BTFTLIAW – Chapter 901


Chapter 901 – A Fight On Both Sides!

Actually, the argument started when the Taurus Divines were destroyed. The three clans didn’t think that they would have this much loss in the war. Because of this, they became afraid.

Fei’er and the others worked extremely hard. They were still young, but they were intelligent. Compared to the conservative elders, their ideas were different.

Fei’er and the others knew that they were now closely tied with Zhao Hai. They had been able to destroy the Taurus Divines thanks to Zhao Hai. Fei’er and the other also knew that destroying the Taurus Divines will not keep their peace. It was impossible for the other Divines to just leave the Taurus Continent. It can be said that the destruction of the Taurus Divines was just the start of an endless war against the Divine Race.

Fei’er expected that such a day would come. In fact, Fei’er thought that Zhao Hai’s report came a bit too late. Fei’er expected that after the Taurus Divines were extinguished, the Divine race would immediately retaliate. The reason why their clans hadn’t met any attack was surely because Zhao Hai had kept the Divines off. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then the Divine Race’s army would have come to retaliate.

Now that Zhao Hai had asked them to send some troops to defend the spatial rift, no matter what purpose, the three clans couldn’t refuse. It was because it will cause a crack between them and Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai stopped helping them, then with the strength of their tribes, it was impossible to stop the Divine Race army.

Moreover, Fei’er and the others were a little worried. Since Zhao Hai was able to defeat the Taurus Divines, then this meant that Zhao Hai had the means to save himself. If Zhao Hai decides to leave, then the three clans would surely be finished.

Fei’er and the others have been in contact with Zhao Hai for a long time. Although Fei’er didn’t know about Zhao Hai’s Space, Fei’er could still understand that Zhao Hai was a person with many solutions. Being able to defend the Ark Continent from the attacks of the Demons and the Divines, and eventually going to the Divine Realm to conquer a continent, this only meant that Zhao Hai had methods that Fei’er and the others couldn’t understand.

Fei’er hopes that, one day, once Zhao Hai decides to leave the Divine Realm, that he would help the three clans move. Even if he cannot move the three clans, then at least Zhao Hai could leave behind some means of preservation so that the three clans could continue existing.

Fei’er, Ding, and Shan had experienced battles together many times, so they had developed a deep sense of friendship. Moreover, since Zhao Hai’s messenger fish was with them, the three met for an exchange once in a while. Therefore, Ding and Shan knew about Fei’er’s ideas, and they completely support Fei’er.

Because of this, for the deployment of troops, the three of them worked extremely hard. The three were now the most accomplished people in each of their clans. Therefore, the three had enough clout in their family to make decisions.

However, all of these conflicts were made in secret. All the while, the three clans were doing their best to keep a good relationship with Zhao Hai. Therefore, when Zhao Hai guessed the situation, Fei’er was somewhat surprised.

The reason Zhao Hai managed to guess this matter was because the troops that Fei’er and the others led were devoid of any elders. This alone must be a type of signal. Therefore, Zhao Hai spoke his words as a probe, he didn’t expect that there would be a result.

When Zhao Hai saw the reaction of the three people, he placed a marker on his heart. Then he looked at the three and said, “In the decisive battle against the Taurus Divines, the loss to your clans was great. It’s natural for your people to develop war weariness. The reason I  asked you for troops this time was to make you take a look at the kind of enemy that you will face. If I can’t stop them one day, and your clans couldn’t find any countermeasures. Then you will suffer even bigger losses.”

When Fei’er heard this, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed as he got up and said, “I’ve been unfair to Mister. Our people has been unfair.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. Your clansmen are just thinking about your people. At this point, my battle with the Divine Race had gone to the point of using ultimate weapons. Even if you participate in the war, there’s not much that you can help. On the other hand, you need to be careful when facing the people from the Atlanta Plane. Their way of fighting is something that you and I have never encountered before.”

Fei’er and the others nodded. They were still young, and they’re still at an age that they looked up to someone. With Zhao Hai’s strength, it’s natural that the three would be deeply respectful to him.

