BTFTLIAW – Chapter 927


Chapter 927 – The Might of the Taurus!

Zhao Hai calmly put away his messenger fish. However, his expression was quite ugly. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and comforted him, “Brother Hai, don’t think about it too much. At the worst, we could just abduct the three clans and go.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, I’ll be fine.”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai’s performance was very good. If we didn’t know, we would’ve believed that you were really angry.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, let’s not think about that anymore. What we need to think about is how to deal with the Divines. Right now, the Divine Race territory is completely undefended. I think the reason Elder Star and the others went to the continents was to take the other Seven Star Heaven Lock disks. It seems like the disks have been divided among the other continents in order to deal with us. Now that the Supreme Elders decided to deal with me in the Taurus Continent, they decided to take the disks with them.”

Laura nodded and said, “So what does Brother Hai plan to do?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ll begin with the Central Continent. At this point, the Central Continent had just been pacified. There’s close to no defenders left there, the ones that survived are the children and the elderly. We can turn the Central Continent into another Taurus Continent.”

Lizzy nodded and said, “That’s good. But Brother Hai, there are also vassal races in the Central Continent. Do you want to contact them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Forget it. Those vassal races will be handed over to the foreign races to manage. We can’t just approach them at this time, they still don’t trust us.”

Lizzy agreed, “Alright, so do we start now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Yes, let’s begin right now.” After he said that, Zhao Hai commanded the Hell King’s ship to appear in Central City.

Central City had just calmed down. But after they saw the Hell King’s ship, the people were immediately shocked before their expressions changed. A lot of people from Central City were familiar with the Hell King’s ship. This ship was the cause of their current nightmare.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and immediately released large numbers of undead in order to capture the populace. Just like Zhao Hai said, the people of the Central Continent had lost their ability to resist.

When the Central Divines saw the Hell King’s ship, they were reminded about the horrible things that happened in Central City. This caused them to collapse and completely lose their strength.

Zhao Hai was successful in abducting the citizens. It took almost no effort to do so. After grabbing all the Divines, he proceeded to the next city.

Zhao Hai’s operation in the Central Continent went easier compared to the Taurus Continent. This was because in the past, the Taurus Divines still had their city defenses as well as their central government. Meanwhile, the Central Continent almost lost all of their soldiers, this made it too easy for Zhao Hai to capture the citizens.

The Central Continent was very big, it was much bigger than the Taurus Continent. However, Zhao Hai was very swift, it was as if he was catching sheep. Upon arriving at a city, he would quickly capture everyone. The process was very fast that it only took three days before he managed to wipe the entire Central Continent clean.

Bingya and the others followed every procedure. Zhao Hai didn’t hide everything from them as well. He also told Bingya and the others that the nine Supreme Elders have already decided to attack the Thunder Clan and the others. At this time, Zhao Hai was attacking the Divines in order to compel the other Supreme Elders to head back.

Bingya and the others didn’t object to Zhao Hai’s move. They thought that Zhao Hai was doing a very good job. Zhao Hai also used this method when the Divines were attacking the foreign races. Because of this, Bingya and the others didn’t even think that Zhao Hai would have plans for the three clans.

After cleaning the Central Continent, Zhao Hai didn’t proceed towards the Leo Continent. Although the Leo Continent had also experienced chaos, they weren’t actually that easy to deal with. It can be said that the Leo Continent didn’t suffer any major damage. Their main forces were still left basically untouched. Additionally, the Leo Divines hated Zhao Hai to the bones due to what he had done with Lion Rock. If Zhao Hai attacked the Leo Continent, then the Leo Divines would surely go all out in resisting him. Because of this, Zhao Hai opted to leave the Leo Continent alone for now. Instead, Zhao Hai went on to attack the Scorpio Continent.

The Scorpio Continent’s Supreme Elder was already dead and the Scorpio Divines were already aware of it. This had a huge effect on their morale. Although the Continent wasn’t chaotic, their motivation to battle was at an all-time low.

