BTFTLIAW – Chapter 896


Chapter 896 – Blood Red Wine, Graceful Demeanor

While Zhao Hai was observing the O’Neal family, Bingya and the others were persuading the vassal races to head to the continents controlled by the foreign races. Before they met the vassal soldiers, Bingya and the others already prepared themselves to meet with difficulties. However, they didn’t expect that the situation would be harder than they expected.

After the vassal soldiers heard Bingya’s proposition, they immediately exploded. Even some of the well-tempered ones began to suspect Bingya and the others of twisting the truth in order to have them face the Divines. They thought Bingya wanted to use them as cannon fodder and fight against the Divine Race.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be strange for the vassal races to have this idea given their current circumstance. These people were the most faithful dogs of the Divine Race. They only dared to revolt because they had the number advantage against the Divines. If they didn’t outnumber the Divine Race, then they would’ve even helped in quelling the vassal race rebellion.

In the past, they didn’t dare to make any noise. But after Bingya’s proposition, most of them didn’t agree. These people immediately jumped up and ignited. Before long, the situation had become uncontrollable.

If Zhao Hai hadn’t given them food, then these people might have made a move against Zhao Hai.

Bingya and the others didn’t expect this situation at all. They were still young members of their respective races. Therefore, they didn’t have too much experience handling these types of things. Because of this, for a moment, they didn’t know what to do.

Bingya was currently sitting inside the room along with Ryder and Yehta. The three people looked distressed. Outside, the vassal soldiers had become noisy, Bingya and the others had completely lost control of them. Moreover, under the provocation of the more powerful vassal members, the vassal soldiers even wanted Zhao Hai to give them all the food to bring home.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Hai’s leaving a strong impression when dealing with the Divines, the vassal soldiers would have long since went to Zhao Hai and demand for food.

However, Bingya also knew that this passive situation wouldn’t last for long. This was because word had spread among the vassal soldiers that Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare do anything to them. Zhao Hai wouldn’t make move because there were nearly 100 million of them. And nobody was crazy enough to kill 100 million people in one breath.

This word started out small, after all, Zhao Hai’s strength has been seen by everyone. However, someone said that Zhao Hai only broke the base and didn’t actually kill that many Divines. Most of the Divine Race soldiers who were able to survive has been sent away by Zhao Hai using his Space Divergent ability, they weren’t killed. This gave the vassal soldiers confidence. This news became louder and louder in the vassal race camp.

Naturally, Bingya and the others knew that there were such voices among the vassal soldiers. Bingya was fully opposed to the vassal soldiers’ movement to ask for food from Zhao Hai because he knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t a good person. Slaughtering 100 million people wasn’t a problem for Zhao Hai. At this time, Zhao Hai’s undead had reached more than 200 million. Expecting a person like that to care about 100 million people would be a naive thought.

But at this point, no vassal soldier would listen to Bingya. Because of this, Bingya couldn’t do anything, he could only hide in his room and worry.

Ryder looked at Bingya and said, “Bingya, there’s no need to be polite to those guys. I think we should report this to mister, ask him to teach them a lesson.”

Bingya looked at Ryder’s eyes and smiled bitterly, “I also want to report this to mister, but this is something that Mister entrusted to us. Finally, we already gained this much face with mister. How could we just tell him that we failed?”

When Ryder heard Bingya, he became silent. He also felt that he wouldn’t have face to approach Zhao Hai.

At this time, it was Yehta’s turn to talk, “I still think that we should report this to Mister. If you let those people meet with mister themselves and Mister didn’t know about it, then Mister might be disappointed. We’ve already failed, we cannot fail a second time.”

When Bingya heard what Yehta said, he paused for a moment before his eyes shone, “Right, that’s true. We should report this to mister. Otherwise, we would fail mister once more. Let’s go see mister right now.”

However, Yehta blocked Bingya and said, “You can’t go out right now. If you go out, then those people would follow you. When they get there, they would immediately make demands to Mister Zhao Hai. I think you should use the messenger fish. In any case, we’ve already lost face, we can’t lose any more.”

Bingya looked at Yehta. He knew that Elves were the ones who cared about face the most. For Yehta to say that today meant that she was already confident in Zhao Hai.

Bingya didn’t reply and just nodded. Then he took his messenger fish and said, “Mister, Mister, are you in?”

Zhao Hai was currently thinking about how to deal with the multitude of scouts that the O’Neal family had sent out. Sending these many scouts meant that they would discover the spatial rift to the Divine Realm much sooner. When the time comes, a fight would break out.

Although Zhao Hai said that it would be fine as long as he stationed some soldiers in the rift, this matter wasn’t actually that simple. The core problem was the three clans.

Zhao Hai wanted to bring the three races over into the Space. Since he had fought with them, Zhao Hai was sure that if he left, the three clans wouldn’t be able to resist the Atlanta Plane and the Underworld. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted the three clans to move into the Space and live the same life as the Demons, the people from the Ark Continent, and the Goblins.

But naturally, this wouldn’t be easy. The most difficult thing to guess was a person’s heart. Zhao Hai was afraid that his good intentions would be misunderstood by the Thunder CLan and the others. And that wouldn’t be good.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt his messenger fish move. When he took it out, he heard Bingya’s message. He held the messenger fish bottle and said, “Bingya, I’m here. How’s the preparation doing?”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Bingya couldn’t help but feel shame, then he said, “Mister, I’ve failed you.”

Zhao Hai stared, he was confused so he asked, “What happened?”

