BTFTLIAW – Chapter 923


Chapter 923 – Is This The End Of the Divine Race?

However, the guards weren’t necessarily unable to counter-attack. These people were among the best of the Leo Continent’s soldiers. And considering Domain Weapons, the group had about twenty, this number wasn’t small.

On the other side of the battle, the Lion King was protected inside his Domain Weapon. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have the strength to fight, after all he was also a God-rank expert. However, in the end, he was the King, he couldn’t be put into any danger.

The Lion King’s guards were already fighting against Qing Feng and Mingyue. One was strong while the other wasn’t afraid of death. Although one side was a bit weaker because of their weapons, the two sides were still equal.

At this moment, the Hell King’s ship suddenly appeared beside the Lion King’s carriage. The Lion King’s domain weapon was also a carriage known as Lion Chariot. It had the appearance of a lion with the tail being the handle.

The Leo Divines didn’t expect the Hell King’s ship to appear. Just after going out, the Hell King’s ship immediately fired its cannons towards the Lion Chariot. The chariot didn’t even have time to block. It was immediately vaporized along with the Lion King that was inside.

The current strength of the Hell King’s ship’s cannons were already far from the original. No domain weapon would be able to block its attacks. And since the Lion King wasn’t prepared, he didn’t have any chance of defending against Zhao Hai.

Despite  eliminating the Lion Chariot, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He immediately released a large number of undead and attacked the Lion King’s personal guards. Zhao Hai didn’t release 10 or 2 million undead, he released 5 million. 5 million undead against 100 thousand guards, with the latter being surrounded at all sides. In this case, the guards had no hope of escaping. In less than an hour, the battle was over. Nobody from the side of the Leo Divines survived, even War Lion fell.

After the fight ended, Zhao Hai immediately began to take all of the Domain Weapons and handed them over to Qing Feng and Mingyue’s group. Zhao Hai intends to have their group be the second Devil Legion.

The reason for Zhao Hai’s confidence was his discovery about Qing Feng and Mingyue’s group. Their increase in strength was much more than the other undead.

Although undead were strong beings, their weakness lies in increasing their power. Compared to ordinary people, their cultivation speed was much worse.

However, Qing Feng and Mingyue’s group were different. It’s possibly because of the formation in Lion Rock, preserving their blood and flesh, unifying it with their skeletons. Because of this development, they weren’t able to turn into zombies like the other undead. But this also caused them to be stronger and be more talented when it came to cultivation. They were the strongest undead units that Zhao Hai had in hand.

Upon this discovery, Zhao Hai immediately paid special attention to them. He even tried to equip them with combat suits to see if they were compatible with it.

However, this experiment ended up disappointing Zhao Hai. Even if these undead were stronger and more talented than the others, they still weren’t able to utilize the abilities of the combat suits.

Zhao Hai would still need to find a suitable weapon for the undead. If Zhao Hai can find something good to equip them with, then the power of his undead would improve by at least a few layers.

The undead were different compared to other people when it comes to weapons. Other people would need to train and would be affected by whatever they experience in the battlefield, weakening their overall strength. On the other hand, as long as an undead’s summoner was good, then their abilities wouldn’t fall short against a competent army.

After taking care of Qing Feng and Mingyue’s group, Zhao Hai returned to Thirsty Lion City. He wanted to see how the Leo Divines would act upon knowing that their King was killed.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai saw the reaction. It was chaos. Originally, the Leo Divines were still able to suppress the chaos because of the presence of their King. But now it was different, the Lion King was dead. The final dam was gone, drowning the continent in chaos.

Zhao Hai also found out that the chaos here was different compared to the Central Continent. In the Central Continent, the chaos was due to overwhelming emotion. In the Leo Continent, however, it seems like there were some social issues that had accumulated to a certain degree. It was through Zhao Hai’s action that the issue began to burst out.

Zhao Hai can only shake his head regarding this situation. He had already achieved his goal in the Leo Continent. At this time, the only thing left to do was to wait for the Leo Supreme Elder to appear. If the Leo Supreme Elder came back without the other Supreme Elders, then Zhao Hai would use the opportunity to deal with him.

