BTFTLIAW – Chapter 911


Chapter 911 – Connecting Heaven Palace? Attack it!

Looking at the lights on the shore, Zhao Hai was unexpectedly calm. He knew that as the leader of their team, he couldn’t show too much emotion or else it would affect the morale. Fortunately, Zhao Hai had other people to take command. Zhao Hai really didn’t have the talent for strategy.

At the same time, Bingya and the others also came out of their rooms. Their expressions were tinged with excitement.

As members of the Foreign Races, they had never dreamed that they would be able to attack the capital of the Central Continent. This was something impossible for them before, but now they were actually here. How could they not feel excited?

Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious. He stood quietly on the Hell King’s ship as he looked at the shore. Slowly, the clamor became smaller and smaller, the people on the shore becoming less and less. Before long, the place had gone quiet while the lights had become sparse.

Zhao Hai was still unmoving. This caused Bingya and the others to be anxious. They looked quite uneasy. In the end, Bingya couldn’t help but take a step forward and approach Zhao hai.

After Bingya arrived by Zhao Hai’s side, Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “What’s wrong? Worried?”

Bingya gawked, then he immediately nodded and said, “I’m quite worried.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t think about it too much. People had just fallen asleep. It’s possible that there are some people who are still up. We can’t risk being discovered at this time. Let’s wait, then we make our move.”

Bingya nodded and didn’t speak anymore. However, he was still somewhat restless as he walked back and forth. Zhao Hai gave him a glance a few times before he said, “Just calm down. At this time, the one who has a weaker heart would take the bigger blow. In any case, we’re already here, they cannot run no matter what they do.”

Bingya and the others’ faces turned red as they turned speechless. Their mood was totally different from Zhao Hai’s. In the past, they were always the ones being attacked by the Divines. Now, it was the Divines who were going to be attacked.

After waiting for about an hour, the shores finally became completely peaceful. Seeing that there were less lights, Zhao Hai knew that the time has come. He turned to Bubble and said, “Bubble, let’s go up.” Bubble complied as they ascended towards the river’s surface.

Bubble went up until he finally separated from the river. Bit by bit, he went towards the sky. Due to being small, it was close to impossible to spot Bubble. Because of this, he managed to attract no attention.

Upon reaching the skies, Zhao Hai immediately made Bubble withdraw. After that, he increased the Hell King’s ship’s size.

At the same time, they were also flying horizontally along the Central Continent. They were heading towards a place with red lights. Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t the sky being red. Instead, it was a reflection coming from the city with no evenings, Central City.

In less than an hour, Zhao Hai arrived outside the city. This city was incredibly big. Zhao Hai looked dumbfoundedly at its size, he couldn’t even estimate how many people were inside such a settlement.

After some time, Zhao Hai recovered. Then he looked at the city and bitterly smiled. It was because he can see huge letters on the city’s gates that spelled, Central!

With these letters, nobody would suspect that this was Central City. However, what made Zhao Hai surprised was the construction of the city. There were broken walls, and there were places with no walls, disconnecting the line altogether. It looked more like a cultural site than a completely defendable establishment.

Such a city was both good and bad news. It was good because there were no walls to block them. But it was bad because there definitely were key place that needed to defended in this city. It was only hard to spot because of the city’s structure.

But before long, Zhao Hai managed to find his target. In the center of the city was a very high mountain. On the mountain were palaces. Of all the sectors in Central City, this area had the most magnificent lighting, it looked like the Imperial Palace of the Central Continent.

While Zhao Hai was pondering over this, Bingya suddenly exclaimed, “Central Continent’s Connecting Heaven Palace!”

Zhao Hai turned to Bingya and said, “Connecting Heaven Palace?”

Bingya nodded, his two eyes shining as he said, “There was no mountain there in the first place. But later on, the people of the Central Continent used a lot of experts to build that mountain there. The mountain symbolizes that the palace can connect to the heavens.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Connecting Heaven Palace, interesting. Let’s attack that place today. Binyga, get ready. I’m afraid we’ll be spotted as soon as we enter the city. We’ll go with the fastest speed and head directly to the mountain. I want to lay waste to that palace.”

