BTFTLIAW – Chapter 926


Chapter 926 – Fei’er’s Worry

Fei’er was currently at the defensive line. He didn’t know about what happened outside nor was he aware of the O’Neal family’s movements.

On the other hand, the defensive line was very good. The undead were skilled at using the magic cannons. Although the O’Neal family had sent several attacks, none of them yielded any results.

But even then, Fei’er didn’t dare to underestimate the O’Neal family. They were yet to send a substantial amount of troops, all recent attacks were scouting runs.

Moreover, the scouts that were sent forth were very difficult to deal with. Besides the time where Zhao Hai was present, no magic armors have fallen.

They used to send out some cavalry to deal with the scouts, but the scouts have already made some plans to deal with them. Because of this, carrying an attack on the scouting parties had become useless.

Fei’er was currently having headaches about the defensive line. He wasn’t a fool. They were already having difficulties with the O’Neal family’s scouting runs. If they decided to attack aggressively, would the defensive line be able to hold on? This caused Fei’er to worry.

At this time, his messenger fish suddenly voiced out, “Fei’er, Fei’er, are you there? It’s Zhao Hai.”

Fei’er stared, then he immediately took his messenger fish and said, “Mister, it’s me. What’s the matter?”

Zhao Hai’s voice replied, “Fei’er, I have something important to tell you. I went out last time because the Divines are going to deal with the foreign races. In order to solve the problem, I went to the Central Continent and destroyed their Connecting Heaven Palace. I also went to the Leo Continent to ruin their Lion Rock. The Divines have already retreated while the Central and Leo Continents are in chaos. However, this also caused the Divines to hate me.”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Fei’er gawked. He had followed Thunder Yun in the past, so he had some understanding about the Divine Race. Connecting Heaven Palace and Lion Rock were sacred sites. Because of this, Fei’er knew how important they were.

Now that he heard Zhao Hai, Fei’er was able to vent his frustrations but he also became worried. His frustration came from the constant oppression the vassal races had received all these years. Their hatred towards the Divines had been inscribed into their blood and bones. Zhao Hai destroying the Connecting Heaven Palace as well as Lion Rock allowed Fei’er to vent.

However, Fei’er was also worried precisely because he knew how important those two places were. Destroying those two places might allow him to vent, but this will also turn the Divines mad. Fei’er was worried about Zhao Hai, so he quickly said, “Mister, are you alright? Those two places are too important to the Divine Race. After losing those, the Divines would surely go for Mister. You should be careful from now on.”

When Zhao Hai heard Fei’er say this, his heart couldn’t help but warm. He actually thought about giving up on his plan. However, he steeled his heart as he said, “Fei’er, there’s no need to worry about me. I’m fine. It wouldn’t be easy for the Divines to deal with me. However, I’m afraid that the Supreme Elders would go and deal with your three clans in the Taurus Continent.”

Fei’er’s expression quickly changed, “Mister, are you sure?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Almost certain. At this point, the Supreme Elders are heading towards the Taurus Continent. I think they want to deal with you instead in order to lure me in.”

Fei’er was startled at this news, “Mister, what can we do? The Supreme Elders are very strong. If they use their ultimate weapons, then we would have no chance to resist.”

Zhao Hai’s voice turned serious, “I know this. However, I can’t fight them now. I’ll go and attack the other continents . I just hope that they’ll retreat once more.”

Fei’er thought for a moment and said, “Mister, what if the Supreme Elders don’t go back? If they decide to seriously attack us, then what do we do then?”

Zhao Hai turned silent for some time before he said, “Fei’er, I’ll present these facts to you. The people from the Ark Continent and the Demon Realm have been sent to another place by me. That place belongs entirely to me, everyone there needs to listen to my commands. I haven’t said this to you before because I’m afraid that you would misunderstand. However, the current situation is critical, I couldn’t afford to withhold this information from you. I hope that you can go to that place to seek safety.”

Fei’er was silent. He completely understood the elders of his clan. These people were very hard to move and wouldn’t want to be under someone’s control. This was the precise reason why they decided to go against the Divine Race. The elders would certainly disagree being under Zhao Hai’s command.

