BTFTLIAW – Chapter 909


Chapter 909 – We’ve Gone Astray?

The current pressure on the O’Neal Family has been great recently. There was the disappearance of the Ark Continent’s people as well as the slowly encroaching innate yin domain. Although the innate yin domain wasn’t very fast, a day would come that the O’Neal family would need to face it. The most troublesome thing was that the innate yin domain was too big. It wouldn’t be very easy to deal with it.

The disappearance of the people from the Ark Continent wasa huge mystery. This has become a hidden threat to the O’Neal Family. The O’Neal Patriarch needed to keep this thing in mind at all times.

The O’Neal family had already invested too much in the Ark Continent. They had already discovered minerals in the Ark Continent, something that they needed in the very beginning. But at the same time, this was the exact reason why the Patriarch couldn’t help but worry. He was very eager to know why the people of the Ark Continent decided to move, and where they went to.

George’s report to the family was a crucial one. An unseen enemy was the most dangerous. Once you can make clear of your enemies, only then can you make countermeasures to defeat them. When he read George’s report, the Patriarch couldn’t help but feel excited. Even if they had suffered some losses, these were unimportant to the Patriarch.

When he read this information, the Patriarch immediately called for the family’s generals. He arranged for people to go and assist George’s team.

George needed to be reinforced. After all, the enemy has been spotted. Moreover, the O’Neal family was still clueless about what was behind that spatial rift.

Penny also needed support. There were a lot of mines in the Demon Realm and these mines were being worked on by the undead and iron armor beasts. To the O’Neal Patriarch, this was an unacceptable thing. Those mines already belong to the O’Neal family. Anyone who wanted to touch their property would be provoking the family.

Zhao Hai was also paying attention to the response of the O’Neal family. He expected this reaction, but also didn’t think that they would reinforce the Demon Realm. When this happened, Zhao Hai immediately withdrew his undead and iron armor beasts. Zhao Hai only left a few undead in the Demon Realm in order to attract more attention from the O’Neal family.

Zhao Hai did this in order to reduce the pressure on his defensive line in the Divine Realm. Additionally, this would also make the O’Neal family think that the undead only had to do with the Demon Realm.

The Hell King’s ship was still traversing the seas. One could see new sceneries every minute. Even if these sceneries weren’t that attractive to Zhao Hai, they also weren’t annoying to look at. The group has been living comfortably in the past few days.

However, Zhao Hai also found out that the Divines were a bit smarter than he expected them to be. They had also arranged for people to monitor the seas. It was just because they didn’t go too deep that they failed to discover Zhao Hai.

The Ark Continent had the Fishman race, so the Divine Realm would surely have them as well. However, the Fishman race of the Divine Realm wasn’t a single power. In the Ark Continent, the Fishman race has been under the control of the Mermaid Race, an independent entity. On the other hand, the Fishman Race of the Divine Realm were under the control of the Divines that were nearest to them. Because of this, the Divine Realm’s Fishman race has been divided into 13 clans.

Naturally Zhao Hai didn’t know about this, it was Bingya who told him. Bingya was able to come in contact with these Fishmen before, so he managed to find things out about them.

Although Zhao Hai had been at sea for several days, his communication with Fei’er and the others didn’t get interrupted. Moreover, Zhao Hai even told Fei’er about the O’Neal family’s situation in order to have them prepare.

Another two days passed by, but Zhao Hai felt that they were still on the same state. According to Bingya’s map, if they really were going on a straight line, then they should be close to the Central Continent judging by their speed.

Zhao Hai walked out from his room and saw Bingya and the others still looking at everything they passed by. Zhao Hai knew that Bingya was also thinking the same thing as him.

Zhao Hai looked at the expression of the three and smiled, “What? Are you worried? Don’t worry, we’ll go up soon to see where we are.” After that, Zhao Hai directed the ship to slowly head up.

Actually, Zhao Hai already looked at the monitor and saw that there weren’t any Fishmen around. Only then did he decide to go into the surface.

Zhao Hai had the ship shrink while still being wrapped by Bubble. They needed to bring the least attention to them as possible.

