BTFTLIAW – Chapter 902


Chapter 902 – Science and Technology Background and Universal Scanner

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t give Bingya any magic cannons was because Zhao Hai’s magic cannons used special crystals. And he didn’t want the Divine Race to know about that.

One day quickly passed by. The next day, Fei’er and the others were still tipsy. It was only after eating breakfast did they recover. They also knew from Zhao Hai that the Atlanta Plane may attack today. Therefore, they immediately returned to their armies after eating.

Zhao Hai also knew that the Divines would attack the foreign races, however, he wasn’t anxious to deal with them. He wanted the Divines to fight against the foreign races for a period of time before he goes to give aid. In the meantime, Zhao Hai wanted to stay here and deal with the O’Neal family in order to get a couple of magic armors for himself.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to fight with the Divines right now, he was preparing to deal with them. The most important thing for him right now was to get more God-ranks and produce more Scorpio combat suits to be handed over to the Devil Legion.

These days, Zhao Hai had already accrued several hundred Scorpio Combat suits and had given it to the Devil Legion to use. Because of the added functions of the combat suits, the Devil Legion had yet to get fully accustomed to using them. Therefore, they needed to train for some time. Only then can Zhao Hai take them and then sweep the entire world clean.

In addition to the combat suits for the Demons, Zhao Hai also produced a lot of God-rank potions. At this point, almost all of the Buda Clan’s members were God-ranks, even Laura and the others. But although they had reached God-rank, their combat power was still a lot worse than a full God-rank expert.

The O’neal family didn’t let Zhao Hai wait for a long time. At around 9 in the morning, a 30-man team of magic armors flew in from the spatial rift.

The reason why the O’Neal family failed to find Zhao Hai’s defensive line was because the defensive line was covered by Zhao Hai’s fog. This thick fog wasn’t the dark mist but just an ordinary white fog. However, this fog can block the Divine Sense of God-ranks and other means of detection. Therefore, the O’Neal family had no way of knowing what was going on inside the fog.

It was because of Zhao Hai’s arrangement that the O’Neal family wasn’t able to discover that Zhao Hai had set-up a defensive line.

The 30 magic armors flew towards the white fog slowly and carefully. Moreover, they maintained their humanoid form and didn’t transform. They needed to be prepared for battle at any time.

Just as the team were being careful, a few blue lights suddenly went straight towards them. The O’Neal family immediately avoided the lights.

This tactical avoidance was something that magic armor pilots must study. This was in preparation to avoid attacks made by both battle qi and magic.

And since these scouts were the elites of the O’Neal family, their movements were extremely done well. No blue light was able to hit even a single magic armor.

However, just as the blue light missed, another barrage of blue lights came in, and with greater magnitude. The O’Neal family’s soldiers didn’t have the means to hide immediately so they quickly established their shields. At the same time, they also launched an attack towards the blue lights.

The magic armor attacks came in the form of white energy beams that seemed more concentrated. When the white energy collided with the blue energy, a loud noise was immediately heard.

The two energy beams collided together, causing a huge explosion that blew the fog away. This allowed the O’Neal scouts to see their enemies. Not far from them was a defensive line. There seems to be a lot of shadows on that defensive line, signalling how large the army was.

Upon seeing this, the O’Neal family’s scouts stopped. Then they went into a tactical formation and slowly retreated.

However, it was too late for them to retreat at this time. Blue lights came in from behind them. The blue lights were woven into a light net, surrounding the magic armors. They can’t even hide if they wanted to.

However, the O’Neal family’s scouts reacted very quickly. They immediately formed a circular formation. All the magic armors set up their shields and then sent out energy beams from their hands. The cooperation of these people were well-coordinated, the blue lights were unable to hit them even once.

But the blue light kept coming. The O’Neal family’s scouts felt the pressure on them getting bigger and bigger.

At this moment, someone from the team loudly said, “Explosive attacks! We’ll blow a path for retreat. Otherwise, we will get stuck here forever.”

It was obvious that his person was the commander of the team. As soon as he said that, the magic armors immediately moved. Something suddenly elevated from their shoulders, of which had four holes each.

On each shoulder were four small missiles. The missiles were immediately launched and headed towards the source of the blue light.

After a loud noise, the blue lights coming from that place evidently decreased. The O’Neal family scouts used this opportunity to retreat back towards the Ark Continent.

Meanwhile, blue lights kept coming towards the scouts, getting blocked by the shields all the time. Although the blue lights were lessened, those left were still quite a lot. The scouts can only resist and block the blue lights. It was necessary for the blue lights to be blocked by the shield. However, using the shield to block the blue lights consumed energy. The energy on each magic armor was getting consumed rapidly.

Then suddenly, two magic armors on the rear of the team were grazed by uniquely strong blue lights. Their shields flashed for a moment before it disappeared. There was no need to wait before the two magic armors were bombarded by the blue lights.

The two magic armors didn’t explode. Instead, they were frozen in an instant. The magic armors immediately fell, but before reaching the ground, a spatial rift took them in.

The demise of the two magic armors were naturally seen by the other scouts. They became startled, but they also became more careful.

They didn’t know what the blue lights were, and they didn’t know why the rift appeared. However, they can affirm that the two magic armors and their pilots were already gone.

