BTFTLIAW – Chapter 919


Chapter 919 – Heart Bond!

The undead can overthrow their masters. Such matters had occurred even back in the Ark Continent. If the Undead was stronger than its master, then it could wrestle control even if they were bound by some law.

When Zhao Hai saw the undead act like this, he couldn’t help but think about this situation.

However, Zhao Hai still felt a bit strange about this. He didn’t understand how this could happen. The Dark Mist of the Underworld could turn people into undead, but the undead wouldn’t be smart. Undead were divided into different kinds. The most common undead were the ones that Zhao Hai was using. They were just people being turned into undead. Since these people haven’t died for a long time, their flesh and blood can still be absorbed into their bones. Because of this, the undead were still able to preserve most of their strength.

The second type of undead were those who had died for a long time. After a long time, the corpses would decompose, only leaving the bones behind. At this time, there wouldn’t be any blood and flesh left to absorb, causing the skeleton to be weak. Therefore, these kinds of undead became the weakest types.

Since Zhao Hai was only using the undead in Lion Rock to cause chaos, he didn’t care if they were strong or not. Zhao Hai wanted to let the Leo Divines know that he had desecrated their Lion Rock, causing them to be mad.

But now, the situation caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled. However, when Zhao Hai was beginning to calm down, he understood that the undead didn’t break his control. This was because every time the undead wanted to leave the control of their masters, the master would immediately suffer injuries. One of the more severe cases were the masters completely losing their senses, directly turning into people with no sense of self.

Zhao Hai discovered that he wasn’t harmed at all. One should know that Zhao Hai was the one who released the Dark Mist. Although it was the Dark Mist of the Underworld, it was a dark mist that was reformed by the Space. The dark mist carried Zhao Hai’s imprint, which essentially meant that it was Zhao Hai’s dark mist. If these undead really got out of Zhao Hai’s control, then Zhao Hai would have been injured; but he wasn’t.

Zhao Hai looked at the undead and then appeared inside the tomb. He wanted to see what was going on.

While Laura and the others were still startled at the scene, they suddenly discovered that Zhao Hai appeared on the monitor. This caused their expressions to change. They were afraid that the undead might attack Zhao Hai.

However, the matter actually went opposite to what they expected. When Zhao Hai appeared inside the tomb, the two skeletons immediately turned towards Zhao Hai and proceeded to kneel.

Zhao Hai loosened up and waved his hand, making the two undead stand up. Then Zhao Hai tested the two undead with his spiritual force to see if they can communicate.

This communication allowed Zhao Hai to know the identity of these two people. These people weren’t simple, they were the first generation monarchs of the Leo Continent. Additionally, they have another status, cultivators from the Cultivation Realm.

However, they weren’t especially strong cultivators. They were young trainee pharmacists in their own sect. In the Cultivation Realm, each sect would have their own Pill Divisions. Pill-making always went hand-in-hand with martial cultivation. Almost every cultivator would take pills in some point in their lives. There were a lot of pills in the Cultivation Realm, but the most common of them were pills that increase cultivation.

Each sect would find children who were skilled in pharmacy and teach them simple refining methods. After that, the sects would provide them with medicine furnaces and give them some pill-making knowledge. When those children grew up, they would become qualified pharmacists.

The two skeletons studied pill-making at a very young age. When they were about ten years old, an enemy sect  suddenly went to attack their sect. While the two groups were fighting, the two ten year olds were spectating them inside the Pill Division. Then all of a sudden, the two sides made a huge attack on each other, causing a spatial crack to appear. Naturally, the strong experts were fine. But the two weak ten-year olds actually fell into the crack, ending up in the Divine Realm.

When they arrived in the Divine Realm, the place where they fell into was the Leo Continent. Later on, they were rescued by an old soul, a wealthy merchant. They also found that the Divine Realm was very different compared to the Cultivation Realm. Therefore, they didn’t dare to reveal their true identity.

