BTFTLIAW – Chapter 913


Chapter 913 – Elder Star’s Plan

Elder Star quietly stood on the balcony of his room. He was currently in the Leo Continent’s Imperial Palace.

The structure of this Palace was very grand, but compared to Connecting Heaven Palace, it still had some shortcomings. However, Elder Star didn’t care. Although he lived in Connecting Heaven Palace, he settled on a small side residence. He didn’t involve himself in politics, he just stayed in cultivating. He was waiting to ascend one day.

At this time, if it wasn’t for Jie Yu’s letter asking for his help, he wouldn’t have come out. He knew that he was required this time.

Zhao Hai’s strength was something that surpassed his imagination. In the past, Elder Star wouldn’t have even thought that a person would be able to escape an attack made by five Supreme Elders. They made ample preparations for the ambush. The enemy was even captured inside Sealing Star Disk. However, the enemy was actually able to come out! Moreover, after withdrawing, he even managed to destroy their base.

This person was too dangerous! After clashing with Zhao Hai, Elder Star understood how terrible Zhao Hai was. Elder Star believes that if Zhao Hai keeps being in the Divine Realm, then the entire Divine Race would be endangered.

Not only was Zhao Hai strong, he was also vicious and merciless.

The people of the Taurus Continent has been slaughtered by Zhao Hai. It was startling even for Elder Star.

Naturally, Elder Star knew about what the Taurus Divines did back in the Ark Continent. However, Elder Star was a member of the Divine Race, and he had the pride of a Divine. In his view, the people of the Ark Continent were lesser beings. It didn’t matter how many of those people were slaughtered. It was just like how people from the Ark Continent didn’t treat slaves as equals. The Divines didn’t look at the people from the Ark Continent as beings that were on the same level.

But after Zhao Hai’s slaughter, Elder Star began to feel a sense of dread.

If Zhao Hai wasn’t dealt with soon, then more Divines would fall.

There were two reasons why Elder Star decided to eliminate Zhao Hai. First was the rebellion of the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus , and second was the alliance with the foreign races.

The rebellion of the three clans had caused the large scale rebellion of the Divine Realm’s vassal races. This effect can still be felt up to this time. There were still people from the other continents that were yet to deal with their vassal races. The Divines were caught unprepared.

Next was the alliance with the foreign races. The battle between the foreign races and the Divine race had lasted for tens of thousands of years. Their hatred for each other has been engraved on their bones. In this case, if Zhao Hai cooperates with the foreign races and succeed, then what would happen to the Divines?

Because of these reasons, Elder Star has to cooperate with the other Supreme Elders in order to eliminate Zhao Hai.

Just like what Zhao Hai guessed, Elder Star and the others’ deployment of the troops was a ploy. Zhao Hai had fought with Gold Ben before and the Taurus Divines also clashed with Zhao Hai back in the Ark Continent. Therefore, they already have some sort of information about Zhao Hai. They had discovered that Zhao Hai was a sly person. If the Divines were to really attack the foreign races, then Zhao Hai definitely wouldn’t help. Instead, Zhao Hai would just go to the Divine Race continents and cause trouble. And when the Divines retreat, they would also need to watch for their backs.

Because of this, Elder Star needed to make advance preparations. After studying Zhao Hai, he found out that Zhao Hai was a person who didn’t like taking risks. He would carefully plan things out before making the first step. Elder Star knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t support the Foreign Races if the Divines were to attack them. So Elder Star decided to speak his words back in the Taurus Continent. However, it can be said that it wasn’t a planned act. Only Elder Star was pretending, the others weren’t.

Elder Star only thought about this plan when he was on his way to the Taurus Continent so he didn’t have time to discuss it with the others. Because of this, he could only act by himself. Only after they retreated from the Taurus Continent did he reveal his plan to the others.

Elder Star did all of these because he discovered that Zhao Hai seemed to be one step ahead of them at all times. Therefore, Elder Star suspected that Zhao Hai might have a method to monitor them.

This thought stemmed from what happened with the second supply transport. Although they wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, they still decided to change their course. Delivering the supplies was much more important than facing Zhao Hai.

However, even if they changed their route, Zhao Hai was still able to encounter them. If Zhao Hai didn’t have means to monitor them, then this outcome wouldn’t have happened.

Elder Star didn’t know how Zhao Hai did it, but he still didn’t dare to take it lightly. In the end, he chose a conservative approach and deceived everyone. It wouldn’t be too late to discuss things when they return to their territory.

Therefore, Elder Star and the others only discussed after reaching the Leo Continent. The reason Elder Star dared to do his current plan was because he has a treasure in his hands.

