BTFTLIAW – Chapter 912


Chapter 912 – They Should’ve Thought About It Long Ago!

Boom! A heaven-shaking sound was heard, shaking the entire Central City. The people who were awoken by the alarm and had come out saw their holy place being penetrated by a golden light.

These people didn’t know what just happened, they were dumbfounded for some time. What was going on? Was the Deity punishing them?

While they were puzzled, that golden light made a turn-around, heading towards Connecting Heaven Palace once more. This time, people were able to see it clearly. It was actually a huge golden ship!

What made the Divines dumbfounded was that this ship was like a child that had found a new fun toy to play with. It hit the Connecting Heaven Palace again and again. It started at the top of the mountain and gradually went down. Their prided mountain was being smashed to pieces.

Every Divine had lost the ability to think. They didn’t know what was happening. They didn’t know what the ship was doing and why was it attacking the palace.

At this moment, the soldiers of Central City finally responded. All Divine soldiers took their weapons and went towards the palace with the quickest speed they could muster.

These soldiers knew what the destruction of the Connecting Heaven palace meant. Losing the palace meant losing the dignity of the Central Continent. It would be a huge blow to the Central Continent.

At this point, the Divine soldiers had gone mad. They all rushed towards the palace and tear apart the one who dared to make an attack.

However, the soldiers had no opportunity to do so. Connecting Heaven Palace was not a natural mountain, it was artificially made. In terms of strength, it was still inferior to ones made by nature. After being hit by the Hell King’s ship multiple times, the mountain finally couldn’t withstand it and just collapsed.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t finished, he didn’t intend to let anybody go. He commanded the ship’s cannons to shoot towards the palace’s direction. All the Divines who flew out of the mountain were killed on the spot.

This time, Zhao Hai can finally see how the improved magic cannons performed. If the previous cannons of the ship were to be ordinary magic cannons of the Ark Continent, then the improved cannons were like the huge cannons of the Divine Race.

The Hell King’s ship’s cannons weren’t just a bit more powerful. In fact, in the ship’s recent upgrade, the cannons received the greatest improvement in power.

First, the cannons’ materials have changed. The magic cannons that Zhao Hai used were made by iron, making them useless after being used for some time. However, the magic cannons of the Hell King’s ship were now made from specially synthesized materials. Its strength had increased by a lot. Even if they were used for a long time, they would still remain undamaged.

Second, the raw power used by the cannons. Zhao Hai’s cannons used magic crystals as a power source. On the other hand, the Hell King’s ship’s cannons used the yin-yang pond as a power source. The energy contained inside the yin-yang pond was much greater compared to the energy inside magic crystals. With this, it was natural for the Hell King’s ship’s cannons to be more powerful.

And third, the magic armors that Zhao Hai gained helped a lot. Although Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to study the magic armors and just handed them over to Karen, the magic formations on those armors were still used to improve the Hell King’s ship. The magic formations on the magic armors helped the cannons to increase their output. Among the three improvements, this one was the one that benefitted the cannons the most.

At this time, Zhao Hai was confident that as long as the cannons hit a God-rank expert, then that expert would certainly die. If ten magic cannons combine their power, then even Supreme Elders in their ultimate weapons wouldn’t be able to block them.

Zhao Hai had the ship circle around the rubble that was Connecting Heaven Palace. Every Divine they discovered were immediately attacked and killed. Even if there weren’t any people in sight, the cannons were still firing. Everything that was the Connecting Heaven Palace was destroyed, nothing good was left.

This process might look like it took a long time, but everything had just happened in less than an hour. In this one hour, Central City’s soldiers had slowly encircled the Hell King’s ship.

After Zhao Hai saw that the Connecting Heaven Palace was almost destroyed, he decided to leave. He turned the ship and went straight to the Divine Race Soldiers.

When the troops saw that Zhao Hai was heading towards them, instead of retreating, they actually proceeded to clash. They took up their arms and charged towards the Hell King’s ship. They were like warriors carrying swords and spears charging towards an enemy tank.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these soldiers. He wasn’t planning to fight with these people as he just drove the ship through them. The golden streak of light vanished from the horizon soon after, leaving the maddened soldiers with nothing to do.

At this time, the commoners started to respond. They wept and wailed as they ran towards the Connecting Heaven palace. The palace was too important for the people living in the Central Continent. This was their source of energy, their pride. But under their gazes, it was mercilessly destroyed. Nothing noteworthy was left.