Zhao Hai was aware of Fei’er’s difficulty, so he said, “Fei’er, in a moment I’ll have an undead deliver three command tokens to you. You can bring those tokens to your clans. The command tokens are able to open spatial rifts so that your people can enter the place. If your people agreed, then you can send them in. If they don’t agree, then it’s fine. If the Supreme Elders are really intent to eliminating the three clans, then I will immediately return to the Taurus Continent. However, I’m afraid that you cannot withstand the Supreme Elders. I won’t say anything more, time is tight. Wait for the undead to send you the tokens before returning to your clans.” After he said that, Zhao Hai no longer made a sound.

Fei’er can hear the indignation from Zhao Hai’s words. But Fei’er knew that Zhao Hai was right. In the past, he thought that it was strange for Zhao Hai to not worry about the people from the Ark Continent. As it turns out, the people of the Ark Continent have already moved.

Afterwards, the Demons actually dealt with the Divines along with Zhao Hai. This made Fei’er confused. Why would the Demons listen to Zhao Hai? But now he knew, the Demons have already submitted to Zhao Hai.

If the Demons and the people from the Ark Continent surrendered to Zhao Hai, then why can’t they do the same? During the war, the Ark Continent and the Demons hardly lost any people. Meanwhile, the three clans suffered a lot.

Even if they had the right of equal dialogue with Zhao Hai at this time, was it worth sacrificing that many people? If they made the same decision with the Ark Continent and the Demon Realm, then wouldn’t they have lost less?

Looking at the Demons, Zhao Hai didn’t treat them the way the Divines treated their vassals. Zhao Hai was always respectful to the Great Demon King. Even if he made an order, he still had a polite tone. This was also the reason why Fei’er wanted the Thunder Clan to submit to Zhao Hai.

Now, Zhao Hai had overturned the skies of the Divine Race. Being the first allies of Zhao Hai, the three clans would definitely be targeted by the Divines.

The nine Supreme Elders of the Divine Race were stronger than a Divine Race army. Under such circumstance, how could the three clans resist? The Divines surely wouldn’t be merciful to them. They were the main influence of the vassal race rebellion, the Divines would surely eliminate them.

In the past, Zhao Hai knew that they didn’t want to surrender to him, so he gave them the right to have equal dialogue. But now, the situation was related to the life and death of the three clans, so Zhao Hai could only present this proposition. Fei’er believed that Zhao Hai would surely save them and have a decisive battle with the Supreme Elders. If the time comes and Zhao Hai was defeated or killed, then the three clans would meet the retaliation of the entire Divine Race. When that time comes, they definitely wouldn’t be able to resist.

Fei’er knew that the best way to solve this situation was to go to the place that Zhao Hai presented. But will the Elders agree?

Fei’er can understand Zhao Hai’s indignation. Zhao Hai had looked after the three clans for a long time yet the three clans were still guarded against him. Think about, if you give unconditional help to a person and they still feel threatened against you, then wouldn’t you be angry?

Besides these things, Fei’er was also worried about the O’Neal family. If Zhao Hai was defeated, putting the Divine Race aside, what would happen to the O’Neal family? If Zhao Hai and the Divines manage to injure themselves heavily, then who would be able to fight against the magic armors?

One must know that the ones who managed to hold the O’Neal family off were the undead. These undead were from Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai was defeated, then the undead would definitely vanish. When the time comes, with both the O’Neal family and the Divine Race attacking them, the three clans would surely be done for.

After thinking about this, Fei’er couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat. At this time, an undead came to Fei’er’s side. The undead had three blood red command tokens on its hand. These command tokens had the Wild Dragon insignia on one side while a picture of a skeleton on the other. There were no characters on the token, only the marks and some decorations, it looked very refined.

Fei’er didn’t have time to admire the tokens as he quickly took them from the undead and immediately went to see Ding and Shan. He knew that they would have similar thoughts as himself and wanted to discuss the matter. No matter what, their clans couldn’t afford another huge loss. Otherwise, the clans wouldn’t be able to recover even after a hundred years. Most importantly, the clans were in risk of extermination. This matter was of extreme importance.


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