BTFTLIAW – Chapter 904


Chapter 904 – Lesser Science and Technology Background

George felt like he had a nightmare as we walked out of his armor. He was a bit depressed. He didn’t think that he would be beaten and lose 5 magic armors during a scouting mission. For him, this loss was not small.[1]

Just as what Zhao Hai said, these magic armors were high-quality armors of the O’Neal family. Compared to ordinary magic armors, the construction costs of these advanced armors were many times more. Now that they had lost five, the losses were very heavy.

Besides the loss of magic armors, the damage to the morale was also very big. George was a man bent on winning. But when the Clan didn’t send him on the first scouting mission, George couldn’t help but feel unpleasant.

In big families, scouts were the most essential troops. Having the family send you on a scouting mission didn’t meant that they want you dead. Instead, the family trusted you and has given you favor. This also meant that one wouldn’t be far from being promoted.

George was very ambitious. He wanted to be an officer and one with a very high position. Not being sent on the first scouting mission made him feel depressed. George thinks that his ability was no worse than Lewis. Moreover, to George, Lewis was just a fallen genius, not someone that can compare to him. Also, Penny was someone who was extremely careful. He will always pause before making a move. In George’s opinion, these two people were inferior to himself. The first choice to be a scout should be him.

In the end, he was left disappointed. Fortunately, the family sent him on the second batch of scouts. Because he had waited eagerly for this time, George wanted to perform well.

The net formation before was George’s doing. One has to recognize that George had talent, but his luck was very bad.

Lewis met the Underworld. And as long as one withdraws from the Dark Mist, then the underworld’s creatures wouldn’t pursue you. The underworld’s range was only within its territory.

Penny met the Demon Realm. Nobody was inside the Demon Realm. Therefore, Penny wasn’t attacked like George.

On the other hand, George entered the Divine Realm, Zhao Hai’s backyard. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite to him.

Although their losses weren’t catastrophic, George was still furious. This was because Lewis and Penny brought benefits without any losses. Although George also managed to get information, the losses he incurred still stung.

After George came out, he immediately turned to the person beside him and said, “Immediately arrange for people to report back to the family. Make the situation here clear and express our losses. Ask the family to send support as soon as possible.”

The man beside George immediately nodded before turning around to make the preparations. George looked around him and saw 20 war tanks and 300 or so magic armors. This number couldn’t be underestimated. However, George still thought that this wasn’t safe. At this time, they had no idea what kind of weapon the enemy was using. Because of this, George immediately said, “Transmit this command. Everyone retreat to the closest city for repairs. Give monitoring priority to this spatial rift.”

Although George was depressed, but as a competent scout he still made the correct decision. He might badly want to be an accomplished officer, but this wouldn’t necessarily be a weakness. Sometimes, this mindset was beneficial because he would need to watch his every action, making sure that he doesn’t make the wrong moves.

He knew that his greatest asset right now was his ability to be a scout. As long as he performs well, he was likely to be a high-ranking official. Therefore, he always made sure to make the best moves.

George’s order was immediately performed. The war tanks quickly proceeded to retreat. George didn’t actually enter the war tank, instead he stood on the roof looking at the Divine Realm’s spatial rift. His facial expression was somewhat complex. After some time, he coldly snorted and said, “Just wait, I will come back.” After saying that, George jumped into his war tank and flew towards the nearest city.

The city that George chose was the closest city to the rift. Departing from this city using a war tank, one would only need two hours before reaching the spatial rift. And while standing on the city’s walls, one could clearly see the spatial rift. This was the reason why George chose this place.

At this time, attacking the rift wasn’t a choice. What they needed to do was to monitor the rift and report what happened back to the family.

But what George didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was keeping an eye on him. After giving relief to Fei’er and the others, Zhao Hai had the group go back and prepare. After this, Zhao Hai’s attention was turned to the Divine Race. As for the O’Neal family, Zhao Hai was fine as long as they were outside the Divine Realm.

