Zhao Hai didn’t ask them to provide help. And since the three clans and Zhao Hai had a common grudge against the Taurus Divines, the cooperation was just an equal exchange. There shouldn’t be any talks about gratefulness to anybody. Zhao Hai needed to owe the three clans? Where did that come from?

To say that Zhao Hai was having a hard time with the Divines, was that really true? The three clans were aware of the Divine Race’s strength. They had been preparing for a rebellion for many years, so they had made some investigations themselves. During the Battle, the Taurus Supreme Elder even came to reinforce the Taurus Divines. But in the end, he was driven away by Zhao Hai. With no Supreme Elder supporting them, the Taurus Divines further dell into a critical situation.

And even if Zhao Hai hadn’t come back to rescue them, Zhao Hai destroyed the Central, Scorpio, and Cancer Continents in the meantime. The destruction of these three continents would surely put an immense pressure on the Supreme Elders. The longer they stay in the Taurus Continent, the more troubled their minds would be.

If Zhao Hai returned to the Taurus Continent in order to fight the nine Supreme Elders, then he would plunge himself into a very hard fight. The odds of him winning should be very small. And if Zhao Hai was defeated, then the three clans would completely vanish off the map.

Instead of saying that Zhao Hai didn’t help them, Zhao Hai had give them the opportunity to escape to his Space. As long as they enter, then they would be safe from harm. This was equal to extending the lifespan of the three clans. If they don’t go through this process, then they would subject themselves to a very dark future.

If you were asking for death, then why would Zhao Hai rescue you? How much friendship did the two of you have? Is it to the point of self-sacrifice?

Because of these thoughts, the Barbarian Patriarch finally decided to allow the Barbarians to move to the Space. In this case, the person’s character decided their destiny. Just a small but crucial aspect managed to sway the path for the Barbarian Clan.

Ding stared blankly at the Patriarch. In the past, he was completely against moving to the Space. But now it seems like the Patriarch had made a sudden full turn.  This caused Ding to feel awkward, he looked confused at the Patriarch. He still wasn’t sure if the Patriarch was speaking the truth or not.

The Patriarch looked at Ding and smiled bitterly. “Alright, there’s no need to doubt me. I’ve already informed our clansmen to prepare their belongings for migration. Most of our people have already prepared their things. We’ve been waiting for you to open a spatial rift. We don’t want to be here when the Supreme Elders arrive.”

When he heard the Patriarch, a smile immediately bloomed on Ding’s face. His entire person seemed to glow with happiness. He immediately complied and began to prepare.

The Patriarch looked at Fei’er and Shan. Then he patted Fei’er’s shoulder and said, “Fei’er, don’t sulk. It’s already good that you managed to survive. Moreover, you still have some of your family that managed to escape. You need to look after your people well. If you experience some problems later on, you can come and see me. I’ll do what I can to help.”

A tear couldn’t help but drop from Fei’er’s eyes as he nodded and said, “Thanks, Patriarch, I will remember it.”

The Barbarian Patriarch sighed. Then he turned to Shan and said, “After taking care of things here, I will personally try to persuade the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. I hope he’ll understand if I’m the one to tell him.”

Shan just gave a small smile and a nod. He didn’t say anything. Upon seeing this, the Patriarch sighed once more before he turned around and left.

Looking at the Barbarian Patriarch’s departing back, Fei’er and Shan couldn’t help but feel bitter. They really hoped that their Patriarchs would be the same. If that was the case, then more of their clansmen would have been saved.

Fei’er turned his head to Shan who also returned the gaze, then the two of them smiled bitterly before heading out as well. Although they were envious of Ding, he was still their brother for life. At this time, they would naturally help him take care of things.

Fei’er and Shan didn’t say anything else and just helped the Barbarians. They already had experience in settling their people. So with their management, the Barbarians were able to move smoothly.

More and more Barbarians entered the Space. When night came, Ding’s management was no longer needed. With a migration as huge as this, the Barbarians naturally had departments made in order to replace Ding and the others. They were even doing a better job in organizing the population.


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