BTFTLIAW – Chapter 931


Chapter 931 – Firm Like A Rock, Unmoving Like A Mountain!

Upon seeing the fog on the mountain, a sneer appeared on a corner of Jie Yu’s mouth. The turned to Elder Star and said, “Elder Star, it seems like these guys still have some courage left inside them. They still want to do a final defense. Then we would have to be impolite. Let’s make them understand what extinction means!” Elder Star, through gritted teeth, replied, “Zhao Hai has already destroyed several Divine Clans. It’s time to make him taste what losing someone feels like. Let’s begin!”

Elder Jie Yu had the same ugly expression as Elder Star. This was because he didn’t think that after dealing with the Central and Scorpio Continent, Zhao Hai would target the Cancer Continent. Moreover, Zhao Hai directly exterminated his clan. This was a huge attack to Jie Yu.

After knowing knowing about the elimination of the Cancer Clan, Jie Yu as well as the other Elders began to be more ruthless towards the Thunder Clan. Besides those who died on the spot, those who didn’t resist were treated miserably by Jie Yu.

Elder Star and the others didn’t say anything about Jie Yu’s actions. In fact, they were also very cruel towards the Thunder Clan. After being beaten by Zhao Hai time and time again, their hearts couldn’t help but feel constricted. Because of this, they could only vent their anger on the Thunder Clan.

As the Supreme Elders flew towards the mountain valley, a troop suddenly flew out.

Naturally, these people were Elder Zhen and the others. Elder Zhen slowly flew to face Gold Ben and the others, his face  was as calm as it can be. At this point, their only wish was to block Gold Ben and the others for ten days so that Fei’er would have enough time to evacuate. Because of this, Elder Zhen and the others held no emotions towards Gold Ben anymore. They needed to buy time. It didn’t matter who they were facing, they needed jusr to do their duty.

Gold Ben and the others didn’t attack immediately. They stopped and observed Elder Zhen’s group. In the past few days, the Thunder Clan members who blocked them were too many to count. However, none were successful. Because of this, Gold Ben and the others were no longer worried. They just wanted to see the desperate expression on these people’s faces.

However, they were left disappointed. Elder Zhen and the others were extremely calm. Elder Zhen only spared Gold Ben a glance before he turned to his 100 thousand troops and said, “Brave warriors of the Thunder Clan. We are the last hope of our family. For the Thunder Clan, let’s do our best!”

All of the Thunder Clan soldiers behind him simultaneously shouted, “For the Thunder Clan!”

Gold Ben couldn’t help but look at Elder Zhen’s troops with disdain. However, he could also note that this Thunder Clan army wasn’t the same as the ones they had met in the past few days. Although those people were also blocking the Supreme Elders, they lacked an imposing manner. However, the ones in front of him right now had very formidable heroic auras.

Gold Ben looked at Elder Zehn and sneered, “Starting this day, the Thunder Clan would no longer exist!”

Elder Zhen looked at Gold Ben and coldly said, “Supreme Elder of the Taurus Clan, Hahaha. Even if the Thunder Clan ends today, the Taurus Clan still perished first. What are you being proud about?”

Elder Zhen’s words hit Gold Ben’s most sensitive spot. Gold Ben clenched his teeth and said, “Enough wasting words. I will personally kill you today!”

A strange smile suddenly appeared on Elder Zhen’s face as he said, “Then try it.” After that, he turned to his troops and said, “Thunder Net formation!”

These soldiers were already waiting for this order since the very beginning. So without any hesitation, they took their totem sticks and went into a formation. After that, they all exerted their strengths into the totem sticks.

As they poured their strength into their sticks, the totem sticks began to shine. Then every Thunder Clan soldier closed their eyes as they held their totem sticks. All of them were motionless, including Elder Zhen.

What made it strange for Gold Ben and the others was the fact that these 100 thousand people only organized themselves into a formation and did nothing else. Aside from their shining totem sticks, there was no other reaction.

Gold Ben and the others looked puzzled at Elder Zhen’s group. They didn’t know what these people wanted to do.

Elder Star looked at Elder Zhen and said, “Enough playing tricks. I don’t believe that you have the ability to resist us.”

After saying that, Elder Star took out his Star Disk. The disk immediately shone with white light as it shot towards Elder Zhen. This light had no exact shape, but it looked like the energy beams of Zhao Hai’s magic cannons.

When this energy beam reached near Elder Zhen and the others, an electric glow suddenly appeared on the Thunder Clan’s formation. An electric strike met the white glow before Elder Star’s attacked vanished entirely.