Moreover, in order to deal with the Scorpio Continent, Zhao Hai had come up with a good idea. Zhao Hai had turned the Scorpio Continent’s Supreme Elder into an undead. He plans to used that Supreme Elder and his Ultimate Weapon to attack the Scorpio Continent. He would also send the Devil Legion. He believed that once the Scorpio Continent’s soldiers see their Supreme Elder using his ultimate weapon to attack them, their confidence would immediately be gone. This way, it would be very convenient for Zhao Hai to capture them.

Zhao Hai followed Elder Star and the others when they went to the other continents. Because of this, Zhao Hai only used the Space to reach the Scorpio Continent. He didn’t waste any time being on the road.

Elder Star and the others didn’t have the same ability. They can only hurry along, flying from continent to continent. Even if they were Supreme Elders, they still needed to use two days for travel. When Zhao Hai attacked the Scorpio Continent, only then did the Supreme Elders arrive at the Taurus Continent.

In these several days, Fei’er and the others returned to their own clans. They sought an audience with their Patriarchs and relayed Zhao Hai’s words. Moreover, Fei’er and the others reached an agreement. They would urge their Patriarchs to have their people enter Zhao Hai’s Space.

Fei’er knew that this matter wouldn’t be easy. However, he didn’t think about how difficult it would be.

Upon returning to his clan, almost everyone opposed to Zhao Hai’s idea, they thought it was just Zhao Hai’s scheme. It was impossible for nine Supreme Elders to unite just to deal with them. No matter how Fei’er urged his people, they remained unmoved.

Fei’er’s time with Zhao Hai was quite long. So Fei’er understood that Zhao Hai wasn’t the type to joke around with these matters. Because of this, Fei’er and the others completely believed Zhao Hai’s words.

Fei’er still had quite a reputation in his clan. So even if he wasn’t permitted by the Patriarch and the Elders, he still talked to his family as well as those close to him and have them prepare for relocation. At the same time, Fei’er also called Zhao Hai on his messenger fish, asking for permission to use the command token.

Zhao Hai knew the situation with the three clans, this was how much Fei’er and the others trust him. Naturally, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to not give Fei’er any face. Because of this, after being contacted, he immediately opened a spatial rift. Those who were willing to move were immediately allowed passage.

Since Fei’er was also well-known among the youth of his clan, some of them were willing to follow. There were also some women as well as some elderly people who moved.

However, Fei’er wasn’t able to move that many people. This was because Zhao Hai just told them that the nine Supreme Elders would soon arrive.

Fei’er immediately directed those who wanted to move to enter the Space. Fei’er never entered the Space before, so he was trusting Zhao Hai’s word. But when he arrived inside the Space, he couldn’t help but get stunned. The environment inside was very good. There were even some picturesque mountains and rivers inside. And as it turns out, Zhao Hai prepared this place for the three clans to settle in.

This was an ordinary background that Zhao Hai bought before. Inside this background were a lot of houses as well as bread trees and bamboo rice. Because of this, the three clans wouldn’t have to worry about survival once they move in. Even if there were a lot of them and some weren’t able to stay inside the ready-built homes, there was still no problem. The Space’s environment was just too good, it far surpassed Fei’er’s imagination. Even if they were to lie down outside, the grass was soft and fragrant. It was actually more comfortable to lie down on the grass than to stay indoors.

The actions of Fei’er and the others managed to anger the patriarchs and elders of their clans. This caused them to be more strict, forbidding people to relocate. In the end, they even sent an army to stop this.

At this time, the total number of people who moved inside the Space was still less than 100 thousand, it was too small. Fei’er and the others had no way to fight against the Patriarch’s decision. In the end, they had to close the spatial rift, and Fei’er, Ding, and Shan were imprisoned. They weren’t even allowed to come in contact with the outside world.

