BTFTLIAW – Chapter 897


Chapter 897 – You Think Too Highly Of Yourselves!

Zhao Hai currently wasn’t looking at these people, he just stared at his wine glass as he calmly said, “What’s wrong? Why are all of you here?”

The vassal races found that Zhao Hai’s voice was calm, and his body didn’t exude any imposing aura. However, they didn’t know why, but they still got more and more nervous. This was especially true for those people who were yelling before. More and more people swallowing their saliva were heard, nobody talked for a while.

Zhao Hai looked up and scanned those present. Then he turned his gaze to the glass in his hand as he lifted it up towards the sun. This action made the wine inside the glass more gleaming. But in the eyes of the vassal soldiers, it looked so strange.

In the end, the vassal soldiers couldn’t just stand there as one of them talked, “Mister Zhao Hai, we want to talk to you.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to the person and then glanced at the people surrounding the Hell King’s ship before he said, “You want to talk? You bring so many people to talk to me? You people are quite special.”

The person’s face turned red, then he glanced at those behind him before breathing a sigh of relief. Then he turned to look back at Zhao Hai as he said, “Mister Zhao Hai, first we want to thank you for saving us. If it weren’t for you, we would’ve already been starved.”

Zhao Hai didn’t make too much noise, but he just swirled his glass as he said, “It’s not my idea to save you. Bingya told me that you’re allies and asked me to save you.  Why would I want to rescue you? If it weren’t for Bingya, I wouldn’t have placed you in my eyes.”

The man was stunned by Zhao Hai. Originally, he wanted to express his thanks as a gesture of politeness before making his demands. But now, it seems like Zhao Hai didn’t intend to accept the gesture.

The man’s expression sunk, with a cold voice he said, “Since Mister said so, then we don’t need to feel grateful. Can mister give us back our grain?”

Zhao Hai became more disappointed at these people. He looked at the person and made a puzzled look as he asked, “Grain? What grain? When did this Zhao Hai owe you grain?”

The man calmly replied, “Don’t mess with us. You robbed the Divines of food. Now give us the grain.”

Zhao Hai looked at the man as he suddenly smiled faintly and said, “First, I need to confirm something, are you a Divine? If so, then I can’t give you food because you’re my enemy. Have you heard of someone returning an enemy’s supplies? If you’re not a Divine, then you are either my ally, or a an uninvolved person. If you are my ally, then I will provide you with food. But my allies have to listen to my arrangements. And if you’re not an ally, then you’re someone who has nothing to do with me. Why would I give some food to someone I don’t care about?”

What Zhao Hai said was flawless. These people didn’t have any reason to claim Zhao Hai’s plundered food. If they classify themselves as a part of the Divine Race, then they would be Zhao Hai’s enemies. If they were Zhao Hai’s allies, and even if Zhao Hai didn’t state it clearly, this meant that they would obey Zhao Hai’s orders, and why would allies be aggressive in asking for grain? And lastly, if they weren’t allies, then they were just uninvolved people. Why would people who had nothing to do with Zhao Hai want to get his grain?”

The vassal soldiers stayed quiet for a moment, they were caught speechless. Then after some time, someone loudly said, “Zhao Hai, I ask you. Isn’t the fact that our people are at war with the Divines a lie that you made up? You’re just tricking us into working for you.”

Zhao Hai looked at the person as though he was looking at an idiot. After some time, he said, “You? What are you talking about? What good would I gain if I lie to you? Work for me? I don’t need you. The grain in my hand is even more valuable than your lives. Moreover, the undead army under my command doesn’t need to eat food. Most importantly, they also follow every single word I say.”

Zhao Hai made Cai’er remember the people who just talked. These men chose to use this opportunity to incite the vassal soldiers’ hatred towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s response was quite interesting. The vassal soldiers were able to witness Zhao Hai use his undead to deal with the Divines who managed to escape from the collapsed base. Zhao Hai had quite a lot of undead. What Zhao Hai said this time essentially meant that he didn’t care about the vassal soldiers.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, some of the vassal soldiers calmed down. When they had been instigate before, they haven’t managed to think about this point. Now that Zhao Hai reminded them, they suddenly remembered Zhao Hai’s enormous number of Undead. Moreover, it’s evident that their fighting strength wasn’t weak.

