BTFTLIAW – Chapter 930


Chapter 930 – Sagittarius Clan’s Magic Formation

Although Zhao Hai had conquered the Central, Scorpio, and the Cancer Continents, he didn’t actually touch their Fishman tribes. He wanted the Fishmen to spread the information to the other Divines. He needed Gold Ben and the others to be aware of what was happening.

Gold Ben and the others were now forcing Zhao Hai to fight them by attacking the Thunder Clan and the others. But if Zhao Hai continually eliminates the Divines, would Gold Ben and the others keep being calm? At this time, Zhao Hai and the Supreme Elders were in a battle of who would lose their composure first. The one who returns would be the loser.

After cleaning the defenders of the Cancer Continent, Zhao Hai proceeded to capture any remaining Divines. Zhao Hai couldn’t just let go of this opportunity.

Zhao Hai wanted the Divines to get ahold of his movements. However, he didn’t anticipate that this news would also reach the ears of the foreign races and the vassal races.

After hearing this information, the foreign races and the major vassal races immediately exerted pressure on the Divines. The Divines and the vassal races were now irreconcilable. At the same time, the foreign races wanted to take their revenge for tens of thousands of years. Even if one side wanted to solve this enmity, it would be impossible to do so. Therefore, when they heard that the Divines were being cleaned up by Zhao Hai, they immediately burst with joy.

While the Divines were flustered, the vassal races immediately launched a full force attack towards the Divines.

On the other hand, although the foreign races also sent their armies, they didn’t send their Supreme Elders along. This was because the foreign races were still afraid of Elder Star and the others. They knew that if Elder Star and the others made a move, then they would definitely target the foreign races’ base.

After Zhao Hai dealt with the Cancer Divines, he immediately turned his attention to another continent. This time, Zhao Hai intends to attack the Sagittarius Divines.

The Sagittarius Divines were quite a different type of people. Their archers were trained from a very early age. Because of this, their archery was the strongest among the other Divines.

At the same time, their weapons were also special. What they use for combat was the bow and arrow. However, these bow and arrows weren’t ordinary ones. The bows were inscribed with magic formations, the same was true for their arrows.

The magic formations inscribed on the bows allowed the Sagittarius Divines to condense energy into the arrow. On the other hand, the formation on the arrow increased its lethality.

The energy arrows of the Sagittarius Archers wasn’t their most powerful means of attack. The magic formation inscribed on their bows also allowed them the ability to use energy to bend their arrows. If one had enough energy to charge both bows and arrows, then they would be extremely lethal. However, if one was weak, then their arrows might not even be able to injure anyone.

At the same time, their arrows also had more than one type of magic formation. Wind-element formations could allow the arrow to fly a longer distance. Fire-element arrows would cause a powerful explosion. Wood-element formations would poison the target. Water-element formations made the arrow’s trajectory unable to be predicted. Metal-element formations increased the arrow’s penetrating power. And finally, Light-element arrows made it very hard to evade.

This didn’t mean that the Sagittarius Divines were advanced in terms of magic formations. In fact, almost all of the Sagittarius Clan’s magic formations were passed down from generation to generation. Modifications on these magic formations were practically non-existent.

This was because of the Deity’s order to stop research on magic formations.

Although Lu Wei did forbade them to research magic formations, the Divines didn’t have any interest in researching them anyways. Even if their magic formations were from ancient times, given the skills of the Sagittarius Archers, they were still a terrifying existence in the Divine Realm.

They can augment their archery using their own energy. As long as they don’t use all of their power, they would be able to fire arrows endlessly.. Even if they run out of arrows, as long as they had energy, they could still kill.

Although they were called the Divine Race, this didn’t mean that they were true gods. The items of the Divine Race might not be found in the Ark Continent, but they weren’t unlimited in the Divine Realm either. Because of this, the arrows of a Sagittarius Archer can be exhausted. This discouraged the archers on being be too reliant on their arrows.

As for energy, it belonged to their own. Through the inscriptions on their bows, the archers were able to shoot hundreds to thousands of energy arrows in succession. Because of this, archers would only carry one or two quivers of arrows, and each quiver only had 12 arrows.

Even with these restrictions, nobody in the Divine Realm was willing to provoke the Sagittarius Divines. Not only because of their arrows, but also due to their peak capability for assassinations.

An archer could hide inside a location. And when one let their guard down, the archer would immediately unleash a fatal arrow. This was something terrifying to think of.

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t have that much understanding when it came to the Sagittarius Divines. But after asking Bingya and the others, he was finally able to have a clear idea. Now, Zhao Hai was curious about the Sagittarius Divines, especially their ancient magic formations.

One must know that these magic formations were strictly hidden so that no outsider would know about them. And even if other people got ahold of their weapons, they still wouldn’t be able to know how to use the formations.

Although the Sagittarius bows and arrows had magic formations inscribed in them, almost all of these formations were deeply hidden. These formations were also wrapped with other magic formations in order to hide their image. Moreover, if one wanted to destroy the bows to see inside, a magic formation inside would activate and blow the weapon. The arrows also had self-destruct functions. As long as an arrow was used, then it was ruined. One would only recover a useless arrow shaft. If one were to open the arrow, it would also explode.

This caused Zhao Hai to be curious about these bows and arrows. He wanted to know what magic formations were inscribed on these weapons. Once he knew about these magic formations, then Zhao Hai’s undead cavalry would be able to display an even more terrifying strength.

Zhao Hai’s attack on the Sagittarius Continent began immediately. This was because he didn’t need to spend time on travelling unlike Gold Ben and the others. After cleaning the Cancer Continent, he immediately teleported towards the Sagittarius Continent.

