BTFTLIAW – Chapter 908


Chapter 908 – Sneaking on the Seabed

To deal with the enemy, one shouldn’t be merciful. One must find their life point and strike a heavy blow on it. And where was the Divine Race’s core? Where do they think it was safe?

The only answer to the question was the Central Continent. This sounds credible, and in fact the Central Continent had always been a special existence in the Divine Realm. And it wasn’t only  because of its location and ultimate weapon.

The Central Continent was placed in the exact middle of  the Divine Realm. At the same time, their ultimate weapon was the most handy weapon in the Divine Race. Because of this, the Central Continent had a different status compared to the other continents in the Divine Realm. Most people in the Divine Realm looked at those living in the Central Continent with respect.

In fact, the reason why the Central Continent has such a position was due to their ultimate weapon. Their ultimate weapon had a certain restraint on the other ultimate weapons. If Gold Ben and Elder Star were to fight, then Elder Star’s ultimate weapon would be able to suppress Gold Ben’s combat suit. Gold Ben could only fight with 80% of his strength while Elder Star would be strengthened to 120%. This difference could spell the fate of any battle.

The reason the Divines were yet to deal with the foreign races was because the foreign races’ Supreme Elders didn’t dare to face Elder Star. The three Supreme Elders knew that Elder Star was able to suppress their power, therefore, every time they wage war with the Divines, they always make sure to not face Elder Star.

Moreover, the three Supreme Elders generally acted together while also fighting with the Divine Supreme Elders as little as possible. Just like Zhao Hai’s approach, the three Supreme Elders would make an attack on the rear once the Divine Army attacks. Because of this, the Divines had no way to deal with the foreign races. Although the three foreign races suffered losses, they could still persist for many years.

It was because of the Central Continent’s special status that the foreign races didn’t attack it despite repeatedly attacking the other continents. Due to this, the Central Continent was able to develop quite well over the years. It had the largest population and the strongest fighting power. This added to its special status as the central location of the Divine Realm.

Zhao Hai was now heading to the Central Continent. He now suspects that the Divines might be waiting there for him, staging an ambush. Although he has to find a way to deal with them, he still didn’t think about changing his plan.

If Zhao Hai attacked the Divine Race army and he saw the Supreme Elders there, then it only meant that they didn’t stage an ambush. If that was true, then Zhao Hai would have to smack himself in the head.

When that time comes, the initiative would fall into the hands of the Divines. This wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to go on with his plan. While the Divines dispatched their army to the foreign races, he would go and attack the Divine Race territory. In the past, Zhao Hai planned to deal with the outside continents, but now he decided to head directly to the Central Continent.

Wasn’t the Central Continent the strongest? If that was the case, then they needed to be defeated to serve as an example. Let’s see how the Divines rescue themselves then.

After making up his mind, Zhao Hai left the defensive line to Fei’er and the others. After that, he took Bingya and the others prepared to leave.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about leaving Fei’er and the others behind. After all, the spatial rift was quite large. It would be impossible for the O’neal family to muster up enough forces to claim the entire area. Zhao Hai also left magic cannons and undead behind. And if needed, he could still provide help. There shouldn’t be any problems in the defensive line.

After talking things over with Fei’er and the others, Zhao Hai proceeded to leave the Taurus Continent. But this time, they didn’t fly in the sky, that would be too revealing. Zhao Hai believed that even if the Divines were attacking the foreign races, they would still pay attention to the Taurus Continent. If the Divines discover that Zhao Hai was heading out, then they might make arrangements in advance. There was no need for Zhao Hai to make things harder for himself.

Because of this, Zhao Hai immediately released Bubble upon leaving the Taurus Continent. Bubble wrapped the Hell King’s ship as it entered the seabed before heading towards the Central Continent.

This was exactly what Zhao Hai wanted. Bubble was the source of myriad water. He was just like any other drop of water in the sea. Even if the Divines were powerful, it would still be impossible for them to distinguish the difference between two drops of water. Because of this, there wouldn’t be any problems with Bubble traversing the sea. Additionally, Bubble was very fast. Zhao Hai just sat on the ship’s deck and watched the surrounding waters.

Actually, the seascape before Zhao Hai was fairly the same as the ones back in the Ark Continent. After seeing this scenery for a long time before, Zhao Hai was already quite tired of it.

At this time, Zhao Hai was looking at a map stretched on a table. This map was provided by Bingya and the others, it showed the general layout of the Divine Realm.

Laura and the others were also present and were looking at the map. On the other hand, Bingya and the others were focused on looking around them. They looked like countrymen who never managed to see the world before.

While looking at the map, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The map was too crude, it didn’t even have a scale. There weren’t even sea landmarks shown. For Zhao Hai, the map wasn’t really that great.

