BTFTLIAW – Chapter 932


Chapter 932 – Cursing Before Death!

When Elder Star and the others saw this situation, they couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. However, they didn’t lower their guard. They were afraid that Elder Zhen was just playing with them.

However, their worries quickly vanished. After the light on Elder Zhen’s totem stick vanished, Elder Zhen’s body began to flake into ashes. When the wind passed by, Elder Zhen and the others’ body slowly scattered before totally vanishing.

Upon seeing this result, Elder Star and the other immediately understood. The opposite party certainly used a self-sacrificing method. Because of this, they were able to block the attacks for four days straight. To be honest, matching the Supreme Elders for this long was worthy of respect.

Originally, Elder Zhen and the others used the sacrifice ritual in order to buy Fei’er and the others ten days of time. However, after being attacked continuously for four days, and by Supreme Elders at that, they weren’t able to hold on anymore. The constant attacks completely depleted their energy.

Elder Star looked at where Elder Zhen and the others were. He couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear. If the entire Thunder Clan went all out, then it might be impossible for the Supreme Elders to stand where they were. They would surely be dragged on while Zhao Hai was attacking the entire Divine Race territory.

After thinking about this, Elder Star and the others couldn’t help but turn to where Elder Zhen and the others vanished and then gave a short bow. But although Elder Zhen and his troop became respected foes, war was war, Elder Star and the others couldn’t just let the Thunder Clan go. Therefore, they immediately rushed towards the mountain valley.

Elder Star took his Star Disk out and launched several attacks towards the valley. Rumbles were heard as the mist on the valley disappeared. However, Elder Star and the others were left stunned. Nobody was inside the valley.

Elder Star and the others slowly approached the place. There were traces of people inside the valley. The traces revealed that everybody was heading in, nobody was going out. The disappearance of the people in this valley had become a total mystery.

When Elder Star saw this situation, his expression couldn’t help but change. He took a glance at the surrounding before he said, “Go take a careful look around. There has to be clues. It’s impossible for the Thunder Clan to just disappear into nothing.”

Gold Ben and the others nodded before they examined the entire place. They had fought many battles, so they were very experienced with analyzing terrain.

After the group looked throughout the valley, they immediately found something suspicious. There were truly a lot of people inside this valley. What made Gold Ben and the others surprised was that all of the footprints lead to a certain place. They led to the innermost part of the valley, a place where there was a large piece of mountain wall.

The group stood in front of the mountain wall. They saw that the footprints were headed here before they just cut off.

The Supreme Elders inspected the wall but they couldn’t see anything special with it. This confused them.

Gold Ben went forward and touched the wall. It was cold and made of stone. Besides that, nothing else could be seen.

Gold Ben proceeded to punch the wall. A banging sound reverberated inside the valley as a ten meter hole appeared. However, no new clues were found, it was still a mountain wall.

Gold Ben returned to Elder Star’s side. His face was was ugly as he looked at the mountain wall and said, “What is happening? Did the Thunder Clan just stepped into this wall and vanished?”

Upon hearing Gold Ben, Jie Yu’s face quickly changed before he exclaimed, “Not good! Zhao Hai has a Spatial Divergent Ability! It’s possible that Zhao Hai used this valley in order to move the Thunder Clan.” When Elder Star and the others heard this, their expressions turned ugly as well. Elder Star replied, “It’s possible. Let’s quickly leave this place. Gold Ben, between the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus, which one is closer?”

Gold Ben replied “We’re closer to the Winged Pegasus. Let’s go now. We can reach the Winged Pegasus in five days. We’re short on time, we need to attack them immediately.”

Elder Star and the others nodded. After receiving news that the Cancer Continent had been eliminated, Gold Ben and the others knew that they didn’t have the opportunity to slack. If they couldn’t compel Zhao Hai to return, then that would be the end of the Divine Race.

They never expected this outcome when they came up with this plan. But now, it was already too late to feel regret.

After the group reached a decision, they immediately took off and soared towards the Winged Pegasus. Meanwhile, at this time, Fei’er was inside the Space along with Ding and Shan.

Fei’er’s eyes were blood red. He hadn’t slept in the past few days. He was finally able to settle his clan. But after looking at his people, Fei’er’s happiness took a big blow. Although there were already several million Thunder Clan members inside the Space, this was just about a thirtieth(1/30) of the original Thunder Clan population. In other words, only 1 out of 30 Thunder Clan members survived.

