BTFTLIAW – Chapter 929


Chapter 929 – Dealing With The Cancer Clan

Both sides were unyielding. Nobody can make anyone change their minds. A brawl almost happened in the hall. In the end, Fei’er could only shake his head as he left the room full of indignation.

After leaving the hall, Elder Zhen immediately called the Elders who were close to him. Then he proceeded to urge their clansmen to leave the clan while also organizing a suicide troop. The troop would perform the sacrificial ritual together in order to deal with the Supreme Elders.[1]

As the Thunder Clan’s Great Elder, Elder Zhen held a high prestige in the clan. And with Fei’er by his side, their influence was not lower compared to the patriarch. Moreover, with Fei’er’s military authority, it didn’t take too long for them to find people willing to sacrifice themselves.

Before when Fei’er was rallying his people, the majority of those who came with him were the young members of his clan. On the other hand, most of those with elderly age weren’t convinced by Fei’er’s words. Because of this, the people who were sent to the Space were very small compared to the Thunder Clan’s total population.

The suicide troop of 100 thousand was quickly organized. At the same time, about five hundred thousand households became willing to enter Zhao Hai’s Space.

Five hundred thousand households was quite a lot. This was equal to an entire province back in the Ark Continent. These people were also the only ones who were convinced by Fei’er despite his best efforts. There were still a lot of Thunder Clan members who didn’t want to leave their ancestral home.

The Patriarch’s group  was also planning to organize their own suicide army. However, their purpose was different compared to Fei’er. Fei’er wanted to organize a troop in order to hold the Supreme Elders long enough for the Thunder Clan clansmen to enter the Space. On the other hand, the Patriarch wanted to organize a troop in order to make the Divines understand that the Thunder Clan weren’t easily dealt with. With this, the Thunder Clan might have more talking power when they surrender.

Fei’er and the others had already separated themselves from the Patriarch’s rule. Fei’er organized his people to move together and headed towards Thunder Valley and opened a spatial rift there. Then the people proceeded to head inside the Space.

Outside the valley, Fei’er personally led the 100 hundred thousand suicide troops to block the entrance to the valley. They would block the Supreme Elders from attacking the migrating households.

All the Thunder Clan members who entered the Space immediately fell in love with the environment. On the other hand, those who were yet to enter started to panic. They knew that their enemies were the nine Supreme Elders. They also knew that their Patriarch was prepared to surrender to the Divines.

After the commoners knew about this information, they immediately ran to Fei’er. If they go with Fei’er, they believed that their future would be safe.

These commoners weren’t stupid. Most of them knew how miserably they offended the Divine Race. Even if the Divines accepted their surrender, what would happen next? If they would return to their past state, then they might as well go to Zhao Hai’s Space.

As the matter stands, more and more people decided to enter Zhao Hai’s Space. It already came to a point where the Patriarch could no longer stop them.

At this time, a problem arose. The nine Supreme Elders had already started to attack the Thunder Clan. Moreover, they seem to be intent in the elimination of  the entire race. They didn’t even try to take captives. This meant that those who went to battle would surely die.

This made the Thunder Clan Patriarch finally realize that the situation wasn’t good. He immediately organized themselves and prepared to use the sacrifice ritual in order to block the Supreme Elders.

However, the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch discovered something. Unexpectedly, nobody in his side was willing to become members of the suicide troop. It was a huge contrast compared to Fei’er’s side.

The Thunder Clan’s Patriarch didn’t have the time to organize a proper army to resist the nine Supreme Elders. After all, he was preparing to surrender and negotiate with the Divines.

This was where the Thunder Clan’s patriarch had forgotten about something. Only those with leverage had the power for negotiation. If you weren’t strong and you were on the side of the defeated, then what right do you have to discuss terms with the enemy?

Naturally, the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch haven’t thought about this. In his opinion, the Divines wouldn’t dare to destroy them. Otherwise, the Divines wouldn’t be able to rule the vassal races.

However, the Patriarch had forgotten the fact that they were the main cause of the vassal race rebellion. If the Divines didn’t eliminate them as a punishment for the others, then they wouldn’t be able to control the other vassal races.

Moreover, Gold Ben and the others only came here because of Zhao Hai. They would eliminate the Thunder Clan first, then the Barbarians, and then the Winged Pegasus. They plan to make Zhao Hai retreat.

Because of this, Gold Ben and the others didn’t even think about getting captives. They intend to exterminate the Thunder Clan. They weren’t interested in surrender, negotiations, and the like. All they want to do right now was to attack and kill.