After Zhao Hai and the others emerged on the surface, they saw a piece of land in the distance. With how large that landmass was, it couldn’t be an island, but a continent instead.

Zhao Hai turned to Bingya and said, “Is that the Central Continent?”

Bingya smiled bitterly as he shook his head. The Foreign Races knew very little about the Central Continent since none of them had gone there before. They had been isolated by the Divine Race for so long.

After seeing Bingya’s appearance, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything more. He smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine if you don’t know. Bubble, go back down first and proceed slowly. Find a large body of water, maybe a river. Let’s go see which continent we’ve bumped into. It would be best if that is the Central Continent.”

Bubble complied before diving down once more. To be honest, Bubble was very glad to do this. He was always comfortable around bodies of water. He was the same back at the Space. He would only stay on places with water, never any other place. Not like Cai’er who always flew from one place to another.

At this time, Laura and the others were still together inside the room. Bingya and the others couldn’t understand why the women kept themselves in all the time. They were able to stay there for days on end. Bingya and the others even thought that Zhao Hai’s group had been doing shameful things inside their room.

However, ever since Bingya entered Zhao Hai’s room, they completely dropped this idea. To be honest, if they were given the same room, they could also stay there for days at a time.

Bubble moved for two hours before reaching the shore. The shores of the continent looked very lively, Zhao Hai could even see some Fishmen swimming around while ships were coming and going.

But none of those people managed to spot Zhao Hai and the others. Bubble couldn’t be easily seen in his own habitat.

Bubble followed Zhao Hai’s instruction and investigated the shore. He was feeling for a current of water and headed towards it. Before long, he entered the riverbed.

Zhao Hai and the others don’t know much about this river. However, this river was indeed depp. Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to shrink the Hell King’s ship before entering, but Bubble stopped him from doing it.

Zhao Hai asked Bubble why this was the case and Bubble said that his own body can shrink just like the Hell King’s ship. Those inside Bubble’s body would be subjected to the Space inside. Although Bubble had shrunk, the ship still remained its original size.

It was at this moment that Zhao Hai remembered the time where he got Bubble in the Northern Icefield. Bubble was able to absorb a lot of things into his own body. Moreover, Bubble’s size remained the same regardless of the size of the item. The Hell King’s ship wouldn’t be a problem for Bubble.

After listening to Bubble, Zhao Hai decided to go along with it and had Bubble go into the big river. Upon entering the river, Zhao Hai suddenly had the feeling about its importance to this continent. This was because he saw how much ships were coming and going in this river. What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the presence of Fishmen on this river.

The Fishmen were working here. They rode their magic beasts here and there, helping the ships dock as well as transporting freight. They were busily going about their jobs.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai said, “Bubble, go towards that port. Let’s listen to their conversation.” Bubble complied and slowly floated up. This caused Bingya and the others to get nervous. They still had no idea that they had shrunk right now.

Before long, Bubble had floated to the river’s surface. They were several meters away from the port. Although they weren’t near the riverside, the distance still allowed them to hear conversation.

The hubbub of shouting and haggling was easily heard, the voices of many people mixed with each other. There weren’t too much useful information but Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He just kept listening in for keywords that might be useful. In the end, they managed to hear some names of the cities.

Upon hearing the city names, Bingya and the others couldn’t help but change their expression. Bingya turned to Zhao Hai and said, “I’ve wronged Mister. We have reached the wrong place. This isn’t the Central Continent but Leo Continent. If we head east, we should arrive at the Central Continent.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He couldn’t blame Bingya and the others. After all, the Divine Realm’s map making technology wasn’t that great. It’s completely reasonable for the maps to deviate by a few degrees.

Zhao Hai turned to Bingya and asked, “How many days will it take?”

Bingya paused before saying, “With our speed, we should be there in three days. I’m sure of it this time”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Bubble, I’ll leave it to you. We need to reach the Central Continent in three days.” Bubble complied and sank to the river’s bottom before going towards the sea at full speed and then heading east.

The reason why Zhao Hai let Bubble wrap them wasn’t because the ship couldn’t travel underwater. Instead, it was because Bubble doesn’t cause any ripples when traversing the sea. This was something that the Hell King’s ship couldn’t do.


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