BTFTLIAW – Chapter 894


Chapter 894 – What I Would Settle On In The Future

Penny was looking at a spatial rift in the distance. This was an incomparably huge spatial rift, much larger than the one that connects the Atlanta Plane to the Ark Continent.

This spatial rift was discovered not long ago by a magic armor pilot who was under his command. He didn’t expect to find anything here, but who would’ve thought that a huge spatial rift like this would exist.

Upon seeing this spatial rift Penny was shocked. This was the first time that he had seen a rift as big as this one. But then, his heart started to move, this was because nobody can be seen around this rift.

However, Penny was also a very careful person. After looking at the spatial rift, he turned to the person standing beside him and said, “Don, find five people and go inside the rift to see what’s inside.”

Don immediately nodded before turning around to leave. Before long, five magic armors got into the air and flew into the rift.

Penny looked at the magic armors while also preparing his other men. The others were inside their magic armors, ready to move at moment’s notice.

After a few moments, the five magic armors were flying out of the rift at a very fast speed. This caused Penny to be alarmed, he immediately had his magic armor pilots be in alert while the war tanks aimed their cannons towards the rift. However, contrary to what Penny expected, nothing else came out of that spatial rift. After the five magic armors came out, the rift remained peaceful.

Just as Penny was confused, the pilots of the five magic armors jumped down. However, the looks of the pilots were strange. Penny immediately ran towards Don, whose face was a little black. Don looked at Penny and said, “Antidote, quick!”

Penny gawked for a moment before he rushed towards the war tank and took some antidotes that were specially compounded by the O’neal family.

Penny took the cap from the bottle before pouring the antidote down Don’s mouth. After Don swallowed the liquid, he took a long breath before he closed his eyes. A while later, Don opened his eyes and said, “Goodness, that was very dangerous.”

Penny looked at Don and asked, “What happened? How did you get poisoned after entering the rift?’

Don smiled bitterly and said, “It’s too dangerous. On the other side of that spatial rift is a dark red world, even the sun is dark red. However, I didn’t expect the air to be toxic. If it wasn’t for Chik’s toxin detector blaring up, we wouldn’t have retreated.”

Penny looked at the others and then immediately fed them with antidotes. After the others were restored, Penny went towards a man who looked honest and was about 27 to 28 years old, “Chik, is it really poisonous inside that spatial rift?” Chik nodded and said, “it is. I’ve always had a detector with me to keep me safe whenever I enter a forbidden area. This time, I didn’t expect my detector to issue a warning. We didn’t touch anything there, so the only explanation for this is the air being poisonous.” Penny nodded and frowned. It’s impossible to leave this spatial rift unexplored. But it’s also inappropriate for them to scout it at this time.

The reason why Penny thought of this was because the existence of this poisonous air didn’t mean that the place was uninhabited. Instead, this meant that this place would have more formidable magic beasts.

There were also a lot of special areas in the Atlanta Plane, and some of them had poisonous environments. In these environments, if a magic beast managed to survive, then this meant that the magic beast was formidable and was extremely difficult to deal with.

And now there’s this spatial rift with a poisonous environment on the other side. This wasn’t good news for Penny. If they couldn’t scout this place out, then they would eternally be worrying about a hidden danger.

However, what made Penny worry the most was the existence of an extremely huge city not far from the spatial rift. This city can accommodate several tens of millions of people. But now, this city became uninhabited. Upon further observation, one could see that this city wasn’t fully fortified. It looks broken, but not because of disrepair, it was because its construction was abandoned.

A city of this scale would surely be a major project in the continent. But now, it was actually abandoned. This made no sense. In this case, there’s only one explanation. They encountered something that forced them to abandon this city!

Upon thinking about this, Penny couldn’t help but frown. The city had a different architectural style compared to those in the Ark continent. Moreover, its establishment near the spatial rift was too conspicuous to be a coincidence. One could see upon careful observation that the city was made for the spatial rift. In other words, this city was made by the people who lived on the other side of the rift.

At this time, a voice came from Penny’s side, “Penny, what do we do now?”

Penny looked at the spatial rift and said, “No matter what, we need to look into the other side of that spatial rift. Prepare shields and bring antidotes before going in.” Don nodded before he turned around and left. Don knew that Penny’s decision was right. However, he was still worried whether the shields could protect them against the poison. At the same time, this also meant that the consumption of energy would be greatly increased. A 10 thousand meter distance without shields would take the same energy as a 70 thousand meter distance with shields.

The energy consumption of the shields was huge. However, Don still supported this decision. If they cannot clarify what’s inside the spatial rift, then they won’t be able to feel at ease.

Zhao Hai was inside his room while looking at their movement. When he heard that the scouts would use their shields as they entered the rift, he couldn’t help but nod. Then he turned to Laura and said, “These guys are very competent. The O’Neal family truly isn’t an ordinary group. They have a lot of experienced veterans, they wouldn’t be easy to deal with.” Laura nodded, then she said, “Brother Hai, if the O’Neal family comes to the Divine Realm, what do we do? Allow them in? Or do we repel them?” Zhao Hai frowned and answered, “To be honest, I cannot make a decision right now. We need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what do you mean?” Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “What I mean is, I want the Thunder Clan and the others to migrate to the Space. However, that won’t be easy. Their temperament aren’t that great. If they discover that I had plans for them, then it’s possible that they might die rather than entering the Space.”

When she heard this, Laura nodded. Then Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and the others and said, “Do any of you have any ideas?” Lizzy knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, if it’s possible, we can use the same method we used when the Divines came to the Ark Continent. We’ll have the Thunder Clan and the others participate in the defense of the spatial rift to have them witness the strength of the O’Neal family. When the time comes, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to convince them to migrate to the Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded. This wasn’t the greatest idea, but it was still very good. Megan also added, “Big Brother Hai, we can also tell the Thunder Clan and the others about the ongoing situation. Maybe it may prove useful.” Zhao Hai nodded, “It seems like we can only do it like that. If it doesn’t work, then we might have to give up on them. No matter what, we cannot force them like what we did to the Divines.”

Laura and the others nodded. At this time, the magic armors entered the rift. The magic armors had their shields on and the pilots also had antidotes with them.

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and smiled, “Those magic armors are really good. Even their shields are noteworthy. It seems like we’ll be able to save a lot of energy in the future.”

Laura smiled faintly and before her expression mellowed down, “Brother Hai, those magic armors aren’t really that useful for us. Think about it, when the people in the Space grow up, the lowest rank they would have would be 9th rank. Eventually a great number of them would reach God-rank. When they reach God-rank we can just give them combat suits. I think that the magic armors would have little use at that point.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “At present, the magic armors don’t have great uses for us. However, we must consider the future. The present magic armors might only have God-rank strength. But what if we develop better magic armors? We might be able to amplify a God-rank’s strength by ten or even a hundred times. At that time, wouldn’t they be very useful? Moreover, even if the magic armors can’t help with our fighting strength, wouldn’t they improve our daily lives?”

When Zhao Hai said this, Laura couldn’t help but think about the magic armors that helped in making the huge ships. Laura nodded, the magic armors were perfect in large scale construction. If they had those magic armors, they would be able to save a lot of energy and manpower.


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