BTFTLIAW – Chapter 933


Chapter 933 – Order For Arrest!

Although he had discovered this, Fei’er still answered, “Patriarch, the environment inside Mister Zhao Hai’s Space is very good. My clansmen are living very well. I visited the Winged Pegasus Clan in order to persuade the Patriarch. Please don’t go the same road as the Thunder Clan.”

The Patriarch looked at Fei’er and coldly snorted, “Living very well, is it? So you think that living inside that place is very good? At the point of your Patriarch’s death, he told me that the crisis of the three clans was artificially created by Zhao Hai. When he attacked the Divines, we even offered him some help. But when the Divines attacked us, he didn’t come to our rescue. You might be willing to go under that kind of person, but I couldn’t.”

Fei’er looked at the Patriarch and sneered, “The Patriarch is really good at making jokes. Because of his greed for power, the Thunder Clan Patriarch buried our people along with him. Such a person is not worthy for the Thunder Clan. The Great Elder even tried to persuade him, but he didn’t listen. He still intended to hold on to his little power until the moment he died. He couldn’t blame anybody for his decisions.”

Fei’er continued, “Patriarch, do you really think that you can deal with nine Supreme Elders? Those people won’t accept surrender, they never left anybody alive. They’re here to eliminate the three clans.”

The Patriarch’s expression turned ugly, but Fei’er didn’t stop, “Patriarch said that we helped Mister Zhao Hai in the battle against the Taurus Divines. But I want to ask the Patriarch this, do you really think that Mister Zhao Hai couldn’t deal with the Taurus Divines without our help?”

When Fei’er said this, the Patriarch couldn’t reply. He knew that the three clans only sent their troops in order to have an equal standing with Zhao Hai. But even if they didn’t send their troops, Zhao Hai was still able to defeat the Taurus Divines.

Fei’er went on, “Patriarch might not see Mister Zhao Hai’s help, but Mister is currently helping us avenge ourselves. Mister didn’t come here because he is currently dealing with the Divine Race territory. He wanted to cause pressure to the Supreme Elders. He even gave us three tokens so that our people could enter his Space. Isn’t this enough of a help? I ask Patriarch to think about it carefully.”

The Patriarch’s expression was uglier than ever. After Fei’er finished talking, he slapped his table hard and said, “Quite a sharp mouth! Do you think exaggerating everything would make me move to the Space? You Thunder Clan are low in population, that’s why you cannot deal with the Supreme Elders. But with my well-trained and well-equipped Winged Pegasus Army, I can definitely go all out against the Divine Race!”

Fei’er, Ding, and Shan’s expression changed. They looked at the Winged Pegasus Patriarch as though he was an idiot. They couldn’t believe what the Patriarch said. Does he actually plan to drive the Winged Pegasus into extinction?

Right, the Thunder Clan had the least population among the three clans. However, the Thunder Clan’s abilities were the strongest among the three. Even if there were more Barbarians and Winged Pegasus soldiers, they still wouldn’t be able to easily deal with a Thunder Clan army. What the Winged Pegasus Patriarch was talking about was completely nonsense.

Fei’er looked at the Patriarch, “Since the Patriarch says so, then we won’t persuade you any further. This matter is your clan’s, this Fei’er cannot just interfere. I have already said my piece, since the Patriarch won’t listen, then this Fei’er will have to say goodbye.”

When he heard Fei’er, the Patriarch couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t think that Fei’er would just walk away. But then he suddenly remembered something. When Fei’er fell out with the Thunder Clan Patriarch, a rebellion was started, causing the Thunder Clan to be unstable. This made the Thunder Clan unable to deal with the Supreme Elders. Now that Fei’er wanted to leave, would he start another revolt?

When he thought of this, the Patriarch’s expression immediately changed. All of a sudden, he loudly exclaimed, “Where do you think this is? Do you think you can just come here and leave whenever you want? Since you came here, then you might as well stay. Men, take them!”

Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but stare. They never expected the Patriarch to do this. After Fei’er left, he initially wanted to have Shan talk to the Patriarch instead. Who would’ve thought that the Patriarch would want to seize them?

Fei’er looked at the Patriarch and saw that the Patriarch’s eyes were blood red. He looked insane. At this time, the sound of footsteps can be heard outside. The Winged Pegasus guards have arrived.

Fei’er looked at Shan before grabbed his command token. A spatial rift appeared, taking the three people in and then vanished. It looks like they weren’t here at all.

However, the Patriarch just sat there, the look of defeat on his face. He knew that he was in trouble now. Shan was held in high regard among the youths of their clan. If Shan decides to act, then the trouble would be big.

The Patriarch immediately commanded his subordinates, his face flushed as he said, “Quick, immediately send this news. Shan brought the Thunder Clan’s Fei’er and the Barbarian Clan’s Ding to assassinate me. Immediately order their arrest!”

When his subordinates heard this, they couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Shan’s position in the Clan was very high, this was the same for Fei’er and Ding. Why would they come here to assassinate the Patriarch? Was that even possible?

After seeing that his men were unresponsive, the Patriarch roared, “Why are you just standing there? Immediately pass my order!”

The Pegasus guards looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t dare violate the order of their Patriarch, so they turned around to fulfill their duties.

Meanwhile, Shan and the others reappeared from the Space. The place where they were in right now was inside Council Speaker Fang’s room.

Shan knew that he had already offended the Patriarch. Needless to say, he still needed to convince his people to move.

Shan and the others were smart people, they knew that the Patriarch couldn’t kill them. Because of this, they left the assembly hall to meet with Council Speaker Fang.

