BTFTLIAW – Chapter 905


Chapter 905 – Modern Era Women

Those lights were scanning the Hell King’s ship. It took some time before the ship went through the building and went out on the other side.

Not only Zhao Hai, even Laura and the others were curiously looking at the monitor. They wanted to know what the Space would do.

At this time, a prompt came in, “Analysis starting. Analysis will take ten minutes.” Then a number appeared on a window of the building and started to count down.

Zhao Hai and the others weren’t anxious and just waited there. Ten minutes quickly went by. When the counter reached zero, a prompt was immediately heard, “Analysis complete. Item is an intermediate Cultivation Civilization weapon. Item has undergone an upgrade. Intermediate defense, intermediate attack, advanced speed. Materials used are golden sand, chaos crystal, iron essence, iron mother. On the hull are long-ranged magic cannons, weak attack. Improvements available, suggestions for improvements are…..”

Zhao Hai and the others were shocked as they listened to this prompt. In their eyes, the Hell King’s ship was already formidable. But after being analyzed, aside from its advanced speed, all other attributes were only intermediate. Moreover, this specific Hell King’s ship was an upgraded version of Lu Wei’s treasure ship. Even so, the scanner still had means to improve it. Wasn’t this ability too strong?”

While Zhao Hai was thinking about these, the Space’s prompt continued, “Host may improve the item using the Universal Processing Machine. After improvement, weapon speed will be increased by 20%, defensive strength by 40%, attacking strength by 40%, as well as magic cannon attack by 40%. Upgrade would need 1 million gold coins. Host would also need to provide goldmetal wood, innate yin fire, heart of earth fire, and 120 magic formations. Upgrade will take three hours.” After saying this, the Space didn’t say anything more. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and the others were left standing there. They didn’t expect the Universal Scanner to be this useful.

After some time, Zhao Hai recovers as he laughed and said, “Good, very good. Immediately upgrade the Hell King’s ship. Transform according to the Universal Scanner’s recommendation.” With this order, the Hell King’s ship immediately flew towards the processing machine. A light shone on the ship before it disappeared.

When the Hell King’s ship disappeared into the processing machine, Zhao Hai turned and look at Laura and the others before laughing, “This time, we gained a very good treasure.”

Laura and the others were also very happy. Lizzy quickly said, “Brother Hai, didn’t Cai’er say that you can buy science and technology backgrounds? Go do it now, let’s see what they are.”

After being reminded by Lizzy, Zhao Hai remembered that they could also buy science and technology backgrounds. He immediately nodded and turned his head to Cai’er, “Cai’er, let’s see what science and technology backgrounds we can buy.”

Cai’er waved her small hand and the image on the monitor immediately changed to the store. There were small pictures on this page, and some of them were in black and white while some were colored. Zhao Hai understood that those in black and white were things he couldn’t buy. Some of the black and white pictures were from ordinary backgrounds and magic backgrounds. It looks like his level was insufficient to buy more of those. This time, the only thing he could buy were science and technology backgrounds.

Zhao Hai looked at these science and technology backgrounds. There were some hints on those images, however, those were just introduction and weren’t of much help for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai carefully scanned the backgrounds, carefully looking for the ten he would pick. However, this task wasn’t easy. These backgrounds numbered more than 100. Looking for something that suited him would not be a simple matter.

At the same time, Laura and the others were also looking at these backgrounds. Things on those images were something they had never seen before. There were over a hundred tall buildings, there were automobiles present. There were even things they couldn’t name, this caused them to be curious about those backgrounds.

Cai’er haven’t seen these things as well. However, she was tied together with the Space. Because of this, once the science and technology backgrounds were unlocked, she immediately got some information sent to her head.

It took half a day before Zhao Hai managed to pick ten backgrounds. Although Zhao Hai wants to live in a modern setting, it was a pity that he couldn’t enter the Space now. Because of this, he could only look at the monitor with envy.

Naturally, Laura and the others wanted to explore the backgrounds, and Zhao Hai didn’t stop them. He let Cai’er take Laura and the others for a tour and see what things lay inside those science and technology backgrounds.

After processing these matters, Zhao Hai turned his attention to George and the others. However, George’s team was already at the city, paying attention to the spatial rift. At this time, they didn’t have the intention to attack.

After seeing that George didn’t intend to attack now, Zhao Hai felt relief. He continued to sit on his transformed staff and calmly looked at the bustling army.

Fei’er and the others went back to their clans to prepare for the next battle against the O’Neal family. At the same time, Bingya and the others were at the defensive line. It was because of this that Zhao Hai had the confidence to send the Hell King’s ship for scanning.

Upon thinking of the Universal Scanner, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but feel hot. He immediately thought of things that the scanner can analyze. Can it scan the undead? After thinking of this, he immediately opened the monitor and made an undead enter the scanner.

The undead walked into the door of the building before a white light covered it. Then the undead became smaller and smaller until it reduced to the Hell King’s ship at that time. After that, it underwent the same process as the ship.

Zhao Hai stared blankly at the process. He didn’t expect that this would be the case. The scanner actually needed the subject to be small. It was too strange.