Without this treasure, Elder Star’s plan would’ve been impossible to accomplish. One can say that they were already on the path of defeat from the very beginning. Of the 13 Continents in the Divine Realm, three of them belonged to the foreign races while one has been conquered by Zhao Hai. This left nine continents for the Divine Race. And the Divines were also left with 9 Supreme Elders. The Scorpio Supreme Elder had already fallen into Zhao Hai’s hands. This loss also informed Elder Star about Zhao Hai’s strength.

1 or 2 Supreme Elders wouldn’t be a threat to Zhao Hai. Instead, it would be a gift to him. Because of this, Elder Star decided that everyone would move as one. With the strength of 9 Supreme Elders, Zhao Hai would surely be destroyed.

However, an issue had arisen with this arrangement. With nine people going together, this meant that all of them could only stay in one continent. If Zhao Hai chose to attack a continent besides where the Supreme Elders were, then the Supreme Elders wouldn’t be able to do anything.

In the end, when Elder Star presented his treasure, the other Supreme Elders began to feel relief. The treasure that Elder Star had was known as the Seven Star Heaven Lock.

This treasure was actually several formation disks. It looked like the Star Sealing Disk but has inferior offense. The Sealing Star Disk can injure the enemy while the Seven Star Heaven Lock can only trap them.

If one talks about killing the enemy, then the Sealing Star Disk was naturally very formidable. Moreover, with more Ultimate Weapons, the disk would become more powerful.

But if one wanted to seal a person, then the Sealing Star Disk was actually inferior to the Seven Star Heaven Lock. The Seven Star Heaven Lock was divided into eight formation disks; the seven stars and the core.

And these eight disks can be used separately. Even if they were used individually, as long as the Seven Star Heaven Lock formation was established, the effects would manifest. Moreover, its might wasn’t low.

Elder Star took this set of formation disks and gave one to each continent. The continents would house these disks and as long as they use it to surround Zhao Hai for several days, then the Supreme Elders can rush over and deal with him.

The reason why Elder Star was confident that these disks can surround Zhao Hai was due to the testing that he did before. These formation disks have their own characteristics. Once one was trapped inside a Seven Star Heaven Lock formation, then one would be trapped inside for seven days. Elder Star had tried it before, no matter if it was a Supreme Elder or an ordinary person, one could only be trapped for seven days, and nobody was able to break the formation. If two formation disks were used, then the trap would last 14 days. If three, then 21 days, and so on. If one uses eight formation disks, then the victim would be trapped for 56 days. After 56 days, whether the victim was dead or alive, the formation would unravel. Only when the formation was set up once more could it be used again.

Elder Star used this formation one time to trap the three Foreign Race Supreme Elders for 56 days. That was the time where the foreign races suffered the heaviest loss. If not for Elder Star being unsure of eliminating the three Supreme Elders, then the foreign races would have surely been slaughtered.

Because of the Seven Star Heaven Lock, Elder Star was assured that they could deal with Zhao Hai. In his opinion, no matter which continent Zhao Hai attacked, he would still be surrounded and trapped. Seven days was enough for the Supreme Elders to travel to any continent and eliminate Zhao Hai.

And just to be sure, in addition to the true Seven Star Heaven Lock, Elder Star also made imitations of the treasure. However, these imitations weren’t very useful. If these imitations were to trap Zhao Hai, then they would only last a short time.

However, a short time was a huge factor when it came to the battlefield. If Zhao Hai was trapped inside an imitation, then the one who held the true formation disk would be able to go to where Zhao Hai was and trap him. After that, Elder Star and the others would soon arrive to kill Zhao Hai.

This plan was very good. Naturally, there was a Seven Star Heaven Lock disk in the Central Continent. However, whether they be an ordinary Divine or Elder Star, nobody expected Zhao Hai to attack the Central Continent. This was because it was very far from where Zhao Hai was. Zhao Hai wanted to solve the attack on the foreign races, but attacking the Central Continent was the slowest method. Because of this, nobody expected Zhao Hai to target the Central Continent. Instead, he would choose a continent that was much closer to the Taurus Continent.

Besides these arrangements, Elder Star also informed all of the Fishmen to thoroughly monitor the seas. As soon as they spot Zhao Hai, they would immediately make a report.

The Fishman Race’s news was the quickest in the Divine Realm. Therefore, Elder Star was confident in his plan to deal with Zhao Hai.

However, despite all of these, Elder Star still couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Their army had already departed and had clashed with the foreign races. Yet there still weren’t any news about Zhao Hai. This caused Elder Star to feel restless.

He reviewed his plan carefully once more and there shouldn’t be any flaws. This allowed him to loosen up a bit.

At this time, the sound of rapid footsteps can be heard.


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