Ding and Shan were also aware of Fei’er’s situation. Their moods were also very heavy. Thunder Clan suffered today, and their clan might be the same tomorrow. If their clans didn’t move towards the Space soon, then their situation would become much worse compared to the Thunder Clan.

Ding looked at Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, what are you planning to do now? Do you think mister will come back and help us?”

Fei’er smiled bitterly and said, “How can we just ask Mister to come back? Mister is very strong, but the nine Supreme Elders are ready to go all out. If mister loses, then not only us, the vassal races and the foreign races would be finished.”

Ding didn’t answer. He also knew that Fei’er was telling the truth. But in this case, they don’t have any other plan.

Shan couldn’t find a way either. Fei’er looked at the two and said, “We can only do one thing. I will go with you to see your clans. We need to persuade them. They need to enter the Space immediately. The pressure on Mister right now is too great. You should know about Mister’s temperament. If Mister has the means then it would be impossible for him to withhold it from us.”

Ding and Shan nodded. They fully trust Zhao Hai. They believed that Zhao Hai has a reason for not coming back.

Fei’er looked at the two before turning his head to Shan and said, “Shan, me and Ding will go with you to convince your Patriarch. I hope that we can convince him to move to the Space. If he agrees then we’ll immediately see the Barbarians. The Winged Pegasus are closer to the Thunder Clan. If the Supreme Elders wanted to deal with us, then their next target would be you.”

Ding and Shan nodded. At this moment, this was the best move for them. Moreover, they also thought that Fei’er was correct. The Thunder Clan can be described as eliminated at this point. At this time,  the Supreme Elders would certainly attack the Winged Pegasus or the Barbarians next. However, the Winged Pegasus’ plane was nearer to the Thunder Clan compared to the Barbarians. Naturally, the Supreme Elders would go and deal with the Winged Pegasus first.

After deciding on their action, the three immediately left the Space and appeared inside Shan’s room in the Winged Pegasus Clan. Upon returning, Shan immediately led the two to see the Patriarch in the Assembly Hall.

In the past few days, the Patriarch of the Winged Pegasus has also been receiving information from the Thunder Clan. When they were dealing with the Divines with Zhao Hai, they were using the messenger fishes to communicate. Because of this, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch was aware of what was happening with the Thunder Clan.

During those days, every information regarding the Thunder Clan made the Winged Pegasus Patriarch more and more disappointed. Even after the Thunder Clan was eliminated, Zhao Hai still didn’t appear. In the end, even at the death of the Thunder Clan Patriarch, he was cursing Zhao Hai.

The situation with the Winged Pegasus Clan wasn’t very good lately. After knowing about the fate of the Thunder Clan, the Winged Pegasus Clan soon became flustered. It was getting harder and harder to control the situation.

Because of this, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch felt more and more stressed. He didn’t want to enter the Space. He was already fond of having full power of his people. He didn’t want to give that up.

But if he didn’t give it up, then their result would be the same as the Thunder Clan. If they were eliminated by the Supreme Elders, then what would be the use of his power?

Upon hearing the Thunder Clan Patriarch curse Zhao Hai even at his death, the Winged Pegasus Patriarch became set on never entering Zhao Hai’s Space.

At this time, a report came from the hall entrance. Shan, Ding, and Fei’er were asking for an audience. Upon hearing the names of these three people, the Patriarch couldn’t help but knit his brows. He knew that these people had followed Zhao Hai for a long time. Moreover, they were adamant on entering the Space. To be honest, the Patriarch didn’t like them.

However, these three people were the ones who spearheaded the attack on the Taurus Divines. Their prestige was very high among the three clans. This was especially true for the young people. Because of this, the Patriarch needs to consider his attitude when meeting them.

After thinking for a moment, the Patriarch finally said, “Let them in.” The servant complied before turning around to leave. Before long, Shan and the others came in and gave a salute to the Patriarch.

The Patriarch looked at Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, your family has been met with a terrible catastrophe. Why are you here? You should be with your people.”

When he heard these words from the Patriarch, Fei’er couldn’t help but knit his brows. He discovered that convincing the Winged Pegasus Patriarch would be a very hard thing to do. It seems like the Patriarch didn’t have a good impression of him.


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  1. So…Um…Seven days is enough for them to get information from any continent (other than Taurus) and get to that continent…but it takes them five days to reach from one rift to another rift, when said rifts were said to be very close and were within one continent?! Seriously?!

    I mean, sure. They entered a new plane, but that plane was very small. It housed maybe a few million households AT MOST. And nothing suggests them spending several days traveling within it, so they probably are no more than few hours away from the rift.


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