BTFTLIAW – Chapter 906


Chapter 906 – Mysterious Hell King’s Ship

Cai’er nodded and said, “These mobile phones can be used in any backgrounds inside the Space. If outside, it can only work in an area 10 thousand meters around Young Master. Beyond this range, the phones cannot be used.”

Zhao Hai nodded, the current monitor also has a range of 10 thousand meters with him as the center. It seems like because of its relationship with the Space, the mobile phones can also work on the same range.

Zhao Hai looked at the mobile phone in his hand. He couldn’t see what brand it was, but it was beautiful. There weren’t a lot of buttons on the device. Aside from normal buttons on typical mobile phones, there weren’t anything else. The screen was very large, black, and simple.

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod before pressing the power button. The screen of the phone immediately lit up. It had a different boot animation from the other phones that Zhao Hai had seen before. Once the phone was turned on, the boot animation was a farm, then the farm slowly disappeared into a background of a clear sky, white clouds, and green grass. At the same time, an image of an ordinary home screen appeared.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied of this mobile phone. During his time on Earth, he had used a lot of mobile phones. He could say that there wasn’t any phone like this one.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at Laura and said, “Laura, what is your number?”

Laura and the others were looking blankly at Zhao Hai’s movements. Zhao Hai looked more skilled than them when using the phone, looking like it wasn’t his first time using it. This made them puzzled. Now that Laura heard Zhao Hai, she immediately gave him her phone number.

Once he heard the number, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It was because Laura’s number didn’t have 11 digits, instead it only had 7. The number belonged to a phone that wasn’t upgraded.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. He conveniently dialed Laura’s number on his phone. It didn’t take long before a delightful sound was heard, it was Laura’s phone that made the sound.

Laura took her phone out and saw Zhao Hai’s number plastered on the screen.

Zhao Hai looked at his number and almost gasped. Goodness, this number was too overbearing, 6-1-1. This was the first time Zhao Hai saw this number on a phone.

Zhao Hai looked at his number and said, “You didn’t get to choose your numbers? You need to have one like this.” Then he referred to his mobile number. The number that Laura had wasn’t very easy to memorize, being seven numbers.

When Laura heard Zhao Hai say this, she smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine, it looks interesting this way. Right, Brother Hai, how are you able to use mobile phones?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t forget, I’m the Host. It wouldn’t be strange for me to use mobile phones comfortably.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others nodded. Naturally, Zhao Hai cannot tell them that he was from Earth. This was his deepest secret, and he wasn’t prepared to tell anybody yet.

Zhao Hai saved Laura’s number. The phone could also take pictures, so he took Laura’s picture to save with the phone number.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai skillfully using the phone, Laura and the others couldn’t help but surround him. This way, Zhao Hai could help them get used to the phone.

Zhao Hai didn’t decline and saved everybody’s number on his phone. Then everybody took everybody else’s pictures.

Seeing Laura and the others happily playing around with their phones, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Actually, Laura was still quite young at 20 years old. Meanwhile, Meg and Ni’er were the youngest being 18 years old. Back on Earth, women of their age would still be thinking about what to wear when they go out, they would still be quarelling with their boyfriends. On the other hand, Laura and the others were currently working like mature women, the disparity was too big.

Seeing the women play around with their phones, Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them. He can understand their current mood, he was the same with his very first mobile phone. He even couldn’t sleep the following night, he was much worse than Laura and the others.

Zhao Hai took the laptop that Laura handed him and confidently opened it. The inside was the same as any other computer. But unlike the one he had on Earth, this laptop didn’t have as much programs installed. There were only default programs and it didn’t even have a way to connect to the internet.

Zhao Hai then asked Cai’er who was sitting on his shoulder, “Cai’er, what other programs are installed in this computer?”

Cai’er replied, “Young Master, aren’t these the only ones needed to be installed? Right, I also saved information about magic formations on this computer.”

Zhao Hai also remembered that although he now has a computer, his situation still wasn’t the same as back on Earth. There was no internet here so he couldn’t just surf the web freely.

