BTFTLIAW – Chapter 922


Chapter 922 – The Lion King

Although Green and the others were God-rank experts, they were already quite old and their lifespan was limited. They only practice magic and battle qi, so even if it had a help of increasing their strength, it won’t increase their lifespan that much. Compared to a Daoist method’s means of preserving life, it still fell a bit short.

Green and the others were Zhao Hai’s family members. Back when Zhao Hai was on Earth, he didn’t have a family, he never felt the warmth of home. It was only after arriving at the Ark Continent did Zhao Hai know the feeling of family, the feeling of being home.

Zhao Hai treasures this feeling very much. No matter what he does, he would always put his family members first. If he gains any benefits, he would always think of his clan.

Back in the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai was a rich person, and his family was always full. But now he was different, he was a family Patriarch and also had a lot of people inside the Space. He had to be responsible for all of these people. Therefore, he had to look for benefits all the time. If he wanted to achieve his goals, he can only do this.

Zhao Hai was sitting inside his room while looking at the monitor. There was a dust cloud over where Lion Rock was. The people of the Leo Continent should know about this before long. Hiding such a huge sound would be very difficult.

At this time, Zhao Hai wanted to see the response of the Leo Continent. At the same time, he also knows that the Leo Continent’s reaction wouldn’t be as severe as the Central Continent.

The reason Zhao Hai was able to cause that much reaction to the Central Continent was because he also eradicated the Central Continent’s Imperial Clan. This turned the Central Continent into a headless dragon. Nobody was able to suppress the populace, contributing to how chaotic everything became.

Like Zhao Hai thought, chaos had arrived at the Leo Continent. The mood of the Leo Divines haven’t been that great lately. They felt that, as Divines, they shouldn’t have suffered a loss against someone from the Ark Continent.

All these years, Connecting Heaven Palace had always been the spiritual pillar of the Divine Race. How could these people bear the damage of their holy place being destroyed.

And now, Lion Rock, a sacred place for the Leo Divines, has been ruined. At the same time, the remains of their ancestors have been turned into undead. It didn’t take a long time for the Leo Continent to explode.

Although the scale of the Leo Continent’s reaction wasn’t as worse as the Central Continent, the chaos was still out of Zhao Hai’s imagination.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai whose expectation were surpassed, the Leo Divines didn’t expect it as well. Fights among the civilians happened frequently, some fires also began to appear. After that, the army joined the chaos. The matter became bigger and bigger, in the end it couldn’t be controlled anymore.

However, the chaos in the Leo Continent was somewhat different from the chaos in the Central Continent. In the Central Continent, the chaos stemmed from people completely losing their sense. On the other hand, the Leo Continent’s chaos came from the population’s suppressed emotions.

The arrogance of the Divine Race had exceeded Zhao Hai’s expectation. In their view, Zhao Hai’s attack on Connecting Heaven Palace and now on Lion Rock was completely because of the incompetence of those in power. Not being able to find and deal with Zhao Hai was the biggest insult. The people could only vent their emotions in this way.

Most importantly, this sentiment didn’t only exist among the commoners, the soldiers thought the same as well. In the end, this caused the trouble in the Leo Continent to be more uncontrollable.

Zhao Hai went to Thirsty Lion City in order to take a look. He wanted to see how chaotic the Leo Continent had become. However, he didn’t relax on observing Lion Rock. He knew that the powerful Leo Divines would surely go and see the situation.

The reason Zhao Hai wanted to keep his attention on Lion Rock was because he wanted to obtain a genuine Seven Star Heaven Lock disk. The disk can be installed on the Hell King’s ship, so Zhao Hai needed to obtain them.

Although the chaos in the Leo Continent had become uncontrollable, and some opportunists had used this to gain benefits, the Leo Royals still didn’t take it too seriously. This was because they already reported this matter to their Supreme Elder. They believed that as long as the Supreme Elder comes back, then this unrest would immediately die down.

Because of this, the Royal Family sent people without bringing a Seven-Star Heaven Lock disk. Not that they didn’t, but they couldn’t because they didn’t have one.

The eight disks of the formation was sent to the other eight continents. Since Elder Star and the others were staying in the Leo Continent, there was no disk present here. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t take into account.

However, the person that went this time was someone special. It was the Leo Continent’s Lion King! Lion Rock was equivalent to the Imperial tomb of the Leo Clan. Now that their ancestral grave was dug out, how could the Lion King not go to investigate.

