BTFTLIAW – Chapter 907


Chapter 907 – Can It Be A Trap?

After thinking through this point, Zhao Hai moved on. Although the Devil Legion couldn’t reach the strength of the Supreme Elders in a short time, he was still very happy.

Zhao Hai could understand that a hundred birds in the forest was still not as good as a single bird on one’s hand. Although the Devil Legion with combat suits were inferior compared to the Supreme Elders, the strength of the Devil Legion was still greatly improved. To Zhao Hai, this was already enough.

Zhao Hai regarded the Devil Legion to be important. Their potential couldn’t be measured. If the Devil Legion suffered any side effects when using the combat suits, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t deploy them. Although they were weaker than the Supreme Elders, at the very least Zhao Hai could still use them.

At this time, Zhao Hai wanted to find weapons that could be used by the undead. He wanted the undead to increase in strength.

However, Zhao Hai had yet to find an appropriate weapon for them. Originally, Zhao Hai planned the undead to join the Devil Legion and be equipped by combat suits. However, the amount of combat suits needed would be enormous. Zhao Hai might not be able to afford it. Because of this, Zhao Hai can only delay this matter to a later time.

Three days later, Zhao Hai was still observing the situation with the O’neal family. George travelled too far this time, so it wasn’t so easy to send the letter back to the family. Three days have passed but the letter had yet to arrive. However, Zhao Hai had no time to consider this right now. Bingya just came to Zhao Hai bearing news, the Divines had sent their troops!

The Divines were now heading out with their army but had yet to make contact with the foreign races. However, Zhao Hai understood that he now has to make preparations. After sending Bingya away, Zhao Hai sat inside his room, staring at the O’Neal family. He didn’t move for half a day.

Laura and the others were sitting next to each other as the fiddled around with their laptops. After learning how to use it, they had come to like the computers. Although there weren’t any games installed, the machine was still able to make things convenient for them.

In the past few days, Laura and the others were busy trying to import their materials to the computer. This wasn’t a simple job. The information they gathered up to this point was a lot. Just trying to sort through the information would take quite a while.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was currently thinking about how to tackle the Divine Race, and find a way for the Divines to be unable to deal with him. The Divines now had some sort of understanding regarding Zhao Hai’s strength. It wouldn’t be good for Zhao Hai if the Divines had prepared something for him.

However, whether the situation was good or not, Zhao Hai still needed to make a move. The Divines were faithful dogs of Lu Wei, they needed to be cleaned up.

When facing the other nine continents, Zhao Hai needed to pick which one to attack first. After Zhao Hai attacks, he would immediately attract the attention of the Divines. The Divines would then retreat. And by then, Zhao Hai needed to solve the encirclement of the Divines.

Zhao Hai was currently suspecting that this large Divine Race army wouldn’t have any Supreme Elders with them. Bingya’s report that said they would send 7 Supreme Elders might be false information that the Divines deliberately released.

The Divines released this information so that Zhao Hai would be compelled to attack the Divines. They might be preparing an ambush there, waiting for Zhao Hai to bite the bait.

If this was the case, then the discussion made by Elder Star that time might have been intentionally made in order for Zhao Hai to listen in.

Upon thinking about this, Zhao Hai’s brain couldn’t help but run faster and faster. Every single fight Zhao Hai had with the Divine Race were won with the help of the Space. It would be acceptable if the Supreme Elders were to find something out. Although they might not know about the Space, they still should have noticed that Zhao Hai had special methods of finding things out. Therefore, Elder Star might have deliberately discussed their plan for Zhao Hai. Meanwhile, they would stage an ambush in the Divine Race territory.

Attacking an enemy’s rear in order to compel them to retreat. This might be a simple statement but it was something that everyone understood. Elder Star and the others couldn’t contend with Zhao Hai even if there were five of them. But now, they decided to leave two Supreme Elders to defend their rear? This was completely unreasonable. Because of this, they could be waiting in the Divine Race territory for Zhao Hai to sneak attack. At the same time, they wanted Zhao Hai to believe that they were attacking the foreign races.

