BTFTLIAW – Chapter 917


Chapter 917 – This Also Costs Money?

Just like what Zhao Hai said, more people would be saved if the Divines were dealt with much sooner. Zhao Hai was very clear that the Underworld was still encroaching. Although the O’Neal family was present, it would be impossible for them to stop its advance. In this case, the Dark mist would reach the Divine Realm, and that day wouldn’t be too far.

From the moment the Underworld appeared to the present, about one year has passed. But these days, the Dark Mist had already spread towards the Aksu Empire. This speed was nothing short of quick. It would be soon before the O’Neal family would clash with the underworld.

Judging by the speed, the Dark Mist would surely reach the Divine Realm. When that time comes, more people would certainly die in the Divine Realm..

Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting the Divines to deal with the Underworld. The Dark Mist’s expansion was like the law of the heaven and the earth. The Dark Mist suppresses all light while darkness was strengthened by it. In this case, it would be hard for the Divines to deal with the Underworld.

If the Divines fail to deal with the Underworld, then the Divines would get exterminated. With this eventuality, Zhao Hai might as well finish the war as soon as possible. Perhaps he can rescue the Divine commoners and send them to the Space.

After expressing this thought, Laura and the others didn’t speak anything. Attacking Lion Rock at this time was indeed the better choice. This method might have some unexpected effects.

Zhao Hai kept silent and just sat down as he looked at the monitor. Bingya and the others returned to their rooms. They went on to contact their clan for updates. They wanted to find out why Zhao Hai’s mood was terrible.

When Bingya got the result, he finally found out how messed up the Central Continent had become. The vassal races even used this opportunity to grab some territory. However, the Divines didn’t do anything about it.

After knowing this result, Bingya couldn’t help but get shocked. He never expected it to be like this. He immediately called Ryder and Yehta over to his room and told them about the information he received.

When Ryder and Yehta heard Bingya, they were stunned. Then Ryder whispered, “The Central Continent is now under chaos, but why is Mister unhappy?”

Yehta also frowned, she was similarly confused about this matter. Normally, with this outcome, the one who would be the happiest would be Zhao Hai. Instead, Zhao Hai was actually not.

Bingya thought for a moment and said, “I thought of one possibility. It’s possible that Mister is thinking that it’s too excessive. Remember, back in the Taurus Continent, Mister only killed those who dared to rebel. As for the commoners, Mister would just send them to another place using his ability. In the past, I thought Mister just killed them. But now, I realized that he just sent them to another place. This time, the Central Continent’s chaos not only included the soldiers, it affected the commoners as well. It’s possible that Mister didn’t want to see this. Therefore, Mister had a bad mood.”

Yehta and Ryder nodded, they thought that this explanation was reasonable. However, Ryder suddenly saw Bingya frown. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled as he said, “Bingya, what’s wrong?”

Bingya frowned and said, “I always thought that Mister came to the Divine Realm in order to exact revenge. However, with Mister strength, he should have already caused a big mess to the Divine Realm. Why is this the case?”

Ryder and Yehta couldn’t help but frown as well. They had followed Zhao Hai for some time already, so they were very clear about Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai’s abilities exceeded their explanation. Even if the Supreme Elders were sent in, he still wasn’t compelled to use all of his strength. This was a completely different conduct for someone who wanted revenge. They didn’t think about it before since Zhao Hai had killed a lot of Divines. But after Bingya said this, they also thought that Zhao Hai’s actions were a bit strange. It didn’t look like he was out for revenge.

Zhao Hai wasn’t paying attention to Bingya and the others. After he saw Bingya and the others return to their rooms, Zhao Hai made his move. He commanded his ship and drilled underneath Lion Rock.

Drilling underground wasn’t an easy task, but Zhao Hai was able to find a method.

He used the magic cannons of the Hell King’s ship to shoot at the river, vaporizing the rocks and allowing him to pass through.

