BTFTLIAW – Chapter 918


Chapter 918 – Strange Undead


Too valuable! Spending those 1 million gold coins was extremely worth it!

This was the only thing that was booming in Zhao Hai’s mind this time. He never imagined the scanner to be this powerful. It even gave the method to break the formation. For Zhao Hai, this was too important.

The information about the formation and the method to break it was too precious for Zhao Hai. At this time, he didn’t have too much knowledge regarding the Cultivation Realm, especially formations.

From Lu Wei’s fragment, Zhao Hai learned that formations were very important in the Cultivation Realm.

It was almost impossible to leave a formation. Moreover, the magic formations of the Cultivation Realm were fundamentally different compared to the ones that Zhao Hai had seen before. If Zhao Hai ascends to the Cultivation Realm, then the enemy could surely use magic arrays in order to deal with him.

This formation’s appearance was an absolutely good thing for Zhao Hai. This would allow him to better understand the formations of the Cultivation Realm.

In the past, Zhao Hai was able to gain items from the Cultivation Realm. Both the Pagoda and the Hell King’s ship were items that Zhao Hai stole. They also had formations inside them, but they were too complex, Zhao Hai had no way to use them. It was like having a primary school kid write a university level thesis.

But this time, the magic formation wasn’t that complex. It could be said that this formation was a very common one. Most importantly, the Space was able to give the method to set it up as well as how to break it. This information were very useful in studying formations.

Additionally, the scanner also mentioned that this formation had formation disks, which were made from Cultivation Realm materials. For these materials to combine with the Hell King’s ship was good news for Zhao Hai. The Hell King’s ship wasn’t all-powerful. Once Zhao Hai arrives at the Cultivation Realm, he would need to survive. This was something that Zhao Hai cared the most about.

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Print it, immediately print it out.”

The Space’s prompt wasn’t only heard by Zhao Hai, Laura and the others were able to hear it as well and they were glad. They had been with Zhao Hai for a long time, naturally they knew what would be good for him.

Lizzy quickly turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do you think that this is the method the Divines prepared for us? It’s obvious that the formation is quite new. Even if they can only hold us for a few days, Elder Star would be able to come and kill us.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he nodded and said, “That seems to be so. But how could they be sure that the formation would be able to trap us? This newly made formation seems to be unable to do 100% of its strength.”

At this time, Cai’er came in and said, “Young Master, here are the printed pages.” Held in her arms were a stack of papers.

Zhao Hai quickly received the stack of papers and carefully examined it. When he saw that the formation could be used separately, he immediately confirmed that this formation was prepared for him.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Lizzy and smiled, “Lizzy, it seems like you’re correct. This formation is a set called the Seven Star Heaven Lock. It’s certain that the Divines had prepared this for us. What a pity, back when we attacked the Connecting Heaven palace, we didn’t look carefully. Perhaps we might be able to find a Seven Star Heaven Lock formation disk.”

After saying that, he handed the stack of papers over to Lizzy. Lizzy looked at it and nodded, “It seems like this formation was given by Lu Wei to Elder Star.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “But now these formations are useless to us, they might as well be decoration. Later on, we can get the disks and integrate them into the Hell King’s ship.”

Laura faintly smiled, “I think there should be an original disk in the Leo Continent. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make full use of the formation. We should look for it here.” Zhao Hai thought about it but he shook his head and said, “Forget it, our main goal now is to cause chaos to the Divines. If we take too long in the Leo Continent, it’s very likely that Elder Star would be able to react. In any case, with those things in Elder Star’s hand, we should be able to get them soon.”

Laura nodded and said, “That is also a good idea. Tonight, we’ll give the Divines a good surprise.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. However, his expression turned ice-cold. Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking about the Divines right now, instead, he was thinking about Lu Wei.

The Divines have Lu Wei as their backer. If Lu Wei couldn’t stop Zhao Hai here, then he would surely make his move in the Cultivation Realm.

The skies slowly went dark. Just like before, Zhao Hai was very patient and didn’t immediately make a move. At the same time, Zhao Hai wanted to see how the army acts when night came.

It didn’t take long for Zhao hai to discover that the army’s situation was also quite good at night. While they would send a patrol every hour during the day, during the night, they send patrols twice every hour. Other than that, everything else was the same.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the Hell King’s ship. But at the same time, he ordered the ship’s cannons to begin firing up towards Lion Rock.

During the daytime, Zhao Hai saw that the Lion Rock was a mountain covered with a forest on top. This made Lion Rock look like a green lion.

Unlike what Zhao Hai imagined before, the tomb wasn’t built on top of Lion Rock. Instead, the tomb was made inside a cavern carved out inside the mountain.