When Zhao Hai started to attack the Sagittarius Continent, he was immediately faced with a resistance from the Sagittarius Archers. A wave of arrows came crashing down on Zhao Hai. These arrows were really strong, they were actually able to hurt the undead. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this.

However, it was still impossible for the Sagittarius Divines to block the attack. And even if Zhao Hai didn’t have their magic formations, he still had magic cannons and the javelin throwing cavalry undead. This allowed Zhao Hai’s undead to suffer the least amount of damage. Most importantly, even if the undead were hurt, it still wouldn’t affect their combat prowess.

At the same time, the Devil Legion were protected by their combat suits. Even if the Devil Legion’s strength wasn’t able to display a monumental increase, the combat suits were still able to block the Sagittarius Divines’ arrows.

Just as Zhao Hai was attacking the Sagittarius Divines, information about the fall of the three continents reached the ears of Gold Ben and the others. Upon hearing this, the Supreme Elders couldn’t help but be startled. They have yet to conquer the Thunder Clan but Zhao Hai already eliminated three continents. It wasn’t strange for Gold Ben and the others to be surprised.

Originally, Gold Ben and the others wanted to slowly attack the Thunder Clan in order to wait for Zhao Hai’s response. But now, it looks like Zhao Hai was more cruel than them. Naturally, the Supreme Elders could no longer hold back. Nine people fully exerted their powers and attacked the Thunder Clan. In about five days, the Thunder Clan was almost razed to the ground. At this time, the only surviving members of the Thunder Clan were inside the mountain valley where Fei’er and the others were.

At this time, the mountain valley had refugees that numbered to about a million households. These people were the ones who didn’t follow Fei’er early on. When adding this number to the households that followed Fei’er in the beginning, the people that needed to be moved to the Space had numbered 1.5 million households.

It was impossible for this valley to hold 1.5 million households. However, this mountain valley wasn’t small either. Luckily, more than 800 thousand households had already transferred inside the Space. Otherwise, this mountain valley would have already overflowed.

However, Fei’er’s group was now faced with a difficult problem. At this time, there was still about six hundred thousand households inside the valley. And Elder Star’s group was heading towards them.

As Gold Ben and the others were heading towards the mountain valley. Fei’er decided that he would lead the 100 thousand defenders and use the sacrifice ritual. They needed to block Gold Ben and the others in order to give their people enough time to get inside the Space.

Just as Fei’er was about to do the sacrifice ritual, Elder Zhen suddenly appeared and stopped him. Fei’er looked confused at Elder Zhen and said, “Great Elder, why did you stop me? Leave this place to me, go and lead our people into the Space.”

Elder Zhen shook his head and looked at Fei’er, “Fei’er, you go. Guide our people to the Space, leave this place to me.”

Fei’er stared, then his expression changed as he said, “That’s wouldn’t happen. Great Elder, just leave me here. This is my idea, I should be the one who sees it to the end.”

Elder Zhen just calmly replied, “Fei’er, don’t be hard-headed. I’ll defend. You are still young and you have the best relationship with Zhao Hai among us. Go and take our people to a brighter future. I can’t do that, I’m already too old. I’ll leave the clan to you. I should have believed in you from the very beginning, yet I didn’t. This caused us to miss the best opportunity to move towards the Space. Remember, after going inside the Space, never strive to become Mister Zhao Hai’s equal. We’re only his subordinates.” After he said that, Elder Zhen’s body started to shake. Then his aura exploded, surpassing his original one.

After seeing this situation, Fei’er couldn’t help but gawk. This was because he knew that Elder Zhen just performed the sacrifice ritual. Fei’er understood that it was already too late.

Once Elder Zhen used the sacrifice ritual, the other 100 thousand members of the suicide troop also used the ritual. Nobody hesitated, all of them were fearless.

Fei’er looked at his people, already knowing that they were practically dead. Tears started streaming down his face as he banged his head to the ground three times. Then he straightened his body and loudly said, “Brothers, in behalf of the Thunder Clan, this Fei’er expresses our deepest gratitude. Rest assured, this Fei’er will definitely lead our people to a much better future.”

Elder Zhen loudly laughed. Mixed in that laughter was his overwhelming heroic spirit, then he said, “Fei’er, we’ll leave our clan over to you. Don’t let our sacrifice go in vain. Be relieved, we will make those Supreme Elders know that the Thunder Clan wouldn’t easily fall. Go tell Mister Zhao Hai that I apologize. I should have believed in him from the very beginning. Tell him to take revenge for me!”

Fei’er gave a nod, then he said, “Great Elder, rest assured. I will certainly relay your message. I will be engraving everybody’s name down. The Thunder Clan will never forget you!”

Elder Zhen laughed, then he pat Fei’er’s shoulder and said, “Go. Lead our people to leave this place. I’ll be leaving the clan over to you.” Then after that, Elder Zhen took an object and gave it to Fei’er.

Fei’er looked at the item, it was a magic formation plate. Fei’er knew that this was a treasure of the Thunder Clan. Unfortunately this formation plate didn’t have any attacking power. Instead, it had the ability to create a large amount of fog, enough to hide an entire city.

Upon seeing this formation plate, Fei’er immediately understood what Elder Zhen wanted to do. Elder Zhen wanted Fei’er to use this formation plate to block the valley. This would hide the mountain valley from the Supreme Elders. This way, the Supreme Elders would be clueless about what was happening. If the Supreme Elders knew that they were moving to the Space, then they will certainly go all out in attacking. For the Thunder Clan, this wasn’t a good outcome.

Most importantly, Gold Ben and the others were still waiting for Zhao Hai’s response. It’s possible that they were still holding back. Both Fei’er and Elder Zhen didn’t want any other mishap to occur.


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