Zhao Hai looked at the map for some time. But after understanding nothing, he decided to give up. He turned to Bingya and the others, who were still enthralled with their surroundings, and said, “Bingya, are you sure that our current direction isn’t wrong? Will we really arrive at the Central Continent this way?”

It was at this time that Bingya recovered. His admiration towards Zhao Hai had become very high. Zhao Hai could actually traverse the seabed. Moreover, the numerous aquatic magic beasts didn’t even attack them. It seems like the ship didn’t exist. This move by Zhao Hai made him feel shocked.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Bingya immediately said, “Mister, there shouldn’t be any mistakes. If we don’t deviate from our heading, then we will surely arrive at the Central Continent.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He wasn’t worried much about deviating from the Central Continent. Others might deviate from going at a straight line, but Bubble wouldn’t.

Zhao Hai also looked at the aquatic magic beasts. He understood why these beasts didn’t attack them. It was all due Bubble. Bubble was the sea, and the sea was Bubble. Have you seen aquatic magic beasts attacking the sea? Therefore, these magic beasts naturally wouldn’t attack Zhao Hai.

Laura and the others continued to study the map for a longer while. In the end, they gave up. Lizzy rolled the map and lobbed it over to Bingya before she said, “I really doubt that you managed to defend your domains with such a map. Can that be really used for war?”

When Bingya and the others heard Lizzy, their face couldn’t help but turn red. They didn’t dare to refute. The reason for this was because they saw Zhao Hai’s map of the Taurus Continent. This map was something Zhao Hai had Cai’er make. The Space’s ability to analyze was very high, moreover, there were scales and all landmarks could be seen.

When Bingya and the others saw that map, they couldn’t help but get shocked. They didn’t expect that such a map would exist. They could read the map very clearly, the cities were depicted very well. This was another aspect that made them admire Zhao Hai.

Therefore, when Lizzy criticized their map, Bingya couldn’t refute. Their map was too inferior, he would just shame himself if he were to defend it.


Sailing underwater was actually very interesting. One could see all kinds of plants and animals in the sea. One would feel like they were sent to another world.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t idle all this time. He was currently in his room paying attention to the O’neal family. It was early morning and the O’Neal family had started to receive the letter that was sent by Penny. When the discovery of the Demon Realm was announced, the people from the O’Neal family couldn’t help but feel wild with joy.

The O’Neal family invaded the Ark Continent because of resources. At this time, the O’neal family had managed to discover a lot of minerals in the Ark Continent. This information made them feel ecstatic. And now, there was actually another plane connected to the Ark Continent and wasn’t any smaller in comparison. For the O’Neal family, this was an unexpectedly good news.

But at the same time, when the report came to the part where Penny discovered the undead and iron armor beasts, the Patriarch of the O’Neal family couldn’t help but flinch. In his opinion, they needed to obtain the resources in the Ark Continent and the Demon Realm.  They might encounter war with this result but they were already prepared for this.

Their reaction was completely seen by Zhao Hai. To be honest, Zhao Hai had expected this. Zhao Hai had long known why the O’Neal family invaded the Ark Continent. Their current reaction was just confirming what he knew.

Zhao Hai was prepared to withdraw the magic beasts and the undead from the Demon Realm. In any case, the Space wasn’t lacking in metals right now. There was no need to mine for more.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai thought of another way of acquiring ore, that was to rob. Didn’t the O’Neal family want to mine the ores? Then Zhao Hai might as well have them mine it. After they got the ores, then Zhao Hai would sweep in and take it for himself.

Zhao Hai had long planned to do this. He was never polite to his foes. Since the O’Neal family were now his enemies, then he would have to be impolite.

The third day after Zhao Hai entered the sea, George’s letter was finally delivered to the O’Neal Patriarch’s desk. After looking at the letter, the O’Neal Patriarch’s heart couldn’t help but race.

From the Atlanta Plane to the Ark Continent, everything for the O’Neal family had gone smoothly. They didn’t find any enemies and they even found so many minerals. Additionally, there was even an additional plane. The only thing that was bugging the O’Neal family’s mind was where the people of the Ark Continent moved.

The disappearance of the people from the Ark Continent was an extremely huge mystery. If they couldn’t discover the reason, then this would only be an ongoing threat. Now, they had finally ran into an enemy. The O’Neal family Patriarch believed that the enemy that George had ran into was related to the Ark Continent’s people!



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  1. “Zhao Hai was prepared to withdraw the magic beasts and the undead from the Demon Realm. In any case, the Space wasn’t lacking in metals right now. There was no need to mine for more.”

    questionable, not lacking? try asking Zhao Hai if he can produce one hundred million magic armor with his current budget.

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