Bingya told Zhao Hai everything. He told him that he had completely lost control of the vassal soldiers.

After listening to Bingya, Zhao Hai’s face turned a bit ugly. He didn’t think that the vassal soldiers would be so ignorant. They even wanted to make demands to him.

Since Lizzy and the others were also with Zhao Hai, their expressions couldn’t help but change as well. Before, they thought that Zhao Hai was excessively worrying about how to deal with the three clans. They felt that there was no need to consider it too much.

But now however, with how the vassal races reacted, they could finally understand Zhao Hai’s worries. Zhao Hai’s thoughts weren’t baseless, it’s actually possible for something to go wrong.

Take these vassal soldiers for example. Their people were fighting against the Divines while they were selling their lives to the same people. The saddest thing was the Divines wanted to starve them to death and wait for them to lose during the fight before dealing with them.

Bingya bringing food for them at this time was the biggest kindness that they could receive. And Bingya’s proposal to send them to the Foreign Races’ continents was something that was good for them. And yet they actually reacted this way. This wasn’t something that Lizzy and the others expected.

When Bingya was finished talking, Zhao Hai said, “Alright, I understand. You don’t have to worry about this matter. Nothing has happened yet, but you still need to protect yourselves.” After putting the messenger fish away, Lizzy’s face turned ugly as she said, “Brother Hai, these people are too ignorant. Should we teach them a lesson?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he coldly said, “Don’t worry, we’ll teach them a lesson. But we also need an excuse to do so. We need to rile them up a bit more.”

Laura and the others knew Zhao Hai very well, and they could hear a bit of killing intent from Zhao Hai’s words. It was clear that Zhao Hai was really angry. It seems like the vassal soldiers would soon be unlucky.

However, they didn’t think about stopping Zhao Hai. The reaction of the vassal races also angered them. If it wasn’t for Zhao Hai showing his anger, Lizzy would have already commanded the undead army to deal with the vassal soldiers.

Bingya put away his messenger fish before turning to Yehta and Ryder before he said, “What do you think about Mister’s response? How do you think he will deal with the vassal soldiers?”

Ryder sneered and said, “Mister is surely not a kindhearted person. Those people will suffer bad luck. But this is also good, they don’t have any sense of thankfulness. If it weren’t for us, then would have already been starved to death. Now that they are full, they actually forgot the kindness that was given to them.”

Yehta smiled faintly and said, “Right, they need to know how terrifying mister can become. With this, they shouldn’t be able to dare go against mister in the future. And leading them should become easier.”

Just as the three people were talking, the vassal soldiers were ready to go to Zhao Hai and make demands. The Hell King’s ship wasn’t too far from the city they were in. They can go to Zhao Hai with Bingya leading the way.

At this point, the vassal soldiers were so agitated that they had lost reason. They already forgot that they used to starve, and that Zhao Hai and Bingya had brought grain to save them. In their minds, Zhao Hai was thinking of using them as cannon fodder. They need to make Zhao Hai know about how terrifying they could be.

Before long, under the agitation of several people, about 100 hundred million soldiers flew towards Zhao Hai’s ship, encircling it.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside his room, watching the movements of the vassal soldiers. When he saw that the ship was surrounded, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Those people are really impatient, they’re quick to be riled up. They can’t think for even a moment. Meg, go set up some tables outside. I want to see how those people deal with us. Cai’er, remember to look at the surroundings, make sure that nobody is able to escape.”

Meg and Cai’er nodded and then went on to prepare. Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “Let’s head out. I want to see what methods those guys will use to force me to give them food.”

Laura and the others stood up and went out. Meg already set the table outside. There were a few small snacks on the table as  well as a few glasses of red wine. It was a blaringly red wine, the same color as blood.

Zhao Hai sat on the seat of honor while Laura and the others sat on the side. The group just sat there under the gazes of the vassal soldiers surrounding them.

What does it feel to be surrounded by 100 million people? Whether it be in the Ark Continent or back on Earth, maybe nobody can give an answer. Even if you ask Zhao Hai, he might say that he doesn’t know.

Zhao Hai looked at the vassal soldiers calmly, there was no trace of fear on his face. He was calmer than an person looking at 100 million ants. If someone saw 100 million ants, then one might be scared to death. It’s because those ants could swallow his life.

But in the eyes of Zhao Hai, these people were different from 100 million ants. Although ants were very weak, a 100 million of them would have terrifying power. As for these people, although they have gathered together, they will panic as soon as they encounter any problems. They weren’t worth mentioning at all.

The vassal soldiers were getting closer and closer to Zhao Hai. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was just calmly looking at them with his wine glass in his hand. Zhao Hai gently swirled his glass, forming a vortex with his blood red wine. At the same time, Laura and the others were just calmly sitting there, sipping the wine in their glass.

Laura and the others didn’t use to have this demeanor. But ever since they saw Zhao Hai doing it, they saw that it looked really good and graceful. Because of this, they learned Zhao Hai’s aura and just sat there calmly. It was as if they had nothing to do with what’s happening around them.

The vassal soldiers have already encircled the Hell King’s ship. The ship didn’t become bigger. Surrounded by 100 million people, the ship looked like a small boat swallowed by the vortex.

However, no vassal soldier dared to embark on the ship. They just encircled the ship and looked at the bow, where Zhao Hai was drinking his red wine. While looking at Zhao Hai’s graceful movement, they couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. They found out that they were somewhat anxious.


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