BTFTLIAW – Chapter 915


Chapter 915 – Destruction and Regret!

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately tell Fei’er about what he had speculated. After all, these were just his guesses. Moreover, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let the Divine Supreme Elders to easily deal with Fei’er and the others.

Currently, Zhao Hai was able to equip more and more Devil Legion Soldiers with combat suits that were grown in the Space. To be honest, even if the Supreme Elders were to gang up on him, Zhao Hai could just mobilize the Devil Legion. He wasn’t really afraid of the Divine Race.

However, that would also cause huge losses to the Devil Legion. This wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to see. Zhao Hai hoped to preserve the Devil Legion as much as possible.

If Zhao Hai didn’t plan to use the Devil Legion to deal with the O’Neal family, then it was the same for the battle against the stronger Supreme Elders.

Although it can be said that the Devil Legion was under the command of the Great Demon King, the Great Demon King has slowly undergone a change. And this change was something that Zhao Hai hoped for.

The Great Demon King’s change began when Zhao Hai gave the Devil Legion the combat suits. After giving the combat suits, Zhao Hai actually didn’t give them anything to do. The Great Demon King thought that Zhao Hai gave them combat suits in order to command them, instead it was actually to give help. Because of this, the Great Demon King began to look at Zhao Hai in a different light.

Further down the line, with the Space’s help, the Great Demon King would look favorably towards Zhao Hai. But now, the Great Demon King was still at a crucial moment. Zhao Hai didn’t want to move the Devil Legion at this time lest he waste all of his previous efforts.

Besides the Devil Legion, Zhao Hai also took great care towards the people from the Ark Continent. At this moment, Zhao Hai had already raised a lot of people into God-ranks using his potions. Moreover, Zhao Hai also selected some of them and had them sent to the hell background for some tempering.

However, it would be impossible for to form an army out of the Ark Continent’s people in a short period of time. Their strength was still not up to par. Forget about Supreme Elders, none of them had even fought against other God-rank experts. Even if they had combat suits, they still didn’t have the ability to join the fight in the Divine Realm.

Besides the Ark Continent and the Demons, the other army that Zhao Hai can use was his undead. At this time, Zhao Hai had collected a large quantity of God-rank undead. These undead were mostly Demigods, but there were still a lot of them who had reached true God-rank strength.

But Zhao Hai found a problem. After equipping the combat suits, the undead couldn’t actually use 100% of their strength. The combat suits were completely unsuitable for the use of the undead. This worried Zhao Hai.

Of all the combat suits made by the Space, save some for Zhao Hai, everything was given to the Devil Legion. If Zhao Hai wanted to equip the entire Devil Legion with combat suits, then it would take him a very long time. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to give combat suits to his God-rank undead, further improving their strengths.

However, Zhao Hai was left disappointed. After putting the combat suits on, these God-rank undead did improve in strength, but compared to Supreme Elders, they were still vastly inferior. Moreover, these undead would move awkwardly inside those suits. This might not look serious, but in a real combat situation this was fatal. Forget about improving their strength, the undead would be hindered by the combat suits. This forced Zhao Hai to abandon his plan.

Because of these reasons, if Zhao Hai wanted to fight the Supreme Elders, then he would have to make a move himself. But the issue with this was that Zhao Hai couldn’t make a lot of moves.

Just like how the Supreme Elders couldn’t use their combat weapons for a long time, Zhao Hai also couldn’t move a lot or else he would be kicked out by the realm and ascend with no way of coming back. To be honest, Zhao Hai still didn’t want to leave. The Divine Realm still had a lot of good things that were yet to be taken. At the very least, Zhao Hai wanted to get the Sealing Star Disk that was in the hands of Elder Star.


Zhao Hai resumed to watch the Divines. They were still in chaos. At this time, not only the Central Continent, the other continents went insane as well. Even the continents of the foreign races were affected.

When Bingya and the others told their clans that Zhao Hai destroyed the Connecting Heaven Palace, their clans thought that this was a joke. But when they noticed that the attacking army retreated quickly, even discarding their supplies, they understood that it was real. This caused an uproar among the foreign races.

There were a lot of people from the foreign races that haven’t seen Zhao Hai. They allied with Zhao Hai entirely because they thought that he was competent. Being able to destroy the Taurus Divines was an evidence to this.

But Zhao Hai was actually able to destroy the Connecting Heaven Palace. Although the Connecting Heaven Palace wasn’t a sacred landmark of the Foreign races, the foreign races knew what the palace represented for the Divine Race. The Foreign Races’ three Supreme Elders immediately convened in order to discuss how to deal with this matter.

In their opinion, this was an opportunity but at the same time it may become a maelstrom. It was an opportunity because of the accident with the Connecting Heaven Palace. At this time, the Divines were in chaos so the foreign races might be able to use this to make an attack.

However, it may become a maelstrom because this event was just too huge. The degree of randomness in this situation was quite high. It wasn’t even sure if the Divines were to continue being chaotic or if they were going to band together. The foreign races weren’t sure if they were to gain from this maelstrom or if they would be flattened.

The ordinary members of the foreign races didn’t have these complicated thoughts. They hated the Divines because the Divines always bullied them. Now that the Divines were having a disaster, it was natural if they were happy. These ordinary members weren’t stupid. They were also able to think that the Divines were in chaos. Because of this, they unanimously demanded to send troops to the Divine Race territory.

But the biggest beneficiary of this matter would be the vassal races. With what has happened, the Divines didn’t have the time to deal with the vassal rebellion. As long as they don’t taunt the Divines, then the Divines wouldn’t care about them. This made the vassal races, who had been suppressed by the Divines, feel strange. They didn’t know what happened. They even thought that the foreign races had sent troops in order to help them break through.