During all of this, Zhao Hai attacked the Scorpio Continent. Zhao Hai had the Scorpio Supreme Elder head the attack. Along with the Devil Legion’s help, they went to deal with the Scorpio Divines.

Upon seeing their dead Supreme Elder as well as the Scorpio ultimate weapon, the Scorpio soldiers collapsed immediately. With only a thought, Zhao Hai took them into the Space.

While Zhao Hai was absorbing the Divines into the Space, Elder Star and the others had set foot on the Taurus Continent. Gold Ben didn’t even hesitate as he led the group and headed towards the spatial rifts of the three clans.

The Thunder Clan and the others weren’t vassals for a day or two. Because of this, Gold Ben was completely clear about their location. With no effort, Gold Ben found the spatial rifts.

The spatial rifts of the three clans were close together. However, the first spatial rift that Gold Ben and the others came upon was the one that belonged to the Thunder Clan.

Although the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch didn’t believe that the Supreme elders would attack them, he still had some precautions. He arranged a large army to the spatial rift and reinforced their defensive line.

When Gold Ben arrived at the spatial rift, this was the scene that they witnessed. The nine Supreme Elders went into a formation before slowly pressing towards the Thunder Clan’s spatial rift

The Thunder Clan’s garrison troops were also able to see Gold Ben and the others. Although the soldiers didn’t know who Gold Ben was, they could still see that the nine people were here with evil intentions. Someone from the defensive line loudly said, “To the people in front. You have entered the Thunder Clan’s defensive zone. Please retreat immediately or else we will identify you as an enemy and we will proceed to attack.”

Upon seeing the Thunder Clan’s people, Gold Ben’s anger quickly flared up. He gave a menacing smile as he laughed and said, “You Thunder Clan slaves. You aren’t this unyielding in the past. Who gave you such courage? You actually dared to drive us away. I really don’t know whether you want to live or die.”

When the garrison troops heard Gold Ben’s words, their expression changed. The name ‘Thunder Clan slaves’ rang too familiar. In the past, the Taurus Divines always called them by this name. Therefore, the troops quickly knew that Gold Ben wasn’t here to be friendly.

At this moment, the garrison commander immediately said, “Prepare the javelins for attack! Don’t let them get close!”

Upon seeing this situation, Gold Ben turned to the other Supreme Elders and said, “Everyone, these people are my Taurus Continent’s slaves. Although the Taurus Clan no longer exists, please leave the punishment to me!”

Elder Star and the others nodded. They didn’t oppose Gold Ben’s method. With this defensive line, there was no need for any one of them to make a move.

After seeing that the others agreed, Gold Ben turned to look back at the Thunder Clan. The Thunder Clan’s reinforced defensive line simply wasn’t a threat to him. Because of this, Gold Ben immediately equipped his Taurus Combat Suit and slowly headed forward. Then he pulled his fists towards his waist before launching a punch with his right arm and shouting, “Taurus Charge!” Upon launching his attack, a huge bull appeared in front of his fist and directly soared towards the defensive line.

The golden bull rushed forward. It grew bigger and bigger as though it was absorbing the surrounding energy. When the golden bull appeared in front of the Thunder Clan army, it was already 20 meters high.The golden bull slammed towards the defensive line, causing a large explosion. The defensive line wall which was nearly ten meters tall was torn apart like paper.

At this time, Gold Ben’s left fist punched out. The second golden bulls tore another part of the wall. Now, the Thunder Clan’s defensive line had a huge 60 meter-wide gap.

Elder Star was standing right behind Gold Ben. He gave a nod and said, “Gold Ben’s two punches seem to be three times more powerful than before. His emotion really allowed his power to soar.”

The other Supreme Elders couldn’t help but agree. They could also see that Gold Ben was fiercer that before. The reason he was like this was naturally the extermination of the Taurus Continent. In addition to his raw power, Gold Ben’s fists now carry his resentment towards his enemies.


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