However, there were still some vassal soldiers who held Zhao Hai’s response with contempt. They clamored and seemed to prepare to make a move.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the soldiers. The few people that he paid special attention to were now standing proudly among the crowd as they watched Zhao Hai. It seems like they wanted to see how Zhao Hai plans to deal with this scene.

Zhao Hai’s gaze swept through the crowd like a blade. He took up his wine glass and downed the wine. After placing his glass back on the table, he slowly stood up and said, “You’re saying that I’m deceiving you? That your people aren’t really fighting against the Divine Race? And I just want you to point your swords towards the Divines? Well, let me ask you. Why would I need to do that? I’ve occupied the Taurus Continent. Five Supreme Elders tried to deal with me but they couldn’t. Seven Supreme Elders wanted to look for me but ended up withdrawing. Why do I need to use you? Aren’t you looking too highly upon yourselves?” When the vassal soldiers heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but get stunned. Zhao Hai’s voice was clearly transmitted to their ears. This feat alone made the soldiers feel Zhao Hai’s might. Some soldiers became calm.

But at this time, a voice came about, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. He just wants to work us to death while also pulling our families in. The reason the Supreme Elders retreated was likely because we are here. We need to head back to our clans and explain to the Divines. Otherwise, we would risk going to war!”

These words were akin to putting more oil into the fire. The minds of the soldiers who managed to calm down were once again shaken.

Right, there were a lot of vassal races that wanted to rebel against the Divines. However, if they wanted to rebel, they must do their preparations in absolute secrecy. Otherwise, their plans would be found out by the Divine Race and they would be suppressed. Because of this, most of the vassals didn’t know about any plans that their clans had made. The Divines had implanted a deep fear inside the hearts of the vassal soldiers. Because of this, upon hearing this person, they subconsciously believed him, even if they didn’t know who it was.

As the vassal soldiers were clamoring, someone from the crowd suddenly flung their axe towards Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s ship. Although the axe was immediately flung away by the waves on the ship, the axe acted as a signal for the vassal soldiers to push forward and overrun Zhao Hai. Upon seeing this development, Zhao Hai’s gaze turned frigid. He coldly snorted as the ship increased in size instantaneously. Those who were rushing towards Zhao Hai suddenly found out that they were faced with the dark blue underside of the ship.

They managed to see the ship change its size before. However, that was from far away so they didn’t feel any shock. But now it was different. They were standing underneath the ship while looking at it. In this state, it was natural for them to feel an unnatural pressure coming from the Hell King’s ship. Those who were rushing forwards found themselves frozen. They didn’t know whether they should advance or retreat.

While they were stunned, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back. He immediately directed the ship to go straight forward. The speed of the ship was very fast, the vassals who were controlling the soldiers from the shadows couldn’t even make an order to form a line. With no place to retreat or hide, every soldier that were ran over by the ship were eliminated. The ship was like a roller that passed through a group of ants. No soldier can be seen where the ship had gone through.

In just a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai was already out of the encirclement. After which Zhao Hai turned the ship and realigned its bow to face the vassal soldiers once more.

When the vassal soldiers looked at the Hell King’s ship and then to the gap it made, their hearts couldn’t help but turn cold. They just saw the ship overrun a minimum of a million people. The image was too terrifying.

Now that Zhao Hai had realigned the ship’s bow, the hearts of the vassal soldiers couldn’t help but beat faster. They discovered that they were nothing in front of Zhao Hai. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, they were just dust. They thought that with their numbers, Zhao Hai wouldn’t do anything to them. It seems like they were too naive.

It was at this time that people remembered Zhao Hai being a Dark Mage. A Dark Mage capable of commanding more than two hundred million undead. Could such a person he soft-hearted? What a joke!

At this time, the ship began to go forward once more. This caused the soldiers’ position to collapse. There were some who threw their weapons away in order to escape.

The vassal soldiers weren’t all heroes, there were dogs among them as well!


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