The Divines began to congregate towards the place where the palace was located. The majestic structure was destroyed, not even a tile was left. All of the Divines in the capital cried. There were even some soldiers who couldn’t bear the thorn in their hearts and committed suicide.

The symbol of the Central Continent, the pride of the Central Continent, the strength of the Central Continent, the Connecting Heaven Palace has been destroyed. And the culprit was Zhao Hai!

After Zhao Hai’s assault on Central City, he got rid of the pursuers before returning to Divine Gift River. Then he had Bubble surround the ship and sank to the bottom of the river without coming out.

The duration of the assault was too short. It only took an hour or so from beginning to end. To be honest, Bingya and the others weren’t expecting Zhao Hai to use this method to deal with the palace. Before they could even move their hands, Zhao Hai had already made an attack and the battle was over.

Actually, it wasn’t only Bingya’s team, Laura and the others weren’t expecting Zhao Hai to do this as well.

In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t think that this was what he would be doing too. After he heard Bingya mention the Connecting Heaven Palace, he was suddenly struck by an idea.

Connecting Heaven Palace was a symbol of the Central Continent’s strength. If it was destroyed by him, then it would certainly be a huge blow to the Central Continent. Even if Elder Star was quite the schemer, he would still be compelled to return to the Central Continent to handle this matter. Otherwise, the Central Continent would be sunk into chaos.

The Divines were proud, and this was even more true for those who lived in the Central Continent. With how resounding the slap that Zhao Hai gave them, nobody could blame the Central Divines if they were to go insane.

In this case, if Elder Star didn’t make a move, then the Central Divines would meet their end. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to demolish the Connecting Heaven Palace. With this, Elder Star should be forced to return to the Central Continent.

After Bubble sank to the bottom of the river, Zhao Hai finally gave out a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that the Divines would use a special weapon to deal with him. But now, it seems like his worries were unnecessary.

Bingya’s team, as well as Laura and the others stood by Zhao Hai’s side. When Laura saw Zhao Hai sighing in relief, she smiled and said, “Brother Hai, were you really that nervous?”

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and smiled bitterly, “Really nervous. It’s natural, we’re in the Central Continent, a place known as the most formidable in the Divine Realm. Moreover, we are attacking its capital city. How can I not be nervous? However, it’s great that they weren’t as formidable as we thought.”

Bingya looked at Zhao Hai, his eyes shone as he said, “Mister, did you know how important the Connecting Heaven Palace was? Not only in the Central Continent, but the entire Divine Race looked up to it. Connecting Heaven Palace was the Divine Race’s symbol of authority and strength. Now that Mister destroyed it, then it meant that Mister has announced his eternal enmity against the Divine Race.”

When he heard Bingya, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “When the Divines attacked the Ark Continent, they should’ve known that our enmity is irreconcilable. This is just the start!”

Bingya didn’t know what to say. Zhao Hai surely had the strength to back up his words. If those words came out from another person’s mouth, then people would just laugh at them. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Bingya suddenly felt that the Divine Realm might have no Divines left in the future!

After seeing that Bingya had stayed silent, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “Bingya, tell your people about what just happened. Remind them to be extra alert. After knowing what we just did, it’s possible that all the Divines would go crazy. If they couldn’t find us, then they might shift their rage to your clans. Have your people tread carefully.”

Bingya’s expression changed, then he made a nod. He knew that Zhao Hai was telling the truth. After knowing this information, the Divines would surely go mad. They will rush to the Central Continent to look for Zhao Hai. And if they failed to find Zhao Hai, then they would shift their attention to the foreign races, given that Zhao Hai was allied with them. The foreign races might have a bad time coming.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright, go take a rest. Have your people help us in paying attention to the Divine Race’s response. The more details, the better.”

Bingya nodded before returning to his room along with Ryder and Yehta. They immediately relayed the information to their clans, telling them about the event that happened in the Central Continent. They instructed their people to be ready at all times.

After seeing Bingya and the others leaving, Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, “Inform Fei’er about this as well. Tell them that they might suffer for a while.”

When Laura heard Zhao Hai say this, she paused for a moment before her eyes shone, “Brother Hai, are you ready to make a move on the three clans?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s about time, isn’t it?”


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