BTFTLIAW – Chapter 928


Chapter 928 – You Think The Divines Are Stupid?

Two fists, it only took two fists before the Thunder Clans’ reinforced wall to collapse. Dozens of people were killed as well, a cruel death by being smashed to paste by a fist.

Besides the destroyed wall, the construction around and behind it was razed completely. The support troops that were there, about a hundred soldiers, were also killed.

The might of just two fists, nobody thought that this would happen!

But although the two fists killed dozens of people, the garrison commander managed to survive. The commander quickly made some adjustments, removing all Thunder Clan troops from the wall.

The Thunder Clan’s defensive line was made in stages. This meant that even if one wall collapses, not everything will be turned to waste.

Naturally, Gold Ben can see the onion-like construction of the Thunder Clan’s walls. When he entered the broken walls, he was immediately met with a rain of javelins.

Gold Ben didn’t dare to neglect these attacks. He knew that these javelins could explode and their strength might compare to blood lightning beads.

Gold Ben always thought that it was strange. The Divines were the ones who used blood lightning beads first. However, Zhao Hai actually managed to learn how to make them. Additionally, Zhao Hai’s blood lightning beads were much better than the ones made by the Divines.

Gold Ben waved his hand, forming a crouching bull that blocked the javelins. When the javelins exploded, Gold Ben moved his two arms to support his shield.

It can be said that the Thunder Clan’s defensive line was made magnificently, and it was even layered. However, Gold Ben’s strength was terrifying. After exerting more attacks, Gold Ben managed to destroy the entire defensive line. Gold Ben received his ultimate weapon before flying towards the Thunder Clan’s plane.

As Gold Ben attacked the Thunder Clan’s defensive line, the defenders also sent the news back to the Thunder Clan. In the past, Zhao Hai dealt with the Taurus Divines with the cooperation of the three clans. During that time, Zhao Hai provided them with messenger fishes. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t take them back, so the messenger fishes were still in their possession.

Although the Thunder Clan’s people didn’t know any Supreme Elders, Gold Ben’s strength alone was a testament to his status. And with Zhao Hai’s earlier reminder, the Thunder Clan was able to affirm who Gold Ben and the others were.

After confirming that it was Gold Ben, the Thunder Clan couldn’t help but get flustered. The strength of the Taurus Supreme Elder was known to be world-shaking. Now, he was here to attack them. How could the Thunder Clan resist?

It was at this time that the Thunder Clan’s people discovered that they didn’t have the qualifications to be treated as Zhao Hai’s equal. Zhao Hai managed to defeat a Supreme Elder. Moreover, in order to deal with him, the nine Supreme Elders actually united. On the other hand, the whole Thunder Clan wasn’t even a match to one Supreme Elder. If Zhao Hai wanted to ruin the Thunder Clan, then that would be too easy to do.

In this situation, the Patriarch had no choice but to release Fei’er. Upon hearing the present situation, Fei’er’s expression couldn’t help but turn difficult.

Fei’er looked at the Patriarch and said, “Patriarch, we can only find a way to constrain the nine Supreme Elders. We need our people to enter Mister’s Space. I think we should select 100 thousand people to do the sacrifice ritual. Use the thunder net in order to block the nine Supreme Elders. We need time to transfer everyone towards the Space.”

Upon hearing Fei’er’s words, the Patriarch’s face couldn’t help but change. The Thunder Clan really did have a sacrifice ritual. Almost every Thunder Clan member can use this method. This ritual would allow a person to undergo a massive increase in strength for ten days. However, after ten days, that person would turn to ash. Most importantly, this ritual was irreversible. This meant that as long as someone used this ritual, that person was as good as dead.

The collective strength of 100 thousand people using the ritual would amount to an astonishing amount. Even Supreme Elders wouldn’t be able to deal with them in a short period of time. However, these 100 thousand people would die after ten days. For the Thunder Clan, this was no doubt a huge damage.

The Patriarch looked at Fei’er and said, “Do you have any other methods? Isn’t 100 thousand people too much?”

Fei’er forced a smile and said, “Patriarch, 100 thousand people isn’t a lot. We might even add more people in the future. During the past battles, we witnessed Mister fight with the Taurus Supreme Elder. The Supreme Elder was very strong, his attack strength was formidable. This 100 thousand people might be able to block the Supreme Elder. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are eight other Supreme Elders. Nine Supreme Elders couldn’t be blocked that easily. I’m not even certain that those 100 thousand would be able to block the nine Supreme Elders.”