Zhao Hai took Bubble back, but the Hell King’s ship didn’t become bigger. Because of this, even if Zhao Hai had disturbed the bottom of Lion River, he didn’t attract any attention.

Zhao Hai slowly moved forward as it penetrated the ground under Lion Rock. Then Zhao Hai stopped, he was waiting until night comes.

The reason why Zhao Hai had the ship go under Lion Rock wasn’t just because he wanted to stage an attack. He also wanted to see if there were any defenses in the vicinity.

Zhao Hai soon discovered that he did the right thing. Although there weren’t a lot of Divines here, there was a huge magic formation surrounding the rock. At the same time, there was an army of 10 thousand Divines stationed at one corner. As soon as there was little movement, they can react immediately.

Moreover, Zhao Hai found out that every other hour, the army would send out 1000 soldiers to survey the area around Lion Rock. One could say that the defense was quite strict.

This place was very deep into the Leo Continent. For the Leo Divines to arrange an army in this place only shows how important Lion Rock was.

But this only caused Zhao Hai’s idea to destroy Lion Rock to be strengthened. With the current atmosphere, the destruction of Lion Rock would surely push the Leo Divines to insanity.

When the Leo Divines go mad, Zhao Hai would benefit no matter which party they decide to attack. If they attack the foreign races and cause the foreign races to be in a dangerous position, then perhaps Zhao Hai can use this opportunity to send the foreign races to the Space.

If the Divines act on the Thunder Clan and the others, then Zhao Hai would choose to entangle them in the Taurus Continent. After that, Zhao Hai could use the Divines to pressure the Thunder Clan and the others. This way, they might be compelled to move into the Space. No matter which move the Divines make, Zhao Hai’s move this time would be worth it.

After knowing about the defense situation of Lion Rock, Zhao Hai moved on and carefully examined the defensive formation. When Zhao Hai saw this formation, he couldn’t help but pause. This magic formation didn’t follow the convention used by the other formations of the Divine Race.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t skilled in magic formations, he had a lot of interactions with them in the past few days. In this case, he had some understanding with regards to them. Moreover, defensive formations were the most commonly used formations, making Zhao Hai even more familiar.

And even if there were a lot of defensive formations in the Divine Realm, Zhao Hai found out that those defensive formations were the most basic types. At the most, there were more complicated ones but they can still be readable.

Meanwhile, the magic formation on Lion Rock was something that Zhao Hai had never seen before. This formation comprised of several formation disks. From what Zhao Hai counted, there were eight disks in this formation.

Zhao Hai looked at the eight positions carefully. He found that their placement seemed to be very new and was arranged not too long ago.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get curious. He immediately made Cai’er record the formation and sent it to the scanner to be analyzed.

When the formation went out of the building, the scanner immediately issued a sound, “Because formation is higher than Host’s level, asking Host to pay 1 million gold coins!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk. He didn’t think that the scanner would have this ability, moreover it also asked for payment.

Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, how does this work? Why does the scanner require money? If the formation is higher than my level, then wouldn’t it just say nothing? Just like the combat suits?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, it seems like you didn’t read the Universal Scanner’s description. The scanner can also improve itself. And since you are the host, the scanner would cater to your convenience. You are level 85 now, as long as the item is less than 50 levels above you, then you can spend money in order to analyze it.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect it to be like this. He nodded and said, “So it’s like that. I didn’t read the description properly. Good, then scan it immediately!” In any case, Zhao Hai wasn’t short on money. One million gold coins was only a small number to him. Naturally, he wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

After the scanner has been ordered, it immediately deducted 1 million gold coins from Zhao Hai’s account. It didn’t take long after that for a response to come out, “The original formation is a Cultivation Civilization trap. Formation has eight disks altogether, one main disk and seven sub-disks. If someone unknowingly enters the formation, then they would be trapped for up to 56 days. Host can print the formation and methods of cracking it. Suggesting host to find the genuine formation disk and combine it with the Hell King’s ship in order to oppose the enemy!”


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