The two were young pill-makers. Their refining talents were very good, but their cultivation talent wasn’t.

However, after arriving in the Divine Realm, they had found out that they were very rare cultivation talents. Moreover, Battle Qi and Magic that was practiced here wasn’t too different to the most basic skills that a cultivator would learn. Therefore, the two just went to cultivate according to what they learned and then ended up as the rulers of the Leo Continent.

But although their cultivation was quite good, they didn’t get too far in their cultivation since the heaven and earth aura of the Divine Realm wasn’t sufficient. In the end, the two weren’t able to ascend to the Cultivation Realm and finally passed away in the Leo Continent.

At the same time, the two were also able to find out that the Divine Realm was ruled by a cultivator. However, they didn’t dare to reveal their identity. They knew that if their identity as cultivators were to be known, then they would be hunted down and killed. Because of this, they brought this secret with them to the grave.

At that time, their descendants and most trusted people were able to learn some cultivation methods of the Cultivation Realm. These methods of cultivation placed great importance to one’s own body. This caused these people to have bodies that were more formidable compared to the other Divines in the Divine Realm.

And before the two died, they also arranged for this tomb to be built. There wasn’t much on this tomb other than an array that would keep a physical body intact for a very long time. In general, a body would survive here for a millenium without rotting. At the same time, the flesh and blood would also slowly integrate with the bones, leaving a skeleton that was much stronger compared to others.

Now, Zhao Hai turned them into undead. Although Zhao Hai used the Underworld’s Dark Mist, this dark mist was improved by the Space. This allowed the dark mist to preserve an undead’s wisdom.

If it was any ordinary person, then their spiritual wisdom might have already dissipated. However, the people on this tomb were different. Since their bodies had united with their skeletons, their wisdom got preserved. This explains why, after being turned into undead, the skeletons still had the mind to kneel upon seeing the two undead cultivators. They were still aware that the two were their ancestor kings.

Although the two were already turned into skeleton and couldn’t be identified using their faces, their garments alone described their status. Most importantly, the division between undead were very strict. Therefore, the undead immediately bent their knees upon seeing the two.

After coming to know about this, Zhao Hai relaxed. Although these undead were able to preserve their wisdom, they were still loyal towards him.

However, there was still one thing that made Zhao Hai quite confused. There should be no feelings between undead creatures. Even if they stood in front of their parents or children, their sentiment towards each other should have ended after they died.

So this begs the reason why the two undead immediately held hands together after being resurrected?

Zhao Hai asked the two undead about this and immediately got his answer. The answer made Zhao Hai stare. The two undead casted a spell on each other when they were still alive, and the spell was called ‘Heart Bond’!

This spell wasn’t a Divine Realm spell, it came from the Cultivation Realm. They unintentionally learned this spell back when they were young. But due to their small age, they didn’t know what the spell represented. However, when the two became married, they realized what Heart Bond really was.

Heart Bond was a spell that manifests all throughout the caster’s life. The casters needed to be a man and a woman, and they need to be in love with each other otherwise the spell would not work. This spell was quite special. Once one party became injured and was about to die, the other person can use this technique in order to make the injured recover in an instant. However, this action would cause the healthy party to lose half of their life force. It was a very overbearing spell.

Actually, the two had a chance to ascend. However, the woman was injured in a fight once. In order to treat his partner, the man used Heart Bond’s effect.

The woman recovered but this reduced the man’s life force. After this event, neither of the two were able to ascend.

In addition to healing, Heart Bond also had another feature. Once one of the casters die, the other cannot live. Moreover, even after they died, the two were still affected by the spell. Never in their whole life, and death, would the two be separated.

After hearing this spell, Zhao Hai became very curious. He immediately asked the two for the spell’s details. Since the two were now Zhao Hai’s subordinates, they immediately told him everything. Not only the spell, they also divulged some pill-making information as well as things about the Cultivation Realm.


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