Zhao Hai looked at the three people and smiled, “Alright, we’ll not dwell on this anymore. Let’s enjoy the meal today. Later on, I will provide you with supplies. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to tell me. I might not be here in the future. I heard that the Divines are planning to deal with the foreign races. I will use this opportunity to go to their continents to cause trouble.”

When they heard Zhao Hai say this, Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but laugh. Naturally, they could understand what Zhao Hai wanted to do. When the time comes, the Divine Race would be have a hard time.

They didn’t know whether they became drunk or not, but they always relaxed in front of Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai didn’t drink too much, he arranged some rooms for the three before returning to his room. Laura and the others were already there waiting for him.

When Zhao Hai returned to his room smelling of wine, Meg immediately gave him a cup of strong tea. This was a habit that Zhao Hai developed. Every time he drank wine, he would like to drink tea right after. With the Space’s water, the tea would immediately solve Zhao Hai’s drunkenness.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, how about we tell Fei’er and the others more of our secrets. From what I can see, they looked very respectful towards you. If we have their help, then we might be more successful in moving their clans to the Space.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “We’ll look for an opportunity to tell them. Right, how is the situation with the O’Neal Family?”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “They seem to be relaxed. It looks like they will enter the spatial rift tomorrow. How do we deal with them?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Since there is a defensive line by the spatial rift, then we might as well make use of it. Let’s make the O’Neal family know that we are waiting for them here.”

At this time, a knock was suddenly heard outside the door. After that, Bingya’s voice came,
“Mister, are you in?”

Bingya and the others haven’t come out of their rooms today. They knew that Zhao Hai was having a meeting with Fei’er and the others, therefore they decided to stay inside.

When he heard Binya, Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He knew that something must have happened. Otherwise, Bingya wouldn’t have come to disturb him at this time. Zhao Hai nodded to Laura who went to the door and opened it before asking Bingya to come in.

This was the first time that Bingya had entered Zhao Hai’s room. Bingya thought that Zhao Hai’s room was just a bit bigger than the others, with nothing special inside. However, upon entering, Bingya couldn’t help but get shocked. This wasn’t a room, this was a completely independent space. There was grass on the ground and there was even a villa not far away.

However, when Bingya saw Zhao Hai, he immediately recovered. Then he walked towards Zhao Hai and bowed, “Mister, the family had just sent information to me. The Divine Race’s army has been prepared. By tomorrow, they will dispatch troops towards our continent.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows when he heard this. The O’Neal family would send their scouts in tomorrow. At the same time, the Divines would also send their troops. It seems like a fight on both sides wasn’t something that he can avoid.

Bingya saw Zhao Hai frown. He thought that Zhao Hai was feeling some difficulty. Bingya’s heart couldn’t help but tighten. Bingya was confident that Zhao Hai could defeat the Divine Race, something that he didn’t trust his own family to do. Therefore, when Zhao Hai frowned, Bingya couldn’t help but get anxious.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai just slightly frowned and nodded, “Alright. It seems like the Divines are ready to fight. Right, can you find out whether the Supreme Elders are coming to deal with the foreign races?”

Bingya nodded, “I’ve inquired. I heard from the family that seven are coming.”

Zhao Hai nodded. This was what he expected. Leaving two Supreme Elders to defend while the others would attack. This went according to what Elder Star and the others discussed. However, this was an opportunity for Zhao Hai.

After seeing that Zhao Hai hasn’t spoken for a while, Bingya looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, do you have any words to send to our family?”

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya and smiled, “Not too much. Just tell them that they need to defend well. I will go to the continents of the Divine Race in order to deal with this matter.”

Bingya nodded and said, “There is another thing. The vassal races had reached the foreign races. When their clans found out that they had fought with Mister, they were very ashamed. They had me come here to express their apology.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, no need to say sorry. So, are they willing to fight against the Divines? Right, if you clan needs any weapons, I might provide some for you.”

When Bingya heard this, he immediately replied, “Thank you Mister. Our family does need some weapons right now. Magic beast mounts, javelins, and some magic cannons would be good.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I can give you some magic beasts. However, I can’t give you magic cannons. My blood lightning javelins are also quite deadly. They should be fine.” Bingya’s face lit up as he thanked Zhao Hai before taking his leave.


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