Three days after Zhao Hai destroyed the Connecting Heaven Palace, Elder Star arrived in the Central Continent. At this time, the Central Continent was a land of chaos. All the cities were almost in ruins. In the past, the Central Continent was very lively, but now it was reduced to this state. This made Elder Star pale.

Elder Star’s expression was dark. On the road, he managed to see Divines fighting and carrying out meaningless massacres. Those people seem to have lost their minds.

Although Elder Star wanted them to stop, these people simply couldn’t hear anything. Their eyes were blood red, the only thing they knew right now was murder. They were already beyond help!

After the destruction of the Connecting Heaven Palace, these people went crazy. Some of them even killed their own families. After the anger in their hearts was quenched and they realized what they had done, they turned insane once more.

When he saw this situation, Elder Star knew that the Central Continent had come to its end. Restoring the continent to its former state would be almost impossible. Moreover, the economy and cultural situation of the Central Continent has been turned back at a minimum of 200 years.

Of course, Elder Star wasn’t without harvest. He still met people who were sober. These people were weak and didn’t dare to stay in the cities. They were afraid of those madmen to they could only run to the wild. They haven’t eaten, nor they had any change of clothes. They were having difficulties getting by.

Elder Star couldn’t help but feel helpless when he saw this. In the end, he arranged these people to settle on one of the cities. As for the madmen that were in that city, Elder Star had to steel his heart and kill them all.

Following close behind Elder Star were the other Supreme Elders. They were startled at what the Central Continent had become. They didn’t think that the Central Continent would turn into this wasteland. Their hearts bled for the people, and they were also scared!

The plan was set-up by Elder Star. And although Elder Star was the one who proposed it, it was discussed repeatedly and the Supreme Elders thought that it was perfect. And it wasn’t only because of the Seven Star Heaven Lock, it was also because of the arrangement of the Divines and the Fishmen as well.

The Divine Realm’s Fishman Race survived in the sea for a long time. Moreover, they can command their magic beasts to defend each continent. One could say that there was no way for Zhao Hai to escape their eyes.

However, Zhao Hai actually managed to slip through, and even destroyed the Connecting Heaven Palace. Such skill was something that the Divines didn’t have. Facing this mysterious enemy that was able to appear and disappear at will, the Supreme Elders couldn’t help but feel frightened deep inside.

Zhao Hai only managed to see Elder Star five days after Elder Star arrived at the Central Continent. The reason for this was because Elder Star had been gathering refugees and killing those who had gone insane.

Upon seeing Elder Star, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but jump. The last time he saw Elder Star, the elder still looked like a lordly middle-aged person. He spoke clearly and had a great demeanor.

But now, Elder Star’s appearance was completely different. His hair had almost turned white, his clothes were ragged. He had two blood red eyes and looked thin. He looked crazy and didn’t have his lordly look anymore.

However, Zhao Hai can understand Elder Star’s mood. Elder Star was a native of the Central Continent. After becoming the Supreme Elder, he regarded everyone in the Central Continent as his juniors, his children, his family members. Now that his home has been turned to this, he found it hard to accept it.

Zhao Hai lightly sighed. He didn’t really expect the Central Continent to turn into this. He only attacked the Connecting Heaven Palace because it was the Central Continent’s Imperial Palace. Moreover, Bingya also said that the place was an important landmark. Zhao Hai only wanted to cause panic in the Central Continent, compelling Elder Star to come back. Then Zhao Hai would hide in some place, waiting for a convenient time to make a move.

However, the situation had turned into something that exceeded his imagination. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the reaction to be this severe. The entire continent actually turned frantic upon the destruction of their Connecting Heaven Palace.

Take Divine Gift City for example. When Zhao Hai arrived here, the city was still a bustling hub. But in the past few days, the city basically destroyed itself under Zhao Hai’s watch. Zhao Hai saw the city’s residence destroy their homes bit by bit. They killed their family members, then went insane before killing each other. Even if Zhao Hai had a heart of stone, he still couldn’t look at this calmly. If one compares these people to the captured Taurus Divines, the Taurus Divines would look to be the happy ones.

Although there were Taurus Divines who were killed, only a small number of commoners died. There were still people among the Taurus Divines who had the capacity to hate, and those who can still think about revenge.

On the other hand, the people from the Central Continent were different. They hated Zhao Hai, yes, but after becoming sober, they hated themselves even more. They hated themselves for ruining their homes and killing their families. They couldn’t bear this shock as they just turned insane once more.

Afterwards, Zhao Hai managed to see the other Supreme Elders. These Supreme Elders appeared distressed. However, their complexion was still better compared to Elder Star. After counting nine Supreme Elders, Zhao Hai felt relief.

Laura and the others had also seen what happened. Every time they see a Divine turn crazy, they also couldn’t help but lose a bit of their sanity.

Zhao Hai felt that this wasn’t good, so he sent Laura and the others to the Space. He told them to do something else in order to waste time. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai stayed and looked at the monitor.

When he discovered Elder Star, Zhao Hai immediately called Laura and the others back. But before they arrived, Zhao Hai turned the monitor off.

When Laura and the others came out, they saw Zhao Hai sitting in the living room. There was a bottle of liquor in front of him, the bottle only had half of its contents left.

Zhao Hai was someone who drinks minimally. This was something that Laura and the others knew. After seeing this, they understood that Zhao Hai was also feeling ill. This caused the group to feel bad. Meg immediately went to the kitchen and prepared some good food that would go great with wine. Meanwhile, Laura and the others sat down with him.


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