The more he thought about this, the more it seemed true. Zhao Hai’s fight with the Divines didn’t only take one or two days. Although most of the Divines they defeated had been thrown to the Space, it was difficult for all the fishes to be captured by the net. At this time, information about Zhao Hai should have come out. Thunder Yun used an all out attack before in order to deal with Zhao Hai. At that time, Zhao Hai attacked the Radiant Church, causing the Divine army to be in chaos. Because of this, Thunder Yun drew back, incurring heavy losses along the way.

With such losses, the Divines certainly wouldn’t fall for it a second time. For the Divines to use the same method right now would be too strange.

After thinking up to here, Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, this attack towards the foreign races, can it be a trap?”

When she heard Zhao Hai, Lizzy couldn’t help but frown. After a moment she said, “It’s possible. If that is really the case, then we would meet trouble when we attack the Divines. Brother Hai, how about we directly deal with the Divine Race army.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No need. Now that the Divines had lost one Supreme Elder, they should also understand that if the Elders were to be separated, then they would only be dealt with. Therefore, the Supreme Elders could only lay in ambush inside the Divine Race territory. With them being together, this might also be an opportunity for us.” Lizzy thought for a moment and said, “But at this time, the Divines have 9 continents. How will we know which one they had set a trap in?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That is not important. The Divines had been the overlord for many years, so they should have a very firm foundation. The Radiant Church had a few pieces of spatial items, so the Divine should have some as well. If they have a weapon that can allow them to travel from continent to continent, then choosing which continent wouldn’t be a problem. Although we haven’t seen the Divines use such things before, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have them. Don’t forget, our enemy is  Lu Wei. Even if the Divines don’t have such items, then Lu Wei might have some. Lu Wei’s avatars have been destroyed by me twice. He hates me. I don’t know why he didn’t descend anymore, but with his status he shouldn’t let this enmity go. He can use the Divines instead in order to deal with me.”

When Lizzy and the others heard this, their expressions couldn’t help but sink. Their faces weren’t attractive. Lu Wei was their archenemy, and he worries them. If not because of Lu Wei, then they wouldn’t have this much trouble living.

Laura said, “Brother Hai, so what do we do now? Do we just let them ambush us?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Correct. Even if we know about the ambush, we still need to push on. We need to make the Divines know that no ambush can deal with us.”

Laura looked puzzled at Zhao Hai as she asked, “Brother Hai, what do you mean?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Now that the Hell King’s ship has been upgraded, its speed had become much quicker. It’s impossible for them to overtake the Hell King’s ship before, much less now. In any case, the war had begun. We don’t need to be polite. It would be better for the war to end as soon as possible.”

Laura and the others nodded, then Laura said, “Brother Hai, if Lu Wei gave the Divines a weapon, then wouldn’t it be dangerous for us?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Even if Lu Wei gave them a powerful weapon, they still need to be able to use it. If they couldn’t, then that weapon would just be useless. Lu Wei already managed to give us two items. If he gave the Divines some items, then who would use it? Hehe, don’t worry about it.”

Lizzy nodded. Then she said, “Big Brother Hai, so which continent are you planning to attack?’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The Central Continent.”

This answer made Lizzy gawk. She was puzzled as she asked, “The Central Continent? That is very far from here. If we attack the Central Continent, then we would be very deep into the Divine Race’s sphere of influence. Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “If you thought about that, then the Divine should be the same, everyone would think the same. Because of that, the Central Continent would have the most lax defenses. Although the Divines treated all continents equally aside from the ones controlled by the foreign races, one could see that the Central Continent is the foremost continent of them all.”

Lizzy thought about it for a moment and said, “So it’s like this. In the previous battle, it also looks like the other Supreme Elders are listening to the Central Continent’s Supreme Elder. If that is the case, then attacking the Central Continent would be a good choice. Once we succeed, then we can eliminate the Divines bit by bit.”

At this point, Lizzy and the others weren’t afraid of Ultimate Weapons. However, they were also clear that if Zhao Hai were to go all out in fighting the Divines, then he would immediately ascend. This would leave the Divine Realm in an awful mess. Most importantly, they would get to meet Lu Wei much earlier than they anticipated.

Because of this, they can only do as they planned. As much as possible, they wouldn’t let Zhao Hai make a move. They needed to defeat the Divine Race little by little!


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