BTFTLIAW – Chapter 920


Chapter 920 – Too Hateful!

Zhao Hai sat inside his room and looked at the monitor. He took a token from his staff and handed it over to the two undead cultivators. The two were already famous in the Divine Realm, however, Zhao Hai wanted to know them by their names in the Cultivation Realm, Qing Feng, and Mingyue!

At this time, Qing Feng and Mingyue were bringing the undead to head out of the tomb. Zhao Hai increased their strengths while turning their coffins into weapons. The bronze and iron coffins were made into weapons while the silver and gold coffins were stored in the Space.

Zhao Hai was a frugal person, so how could he just waste silver and gold. Because of this, the weapons equipped by the undead were all iron and bronze weapons.

As Zhao Hai got stronger and stronger, his control over metals became greater and greater as well. HIs divergent ability was actually good for combat. However, since the weapons of the opponents were always covered with battle qi, using metals to fight was generally useless.

Zhao Hai spectated the undead as they attacked the military encampment. The undead inside was beyond what Zhao Hai expected. Inside the tomb were nearly 100 thousand undead, all of them powerful experts when they were alive. The weakest of them were at full god-rank. Moreover, there was Qing Feng and Mingyue, two ascendant-level experts back when they were alive.

And with the formation that Qingfeng and Mingyue used in the tomb, the flesh and blood of the undead were integrated into their skeletons. This allowed them to preserve their strength. This caused the near 100 thousand undead to have incredible strength.

Qing Feng and Mingye were now at the foot of the mountain, getting ready to attack the army. But as they got close, the camp’s alarm suddenly activated, alerting the entire army camp.

Because of what happened in the Central Continent, the nerves of the other Divines were quite tight. Now that the alarm had sounded out, the soldiers immediately jumped up at the fastest speed, they grabbed their weapons and ran out without even wearing their armors. They didn’t have time to.

The soldiers in the compound were getting extremely alert. The magic lamps in the compound were now being lit up, allowing them to see the scenery inside and outside. What they saw startled each and every one of them.

They were all soldiers, elites at that. They could see the number of their enemies in just a glance. Therefore, upon heading out of their camp, they immediately knew that they were surrounded by no less than ten thousand undead.

While the soldiers were stunned, the undead were already rushing over. The soldiers were surprised because they felt that the clothes the undead wore were quite strange.

A lot of these undead were dressed like noble Divines. Moreover, some of them were wearing ancient robes. Nevertheless, the undead looked gorgeous, causing the soldiers to feel very strange.

Just as the soldiers were preparing to clash with the enemy, the undead’s strength surprised them once more. All of the undead were God-rank.

Carvalho stood in the center of the compound as he inspected the undead. The clothes on these undead seemed to have been worn for a long time, and their style was very old. However, the weapons that they were using looked newly made, this puzzled him.

Then suddenly, Carvalho noticed where these undead were coming from. They could be seen coming out of Lion Rock.

Carvalho looked at Lion Rock as his expression changed. He looked at the undead carefully before he suddenly spotted an armored undead. Carvalho’s eyes focused even more before it flashed an ominous light. He immediately turned to his subordinates and commanded loudly, “Brothers, join me, we need to kill our way out!”

Carvalho’s command made the others soldiers stare. These people weren’t Carvalho’s subordinates for a day or two. They knew Carvalho and were very loyal to him. However, his order this time was not something they expected to come out of his mouth.

One must know that guarding Lion Rock was an important matter for the Leo Divines. Moreover, the Leo Clan had an order that was specifically directed at the troops guarding Lion Rock. Fleeing during battle is punishable with nine generations execution!

This meant that once you are assigned to Lion Rock, you will die in battle there. Once you flee, then 9 generations of your family would be killed.

This was the order that caused the soldiers to feel confused at Carvalho’s order. Upon seeing the strength of the undead, the soldiers were already prepared to die here. They understood that if they retreat, then their families would be implicated. But if they die here, then their families might be protected.