Lion Rock was quite special. Although it was on water, the flow just stopped outside. The cavern that was carved out was very dry. After the Leo Divines carved the mountain up, they proceeded to build the tomb inside. The tomb was decorated luxuriously, it was like a palace inside. Inside the tomb were a few coffins. The coffins were made out of fine white stone. Zhao Hai knew that this stone was a kind of radiant mineral, completely suitable for light attribute magic. In the Divine Realm, it was quite a precious mineral.

In the middle of the tomb were two coffins made out of this radiant stone. These two coffins were made of big and small stones. One looked sharp and angular, giving one a strong and hardened aura. The other had rounded corners, giving a soft feeling. These two coffins were in the very center of the tomb. The two coffins were propped up by a platform made entirely out of radiant stone. The platform was carved beautifully, making it the the main structure of the tomb.

Below these two main coffins were the other coffins. These coffins revolved around the two coffins.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai could deduce that inside the two coffins were the two most respected members of the Leo Imperial Clan. The other coffins were their children.

Outside the Imperial tomb were more coffins. The materials of those coffins weren’t as good. Some of them were made of gold, some were silver, while some were bronze. There were also more coffins further out made from iron and wood. The materials probably referred to the owners’ status.

Because of this, it took Zhao Hai quite a long time before reaching the the tomb. Zhao Hai had the ship fire as he made a passage leading to the tomb.

Making the passage wasn’t for Zhao Hai. He had the passage made in order for his magic to go through. Zhao Hai planned to send the underworld’s dark mist into the passage and see what the result would be.

The Underworld’s dark mist had the ability to turn dead people into undead. Zhao Hai wanted to see how long the dark mist would turn these skeletons into undead.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to go all out with his cannons. That would make too much sound, alerting the people outside. Zhao Hai didn’t want to make his presence known. Because of this, Zhao Hai adjusted the power of his cannons to be low, just enough to drill a hole while making the least sound.

At around 9 pm, the magic cannons finally made a connection to the tomb. This passage wasn’t very big, it could only allow a big mouse to go through.

Zhao Hai immediately fed the dark mist into the passage. He had the dark mist enter the passage and go into the tomb.

The Dark Mist entered the passage and began to get thicker and thicker. Before long, the wooden coffins rocked slowly as each skeleton got up. After that, the iron coffins were next, then the bronze coffins, then the silver coffins, and the the gold ones.

But when the dark mist met the tombs made out of radiant stone, it began to experience difficulties. The radiant stone seems to have a resistance towards the dark mist. When the dark mist met the coffin, the radiant stone began to light up pushing the dark mist away.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he frowned. He didn’t expect that the radiant stones were able to block the dark mist of the Underworld. If this was the case, then the Divines might be able to defeat the Underworld.

While he was thinking about this, Laura suddenly said, “Brother Hai, quick, look!”

Zhao Hai quickly turned to look at the monitor. What he saw made him shocked. The dark mist seemed to be irritated. It rolled and smashed towards the radiant stone, causing it to become weaker and weaker. Before long, the repelling light disappeared and the dark mist surrounded the coffin.

Soon after that, the coffins shook as skeletons came out one by one. These skeletons were quite tall and the clothes they wore were very magnificent.

However, there were also some differences on the clothes they wore. Although some were wearing white robes, there were some who wore armor and some just wore ordinary Divine Race clothes.

What made Zhao Hai surprised were the two coffins in the middle of the tomb. It seems like they weren’t affected by what was happening around them. They remained motionless, not moving at all.

As Zhao Hai was thinking that the two skeletons were already turned into dust, the two coffins began to move. The rocking became more and more violent until the cover of the two coffins flew out and smashed into the ground.

After that, four pure white bony hands extended from the coffins as two people slowly sat up. It only took one glance for people to see that the two skeletons were of a man and a woman. Both of them wore beautifully made white long gowns. Embroidered on their gowns were golden lions. The man had a lion on his gown while the woman had a lioness.

Then something out of Zhao Hai’s expectation happened. After the two skeletons sat up, they simultaneously stood up and walked together hand in hand.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai and the others were dumbfounded. But regardless of what they were thinking, the two skeletons continued to move.

One must know that Zhao Hai didn’t use any magic. Instead, he just released the Underworld’s Dark Mist. From what Zhao Hai can remember, although the Dark Mist had formidable abilities, it couldn’t grant wisdom to the undead. In other words, the undead would be just like puppets.

However, from what Zhao Hai could see, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Not only were these undead quite strong, they seem to have awareness. What was the meaning of this?”

As Zhao Hai was puzzled, another event happened. After seeing the two skeletons that were holding hands, the other undead suddenly bowed down. It was as if they had seen their king!

This startled Zhao Hai and the others once more. Then Zhao Hai’s expression changed. It can be said that it was Zhao Hai who turned them into undead. If they were able to give respects, then it should be towards Zhao Hai. So how could these undead bow down to the two skeletons? Were these undead not under the control of Zhao Hai?


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