BTFTLIAW – Chapter 924


Chapter 924 – Can’t Decide

Everybody turned to look at Gold Ben. They were aware that Gold Ben was the earliest one who had fought with Zhao Hai. Moreover, Gold Ben had lost the entire Taurus Clan to Zhao Hai. Because of this, Gold Ben had the lowest status. Now that he decided to talk, the group couldn’t help but be curious.

Elder Star looked at Gold Ben. This caused Gold Ben to unconsciously turn his eyes away. It wasn’t that he felt guilty, but it was because he didn’t want to see the face of Elder Star.

Elder Star was now too thin, his body looked like a skeleton covered by a layer of skin. It gave people a very terrible feeling. Additionally, he had an ominous look in his eyes. He was like a skeleton, but was actually a person. This caused Gold Ben to be uncomfortable, making him look away unconsciously.

Elder Star didn’t care about this, he still looked straight into Gold ben and said, “Elder Gold Ben, if you have anything to say, please say it.”

Gold Ben nodded and said, “At this moment, Zhao Hai has the ability to cause trouble wherever he wants in the Divine Realm. Our previous plan is obviously not working. Instead of being slowly killed by Zhao Hai, we might as well think of another way. As long as we’re willing to make some sacrifices, then Zhao Hai will definitely come to us.”

Elder Star looked at Gold Ben and said, “What is your plan?” Gold Ben replied, “We can begin now. We’ll directly fly towards the Taurus Continent, all the way with no stopping. No matter which continent gets ruined, we still go on. When we arrive at the Taurus Continent, we will immediately deal with the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus. No matter what happens, we attack the three clans. Zhao Hai will certainly come over and help them.”

As soon as Elder Star and the others heard this, they immediately gawked. This idea was similar to Elder Star’s, but with a different target. Moreover, they would give priority to the task and just sacrifice the other Divines. Attacking the Thunder Clan and the others means that the Divine Race territory would be left with no defenses. When the time comes, who knows how much damage Zhao Hai would cause.

The group hesitated somewhat. Elder Star looked at Gold Ben and said, “How sure are you with this plan?” Gold Ben said, “I’m certain that it will work. Although the Taurus Continent has been annihilated by Zhao Hai, this didn’t come out without the assistance of the Thunder Clan and the others. Their alliance gave Zhao Hai the means to deal with us. But at the same time, since Zhao Hai wanted to save some face for the three clans,  the battle also caused the three clans no small amount of loss. Because of this, the three clans are now in their planes, healing. Zhao Hai’s relationship with the three clans is surely more than simple. Without the three clans, the Taurus Divines wouldn’t have fallen this quickly.”

Elder Star and the others nodded. They knew that what Gold Ben said was right. Although Gold Ben’s Taurus Continent wasn’t the strongest, they also weren’t the weakest. Nobody would believe it if someone said that Zhao Hai’s side had no losses after dealing with them.

After seeing the group agree to him, Gold Ben continued, “Because of this, we will go and attack the three clans. We wouldn’t care if Zhao Hai attacks the Divine Territory. If we don’t go back, then the ball would be in Zhao Hai’s hands. If he didn’t help the three clans, then his relationship with the vassal races would have problems. If that happens, then the vassal races would not cooperate with Zhao Hai wholeheartedly. This way, we can deal with the vassal and the foreign races one by one. Zhao Hai will surely come to help the three clans. And when that time comes, we can have a decisive fight against him. We wouldn’t have to find him, he would be the one who needs to come to us.”

Upon hearing this, Elder Star and the others couldn’t help but nod. Truthfully, the Divines didn’t have any means to hold Zhao Hai down, his escaping skill was just too good. Although they would suffer some losses on several continents, Gold Ben’s method was their only choice. If they don’t do this, then Zhao Hai would grind them down until nothing was left.

Elder Star looked at the other Supreme Elders and said, “I agree with Gold Ben’s suggestion. Does anyone have other ideas? From what I can see, the Central Continent is already finished, it would be impossible for the continent to recover even in a hundred years. If we don’t deal with Zhao Hai, then your continents will become the same as the Central Continent. When the time comes, the foreign races will also make their move, causing us even more losses. I ask everyone to think this matter carefully through.”

Sinlea and the others silently ruminated about the idea. To be honest, they already knew that this was the best plan to deal with Zhao Hai. But this loss was something that they didn’t want to see.

Suddenly, a person came running in. This person was from Central City’s garrison troops. Although the city was seriously damaged, there were still some people who stayed sober all this time. Because of these people, Elder Star made a refugee camp inside the ruined city. Officers have also been assigned to some of these people in order to maintain public security.

This person’s expression was quite ugly as he kneeled in front of Elder Star and the others, “Reporting to the Supreme Elders. We’ve just received a report. Zhao Hai attacked the Leo Continent and destroyed Lion Rock. The Leo Divine ancestors have also been turned into undead. The Lion King and Sir War Lion has been killed. The Leo Clan is inviting the Leo Supreme Elder to return in order to stabilize the situation.”

This report made Sinlea and the others turn blank. They knew what Lion Rock represented to the Leo Divines. But now, Zhao Hai actually destroyed it and even turned their ancestors into undead. Most importantly, the Lion King and War Lion were killed. The entire Leo Continent have been plunged into chaos.

Sinlea’s face was pale as he looked at the person and said, “This report, is this accurate?”