Although there were only nine of them this time, these people were more terrifying than 90 million people. Even if they numbered only nine, their individual and collective might wasn’t weak. Therefore, the Thunder Clan would certainly eat a huge loss once the battle starts.

But the Patriarch’s group could only resist. At this time, Fei’er was transferring 500 thousand households to the Space, this was more than 2 million people. Moving this number of people to the Space wouldn’t take a day or two. Because of this, Fei’er could only lead the suicide troop to defend the valley’s entrance.

Even if Fei’er and the others were defending the valley entrance, they were still receiving news from the battle between the Thunder Clan and the Supreme Elders. At the same time, more and more Thunder Clan members began pouring towards the valley. This only meant that the situation had worsened to a certain degree.

Fei’er didn’t have the means to solve this. If he went to attack the Divines, then the valley would turn dangerous. If he went out, then the Patriarch might even use them. The Patriarch was still hoping to surrender.

Fei’er already told Ding and Shan about the current situation. Ding and Shan weren’t having good times either. They had met people from their clans and were met with the same outcome as Fei’er. A lot of people were against moving, especially their Patriarchs.

Fei’er wanted them to move as soon as possible. He told them that the Divines weren’t intending to take any survivors. Ding and Shan needed to send their people to the Space at the earliest time.

However, Ding and Shan’s present situation was the same as Fei’er. Those who were close to them and those who respected them were the only ones who agreed to move towards the Space. Ding and Shan could only break out from the cells with no consideration for the clan’s face. They were afraid that it would be too late for their people to move towards the Space. A civil strife began in their clans.

Fei’er felt very awkward regarding this situation. He didn’t want to urge them to revolt. After all, this was a different clan’s matter, it wouldn’t be good for him to meddle.

However, Fei’er was worried about the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus. The population of the two clans was much greater compared to the Thunder Clan. In this case, it would take an even longer time for their people to move towards the Space. Now that the Supreme Elders were mowing through the Thunder Clan, it was the best time for the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus to make their move. If they delay, then they would be risking the lives of their people.

Fei’er didn’t have better means to express this thought towards Ding and Shan. Because of this, he could only tell it to Zhao Hai.

But Zhao Hai was currently attacking the Cancer Continent right now. The Cancer Continent was quite difficult to deal with. This was because their Supreme Elder Jie Yu had some reputation among the Divine Race. Although Elder Star held the highest position among all the Supreme Elders, Elder Jie Yu was the foremost expert of the Divine Race. This caused his clansmen to have a certain arrogance towards their strength. In their opinion, they couldn’t afford to have Elder Jie Yu lose face.

Because of this thought, the Cancer Clan’s defense was quite hard to deal with. But because of the current circumstances, Zhao Hai would naturally be impolite. He released his undead, the Devil Legion, and his Cavalry Army. He sent them to all directions in order to deal with the Cancer clan as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai’s method was very successful. After releasing his army, even the Cancer Divines wouldn’t be able to resist. The Cancer Divines could only defend for three days before they were cleaned up.

Nobody could blame them for falling so fast. Zhao Hai’s undead were as strong as they were. Moreover, there was the much stronger undead troops under Qing Feng and Mingyue. Then there was the Ultimate Weapon equipped Devil Legion. There simply was nobody that could defend against them. And with their Supreme Elder absent, the Cancer Clan’s fall was inevitable.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai’s army outnumbered the Cancer Continent’s troops. There simply was no chance for the Cancer Divines. Zhao Hai also received the news from Fei’er. However, he didn’t immediately return to help. He would wait until Gold Ben attacks the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus before he turns back.

He needed to make the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus be willing to submit. If the two clans still refused, then Zhao Hai would wait for some time.

Up until now, the three clans were still unwilling to trust Zhao Hai. The three clans’ Patriarchs were very ambitious people. If the Space accepts such people, then they would certainly cause trouble. Because of this, Zhao Hai changed his mind. He would use Gold Ben and the others to teach the three clans a lesson. Zhao Hai would make the three clans understand that without him, they would easily fall to the Divines.

Zhao Hai didn’t give Fei’er a concrete answer, he just expressed his acknowledgement of the report. Fei’er couldn’t blame Zhao Hai. To be honest, even Fei’er was disappointed of his people. Because of this, he could only accept this result.

  1. I’ve been stopping myself from calling it ‘Suicide Squad’ xd


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