BTFTLIAW – Chapter 925


Chapter 925 – Another Angle

Zhao Hai carefully listened to Megan’s words. Although her method was quite black-hearted, Zhao Hai could see how it would work.

If Zhao Hai did what Megan said, then the three clans would suffer losses again. And along with the pressure brought by the O’Neal family, it’s very likely that they would agree if Zhao Hai asked them to move to the Space.

Additionally, there wouldn’t be any flaws in this plan. After all, he was helping the foreign races to break through. This way, nobody would have any suspicions.

However, this plan would cause huge losses to the Thunder Clan and the others. One must know that Zhao Hai had turned the Supreme Elders mad. They will certainly be impolite to Zhao Hai’s allies. When the time comes, a lot of people from the three clans would die, there was no doubt about this.

Just as Megan said, this can only be done if Zhao Hai can endure. Zhao Hai wasn’t a black-hearted person. Although he had goals he needed to be done, he did so in a reasonable manner. But this time, the three clans will encounter a calamity because of him. Megan and the others were clear about this, and Zhao Hai as well. Because of this, Megan only brought this idea up.

Laura understood Megan’s point, because of this, everybody looked at Zhao Hai in order to reach a decision.

Zhao Hai frowned as he sat. He can understand Megan’s plan. Naturally, he also knew the consequences. Because of this, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

Zhao Hai wanted to get the three clans to move to the Space. But if he achieved it through Megan’s method, the losses of the three clans would be great. They were even in danger of being destroyed.

Zhao Hai was afraid of the three clans being exterminated. This outcome would be unfair to them. This troubled Zhao Hai’s heart.

At this time, Meg suddenly said, “Young Master, I’d like to express my opinion. Young Master, I don’t know if you’ve already thought about this, but have you thought about what would happen to the three clans after we ascend?”

When he heard Meg, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk. He looked at Meg with a confused expression. Meg looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, don’t forget that even if we defeated the Divine Race, this plane is still under Lu Wei’s control. Lu Wei can definitely support another race to replace the Divines. No matter where we are, the Thunder Clan and the others still offended Lu Wei. When the time comes, what would happen to them? Could they block Lu Wei’s attack?”

Megan and the others were also stunned. To be honest, they never examined this matter in this angle. They always thought that if they defeated the Divine Race before they ascend, then Lu Wei would just let their allies go. Zhao Hai and the others thought that it was them who would be unlucky.

After staring at Meg for some time, Zhao Hai suddenly laughed and said, “Meg, I haven’t thought about that but you actually noticed it. Right, if we ascend one day, then the Thunder Clan and the others would be the most unfortunate. They would be eliminated by Lu Wei. People as petty as Lu Wei would certainly do it. We might as well do our best to relocate the three clans to the Space.”

Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Then we should go with the plan. We’ll monitor the Supreme Elders first. If they go and deal with the three clans, then we’ll rampage throughout the Divine Race territory. If the Supreme Elders don’t retreat, then that’s when we provide support. I believe the three clans would come to the Space. Besides this, we should also send a letter to the foreign races. While we support the three clans, the foreign races would deal with the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll do that. We wait for the Supreme Elders first. Don’t tell Bingya and the others about this yet. Only reveal the matter when we head back to the Taurus Continent.”

Laura understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do. If they told this matter to Bingya and the others prematurely, then Bingya and the others would know about Zhao Hai’s plan for the three clans. When the time comes, their relationship with the foreign races would surely be affected.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a person who easily backs out of plans. Upon reaching a decision, he will immediately do his best to accomplish it. Now that everything has been planned out, Zhao Hai stopped worrying. He just quietly waited for the Supreme Elders to arrive in the Leo Continent.

Zhao Hai didn’t go too far and was just right by Lion Rock. he believed that if the Leo Supreme Elder were to return to the Leo Continent, then he would certainly come and inspect Lion Rock. If he was alone at that time, then Zhao Hai would be impolite.

Zhao Hai and the others were already used to staying inside their rooms. But this time, Laura and the others were inside the Space. They wanted to give the cultivation method over to Green and the others.

