BTFTLIAW – Chapter 895


Chapter 895 – The Two Sides of the Matter

Megan looked at the monitor and said, “Brother Hai, do we withdraw the undead and iron armor beasts that are mining in the Demon Realm? If we don’t, then they would be discovered.”

There were plenty of ores in the Demon Realm, of which Zhao Hai were mining using his undead and iron armor beasts. Some of the ores in the Demon Realm could be found on the surface. So although there were some mines that had been dug out, a lot of undead and iron armor beasts were still working on the surface. In this case, it wouldn’t take too long before Don and the others discover them. This was the reason why Megan asked.

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “It’s fine. I want to see what kind of reaction they would have after seeing the undead and iron armor beasts. If they turn hostile, then I won’t mind having the first batch of magic armor and war tanks be sent to the Space.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others can feel his killing intent. Although eliminating this scout squad at this time would possibly attract the attention of the O’Neal family, there were some advantages in doing so.

Currently, the O’Neal family should be focused on the Underworld. If Zhao Hai completely wipes the scouting squad out, then the O’Neal family might get nervous. However, it was certain that they won’t just give up on the Ark Continent like that. They would first send another team to the south to see the situation. And that would take at least a few days.

In the past, Zhao Hai was afraid of making a move on the O’Neal family since he didn’t want them to flee. Zhao Hai was still planning to gain benefits from the O’Neal family, it wouldn’t be good if he were to drive them away.

But now, it seems like Zhao Hai’s worries were unnecessary. For the O’Neal family, the Ark Continent was just too precious to give up on.

While Zhao Hai was spying on the family, the O’Neal family patriarch had received additional word from Lewis informing him that the innate yin domain was slowly expanding towards the continent. This caught the O’Neal family in quite a dilemma.

When they first discovered the underworld, the O’Neal family only thought that it was a forbidden area in the continent. As long as they didn’t provoke it, then the innate yin domain wouldn’t be a threat. But now it seems like this wasn’t the case. The innate yin domain found in the Ark Continent was different than the ones in the Atlanta Plane.

The O’Neal family’s Patriarch called the generals to his room once more and told them about the information sent by Lewis.

When they heard this information, the generals stared before their expressions changed as they discussed with each other. This was bad news for the O’Neal family.

The expansion of the underworld meant that it would slowly consume the Ark Continent. Although the family had made some arrangements and had sent strong cannons, it would be hard for these cannons to block the expansion of the dark mist.

In the Atlanta Plane, strong cannons would be able to deal with innate yin domains. However, innate yin domains in the Atlanta Plane don’t expand. This time, the innate yin domain was able to increase its size. And with its area already so big, the O’Neal family wasn’t sure if the strong cannons would be able to deal with it.

If the cannons prove to be useless, then that would be trouble for the O’Neal family. The family had already invested too much in the expedition to the Ark Continent. If the dark mist really makes them retreat, then the damage to the family would be very bad.

The O’Neal Patriarch looked at those present and said, “Calm down.” Although his voice wasn’t loud, everyone still became quiet. The Patriarch’s status in the O’Neal family was very high.

The Patriarch looked at his people and said, “Why are all of you flustered? The dark mist wouldn’t cover the continent immediately. It’s already reported that the increase wasn’t that fast. Moreover, the family’s cannons are on the way. When the time comes, it might be possible for us to get rid of the dark mist. What is important right now is our reconnaissance to the south. We know too little about the southern part of the continent. What we need to do is know as much as possible about the Ark Continent. This place has a lot of minerals, and some of them are very much needed by the O’Neal family. It can be said that this continent is a huge treasure chest. We cannot just give up on it. If the situation in the south of the continent it good, then we can develop it for our use. As for the innate yin domain, we can slow it as much as possible while we retreat. Haven’t you thought about it? Since the innate yin domain is expanding, it would reach our spatial rift one day. In this case, we might as well take the initiative and look for ways to deal with it.”

When everyone heard the Patriarch, they kept being silent. They knew that the Patriarch was right. The innate yin domain wouldn’t swallow the Ark Continent immediately. At the same time, the dark mist would still reach the Atlanta Plane’s spatial rift whether they retreat or not. They need to deal with it sooner or later.

It was just a danger that was discovered ahead of time. But putting the issue of the Dark Mist aside, the O’Neal family would be able to get a lot of ores and things they need from the Ark Continent. This was already a blessing for them.

When they shifted their thinking to this, the group calmed down. In fact, any matter has two sides, the good and the bad. One could look at the bad side, or one could see it from the good side. Either way, one would see different results.

The Patriarch looked at the group’s eyes and said, “Go, send more teams to scout the continent and we’ll relocate to the south. Be sure to clear the situation with the southern part of the continent at the shortest time. Go.”

The group nodded before they turned and left the room. After they left, the Patriarch let out a long sigh. To be honest, he didn’t have any optimistic views of the Ark Continent at this time. The situation of the south was still unclear. And with the north turning up as it was, things were looking bad.

After sighing, the Patriarch gently rubbed his brows. The Ark Continent had become a quagmire that the O’Neal family has been caught in. It would be too late for them to leave at this point. The O’Neal family only has two roads to go; one is to get engulfed by this quagmire, and the other was to rob this quagmire of its gold and happily retreat.

Meanwhile, Don and the others were still clueless about the situation back in the family. They were currently investigating the Demon Realm. But after looking through several cities, they couldn’t help but feel strange.

They didn’t know that this was the Demon Realm, but they can be assured that this wasn’t the Ark Continent either. The spatial crack was already quite a distance away, but the situation here was the same as the Ark Continent. Everyone had moved away, every single settlement was empty.

Moreover, judging by the situation here, the migration was much more recent compared to the Ark Continent. Also, it seems like there were more magic beasts here.

After looking at a few cities, Don and the others withdrew from the Demon Realm. Their magic armors don’t have much energy left. If their armor ran out of energy, then they would risk dying here.

This wasn’t the Ark Continent. In the Ark Continent, even if their magic armors were to run out of energy, they can still send a signal so that people would be able to meet them. However, in the Demon Realm, if their magic armors ran out of energy, both the magic beasts and the poisonous air would immediately claim their lives.

After seeing Don and the others leaving the Demon Realm, Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he looked at Laura and said, “From the current situation, it seems like the O’Neal family would take quite some time exploring the Demon Realm. We can feel relieved as we deal with the Divine Race.”

At this time, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, the O’Neal family just sent out several scout groups towards the south. It seems like they want to know about the situation in the south as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai stared before he shifted his monitor to the Rosen Empire. There were several scouts going southward from the Rosen Empire, moreover, their speed was very quick.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It looks like the O’Neal Family wants to understand the situation of the Ark Continent’s south in order to make a decision. Leave them be. We’ll arrange some people to defend the spatial rift, let’s see how they plan to deal with that.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, why don’t we just deal with the O’Neal family? Wouldn’t it be better if we clean them up right now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, we will take care of them sooner or later. But not now. What we need to do at this time is acquire the Divine Race’s ultimate weapons. If we add the O’Neal family, the energy I’ll use would be too much. If I ascend without acquiring the Ultimate Weapons, then we would lose so much.”

Laura and the others’ expression changed. Lizzy immediately asked, “What happened Brother Hai? Is the feeling of rejection getting stronger?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly nod. Now, every time he uses energy, he would immediately feel the laws driving him away.This made Zhao Hai feel uncomfortable. However, he didn’t have any means to deal with it. The only thing he can do right now was to reduce the instances where he uses his own energy.


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