The person immediately replied, “This report has been sent by the Fishman Race. They said that the Leo Continent is now a mess. They ask the Elder to return and stabilize the situation.”

With clenched teeth, Sinlea growled, “That brat, he went too far!” Then he turned to Elder Star and Gold Ben, “I agree with Elder Gold Ben’s plan. After stabilizing the Leo Continent, we should head to the Taurus Continent and deal with the three clans!”

After Sinlea said this, the other Supreme Elders looked at each other before agreeing as well. From what happened to the Central Continent and the Leo Continent, they could see how heartless Zhao Hai could be. If they don’t go with the plan, then they would be killed by Zhao Hai sooner or later. Instead of being killed, they might as well fight!

When Elder Star saw the other Elders agree, he immediately said, “Good, we still have time. We will immediately leave for the Leo Continent. But before we do that, we should look for the Seven Star Heaven Lock disk. With our strengths and the Seven Star Heaven Lock, we should be able to kill Zhao Hai on the spot.”

The group nodded before they looked through the ruins. Elder Star held the Seven Star Heaven Lock formation for the longest time, so he had the most understanding about it. Because of this, after looking at the ruins, he gave a rough location of the disk. After digging for a few times, they finally recovered the formation disk.

After digging the formation disk out, the group immediately set off for the Leo Continent. Just as planned, they would take care of the matter with the Leo Continent before heading to the Taurus Continent. But before going to the Taurus Continent, they took a short trip in order to recover all of the other Seven Star Heaven Lock disks.


Zhao Hai was currently sat in his room. He looked at Laura and the others and couldn’t help but sigh. He thought about how charming they were back in the hot spring, but now they had this gentle and noble look. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but lament how fickle women were.

However, after thinking about the hot springs, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at it fondly. Although Zhao Hai had been squeezed in by several people, he still believed that not many men were able to experience that.

Laura and the others were also able to notice Zhao Hai’s gaze. The group couldn’t help but go red in embarrassment. To be honest, they had been impulsive that day. If they were to think about it again, they definitely wouldn’t do it.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and smiled. He didn’t say anything about his thoughts as he turned to Laura and said, “Laura, do you think that the Leo Supreme Elder would come back alone? If he does, then we would be able to deal with him.”

Laura shook her head and said, “I think the other Elders would follow him. Moreover, they will certainly make adjustments and find ways to solve their current situation. They can’t go on like this. Otherwise, they would be killed by us sooner or later.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the others and said, “What do you think they will do?”

The group frowned, but after some time Lizzy said, “I think they will head to the Taurus Continent and deal with the three clans.”

Zhao Hai became stunned for a moment, then he frowned and said, “Is that so? But if they deal with the Thunder Clan and the others, aren’t they afraid of me attacking the other continents?” Lizzy shook her head and said, “If I were them, I wouldn’t care about the other continents anymore. I will focus on dealing with the three clans so that you would have to go back and help them. When that time comes, they would get what they want, a direct fight with you.”

Zhao Hai frowned. He felt that Lizzy was correct. Now he wanted to think about ways in order to deal with the enemy.

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and knew what he was thinking about, so she said, “Big Brother Hai, it seems like we won’t be able to think of a way to escape from this. In any case, we need to save the three clans, otherwise our relationship with the vassal races and the foreign races would be affected.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’m aware of this, but I’m still unwilling. If we do go against them, then I’m afraid the fight wouldn’t be short. After all, I still can’t go at full force. It seems like we have no way to deal with the other Divine Race continents.”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, how could you forget about our allies? We managed to drag the nine Supreme Elders to the Taurus Continent. This will allow the foreign races to make a move. The Divines wouldn’t be able to do much when their Supreme Elders aren’t present. The Foreign Races could also send their own Supreme Elders to clean each continent as well as help the vassal races.”

When he heard Lizzy, Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he patted his head and said, “Right, right. That’s good. We can bind the Supreme Elders in the Taurus Continent while the foreign races go and deal with the Divines. Without the Supreme Elders, the Divines would find it hard to defend.”

Laura looked at the two and smiled, “Brother Hai, don’t celebrate too early. We still don’t know if the Supreme Elders did intend to do this. If they don’t, then wouldn’t our plan be wasted?” Zhao Hai thought about Elder Star and then shook his head, “No, I think the Divines will certainly do what Lizzy said. They had been pushed to a dead end. It’s just a pity that as the matter stands, we won’t have a way bring the Thunder Clan and the others to the Space.”

At this time, Megan smiled faintly and said, “Elder Brother Hai, I don’t think so. This depends on what Brother Hai wants to do. If you can bear with it, we can still push the three clans into the Space.”

Zhao Hai looked at Megan and said, “What do you mean?”

Megan smiled and said, “Didn’t Lizzy just say it? The Supreme Elders are going to deal with the three clans in order to lure us in. In return, they will ignore whatever happens to the Divine Race territory. So why can’t we pretend to be blind for a moment? While the Supreme Elders are in the Taurus Continent, we shall linger in the Divine Race Continents for some time. Only when the Supreme Elders discover that we are only pretending should we go and confront them. The nine Elders should be furious right now, so they would certainly cause quite some losses to the three clans. When that time comes, we can ask the three clans to move to the Space. But when they are inside the Space, we will tell them that the O’Neal family had attacked again as well as the growing threat of the underworld. We can use that opportunity to have them settle inside the Space. That wouldn’t be difficult to do right?”


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