After seeing this situation, Elder Star couldn’t help but stare for a moment. He didn’t hold back, that was his full strike. However, this attack was actually rendered useless. It was no wonder that Elder Star was surprised.

Elder Star’s ultimate weapon was the best among the ultimate weapons. One shouldn’t underestimate that white light. Actually that attack was no different to the two fists that Gold Ben used to destroy the defensive wall. Such an attack was enough to eradicate a Thunder Clan troop. However, it was actually useless against Elder Zhen and the others.

Gold Ben and the others were naturally aware that Elder Star wasn’t holding back. The Central Continent had just been cleaned up by Zhao Hai. Holding back for Elder Star was basically impossible. Elder Star’s attack being blocked was out of their expectations.

Gold Ben said, “So you have your methods. Let’s see if you can block this.” Then he immediately put on his Taurus combat suit and continually rained fists towards Elder Zhen’s group. As the first attack reached Elder Zhen, their formation immediately emitted an electric flow, blocking each attack.

Gold Ben released nearly a hundred attacks, but he still wasn’t able to break through. This caused Gold Ben’s expression to change. Elder Star and the others’ expression expression changed as well. All of them were clear about Gold Ben’s strength. Receiving 100 attacks from him would surely hurt.

In the past, these 100 hits was enough to kill tens of thousands of Thunder Clan members. However, these attacks were actually useless, the other side didn’t even budge.

As soon as they saw this, Elder Star and the others’ expression turned very heavy. Elder Star released another attack using his Star Disk. But the result was the same as Gold Ben. An electric strike just made the white light disappear.

When Jie Yu saw this, his expression sank. He didn’t know how the Thunder Clan managed to do this.

After Elder Star launched about a hundred attacks, he stopped. After all, they were already in the Thunder Clan, and Zhao Hai could come back at any time. Moreover, the Thunder Clan could also counter attack. It wouldn’t be a great idea for him to waste energy. He still needed to save some strength to protect himself.

When Jie Yu saw Elder Star stop, he immediately took a step forward. But this time, he didn’t attack Elder Zhen’s group. Instead, he waved his hand, equipping his ultimate weapon, and then attacking the mountain valley instead. However, Elder Zhen’s formations still sent forth electric strikes in order to negate the attack.

Jie Yu slightly knit his eyebrows. Then he flew forwards and before long he was about 100 meters away from Elder Zhen. However, Elder Zhen’s formation had yet to make a response.

Jie Yu couldn’t help but smile. Then he got closer and closer to the formation. 50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, but Elder Zhen and the others still didn’t respond.

However, when Jie Yu was about ten meters away from Elder Zhen, the formation quickly lit up and sent a strike towards Jie Yu. The electric strike arrived too quickly. Before Jie Yu could defend, the attack already struck his body.

Fortunately, Jie Yu had his Cancer combat armor on. The combat suit’s defensive capability was very good. When Jie Yu felt his chest being caved in, he immediately retreated and didn’t dare to go forward anymore.

The reason Jie Yu retreated was because he only wanted to find a way to bypass the formation in order to attack the mountain valley. But now it seems like it was impossible.

Elder Star turned his head towards the others and said, “It seems like their formation is primarily used for defense. Everyone take turns to attack. I don’t believe that we can’t break through. When the Thunder Clan is eliminated, we’ll proceed towards the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus.”

The group nodded before they took turns attacking. But amidst all the attacks, Elder Zhen and the others were still standing there, nobody made any moves.

A day passed by, but Elder Star and the others still didn’t have any progress. They continued to take turns to attack the Thunder Clan’s formation. However, they were still standing there, unmoving.

Two days went by, the Supreme Elders bagan to worry. However, Elder Zhen and the others were still standing there. They looked like dead people, just stood there without any reactions whatsoever.

On the third day, Elder Star and the others had forgotten to worry. At this point, the thing inside their minds was to break through this formation and see what the Thunder Clan did in order to block attacks for such a long time.

Fourth day, Elder Star and the others already had blood red eyes as they looked at Elder Zhen and the others. The Thunder Clan’s defenders were still unaffected. At this point, the Supreme Elders couldn’t wait to extinguish all of the Thunder Clan.

In the evening of the fourth day, white lights poured down on Elder Zhen’s formation. An electric strike proceeded to cancel everything out. But then, Elder Zhen and the others’ totem stick began to darken. The radiance began to disappear bit by bit.


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