The Patriarch’s face became quite difficult as he looked at Fei’er. His expression sunk and said, “Is Mister Zhao Hai unable to rescue us?” After hearing the Patriarch say this, it was Fei’er’s turn to have a difficult expression. He looked at the Patriarch and said, “Mister Zhao Hai is currently attacking the Divine Race territory in the hopes that the Supreme Elders would retreat. If the Supreme Elders don’t come back, then mister might come and have a decisive battle with the Supreme Elders. But if mister becomes defeated, then wouldn’t the result the same as the one we’re facing right now? It might even be possible that our escape route would disappear.”

The Patriarch hesitated, he became silent for quite a while. Fei’er looked at the Patriarch’s expression and couldn’t help but feel angry. Fei’er said, “Patriarch, there’s no need to think about it anymore. What duty does mister have for him to die for us? Are we worthy for him to go all out against the nine Supreme Elders? If it was you, would you fight someone powerful for someone who didn’t even have great trust towards you? Will you sacrifice yourself for someone who is always guarded against you?”

Fei’er’s words were very impolite. This caused the Patriarch’s expression to turn uglier. He coldly snorted and said, “Are you really sure that the Supreme Elders won’t let us go? If we go under Zhao Hai’s command, then we might as well surrender to the Divine Race!”

Not only Fei’er, even the some Elders couldn’t help but doubt what they just heard. This statement was just too stupid. Everyone was clear about the result.

Fei’er looked at the Patriarch, disappointment evident on his face, and said, “Is this the Patriarch’s decision? Do you really want to punish our Thunder Clan?”

After hearing this, the Patriarch’s expression worsened. Then he slammed his hand on the table and shouted, “Even if we are killed, we will never be Zhao Hai’s slaves! Come, lock him up for me!”

Several of the Elders who were present didn’t do anything. Among them, the one who was the most unwilling was Elder Zhen. He had cooperated with Zhao Hai before so held some understanding regarding the man.

At the same time, Elder Zhen also discovered that ever since they had defeated the Taurus Divines, the Patriarch had become more and more like a dictator. He started to believe that he was an Emperor. He became a Patriarch that didn’t consider what his people thought.

Elder Zhen looked at the Patriarch before grabbing Fei’er. He couldn’t just stay quiet as he stood up and said, “Patriarch, the situation is already very clear. If we wait any longer, then all of us would only die. Do you really want to sacrifice the entire Thunder Clan like this? If that is the case, then you are no longer qualified to become the Patriarch of the Thunder Clan.”

Elder Zhen was the Thunder Clan’s Great Elder. His status in the clan was very high. Every word he spoke had a certain weight behind it. This was because the Elder’s Assembly had the ability to impeach a Patriarch.

When the Patriarch heard this, his face turned for the worst. He slammed the table with even more force and said, “Elder Zhen, do you know what you just said? Do you want to rebel?”

Elder Zhen looked at the Patriarch and coldly snorted, “Patriarch, are you serious? Rebellion? Don’t forget, the Elder’s Assembly has the right to impeach a Patriarch. You don’t have the capabilities to call me a rebel. I support Fei’er’s plan. We should immediately organize people to do the sacrifice ritual and block the nine Supreme Elders. We don’t have much time left, we need to relocate to mister Zhao Hai’s Space. I’ve met Mister Zhao Hai before, he certainly won’t treat us as slaves. He hates slavery.”

The Patriarch coldly snorted and said, “Who knows if he was just acting.”

At this time, another elder stood up and angrily shouted, “So what does the Patriarch want? Do we just wait for our deaths?”

Then another elder stood up and countered, “And what about you? Is becoming another person’s dog that good? I’d rather die in battle than become someone’s slave.”

Elder Zhen looked at that elder and berated, “You watch your mouth. Who said we would become slaves? And do you really want our clan to perish for this courageous spirit that you have? Mister Zhao Hai will not enslave us. The Demons and the people from the Ark Continent subordinated themselves to Mister Zhao Hai, and they didn’t become slaves. So why can’t we do the same?”

That elder sneered and said, “Zhao Hai didn’t enslave the Demons and the people from the Ark Continent, but did that mean that he didn’t have slaves? If we surrender to Zhao Hai, then we might as well just surrender to the Divines. At the very least, we can still live in our plane without going to a strange place.”

Upon hearing this, Fei’er couldn’t help but sneer, “Surrender to the Divines? Do you really think that you have the qualifications? The vassal rebellion is all because of us. And at this time, you want to surrender? Who do you think we are? Can we just revolt whenever we want to revolt and surrender whenever we want to surrender? When did the Divines become that forgiving? You really think that the Divines are that stupid?”


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