However, upon thinking that the scanner was the prize given by the Space and that these abilities were no big deal, Zhao Hai decided to not care about it anymore. What he wanted to know right now was the result of the scan done to the undead.

Once the undead came out of the back door, it immediately turned into its normal size.

After that, a prompt came, “Analysis starting. Analysis would take ten seconds.”

Ten, nine, eight, …”Analysis completed. Item is a robotic-type object. Item made from ordinary minerals. Attacking strength is weak. Item can be upgraded by the Space. Host is currently using the method of placing the item in the hell background in order to upgrade. This is the recommended method. An alternative method can use the Universal Processing Machine. Required materials are yin iron mother, golden sand, primal chaos crystal, a hundred thousand gold coins. Since Host can only provide golden sand, host can buy materials. After paying 5 million gold coins, the robot will be upgraded. After the upgrade, robot-like item will improve attack and defense by 200%. Note that after this improvement, robot can no longer be strengthened. Asking the host to think carefully.”

Zhao Hai blankly stared at the result. He didn’t expect the Space to have another means of upgrading the undead. But although the fast approach could improve the undead, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use it.

After seeing this result, Zhao Hai returned the undead to the hell background. Then he thought about the scorpio combat suit on his staff, so he had the scanner analyze it.

When the scorpio armor went to the back of the building, a prompt was heard, “Starting analysis program. This item is a defensive combat suit produced by the Space. Currently, the item is perfect. Host’s level is insufficient, Host is unable to improve it.”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t think that the scanner would have a high evaluation of the combat suit. However, if Zhao Hai were to think about it, he could understood what was going on. Now that the Space was making these combat suits, then it’s natural that they would be perfect. Moreover, if the combat suits could be upgraded right now, the processing machine wouldn’t be able to do it. Therefore, the analysis would give this answer.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before he had a domain weapon scanned. Zhao Hai had always wanted to improve the domain weapons for a while, but there was no time. Although the processing machine can improve items, it couldn’t compare to the scanner. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to see if the scanner would have any results regarding domain weapons.

The procedure went on as before, then a result came in, “Analysis results. Item is a rough and inferior level weapon. Weapon’s design is unreasonable, energy usage is too big. Attacking power is weak, defensive strength is weak, speed is weak. Materials used are ordinary. Host is recommended to destroy this weapon in order to get raw materials. Then Host can use the raw materials to make weapons or other items using the Universal Processing Machine.”

Zhao Hai felt depressed. Domain Weapons, both in the lower realms and in the Divine Realm, were extremely powerful items. Even in the Divine Realm where combat suits existed, warriors would still scamper around just to wield a domain weapon.

The result that the scanner brought up had no merit to speak of. Everything said about domain weapons were negative. Zhao Hai didn’t even know if there were any redeeming values.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he stored the domain weapon. He thought about it, if the scanner could tell the shortcomings of the Hell King’s ship, then the domain weapons naturally wouldn’t be spared.

The reason why the scanner didn’t have any means of improving the combat suit was because the combat suits were now a product of the Space. Once the Space levels-up, then it’s natural that the combat suits would follow. Because of this, the analysis didn’t say anything about improvement.

But still, the results of the scanner had aroused Zhao Hai’s interest. He immediately threw a magic armor towards the scanner. The procedure came in as a prompt came, “Analysis starting, time for analysis, 30 seconds.” After the timer finished, another prompt arrived, “Item is an armor type weapon made by a magic and science civilization. Attack strength is low, speed is low, defense is low. Unable to provide means of improvement due to the materials used.”

Zhao Hai gawked, he didn’t think that the result would be this. It seems like the scanner wasn’t all-purpose. It can only analyze items within the Space’s range, all other materials cannot be scanned.

One must know that Karen and the others were still trying to improve their magic formations in hope of using them for the magic armors in the future. However, the scanner actually can’t do this. It seems like talents were still needed during crucial moments.

At this time, Laura and the others walked out from the Space. To Zhao Hai’s surprise, each on of them had mobile phones on one hand while having laptops on the other. Their clothes were also from the modern era. If Zhao Hai didn’t know, he would’ve thought that he had returned back to Earth.

When Laura and the others saw Zhao Hai’s reaction, they couldn’t help but chuckle. After that, each one of them chirped about their adventures through the science and technology backgrounds.

Inside these science and technology backgrounds were these things called malls. These were the same malls that can be seen everywhere on Earth. Naturally, these malls had clothes, jewelry, and tech products. Since Cai’er had information about all of these, she introduced them to Laura and the others. Laura and the others were very curious about these things, so they took some phones and laptops along with clothes with them before going out of the Space.

Of course they didn’t forget about Zhao Hai. When they came out, they also gave Zhao hai a mobile phone and laptop.

Laura thought that Zhao Hai was also clueless about mobile phones and laptops, so when she took out the phone she said, “Brother Hai, look. Come here, let me teach you. With this thing, you wouldn’t be using messenger fishes anymore.” Then she proceeded to hand a phone to Zhao Hai and explained its functions.

Zhao Hai looked strangely at Laura, then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, can we use these things here?”


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