Naturally, the defense of the rift was handed over to Fei’er’s group. Zhao Hai believed that Fei’er and the others could block the O’Neal family, but amidst a few losses. In this case, it would be much easier for them to enter the Space.

After Fei’er and the others left, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately turn his attention to George’s group. He first returned to his room and opened the monitor. Then he called Cai’er over in order to know more about the science and technology backgrounds.

For Zhao Hai, both the magic armors and the Divine Race weren’t as important as improving the level of the Space. What surprised Zhao Hai this time was the fact that there were no prompts about levelling up. It just said that science and technology backgrounds were unlocked. Therefore, he called Cai’er over to ask.

Laura and the others didn’t know that the Space wasn’t upgraded. They were somewhat confused about Zhao Hai suddenly calling Cai’er.

After Cai’er came, Zhao Hai immediately asked, “Cai’er, how is the Space doing now?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, it’s doing great. The science and technology backgrounds have been unlocked. The Young Master can now buy ten backgrounds, but these could only be science and technology backgrounds.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s what I thought. Are these science and technology backgrounds useful?”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “Of course they’re useful, they’re very useful. Young Master doesn’t know about this. But at this time, you can only buy lesser science and technology backgrounds. In these backgrounds, there are some buildings that you can use. Once you buy a background, there would be things like gas manufacturing facilities and car making sites available.”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai’s eyes immediately shone. This meant that buying a science and technology background was akin to buying technology. Means of making automobiles, mobile phones, and perhaps satellites would be available. All of these things were very useful for Zhao hai.

Take the present, for example. Zhao Hai’s means of communicating with Bingya and the others was through messenger fishes. If Zhao Hai could make mobile phones, then he could use those mobile phones to communicate, which was more convenient.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai said, “Cai’er, this science and technology background, what level of technology has it reached?”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “Lesser science and technology backgrounds can explore the universe!”

Zhao Hai’s expression lit up when he heard this. Exploring the universe was something that Earth’s technology has reached. If this was the case, then Zhao Hai would be gaining equivalent to ten Earth-like backgrounds.

Thinking about this made Zhao Hai laugh. However, Laura and the others were still quite confused. To be honest, they didn’t even understand what science and technology was, much less about exploring the universe.

After some time, Zhao Hai calmed down and immediately said, “Cai’er, I don’t think that those magic armors are only up to this level. Why can I only buy lesser science and technology backgrounds now?”

Zhao Hai can remember very clearly that although the Earth can explore the universe, it couldn’t make magic armors. Magic armors, or mechas as they were known on Earth, only appear on fantasy novels. Magic armors should be part of an advanced science and technology civilization.

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, you must know that magic armors aren’t purely mechanical constructs. In the innermost core of magic armors are magic formations. It can be said that magic armors are a combination between magic and technology. Because of this, you can only get the lowest type of science and technology background.”

When Zhao Hai heard this, he nodded. Then he said, “How can we upgrade it?”

Cai’er replied, “Only after the Young Master manages to find products made by advanced level science and technology civilizations. Once the Young Master receives those products in the Space, the backgrounds would get upgraded.”

Zhao Hai then said, “How about the Universal Scanner?” Cai’er smiled and said, “The Young Master can find this out yourself. Put the Hell King’s ship in the Space and let the universal scanner analyze it.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He waved his hand and made the Hell King’s ship smaller before throwing it into the Space. After that, his magic staff increased in size as he stood on top of it along with Laura and the others.

While on the staff, the monitor showed Zhao Hai the scene with the Hell King’s ship. Since Zhao Hai cannot enter the Space, he can only use this method to observe.

After the ship entered the Space, it immediately flew towards the three-storied building. The door to the building opened automatically as the ship went in.

The monitor immediately showed the situation behind the door. What Zhao Hai saw inside was not what he expected. Zhao Hai thought that the three-story building was just one vacant room. Who would’ve thought that the small building was simply a huge machine!

Upon passing through the door, the Hell King’s ship descended to the ground. Then, that bright and clean floor suddenly turned into a transport belt, taking the ship around the room. As the ship went on, various lights were shining on top of it.

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