Council Speaker Fang wasn’t having a great time lately. To be honest, he really wanted the Winged Pegasus to enter the Space. After all, he had met Zhao Hai and saw how Zhao Hai treated the Demons. Speaker Fang believed that after entering the Space, Zhao Hai definitely wouldn’t treat them unfairly.

The Patriarch’s firm disagreement made Speaker Fang feel awkward. Although the Council Speaker still held a great amount of authority, it still couldn’t contend with the Patriarch. Moreover, the reason why the Patriarch’s words held great control was because of the Council members.

If only those Council members supported him, then Council Speaker Fang would’ve been able to confront the Patriarch. However, the Patriarch was a wise man and his hunger for control was much greater compared to the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch. Because of this, he began to pull the Council Members to his side. In the past, the Patriarch sent Council Speaker Fang to Zhao Hai in hopes that the speaker would be killed off by the Divines. And even if the Council Speaker survived, with his absence, the Patriarch could recruit more council members.

So when Speaker Fang returned to the clan, he suddenly discovered that a lot of council members began to ignore his words. This caused Speaker Fang to turn passive, his authority was greatly reduced. As time went by, the Winged Pegasus Clan began to move towards a dictatorship.

When Zhao Hai sent word, Shan immediately approached Speaker Fang so that he could relay the information to the Patriarch. The plan was to evacuate the Winged Pegasus Plan to the Space. However, the Patriarch didn’t agree. The council discussed this matter several times. But since the council was already under the Patriarch’s control, the result of the discussion always ended on bad terms.

Speaker Shan’s hair almost turned white from worrying about this matter. But he had yet to find a solution.

At this time, a servant suddenly gave a report. Shen, Fei’er, and Ding were asking for an urgent audience. When Speaker Fang heard this, he immediately said, “Invite them in, quick.” The servant ran and before long Shan and the others walked in.

Speaker Fang looked at the three and said, “Shan, Fei’er, Ding, why did you come here?”

Shan looked at Speaker Fang and sobbed, “Uncle Fang, you have to help us. We just went to see the Patriarch and……” What followed was an explanation about what happened inside the Assembly Hall.

When Speaker Fang heard this, his expression drastically changed. He slammed his table with force and angrily said, “Did the Patriarch go mad? He’s going to lead the clan into ruin.”

Just as he said that, a servant came with another report. The servant voice was heard from outside the door, “Old Master, not good. There are a lot of troops outside. They said that they wanted to catch the Young Master. They said that the Young Masters Shan, Fei’er, and Ding attempted to assassinate the Patriarch. At this time, the whole clan is looking for them.”

Speaker Fang stared, his face turned even uglier as he said, “Absurd! Really absurd! Who would believe that? He’s gone blind, crazy. He’s gone insane!”

Shan didn’t expect the Patriarch to really order for their arrest. Shan turned to Speaker Fang and said, “Uncle, this, we’ll enter Mister’s Space. The Patriarch wouldn’t be able to get us there. I want to ask the Speaker to bring the clan into the Space no matter what. Find those who are willing. Send word to my room every midnight, I will be there. When the time comes, I will open a spatial rift, what do you think?”

When Speaker Fang heard this, he understood what Shan wanted to do. He thought for a bit before he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s do that. Remember to wait inside your room every midnight.”

Shan nodded. Then Fei’er used the command token before the group entered the Space. After seeing this, Speaker Fang felt relieved.

After Fei’er and the others entered the Space, the three of them couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. They didn’t know what to say for some time. A few moments later, Shan sighed and said, “It looks like our clan wouldn’t fare smoothly. Fei’er, why do you think the Patriarch turned into that? It wasn’t like this when the Divines are still in control.

Fei’er sighed, he didn’t know the answer either. He hadn’t had the taste of authority. Moreover, he was taught from an early age that he must serve the Thunder Clan. Upon seeing the Patriarchs turning into that, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Shan looked at the two and smiled bitterly. Their Patriarch had caused this, he felt like he had shamed the whole clan.

Fei’er looked at the two and forced a smile, “Alright, let’s go to the Barbarians next. No matter what, we cannot give up. This matter is related to the life and death of the three clans.”

As soon as they heard Fei’er, the two nodded. This matter truly involves the survival of the three clans. They needed to grasp every little opportunity they could see.

However, the three prepared themselves to get the same treatment from the Barbarian Patriarch. Ding sighed for a moment before he used his command token and appeared back inside his room.

Just as the three appeared, they couldn’t help but freeze. This was because there were Barbarians in and around Ding’s room.

The trio stared for a moment before their expression changed. They suddenly thought that the Barbarian Patriarch might have come to capture them. Luckily, Ding still had the command token in his had. In the worst case, he could use the command token to run away. Because of this, Ding looked at the Patriarch and said, “Patriarch, what is this?”

The Barbarian Patriarch looked at Ding and said, “You came out, fantastic. Ding, I just heard from the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. He said that you tried to assassinate him, what is that about?”

Ding looked at his Patriarch’s expression and couldn’t help but turn blank. They thought that the Patriarch would capture them immediately. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Ding looked at the Patriarch and said, “Patriarch, did the Winged Pegasus Patriarch talk to you?”

The Barbarian Patriarch nodded and said, “He said that you three tried to kill him. He is currently ordering for your capture. Did the three of you really try to assassinate him?”

Ding smiled bitterly and said, “How could that be possible. Patriarch, we asked for the Winged Pegasus Patriarch’s audience in order to persuade him to send the Winged Pegasus Clan to the Space. But he didn’t just disagree, he even tried to capture us. Fortunately, mister gave command tokens to the three of us, allowing us to escape to the Space. I didn’t expect you to get word about this immediately. Patriarch, do you want to catch us and turn us in?”


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