Actually, the two strong blue lights weren’t anything special. They were just light beams made from combining several magic cannons.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t attack from start to finish. He just let the undead attack the magic armors using magic cannons. He wants to see how how capable the magic armors were.

The result startled Zhao Hai. He didn’t think that the magic armors would actually be this defensive.

After taking the two magic armors, Zhao Hai immediately threw them to the Space. When the two armors were sent in, a prompt immediately came, “Magic and Technology machine detected. The machine is the primary product of the combination between magic and science. The machine has fulfilled the requirements of opening science and technology backgrounds. Asking host for permission to open science and technology backgrounds.”

Zhao Hai stared, for a while he didn’t understand what the Space said. After a short time, an additional prompt came, “Due to the discovery of a unified magic and technological item, a special item has been offered, the Universal Scanner. This machine can analyze, design, compute, and simulate various items from magic civilizations, science and technology civilizations, and even cultivation civilizations.The machine can be upgraded further.  In order to use this item, host needs to achieve level 80 and above, has unlocked magic civilizations, and science and technology civilizations, as well as 5 million gold coins. Asking host for permission to unlock this item.”

Zhao Hai was stunned. The Universal Processing Machine already gave him a surprise. Now, he didn’t expect that a Universal Scanner would exist, and it could actually be upgraded. It looks like its functions were formidable. Zhao Hai went still, he felt that his head was turning.

However, Zhao Hai managed to recover quickly as he said, “Open the background and the special item.”  After saying this, he can immediately feel the Space taking more than 5 million gold coins from his wallet. After that, a building appeared right beside the processing machine.

The processing machine’s building looked just like a simple workshop, there’s nothing magnificent about it at all. On the other hand, this new structure was three stories high. It had the standard architecture of a science and technology civilization. It was made with metallic frames and also had glass for windows. It appeared neat and clean.

Zhao Hai badly wished to enter the Space right now to look at this scanner. However, he stopped himself from doing so. He can only look at the scanner through the monitor. This was because Zhao Hai was afraid that if he enter the Space, then he would ascend the moment he went out.

This was something that Zhao Hai felt. He feels that if he entered the Space, then he would have to ascend once he goes back out again. It was precisely because of this feeling that Zhao Hai doesn’t dare to enter the Space. He could only command the Space through his mind and look through its situation through the monitor.

As Zhao Hai processed the Space’s prompt, the O’Neal family’s scouts were continually being hunted. Although some of them were shot down by the magic cannons, most of them eventually managed to get out.

In addition to the magic armors’ strength, the people outside the rift also played a role in assisting the retreating scouts. With the combination of magic armors and war tanks, they were able to escape smoothly.

Fei’er and the others led their army and stood by the side, watching the undead as they fought against the magic armors. To be honest, the result of the fight was beyond their expectations. Not only because they were happy that five magic armors were taken down, but also because they only had this much achievement.

They knew how formidable the magic cannons were. Even the Divines wouldn’t dare to block them directly. However, those magic armors actually suffered a lot of attacks from the magic armors without being wiped out. This startled Fei’er and the others.

And then there was also the attacking strength exhibited by the magic armors. One must know that there were over a thousand magic cannons who participated in the attack. In the end, they only managed to down five magic armors. This result was below expectations. And when the counter-attack from the magic armors came in, they actually ruined 200 of Zhao Hai’s magic cannons. These magic cannons were destroyed undear Zhao Hai’s defensive magic formations. The attack not only depleted the energy of the formation, it also managed to destroy 200 magic cannons. Such attacking strength made Fei’er and the other feel cold in their hearts.

Zhao Hai’s defensive formations were very formidable. Even Divines would treat them as a headache. Who would’ve thought that the magic armors would actually destroy them in one round of attacks.

Once the magic armors retreated back to the Ark continent, Fei’er and the others began to loosen up. Although the time of today’s battle was short, they had the sense of being breathless just by observing it. It was too fierce, it was to a degree that surpassed their imagination.

After the fight ended, Fei’er, Ding, Shan, Bingya, Ryder, and Yehta looked at the battlefield. Their expressions sunken. It was at this point that they finally believed Zhao Hai. The opponent was indeed difficult to deal with.

Think about it, there were only 30 magic armors and they were under attack by a thousand magic cannons. There was also the geographic advantage as well as the element of ambush. In the end, they only managed to shoot down 5 of the 30 magic armors. The rest ran away while also causing Zhao Hai to lose 200 magic cannons and more than 100 undead.

Fei’er and the others knew that Zhao Hai only used 9th rank undead in order to man the magic cannons. In their opinion, 9th ranks weren’t very strong. After all, Fei’er and the others were all God-ranks.

However, although these undead weren’t strong in their eyes, 9th rank undead were still a threat. Even demigods wouldn’t be able to easily deal with them. But now, an explosion caused by the enemy party actually managed to kill more than 100 of them.

The undead under Zhao Ha’s command were very hard to deal with. Fei’er and the others knew how Zhao Hai managed to destroy the Taurus Divines. These undead were not only offensively strong, they’re quite defensive as well. Under the undead attacks, no enemy would feel easy. This fact alone showed how formidable magic armors were!

Shocked, frightened, and a feeling hint of despair, these emotions were running around Fei’er and the others’ hearts!


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