At this time, Laura and the others came out of their room. They practiced longer than Zhao Hai, but had gained less from the method. Moreover, the refinement of their energy wasn’t as good as Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai turned and observed them. Their temperament had subtly changed. They were currently wearing home clothing from the science and technology background. The clothes look like sportswear, and it was colored with bright tones.

Wearing these clothes would make one feel lively. And when Laura and the others wore it, it makes one feel a noble gentleness, an elegant atmosphere.

After seeing the group, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. Their change made them even more beautiful. And with the education they learned since childhood, they look even more eye-catching. If they were stars in the sky before, they had now become moons.

Upon seeing his wives like this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but heat up. Laura and the others had some understanding of Zhao Hai. Upon seeing his expression, they immediately understood. All of their faces couldn’t help but turn red.

Laura turned to look at Lizzy and the others, they also looked at each other before seeing the teasing smiles on their eyes. Then they turned to look at Zhao Hai and slowly went forward.

Before long, Laura and the others arrived by Zhao Hai’s side. Then suddenly Laura said, “Sisters, hold him!” Then the women grabbed Zhao Hai, lifting him up.

Zhao Hai struggled and said, “What, what are you doing? Let me go. Help!” Laura sneered and said, “Save your voice, calling until you have a  broken throat wouldn’t even help..” But Zhao Hai continued to yell, “Broken throat, broken throat, you there? Help me quick!”[1]

When they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others chuckled and then pinched him in the waist. However, they didn’t let go of him and just brought him to the hot spring. After that, boundless spring arrived…

The Leo Supreme Elder, Sinlea, was currently standing on the ruins of Connecting Heaven Palace. The entire mountain had been completely crushed, not even a single tile went undamaged. Although Sinlea wasn’t from the Central Continent, his heart still felt heavy upon witnessing this.

Even without the Seven Star Heaven Lock, the defenses of Connecting Heaven Palace was still very formidable. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have become a sacred land. However, Zhao Hai was actually able to demolish it within an extremely short period of time. Add this to Zhao Hai surviving five Supreme Elders, destroying the Taurus Continent base, and completely eradicating the Taurus Divines, all of these only expressed how formidable Zhao Hai was.

Zhao Hai was so powerful that he was actually a great threat to the Divine Race. At this point, his enmity with the Divines was irresolvable. The stronger he was, the more trouble the Divines would be in. And now, they still had no way of finding out where Zhao Hai was. It can be said that they were completely beaten by Zhao Hai. Moreover, Zhao Hai can attack them at any place and at any time. This made the Supreme Elders very unhappy.

Most importantly, Sinlea and the others were worried since they didn’t know what Zhao Hai’s next target would be. It’s probable that when they arrived at the Central Continent, Zhao Hai was already elsewhere. They were always slower than Zhao Hai.

After thinking about this, Sinlea’s heart couldn’t help but turn heavy. He looked at Elder Star who wasn’t that far away. Elder Star had gone senile, he had become skinny to the point of skin and bones. He looks like he would fall over at any moment. His state was made worse by the fact that his whole family has been killed.

Upon seeing this situation, Sinlea couldn’t help but sigh. In the past, Elder Star was a high-spirited and vigorous man. Since he was the Central Continent’s Supreme Elder, he held the highest status among the Supreme Elders. Because of this, his appearance seemed always amicable, but still held some arrogance within.

But now, that person had turned into this appearance. Everybody who saw this change couldn’t stop themselves from sighing.

At this time, Elder Star suddenly said, “Do any of you have any ideas on how to deal with Zhao Hai?” Sinlea and the others frowned. They didn’t have any good idea. Because of this, Elder Star’s question made them feel embarrassed.

Perhaps because he didn’t hear a reply, Elder Star spoke after some time. He sighed and said, “Is this the end of the divine race?”

At this time, Gold Ben spoke, “I have a way to deal with Zhao Hai. But the sacrifices needed for this method would be very huge.”

  1. Maybe a Chinese language structure thing. Can’t seem to get the context to English.


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