Carvalho immediately knew what the soldiers were thinking, after all, they were long time friends. However, Carvalho commanded once more, “Brothers, I couldn’t promise anything, but we need to head out of this place. This matter is related to the fate of our Leo Continent. Quick, gather together!”

Zhao Hai sat on his room and looked at Carvalho. He knew that Carvalho had already guessed what was happening. But instead of impeding Carvalho’s escape, Zhao Hai wanted to release him in order to spread the information regarding what happened to Lion Rock.

Carvalho’s men chose to believe in him, so they immediately grouped up and proceeded to rush out.

But when Carvalho’s group went on to clash with the undead, they suddenly discovered that the undead weren’t as powerful as they thought. Although Carvalho lost about half of his people, they still managed to escape.

After the clash, Carvalho quickly rushed towards Thirsty Lion City. Carvalho knew that Thirsty Lion City was a satellite of Lion City. Because of that, there were a lot of defenders there that could block the undead. Moreover, he also needs the city to send a signal back to Lion City, asking for reinforcements.

At the thought of this, Carvalho’s mood improved. He turned his head and glanced coldly at the slowly retreating undead.

At this time, an aide beside Carvalho said, “General, where did those undead come from?”

Carvalho smiled bitterly, he didn’t know how to answer. He was very clear that those undead were their buried ancestors inside Lion Rock. If this news was spread to the continent, then its effect would be resounding. Since he knew what the outcome would be, he thought twice about informing his men.

Carvalho’s aide looked at him and said, “General? What’s wrong?”

Carvalho sighed, he didn’t have the guts to hide the truth from his brothers, so he whispered, “Those undead came from Lion Rock. I’m certain that this is Zhao Hai’s doing.”

The aide froze for a moment, then he said, “Lion Rock? Why would they come from Lion Rock? General, you mean, Zhao Hai is here? The one we are at war with?”

Carvalho looked at his subordinate and sighed, “I’m 80% sure. Remember the clothes that those undead wore. Although we still wear robes up to this time, our style changed a lot. However, the robes worn by those undead seem to be from ancient times. Additionally, they appeared near Lion Rock. I’m quite sure that Zhao Hai went to Lion Rock and turned our ancestors into undead!”

Upon hearing this, the aide’s eyes turned blood red, “Zhao Hai went too far! I will tear him to pieces!”

Carvalho calmly replied, “Zhao Hai is truly an archenemy of the Divine Race. If we don’t deal with him, then the Divines would be in peril” At this time, flames suddenly flashed outside Thirsty Lion City, the reinforcements have come. Carvalho immediately went forward and said, “May I meet the general? This one is Lion Rock’s General Carvalho.”

The opposite party gave way before a voice was heard, “Carvalho, you brat, you want to die do you? How dare you run away from the camp! Tsk, tell me what happened.” As the voice came in, a huge figure appeared in front of the reinforcing army.

Upon seeing this person, Carvalho began to loosen up. He quickly replied, “Kale, you old fatty. Don’t waste any time and come over to help us. I have an important matter to see his Majesty. This is a matter of the Leo Continent’s life and death. We need to be careful.”

It’s clear that the opposite party was a friend judging by the jokes they threw at each other. The reinforcing army immediately planned to head towards Lion Rock to surround it. At the same time, scouts were also sent in to see the situation at Lion Rock.

As the reinforcing general reached Carvalho, the latter turned his head and said, “Kale, let your people retreat, it’s useless. Come with me to Lion City, we need to report this matter to His Majesty.”

It’s obvious that Kale trusted Carvalho’s decision, so he looked at him and said, “Alright, let’s go immediately.” After that, he commanded his people to stay put while also recalling the scouts.

At this time, Carvalho’s aide reminded him, “General, we need this to be hidden from as many people as possible. It’s best to have an encirclement around Lion Rock just to make sure nobody goes there.”

When he heard this, Carvalho stared for a moment before he nodded and said, “Alright, go send people to surround Lion Rock. Make sure nobody approaches the area. However, make sure to keep a safe distance.”


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