Although the Leo Continent had gone chaotic, the Leo Clan still controlled quite a number of troops. This army comprised mostly of the Royal Clan’s juniors. They’re quite numerous and were very loyal. It was because of this army that the Leo Royals weren’t afraid that someone would make a move on them.

Lion City wasn’t very far from Lion Rock. It didn’t take long before the Leo Clan was able to arrive. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai calmly observed the situation at Lion Rock.

After seeing the Leo Royals, Zhao Hai knew that their identity wasn’t simple. At this time, Laura and the others were training, so Zhao Hai didn’t plan to bother them. However, Zhao Hai didn’t think about giving up this time. He wanted to use this opportunity to deal with the Leo Royals. Therefore, he released Qing Feng and Mingyuan out. Then he ordered them to attack the Royal Clan.

This might me cruel, but it wasn’t. Although the Leo Royals were descendants of Qing Feng and Mingyue, their blood has been extremely diluted after many generations. This allowed Zhao Hai to have the confidence to send the two powerful undead out.

The Lion King’s expression was ugly as he looked at Lion Mountain. To be honest, the other Royals didn’t care much about the destruction of Connecting Heaven Palace. They weren’t from the Central Continent. And even if the effort the ten Continents did to build the palace wasn’t small, it was just to the point of sending average God-ranks to help.

For the Lion King, that matter was already too long ago. If the palace was destroyed, then it was destroyed. For him, it wasn’t a very important event. Zhao Hai slapped the face of the Central Continent, it had nothing to do with him.

But now that Lion Rock was destroyed, the slap was on the faces of the Leo Divines. In this case, how could the Lion King just remain calm?

Most importantly, the Lion King understood what the destruction of Lion Rock meant. Lion Rock was their ancestral grave. Even a small damage to the grave was a stain on the Leo Royal Clan’s reputation.

The man wearing a helmet next to the Lion King had an even uglier expression. This person was the highest ranked military person in the continent, a Leo Royal Prince, the younger brother of the Lion King. He was called the War Lion.

War Lion’s expression was very ugly. He thought that this matter was his responsibility. He was the most decorated general in the continent, and the defensive plan was arranged by him. However, under his own gaze, the Lion Rock was silently destroyed by Zhao Hai. This was the greatest shame that he had experienced.

At this time, the two suddenly heard sounds of disturbance. The Lion King and War Lion turned to see a group of undead. Upon seeing these undead, the expression on the faces of the two immediately turned uglier.

War Lion and the Lion King were members of the Royal Family, so they were more acquainted to the members of the Royal Clan due to the portraits that were made. On those portraits, the members wore their Imperial Robes of which they also wore to their graves. Because of this, War Lion and the Lion King both recognized Qing Feng and Mingyue. Judging by their clothes, their thought shouldn’t be wrong.

After understanding this, it’s natural that the two would be extremely angry. However, the two suddenly had a headache. It was because attacking these undead would be the same as attacking their ancestors. They didn’t know how to go about this situation. Even if they managed to destroy the undead, this meant that their ancestors’ skeletons would be ruined. On the other hand, how could they just receive the attack without retaliating? This made War Lion and the Lion King frown at the same time.

War Lion turned to the Lion King and said, “Brother, what should we do?”

The Lion King frowned, he still couldn’t make up his mind. After some time, the Lion King said, “We fight. We’ll clash with them sooner or later. We cannot just wait for Zhao Hai to release them.”

War Lion couldn’t help but sigh. To be honest, he really didn’t want to fight. But in this case, they didn’t have a choice. War Lion wanted to disagree with the Lion King, but he hated Zhao Hai more.

Along with the Lion King’s order, the army began to move and head towards Qing Feng and Mingyue. Following the Lion King were his personal guards. They were quite strong, and they numbered about a hundred thousand.

But when the personal guards rushed over, they suddenly discovered their mistake. Every undead suddenly established their Domains as they proceeded to attack.

The guards didn’t expect the undead to be this formidable. The undead were actually God-ranks, and they were even able to use their Domains. For the Personal Guards, this was a disaster.

Although the personal guards weren’t weak, they were only God-rank experts. On the other hand, the other party were peak God-ranks. The guards were surely to be pressured by the undead.


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