When Bingya and the others heard Zhao Hai, they immediately got up and got excited. Connecting Heaven Palace was the face of the Central Continent. Thinking about that place being ruined would naturally make them feel excitement.

Zhao Hai also made his preparations as he took his staff out and called Cai’er over. He didn’t dare treat this matter lightly. The last time, Zhao Hai was separated from Cai’er. Thinking about this made Zhao Hai wipe a cold sweat. He needed to be ready for any encounter.

Zhao Hai didn’t send Bubble back to the Space. Bubble was now resting on top of his head.

Inside the Hell King’s ship, there were also massive amounts of undead prepared. If the other party uses another method to disconnect him from the Space, then the undead on board would at least provide him with some support.

After everything was prepared, Zhao Hai began to lead the Hell King’s ship to move forward. When the ship crossed the city’s walls, the word ‘Central’ began to make grating squeals. Along with the squeal were red lights flashing all around the city, warning the populace of an incoming danger.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the cities defenses to be this good. Although the walls were torn down, the warning system was actually still this sensitive. Moreover, the range of this alarm encompasses the whole torn down wall. Immediately after an intruder passes the walls, the alarm would immediately blare up.

However, what happened next made Zhao Hai confused. In Zhao Hai’s mind, since Central City’s alarms were this developed, then it meant that its citizens and soldiers were similarly as alert. But instead, the reaction of the people inside the city was very strange. All of them wore their clothes as they went out with expressions of confusion and anxiety. They were looking around blankly while the alarm was sounding out.

Aside from the residents, the army also disappointed Zhao Hai. Their response was too slow. Zhao Hai had noted several garrisons around the city. However, he didn’t care much about them. His present target was Connecting Heaven Palace. These military compounds were not his priority.

After the alarm sounded out, the soldiers actually had the same response as the commoners. They were somewhat at a loss upon hearing the alarm. Even the senior officers had the same response.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai was shocked. The army that would protect this city was actually this incompetent. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the Divines.

However, this was a good thing for Zhao Hai. He didn’t care about them anymore as he led the Hell King’s ship towards Connecting Heaven Palace at the quickest speed.

Compared to before, the Hell King’s ship’s speed was much greater. The commoners could only feel a flash of shadow above them as it passed by. Even if they wanted to look for it, their eyes wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Although Central City was very big, the Hell King’s ship managed to quickly arrive by Connecting Heaven Palace. The army stationed inside Connecting Heaven Palace actually had a faster response compared to those soldiers outside. Because of this, the palace’s defenses have been established. Their magic cannons were also at the ready.

During his fights back at the Taurus Continent, after crashing into the Divine Race’s base, Zhao Hai discovered that he really preferred to destroy his enemy in the most violent and simple way. He felt like it was more satisfying that way.

The troops inside Connecting Heaven Palace soon discovered Zhao Hai’s ship. Naturally, since the ship was very fast, the moment the troops decided to make an attack was the moment the ship hit their magic shield. While the troops were dumbfounded, the Hell King’s shp proceeded to bulldoze the shield defending the palace.

The protective shield around Connecting Heaven Palace can be said to be the most firm defense in all of the Divine Race territories. The defense uses God-rank magic beast cores as power while other cities only used 9th rank cores. The disparity on both was naturally clear.

However, this firm defense was actually treated by the Hell King’s ship as mere paper as it broke through with little to no difficulty. After that, the Hell King’s ship hit a wall and drove through it. The wall didn’t even scrape the ship as a huge hole bore into it.

And the Hell King’s ship didn’t stop there. After boring a hole through the wall, the ship kept advancing. Everything in front of it was demolished, houses, walls, people, it didn’t matter. The Hell King’s ship was like a bullet being shot through a watermelon. The ship headed forwards and continued on towards the mountain where Connecting Heaven Palace was. It was intent on going through it!


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