Only then did Zhao Hai nod and said, “How did you solve the problem of electric power?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master can rest assured. I have prepared a lot of solar panels so that we can charge the phones and laptops.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. Right, prepare to give father-in-law some of these laptops. The computers would surely help with their research on magic formations.” Cai’er immediately complied.

At this time, a prompt was heard from the Space., “Hell King’s ship modification finished. Asking Host for permission to summon.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he quickly said, “Summon.” Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the Hell King’s ship appeared right in front of him. Zhao Hai inspected the ship and couldn’t see any obvious change. It didn’t look different than before. This confused Zhao Hai.

Laura and the others had also discovered that Zhao Hai had summoned the Hell King’ ship. Since he couldn’t see anything different with the ship, he Zhao Hai immediately went in.

But the moment he made the ship move, it was then that Zhao Hai felt the difference.

In the past, when the ship started to move, it would undergo the process of acceleration. In other words, the ship wasn’t fast in the beginning. Only after a few seconds would it reach its quickest speed.

But now it was different. As long as Zhao Hai made the ship move, it immediately reached its maximum velocity. Moreover, the ship was steady and more flexible. When the Hell King’s ship moved, magic formations would appear on its sides, almost covering the entire ship. In turn, this made the ship look more mysterious.

Zhao Hai tried moving the ship a few more times. He can now assure that the ship had become more flexible. In the past, due to the ship’s speed, turning would be very difficult, you would need to make a huge bend. Currently, the ship would immediately turn when Zhao Hai issued his command. The ship was now more like a fish swimming in the sea.

Besides its speed, the Hell King’s ship’s attacking power has also been improved. In the past, the ship’s ram wasn’t too agile when attacking the enemy, it wasn’t the same case now. The pole and the magic cannons were also similar. Zhao Hai tried them and knew that the ship’s fighting strength had indeed been promoted.

At the same time, although the Hell King’s ship’s water didn’t look like it changed, Zhao Hai could see the changes once he commanded it to move. The water of the new Hell King’s ship now had more volume in every action it made. Now, the water underneath the ship would roll with each action. Magic formations would also appear with each action, aiding the water to keep rotating in place. One could see at a glance that this was much better compared to before.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with the changes to the Hell King’s ship. After testing, he led Laura and the others to enter their room. There were no major changes made in their cabin, but it became larger than before, it was now like a small Space.

Zhao Hai liked the recent changes. After returning to their room, Zhao Hai immediately turned the monitor on to see the situation with the O’Neal family.

George’s letter had yet to be delivered to the O’neal family, so Zhao Hai still wasn’t clear of their reaction. But since the reinforcements had yet to come, it can be said that George wouldn’t make a step further into the rift.

This made Zhao Hai relieved. What he needed to do right now was to wait for the news coming from the foreign races. As long as they can drag the Divines for a while, then Zhao Hai can be sure to upturn the Divine Race’s continents.

At this point, nearly 10 thousand Devil Legion soldiers were fitted with scorpio combat suits. They were still adapting to the combat suit but Zhao Hai could see that their combat power seemed to be inferior compared to the Divines.

However, Zhao Hai changed his mind once he understood why. The Devil Legion were already inferior in strength compared to the Supreme Elders. At the same time, the Supreme Elders wouldn’t be able to use the combat suits for a long time since it consumed too much of their energy.

The Space may have thought of this shortcoming when it transformed the combat suit into a seed. Right now, these combat suits were unable to exert as much power as the ones the Divines had. This was not only due to their wearer being weaker, it also came due to the changes made to the combat suits. In return for its reduced performance, Zhao Hai’s combat suits didn’t have the same side effect as the ones the Divines had.

One could say that the combat suit in the hands of the Supreme Elders was just like giving a three-year old child am 18 jin sledgehammer. Even if the child was quite strong, it would still be exhausted after using the sledgehammer for a few times.

Zhao Hai’s combat suits didn’t have such a weak point. His combat suits were more like clothes than a heavy weapon. If in the hands of a child, the combat suit would just be like a small stick. Only when yielded by an adult would the combat suit become the best weapons.


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