Sinlea didn’t let Zhao Hai wait too long. Soon, his figure was seen in Lion Rock. However, he wasn’t alone, the other Supreme Elders were with him.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that he wouldn’t be able to make an attack. Because of this, he just looked at Sinlea’s pale expression as he looked at Lion Rock. Lion Rock was his clan’s imperial tomb, not only was it destroyed, the Leo Divines weren’t even able to protect the skeletons of their ancestors.

Sinlea slowly fell to the ground and walked over to where Lion Rock was. Then he slammed his head to the ground multiple times before he straightened up and loudly declared, “Ancestors! This unfilial Sinlea swears to completely destroy Zhao Hai and offer his soul to you.”

The other Supreme Elders didn’t kneel down. They just looked at Sinlea as he handled his matters with Lion Rock. To Sinlea, this attack was quite huge.

After doing his respects, Sinlea stood up and turned to the other Supreme Elders, “Everyone, we’ll stabilize the Leo Continent first. Then we’ll carry out our plan.” The group nodded before flying away with Sinlea.

The Supreme Elders flew towards the center of the continent. Although Zhao Hai didn’t follow them, he still managed to guess what Sinlea and the others planned to do. They wanted to stabilize the Leo Continent first. As for their other plan, Zhao Hai still didn’t know. However, Zhao Hai wanted to use the following days to map the Leo Continent’s coastline as he waited for Sinlea and the others to leave. Only then would Zhao Hai know what the Divines were planning.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately had Bubble lead him to map the Leo Continent’s coastline, allowing the Space to monitor the continent’s border.

Sinlea held a high position in the Leo Continent. So when he came back, the situation with the continent stabilized very quickly. Moreover, since the Leo Imperials weren’t completely exterminated, Sinlea was able to appoint a new Lion King. With that, the Leo Continent quickly went under control.

Five days after Sinlea and the others returned to the Leo Continent, their traces were found in the southeastern coastline of the continent. Only the nine elders were travelling as they went out of the continent and headed towards the southeast direction.

Zhao Hai immediately had Bubble go up. At this time, Laura and the others came out of the Space. They entered the Space not only to teach Green and the others about the cultivation method, they also selected some talented Goblins to be sent to Karen’s laboratory in Wild Dragon Island.

At this moment, Karen’s laboratory had Beastmen, Dwarves, Goblins, Elves, Humans, and even some Demons selected by the Great Demon King. At the same time, there were also Fishmen sent by the Mermaid Queen. It can be said that aside from the Divines, Karen’s laboratory had every race present inside Zhao Hai’s Space.

Naturally, in addition to the Goblins, there were also other races who decided to settle in the island. The laboratory had long been built, it only needed people to occupy it.

Laura and the others proceeded to sit down and look at the screen. The monitor showed Elder Star and the others flying in the sky. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was following behind them, matching their speed.

Zhao Hai also saw that Elder Star and the others didn’t immediately go to the Taurus Continent. This made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Don’t they want to deal with the three clans? Was Megan’s guess wrong?

However, in order to determine what the Supreme Elders were doing, Zhao Hai decided to continue following behind them. When they entered a continent, Zhao Hai proceeded to map its coastline. Attacking the continent at this time would be risky even for Zhao Hai. He only wanted to see what the Supreme Elders were planning to do.

Fortunately, Sinlea and the others didn’t let Zhao Hai down. After inquiring the situation with of the continent, he realized that this was the continent of the Supreme Elder that he just killed, the Scorpio Continent.

After the Scorpio Continent, Sinlea and the others went to continent after continent. This almost turned Zhao Hai dizzy. In the end, Zhao Hai discovered that after circling through the nine Divine Race continents, the Supreme Elders  finally proceeded to head towards the Taurus Continent.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know why Sinlea and the others went in a roundabout way, he can affirm that the Supreme Elders were planning to deal with the Thunder Clan and the others.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately took his messenger fish out. This messenger fish was used to converse with Fei’er.


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